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I Must Be Dreaming

Yes indeed, this has been a strange day. It started out normally enough, waking up before the alarm clock. I slept fairly well despite Bill not being around. I was up and shuffling around doing my usual morning routine, shower, coffee & breakfast before heading out to deal with the world. A trip to CVS where I ran into Martin Kelly again. He was working and very funny as he usually is. Good to see him. Then it was off to the nearby supermarket and on the way I ran into Julio outside of his workplace. He was funny as well.

We texted each other last night and mentioned that Stine wants to have me over for dinner again. Julio of course joked that I eat all their food and drink all their wine. I remarked that I show up with a bottle of wine which Julio called rat poison. Still he drank the rat poison and it wasn’t so bad after all it seems. He went back to work and I ran in and out of the supermarket. No Isis to be seen. I haven’t seen her the past few times I’d been there so I guess she is on vacation.

More resumes sent out, revamped resumes. I decided to go with details rather than bullet points. I have a feeling that the detailed resume would go over better rather than the bullet points which require a quick scan before it goes into the circular file. Of course my detailed resume resembles something on par with James Joyce’s Ulysses. If there are no responses then perhaps I will hybridize the two and come up with something closely resembling a Brion Gysin cut up. If I put it to music it could sound like an outtake from David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.

I decided to go busking this afternoon since I hadn’t since Tuesday. I was all set to go and had the guitar case and my shoulder bag as well as a bag of garbage. I eyed the keys hanging on the hook as I walked through the door and as soon as the door closed I realized I had locked myself out. I knocked on the neighbor’s door on the fifth floor, with the hope I can go through her window and into my apartment via the fire escape. But there was no one home. On the fourth floor I knocked again.

No one there either, nor on the third floor or the second floor and I knew no one was on the first floor. Apparently I am the only one home. I went outside and effectively locked myself out of my building. I texted Julio since I have a copy of his keys from the third floor apartment and he has a copy of ours. He knew he had a key but didn’t know where it was. He contacted Stine and instead of me standing around I started to walk to the waterfront to do my busking. I also tried calling Stine myself but there was no answer.

I walked past Tariq who was on his cellphone and set myself up about 20 yards away. I started tuning my guitar when my phone rang. It was Stine and I missed the call but got back to her right away. She was by Julio’s workplace and since I wasn’t around she was going to leave the keys with Julio. So I packed up and headed towards Julio’s place of work. Sure enough, there was Julio full of wisecracks about me getting old and forgetting my keys. We’ve been calling it ‘going Hawaii Five Oh’ since that will be my age soon enough.

I had the keys to the building and my apartment and climbed the stairs once more, putting away the guitar since it didn’t seem like busking would be part of my afternoon activities today. I did some practicing at home instead and dropped some change at my feet for effect.

Bill is back on the mainland, winding up at Dulles Airport and taking a train from Union Station to Penn Station. I was planning on seeing my friend Alice play tonight but I think I will stay in and wait for Bill to come home from his 24 hour journey.

And there is a chance I might go to the beach tomorrow. My niece Meghan and her husband Rob are going to Sandy Hook and I’ve been asked. They plan on going early and that’s fine by me. Meghan mentioned a while back that if they were going down the shore and if I wanted to go it would be easier for me to go out to them via public transportation rather than have them come to Hoboken. I don’t know if that’s the same plan. I would have a chair and a beach umbrella to bring with me and it could be cumbersome.

But it’s not that big a deal and I am sure I can make the most of it if I have to.

And now I have a key in my wallet.

This just in: there will be no beach for me tomorrow.

Julio’s workplace

2 – Downtown

I Might Be Wrong

All hail Thor, for today is Thor’s day or Thursday. And the god of thunder has been heard with his goat driven chariot a little while ago, going across the skies. It’s been a good day, my laundry is mostly dry now. I saw my old friend Martin Kelly this afternoon. He’s a shift supervisor at the local CVS and he’s a good man. We both worked together at Maxwells years ago and I have a fond memory of having dinner with Martin and his late mother a long time ago. We chatted for a while before he was called off to do something.

Last night was pretty mellow, me and Bill hanging out. We watched The Ed Show and some of the Olympics while he got his stuff together for the opening of the show he is stage managing tomorrow. Lots of drama going on, more than usual. Then again it is theater and what would theater be without drama? Comedy? I’m the sounding board for Bill and his daily tales of the problems with the cast. They’re his stories and so I am sure they will come out one way or another. I’m content to sit and listen to Bill.

I went to bed earlier than usual, not out of being tired, but rather out of being bored. I slept well and remember a dream I had regarding an apparition of the Virgin Mary. In the dream I touched whatever it was that Mary was appearing on and all of a sudden I could fly or rather float around. No one else in the dream had the ability to do this. Maybe it was from being under a yellow sun as opposed to the red sun I was initially born under. ‘Born under a red sun’, that sounds like a blues song.

Since I went to bed earlier it stands to reason that I woke up earlier. I busied myself soon enough, a shower, some coffee and cereal and a trip outside where I met Martin Kelly and then a trip to the mediocre supermarket nearby. I came home, sent out some resumes and read emails.

Apparently the Marlee Matlin/David Patterson job that I interviewed with in early May have filled the position and the underling I met with sent me an email to let me know. How nice of them to remind me of something I had totally forgotten about. I guess dropping Jimmy Seltzer’s name (as a friend of David Patterson) did not help me in the least.

Today was a good day for busking and last night I brushed up on Can’t Find My Way Home by Steve Winwood when he was in Blind Faith. I played it for Bill and all of a sudden he got real serious. It was unnerving but it turns out he might use that song for his one man show that he plans on putting on next year. Don’t worry I will relentlessly remind you of this grand event. Perhaps the two people that comment (and therefore I know that read this here blog) will be able to attend.

I showed Bill the Steve Winwood video from last night’s entry and explained to Bill that yes indeed that was the same Steve Winwood who sang ‘Higher Love’. Bill and his lack of knowing rock and roll can be quite charming. When Bill went to bed I continued practicing the guitar and figured out how to play Make Me Smile by Chicago. I never really liked Chicago but it is a good pop song. And after about a half hour I was swinging.

So I was busking this afternoon and came across a guy that I see from time to time. I don’t know his name but he’s a pleasant enough dude. And he can talk quite a bit. I was itching to play but he kept going on about meditation and Krishna consciousness. During a break in the conversation I finally was able to play Can’t Find My Way Home and sure enough a string broke. I can’t change a string to save my life and packed up and walked with the dude towards the Guitar Bar.

He talked about mantras and I told him a story from when I was growing up. It was a late Saturday afternoon and my father decided I needed a haircut. I didn’t want a haircut but I had no say in the matter. We got in the car and drove from Lodi to Fair Lawn. My father’s friend- John Fontana was a barber and had a shop. On the way there I chanted, Hare Krishna, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, Jai Guru Deva and anything else I could think of.

We got to the barber shop and I was happy to see that it was closed. But inside was John Fontana and he opened just for us and I got my unwanted haircut. So the chanting helped to a point, the shop was closed. But to my dismay it was reopened just for me. Silly, tricksy gods.

The dude left me at Washington Street with a prayer, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. I went to the Guitar Bar and saw Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro. I explained that my string broke and he asked if I wanted the one string changed or all of them. I said all of them and then he asked when I needed it. I said as soon as possible. He was in the middle of something important, more important than little old me and lent me an Ibanez to use.

I strummed and made a couple of bucks again and a few hours later I came back and just like the old British TV show, ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, Jim fixed it. And at a good price. He’s a great guy. Love him. I left with a newly strung guitar, fourth time this week I have visited the Guitar Bar. Jim’s going to be touring with Ian Hunter & the Rant Band in a few months. See them if you can.

13 Can’t You Hear Me

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

Well I went outside today. After staying inside most of the day yesterday it was a treat. It wasn’t as cold as it was yesterday and it was actually bright and sunny. Last night I watched Led Zeppelin, downloaded a slew of tracks as well.

And I had forgotten that John Paul Jones, perhaps my favorite Zep was on Saturday Night Live as part of Them Crooked Vultures. Didn’t really care for them, but it’s a treat to see JPJ playing bass and having a good time, and despite what some people say, I do like Dave Grohl. Seems like a nice guy.

And while thinking of Led Zeppelin, I thought of a party I had thrown at my basement apartment at 1124 Willow. No real theme or reason for the party, just the idea of having a party. I knew a lot of people then, many people came, maybe 50.

Back then I used to say 100 people came but I was probably seeing double at the time. I was working for Murdoch Magazines at the time during the day and also working at McSwells at night.

The date was May 14, 1988 and I remember that since Julio and his buddy Damian came later in the night after attending the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden, where they saw a version of Led Zeppelin.

People did not come empty handed and we wound up keeping the beer cold in the bathroom, in an ice filled bathtub. The McSwells crew all came after the bar closed at 3:00AM, with more supplies and one or two bar flies/party crashers.

I remember Martin Kelly, after closing McSwells and coming over, telling me that when he walked through the door and down the hallway it looked like a certain friend of mine was eating powdered donuts from a bag, and I should be more careful that the police didn’t come.

I wasn’t worried about that since next door was a school and the apartment directly above was vacant. I did have the party crashers thrown out as well. I think either they or someone else stole someone’s jacket.

Another memory was some friends, Sean & Susan (?) doing ‘Da Butt’ by E.U. which was a hot song at the time, while my other friends laughed with them since they had it going on so well. Steve Fallon might have even made an appearance before the party ended at what I guess was about 5:30 or so.

The powdered donuts guy left Rand and myself a nice little mound of confectioners sugar which thrilled us some more for a while after that. It was a rousing success even though my answering machine was trashed, but then again, so most everyone was.

I did tried to duplicate the party again a few months later and it was not as successful but still a good time was had. I was psychedicized for that one as were a few other guests. Made changing records a major challenge.

One of the tripping guests who was tripping for the first time, the late Tony Sankitts, wound up feeling queasy and I set him up in my roommate’s empty room, where Tony threw up on the carpet. Pedro danced a dance called the rooftop in the back yard.

Like I said while it was a fun party, it wasn’t the event that the first party was. Couldn’t duplicate it I suppose. Last night I watched Saturday Night Live like I wrote about earlier. It was OK, could have been funnier.

The funniest sketch was towards the end, featuring a wedding reception and the former band of the bride’s father who were a hardcore band in the early 1980’s. Oh man it was classic.

I wasn’t really involved with the hardcore scene, I tended to listen to more melodic stuff. I think that’s when the music scene became fragmented, bands that were hardcore emerging and other bands with more tuneful songs which also fragmented into the silly new romantic crap of which hardcore was probably a rebellion against as well.

Became of a US vs UK thing as well. Still there were lots of interesting things happening with X, the Minutemen and REM as well as XTC, Elvis Costello and Talking Heads among others holding up the late 1970’s style, going forward for a spell.

I should write about the acid resurgence in the underground scene of the mid 80’s sometime. Just not this time.

Bill decided not to wear his sleep apnea mask last night which made him snore like he was playing a horn. I tried to fall asleep, pleading with him to at least give me 10 minutes to sleep then he could perhaps snore all he wanted, but he was unresponsive and asleep.

I decided to record him snoring and at one point, getting out of bed and uploading 5 recordings into the computer. Wound up with about 10 recordings overall. After the last recording, I said loudly ‘That’s a wrap’ which woke him up. I think when he woke up he jumped up and his head hit my hand holding the recorder.

This morning, I asked him if he slept well and he said he didn’t. He did ask, why did I hit him in the head last night and I swore I didn’t but he insisted that I did. Tonight I will crazy glue the sleep apnea mask to his face.

Hoboken scenes.

2.7.10 Hoboken 001

2.7.10 Hoboken 004

2.7.10 Hoboken 006

2.7.10 Hoboken 007



JOZ Colorize

Pedro Ramos- LOADED

Pedro Ramos- LOADED

looking up, looking ahead

looking up, looking ahead

Never Let Go

Well today has been a little bit different. My faithful companion has been awfully silent. Just sits there without anything to say, nothing to add as the day progresses. Big and boxy and a bit cold. Feeling under utilized.

Since about 9:30 this morning we haven’t really interacted. Nothing went wrong. I just decided on listening to music and not him. Things keep piling up. Made room a few months ago and it’s back to the same thing. Crap just piling up.

I’m usually better about it but lately distractions have been grabbing my attention. Perhaps tomorrow, that will be the day to do something about it. Today certainly wasn’t.

Like I said, the faithful companion has been intentionally neglected. I opted for music instead on TV. Pulled out Tom Waits, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards. A nice collection. Hadn’t heard it in a while. Decided to burn the 3 disc set for my brother in law for his birthday next weekend.

That means I should put it in the mail on Monday. It’s really an eclectic collection, the Brawlers disc is Tom doing blues and rock & roll things, the Bawlers are just that- songs that get the eyes moist. And Bastards are songs of Tom being Tom.

He does a Bukowski number, a Kerouac number and the last song is a story that I remember my brother Brian telling me ages ago. As soon as I heard it start I knew what the story was. Love that Tom.

One song from Bawlers is called Never Let Go which I recently heard on a commercial for the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders or an organization that does good things like that. Nice of Tom to license the tune for a good cause like that.

I played it for Bill and he said we have to see Tom when he’s around next time. I neglected to tell him that tickets to see Tom lately aren’t cheap. I saw him in the 1980’s when he was doing a week long stint at a Broadway theater and that was affordable.

Last time I think the cheapest ticket was $75.00 at the Beacon theater. The thing about the Beacon theater is unless you’re seated in the orchestra, or on the first floor forget it. So those tickets were a bit out of my reach last time, but if Bill wants to go, then fine.

Tom Waits has been special for Bill and myself. When we first started going out, or rather staying in long ago, I specifically played for Bill, Picture in A Frame which for me summed up how I felt about him. Bill even learned how to play it on the piano and has played it at parties and for friends who were getting married.

Of course Bill’s style is more polished than Tom’s but the message is the same. I think Tom would enjoy the soul and passion that Bill puts into it. I found some of Tom Waits chords online and played some of Tom’s songs on guitar this afternoon which was fun.

Also on the playlist was Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: No Quarter-Unledded. Some Led Zeppelin songs done with an Egyptian string section. Quite nice and tasty. The version of Kashmir is outstanding.

Came back to the states, playing Lucinda Williams Little Honey, that an online friend turned me onto a few months ago. So it’s been a day like that.

Last night I downloaded a Madonna song. Ray of Light. My former roommate William was enamored of that record and the title song Ray of Light really stands out. I remember coming home one night after work and walking through the door as the song was playing and joined in on the chorus, ‘And I feel, like I just got home’. It was a laugh.

I downloaded it during the telethon, Hope for Haiti. I gave earlier in the week via text message and that’s all I could afford this time. It’s better than nothing. The telethon was nice, understated. I was most surprised by Mary J Blige. She’s come a long way from Mount Vernon. I was also surprised by Justin Timberlake singing Leonard Cohen’s Halleujah.

I played Ray of Light while walking around Hoboken where it was bright & sunny and about 44 degrees. I needed to get birthday cards for Rex and Billie. Also went to see if the latest Uncut magazine was in at Barnes & Noble.

I’d rather not buy it there since they charge tax on magazines, but the local record store, Tunes doesn’t sell magazines like that anymore. They only sell Weird NJ. And still no Uncut magazine to be found.

I did see good old Martin Kelly at CVS and that was worth a chuckle or two.

Now I’m home. Cooked some chicken with pesto and pasta which was yummy. Cruising the olive oil aisle was fruitless, but I bought extra virgin olive oil.

1.23.10 Hoboken 001

1.23.10 Hoboken 002

1.23.10 Hoboken 003

1.23.10 Hoboken 004

1.23.10 Hoboken 005

1.23.10 Hoboken 006

1.23.10 Hoboken 007


You Didn’t Hear It

Well here we are, January 1, 2010. So far so good. No known superstitions or rituals to go through and no hangover either. Been a pretty good day. Last night was pretty good too. Bill woke up from his nap and we had dinner at Arthur’s Steakhouse on Washington Street.

We’ve been doing that for the past 8 years, New Years Eve dinner. A few pints, some steaks, some garlic bread. It’s never been crowded and quite cozy that last night of the year. We came home and watched some TV before heading over to Rand and Lisa’s apartment around 11:00.

On the way we saw various party goers outside different buildings having a smoke. One guy at the corner of 7th and Park Avenue called us over for a light. As I lent him my lighter, he farted. Many laughs all around.

I brought some Guinness, not sure if Rand had any or if anyone else would be drinking it. Apparently Rand had some on hand already, not that it mattered though I’m sure I will have to pay him a visit and take those off his hands. Also pick up some socks that were left behind a few months ago. Arrangements will have to be made.

I did go out around 3:00 this afternoon to get some groceries. It was a nice afternoon, a balmy 40 degrees. I ran into Martin Kelly, good to see him. Had a few laughs with him. Spoke with Annemarie when I got back. She had a great time seeing X in San Francisco last night while her husband Rex and their son Earl went to see the Dead play for 4.5 hours. I would have been at the X show of course.

In Hoboken, it was low key last night. Rand & Lisa, Lois & Fred and Bill & myself. Nice amount of people. All rather perfect actually. We all sat around the TV, Rand controlling the TV. NBC, CBS, ABC & CNN as well as a video of a video of Lady Gaga on TV.

The countdown went well and I decided to record it. I sound like a big gay goofball but I guess I sound like that all the time, though I did sound campier than usual when I tried reassuring Lois that the champagne blindness in her eyes. At least I sound that way to my ears.

I even played Rand’s guitar and played some Beatles tunes, All My Loving, She’s A Woman and Please Please Me. That was fun. I was surprised to see Bill singing along to All My Loving. According to him, he’s been paying attention all these years and was learned the lyrics from my constant playing. It was fun and Lois complimented me on my guitar playing.

I guess she hadn’t heard me play in a while. Perhaps all those years of playing on my own has given me a unique style of playing.

Bill and I were home a little after 2:00, passing plenty of party people heading to various other parties. I remember those times, not wanting the party to end. Now I’m content to let it end when it may, not caring since I was going to bed.

I have to wake Bill up in a half hour, he’s driving to Atlantic City again. Of course I’ll be worried until I hear from him in Atlantic City. I’m in for the night, been invited to a party but I’m feeling reclusive.

Hope you all had an enjoyable New Years Yves.

Friday I’m in Love

It’s a Friday and it’s been rather a ho hum Friday. Nothing much at all to report. The highpoint of the day so far has been laundry and that was over before noon. I saw Stine and gave her 3 copies of Architectural Digest which I’ve been receiving lately somehow.

I haven’t subscribed since I never even look at Architectural Digest in the newsstand, much less bring a copy home. It was all Stine, no Alexander. He was in the bedroom and Stine was hoping he would take a nap.

Today was a cloudy, gray day, always on the verge of raining, which it didn’t do until I went outside. I was prepared and carried an umbrella. I saw Martin Kelly where he works at CVS.

He told me he had been there since 5:00AM. I asked if he’s getting overtime and he’s not since he’s only working till 1:00PM. That’s the kind of day it’s been. I’m reporting on Martin Kelly’s day.

Today is Good Friday which is a big day in the catholic world I was brought up in. Stations of the Cross was a highlight. I was so enamored of the stories when I was growing up that for a few years I always expected the sky to go dark and the earth to shake around 3:00 which was the time I was told by my teachers that Jesus died on the cross.

Of course it never happened, they were just stories. For a couple of weeks before Holy Week at St Francis de Sales we had to go to church on Fridays and go through the Stations of the Cross. It usually took an hour or so to get from the start to the finish.

Always a drama and for an imaginative kid like myself I was entertained while repeating the lines along with the rest of my classmates. Despite all that, Easter was always a letdown. No ‘real’ presents to speak of. A suit jacket and some polyester slacks from Robert Hall usually and for me it was torture.

I certainly wasn’t one to dress nicely back then, remember this whole getting dressed up in a suit and tie is relatively new, at least for the past 10 years. 30 years or more I was just grumpy and had to be told to tuck in my shirt constantly.

Still my appearance was close enough to make my mother feel good.

The Saturday night before Easter was usually spent dyeing eggs using Paas egg coloring kits and rub on stickers. 2 baskets full of candy and chocolate and eggs would usually sit on the credenza for a week as the milk chocolate bunny gradually was nibbled and torn away by unseen culprits.

Tiny chocolate eggs wrapped in foil wound up in pockets, hopefully eaten before body temperatures melted them

Photographs would be taken in front of the forsythia bush, me and my siblings and occasionally some neighborhood kids also dressed in Easter finery.

This year I am going with Bill to his church for Easter services.

I already know what I’m going to wear, now all I need is a forsythia bush.

Three Minute Hero

Ahh. A few years ago Bill and I saw a friend of mine have a recital. Dan Moore, the friend had rented out a studio space and had a pianist accompany him as he sang maybe a dozen songs with a couple of stories inter sped throughout. It was a good time, and similar to an idea I had, when I had ideas, that Bill and I dress up and cover Frank Sinatra and Count Basie’s album ‘It Might As Well Be Swing!’ I was to be the singer and Bill was to be the pianist.

I revisited that idea on the way home tonight listening to the forgotten Specials album, ‘In The Studio with the Special AKA’. I was listening to the song Break Down The Door and felt I could sing my own interpretation with Bill’s accompaniment. It could be fun, with a couple of shots under my belt perhaps. Break Down The Door was the B-side on the Specials single, Free Nelson Mandela.

I’ll always remember the night before Mandela was going to be released, I was spinning records at McSwells and I played Free Nelson Mandela. Martin Kelly came over to me and said it was the last time I would have to play that song. It’s still a good song, but a little dated. Oh the Specials have such a spot in my heart.

I found out in the latest issue of Mojo Magazine that the ‘We thought you were inferior’ header above my letter was part of a series of quotations from the movie, Planet of the Apes, not directed at me (see the post titled Ego Tripping Out) . So Mojo doesn’t think I’m inferior which is a weight off of my mind. Apparently that’s what they’re doing now, a line of dialog from a movie posted above each letter published, though that ‘inferior’ line didn’t do much for my self-esteem.

At work with the new people I am busy as ever and I don’t mind at all. It would have been great to have Juan in the office, but money is too tight. I’m doing all the work and finding some ways to get to do my own thing. For instance, I was in touch with the Roundabout Theater Company regarding Sunday in the Park with George and their volunteer usher program. I found out you have to go to the box office and inquire directly.

I planned to go to Studio 54 where it’s being performed at lunch time, but there was a file that needed to be delivered a few blocks away from there so I offered to save the company some money and deliver it myself, enabling me to check out the program at the box office. I go and talk to the proper people and found that all the volunteer slots are filled for the next two weeks, then the play closes.

Oh well.

I admit my ardor had cooled somewhat and I’ll have to be content with renting the dvd from Netflix of the original cast from 1984. I’m sure some volunteers will drop out between now and then, but I won’t have any way of knowing and they’ll have no way to contact me. Plus I don’t feel like lugging around black trousers and a white shirt, or wearing such an outfit, day in and day out for two weeks waiting for that call.

What am I? A stand by waiter?

Buenos Hermanos

A very nice Saturday. Beautiful blue sky, nice temperature in the high 60’s. After the day of rain it was great to be able to be out and about. Yesterday, only left the apartment in the rain once and that was in the morning. Watched Catch 22 after I watched I Am Legend. The verdict in I Am Legend is the same, Boo. Catch 22 I gave it my best effort but still could not get into it as a whole. I never read the book so that might matter.

My brother Frank had been talking about Catch 22 the past few times I spoke with him on the phone and I can get his point how it can be related to today’s events, switch the M&M syndicate with Blackwater/Halliburton and it makes sense. I first heard about Catch 22 though Mad Magazine back in the day and that’s how the movie stayed with me by watching it through Bill Gaines eyes.

Today was an interesting day. Woke up at a decent hour, slightly before 8:00. Got foodstuffs for the new parents on the third floor and some groceries for myself, trying to shop frugally. Got a haircut and also ran into Martin Kelly at CVS. Always good to see Martin. I always liked Martin, he was a good guy that looked out for me from time to time.

Now he’s working at CVS and living in Union City. I must confess it was a bit unnerving seeing Martin a few years ago for the first time. He looked like he lost some weight. Weight perhaps put on while serving drinks in the back room at McSwells. We caught up rather fast this morning, who saw whom and where and what condition were they in, stuff like that. Scott H on the wagon and drinking ginger ale for those who want to know.

Got a call from good old Pedro. He was heading into Manhattan with his girlfriend Connie. It was a good day for it so I decided to join them. Unfortunately they’re now out of towners and somehow wound up at Caliente Cab Company, a Mexican restaurant for people who don’t know any better. I like Mexican food and it was bearable, but you definitely get more for your money elsewhere though I think people go to Caliente for drinks rather than food.

Kept in touch with El Jefe and Gigglepuss who were on their own sojourn in Manhattan. After a few Coronas with Pedro and Connie and traipsing through a meandering street fair in the West Village, they heading back to Otisville. They offered to take me up there but once again I begged off, needing more time to prepare. Maybe next week. When I go to see Miriam and Joe in Sleepy Hollow it might be possible to make it to Otisville somehow.

Hooked up with El Jefe and Lady Gigglepuss we rode back to Hoboken for more beers before heading home on our separate ways. Just a mellow Saturday night planned. Coming down off the beer buzz, looking forward to nothing in particular. Bill and I were supposed to see Natalie Cole at Lehman College in the Bronx tonight, but since the butting heads the other night we’re not going. Bill is watching his cousin Elsie’s kids while she and her husband go see Natalie Cole.

I don’t mind, I wasn’t much interested in seeing Natalie Cole anyhow. Mellow night, jonesing for a cigarette. So, how are you doing?

Pedro and Connie

El Jefe and Lady Gigglepuss

Lady Gigglepuss

Me and Guinness