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Sally Can’t Dance

I seem to be catnip for certain types of online people lately. Yesterday it was Sally Maurice, today it a berk named ShiloH (yes that’s how he spells his name). I still get email updates for a Yahoo group I signed up with about 5 years ago.

They send some mighty nice pictures so that’s why I continue to receive the messages. Occasionally there are discussions sent and I sometimes contribute my opinion.

This group had posted last month a question regarding the Caholic (sic) Church and the molestations that have been going on.

This ShiloH character took it upon itself to write the following: i am a black/sicilian born and raised in a very italian catholic atmosphere in NY. where church is as important as anything you ever encounter. at times of any concern, good, bad, and indifferent; the church was there. thru christening, a million rosaries, confessionals, Holy Masses, absolutions, holy communions, and seasons of Lent the church has been a part of my life. the most valuable thing i own in the entire world is my crucifix; which was blessed by His Holiness Pope John Paul during my visit to Vatican City in 1993.

All typos and errors are his own, italics- mine.

Now today some other soft skull wrote: The homo molestation only occurs in churchs in which gays are present. That’s the truth that people don’t look at. Molestation in churches only happen with people who haven’t TOTALLY given themselves over to the LORD! People blame the church instead of blaming people like themselves who sit in the pulpits perpetrating to be holy. It has nothing to do with christians but the worldly secular fakers who enter in the church. Besides most sexual predators are done within the home so don’t act like its all them.

To which I wrote: Actually the church is to blame for removing molesting clergy from one parish and relocating them to another. You should view Deliver Us From Evil, a excellent and horrifying documentary on the subject. And molestation doesn’t only occur as men on boys, it is also men on girls. Evil doesn’t rely on any one sexual orientation. The subject line is regarding the RC church committing these crimes. Yes it occurs in the home, but that is not the subject at hand.


That’s right. I am evil for merely writing about this subject yet this ignorant ShiloH beast gives a pass to pedophile priests and their ilk. I should be destroyed while these poor priests should be left alone. It can’t be easy for them.

And without the priesthood and the hierarchy going up to Papa Ratzi the most valuable thing in the world that ShiloH owns is just a letter ‘t’. It’s sad for it, but not for me.

Enlightenment Powers Activate!

Now as I write this I get a phone call from 917.210.0221. I say hello, they say ‘can I speak with Mike so & so?’ I say you have the wrong number.

They say ‘well how long have you had this number? It’s for research purposes’

I say, ‘Who were you asking for again?’ and they say Mike So & so and I say well you have the wrong number so there is no need to research. They get indignant, I say ‘It’s OK, thanks’ and hang up.

Is it me? Are the loonies getting closer or what? What a day, what a day.

Here Today

Well it’s been a very good day. I hope it’s been a very good day for you as well. Woke up to find Bill traversed around Hoboken getting bagels and some brownies and also the newspaper. A lovely way to start off a Thanksgiving day.

I puttered around the apartment, having a few hours to get ready to go. Bill and I were going to Pine Bush NY to his cousin Hiram and Hiram’s wife Chris’ house. We went up there last year and had a good time and we were both looking forward to a similar time today.

I shaved and got myself ready, deciding to wear a suit and tie since I haven’t had many opportunities to get dressed up. Soon enough it was time to go. I hoped that we would see Julio and Alexander while walking through Church Square Park since Julio phoned from there a little bit earlier, but he had a full schedule, having to go to the market and then to North Bergen to pick up his mother for a dinner in Hoboken.

Bill, the master planner had it all figured out, having bought tickets yesterday enabled an easy walk to the train station. Bill was worried it would be like it was last year when we left from Grand Central Station.

That was a hassle since there were a ton of people leaving the city and getting to Grand Central was a pain in the ass since I needed to cross the street during the big Thanksgiving parade and the only way to do that was to use my Metro Card and go through the turnstile, walk past the subway booth and then climb the stairs out not using the subway at all.

No it wasn’t going to be like that since we were avoiding the city altogether. It turned out to be a beautiful day after all, enough so that we dilly dallied a bit.

As expected the train station wasn’t crowded at all and we found some good seats, Bill getting the window. About 2 hours later we got off the train in Middletown, which is the stop before Otisville where Pedro & Connie live.

We were picked up and on our way past horse farms and cows grazing in Pastures. We weren’t in Hoboken anymore. Bill’s cousin Hiram was outside holding court and I hung outside for a while taking in the scenery of the mountains in the background.

I remarked that it was a beautiful sight and another guest said it was broken. I asked him what he meant and he quoted from the book of Romans, some nonsense about how the Garden of Eden would be restored once Jesus would come back from wherever it was he’s been hiding for 2000 years.

I pegged him as someone to avoid and avoid him I did. Obviously someone who wears his religion on his sleeve and probably a supported of the recent Manhattan Doctrine, where christianists have vowed to disobey the law where it involves the rights and protections of LGBT people, relating to a higher power, somewhere in a cloud or orbiting the earth in a satellite.

So this guy while he turned out to be OK I was wary being around him. Dinner was wonderful, Chris really outdid herself on the turkey and all the side dishes and pies. A really nice time. Time flew by, we had to catch a 6:00 train so all in all we were there about four hours.

It was a close call, if we missed that train which ran express we would have to wait until 9:00 to catch the next train and that wasn’t express. Hiram’s son in law Aarick (pronounced Eric) got to the station where the train was about to leave.

A long nap for Bill and a 5 minute nap for me after reading the October 25 issue of the New Yorker. I am so behind on the New Yorker. Bill and I enjoyed some cigars, walking through the mostly deserted streets of Hoboken.

Now we sit, eating brownies and watching the Paul McCartney Live at Citi Field special on the telly. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving like we did, luv.

11.26.09 Thanksgiving 002

11.26.09 Thanksgiving 004

11.26.09 Thanksgiving 009

The 'broken' landscape...idiot.

The 'broken' landscape...idiot.

11.26.09 Thanksgiving 012

'Ahh I have family in Cornwall...'

'Ahh I have family in Cornwall...'