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Ram On

OK. I am very anxious. Manic even. I attribute it to seeing Paul McCartney and all that around the show.

I’m worried it might rain. I’m worried they won’t let me bring my camera inside. I’m worried about being able to get a box of cigars that I’ve ordered from UPS and bringing them to Bill’s office for pick up after the show.

I’m worried about Annemarie staying at Claire’s apartment for a night or two. That had been in the works for a while, at least my asking Claire if my sister and her son could crash there for a night or two.

I only found out from Claire that it would be ok mere minutes ago. Meanwhile Anne has reserved a room at a Days Inn in Newark since they have a crazy early flight Sunday morning.

I’m also worried about a rumor that since Macca appeared at the last show at Shea last year with Billy Joel, Billy Joel might do the same for Macca. I really hope not. I don’t really want to hear any Billy Joel songs tonight.

Other surprise guests are rumored but of course there are no other names except the Big Shot himself.

So it’s the coordination of all these things, including meeting up with Julio & Stine. It’s likely they will drive but it would be impossible for the four of us to fit in with Julio & Stine in their car, what with Bill and myself taking up that much space.
The MTA said they were adding more trains while Macca is performing there for all three nights so that will be hopefully accommodating.

I think the anxiety is all from seeing Paul McCartney. One the most basic, primal level for my love of music. I mean, he is who he is. A Beatle.

It would have been nice if we were all sitting together, but when I bought tickets when they went on sale, they were only available in pairs. I got mine and Bill’s first. I know, how selfish. Then Anne & Earl.

Bill & I are in the 100’s section while Anne & Earl as well as Julio & Stine are in separate sections of the 500’s area. There was a plan to perhaps swapping seats, meeting up somewhere and exchanging ticket stubs but that seems a bit unlikely. No one knows the layout and the rules of this new stadium as this is the first concert at the new Mets stadium.

So I am excited mainly and anxious. I hope things work out, I’m sure they will. The sky is cloudy and it’s quite hummus out right now. I’ve changed undershirts a few times today.

Now Annemarie and Earl are here, killing time in this messy apartment before we head out and pick up my UPS box and head into the city.

My neighbor on the 3rd floor, who aren’t Julio & Stine offered to pick mine up since she too is picking up a package and missed the deliveries herself.

That would be nice if the driver will release it to her. She said she was going to ring my bell but I think I will be gone by then. Nice offer on her part anyway.


Ahh, it’s Friday. This five day work week, it’s something I haven’t done in a while. Of course, Vivek calls me up this morning around 9:30. He needs to speak with me. Says he’ll be in an hour.

He shows up around noon.

Oh so cute that Indian Standard Time. We talked, my last day is June 30. Actually July 1, since Greg Stevens would need my help both days. It’s ok, I like Greg.

Michael Jackson is playing everywhere, though I expected to hear it on WCBS FM Oldies last night when I went to bed, instead I heard Hotel California by the Eagles.

Maybe it was a commentary, saying that Michael Jackson could check out anytime he’d like but he could never leave the Hotel California.

I’m stressed of course. At work I was extra busy. Planned on leaving at 2:00, left at 4:30. Damned Indian Standard Time!

There are people moving in on Monday and since I will be out and Vivek is inept, I had to make all the necessary arrangements, reserve freight elevator, prepare and send off the certificate of insurance.

And Vivek being Vivek was not forthcoming with the information making me double back and send off the needed paperwork a few times. Then he left with Abby, someone he says he can’t stand.

Vivek did have a plan for me to come in for a day or two during the week to make sure things are running and in stock. I am supposed to be paid in slightly used underwear the which is fine. It would be nice to have some supplemental cash. Forget about the flat screen TV he supposedly offered me a few weeks ago.

I have been bringing home some things for the past few weeks and also filled a beach bag with some stuff.

Tonight is the night that Juan, Bill and myself are going to Blow Off. Juan was good at getting me psyched the other night and Bill is into it. Disco naps are in order since we won’t be going out until later.

I’m stressed from earlier today so a nap should help me out. I know Bill is planning on napping as well. Juan is having dinner with his dad and also bringing a bottle of Absinthe afterwards.

That should be interesting. Never had that before. Bill will be dancing and taking pictures and looking after Juan and myself (I Hope). Thats in case Juan and I get crazy, Bill will have his feet on the ground.

I just need to psych myself up. And last night I bought from iTunes, the Essential Michael Jackson, a 2 disc set (download) of his big hits, including the Jackson 5 and the Jacksons as well as a duet with Paul McCartney.

No State of Shock with Mick Jagger or Scream with his sister Janet though. They just announced on the news that the few record stores that are left have sold out of most of Michael Jackson’s stuff, except for his Metal Machine Music.

No wait, that was Lou Reed. I always get the two confused. Lou Reed was the one that sang, ‘I Want to be Black’, not Michael Jackson

It still is a bit of a shock that he’s dead. Michael Jackson that is. Rumors are out that it was a shot of Demerol which did him in.

Also rumored is that Michael Jackson’s share of the Beatles catalog will go back to Macca. That would be incredibly generous.

Where would Yoko fit in on this? Would Paul share with her? Sony/ATV has the other half of the catalog so that would be a battle since they wouldn’t give it up that easy.

Time for my disco nap.

Right now it’s dark out. Thunderstorm approaching, and it’s supposed to be gone by 8:00 which is good. The line for Blow Off stretches around the block and who wants to stand in the rain?

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Chest Fever

Well finally a day without rain. For the past 7 or 8 days it has rained. Today was nice. Would have been nice for a bicycle ride, but I didn’t want to be all achy tomorrow, plus Central Park would have been really crowded since today was also the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

I stayed local today. Last night was nice. Didn’t watch TV until 12:30. Just wound up playing music for hours. Bill came home in the middle of it which made it more fun.

He fiddled around with his laptop as I sat at the computer going from Simon and Garfunkel to Silvio Rodriquez to Massive Attack to James Brown, finishing up with some Billie Holiday, James Moody, Wes Montgomery, Steely Dan and finishing with Brian Eno and David Byrne.

James Moody’s Moody’s Mood for Love was the closing theme for Frankie Crocker on WBLS in the 1980’s and Wes Montgomery’s Bumpin on Sunset was what my brother Frank used to end his radio show on WFMU years ago.

I was posting some of the track listing on Facebook, mentioning the Donna Summer/ New Order mix of I Feel Love & Bizarre Love Triangle was a mix I had heard years ago coming back with Julio and a friend of his from seeing a mutual friend in a production of Showboat.

The 3 of us were lysergically enhanced and when I heard the mix originally on Hot 97 I knew it was something I had to try. I did try the mix a few times and it’s always a fun thing to do. It was a happy memory, still fresh 20 + years later.

Went to bed soon after that. Slept ok, woke up with a headache. Dehydrated I think. No, I wasn’t drinking last night. I’m a social drinker I guess and since Bill doesn’t drink, neither do I. If I’m out with friends drinking, no problem.

Drinking alone, that’s a drag. I took one aspirin and went out to get some newspapers and coffee and some Stevia. Came home, Bill was off to church already, had a nice breakfast. Headache wouldn’t go away so I took another aspirin, and took a nap which helped somewhat.

Got a call from Julio. They’ve been spoiled, wondering what happened to the bagels this morning. Stine thought something might have happened.

Nothing happened, just that Bill picked up bagels from H&H in Manhattan on his way home last night and I didn’t feel like getting bagels for them when I wasn’t going to get any for myself.

Later I met up with Julio, Stine and Alexander on Washington Street. The toddler was sleeping as we walked up the boulevard, heading over for some time by the river where we watched a fisherman catch a 4 four striped bass.

Big fish, people were having their pictures taken standing next to it.

It’s amazing to see a human mind work. Watching Alexander as he tried to communicate over the past year, he points and makes sounds. He say ‘hey’ a lot and is fascinated by helicopters.

Not so much a 4 foot striped bass hanging from a tree. I preferred the helicopters myself.

Stine is going to try to get 2 tickets for Macca on July 17. She might have missed the pre-sale yesterday but tomorrow is the general sale and she might have a better opportunity then.

Back to work tomorrow. I guess I’ll find out what is going on, how long will I still be working there for. I look forward to finding out. Perhaps it will be my last week, or perhaps they’ll just do it by the end of the month. I do intend to talk to Vivek about it tomorrow.

Love is Like Oxygen

Just got back from McSwells, a late posting. Only slightly inebriated though which isn’t so bad. Before I write anything else, Bill will be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. He’s going to be a Saudi King awarding Jimmy Fallon a medal much like a Saudi King gave a gold necklace to Barack Obama yesterday.

Who knows by the time I post this tonight Jimmy Fallon could have come and gone. Anyway kudos to Bill for landing the gig. I love that guy and I’m damn proud of him. Oh that inebriation…

It was a good visit to McSwells with Rand and our third mind, Susan Shed.

Rand and Susan and myself used to hang out quite a bit, sampling various jazz cigarettes back in the day. The three of us were generally in stitches, laughing hysterically, perhaps because we were actually funny, perhaps because we were all red eyed and jazzy.

Time went on, other interests and people entered our lives and suddenly we weren’t hanging out that much. But both Rand, Susan Shed and myself looked back from time to time and decided, why not meet up again and have a few giggles.

No significant others involved, no need to explain inside jokes. Other names came up, names like Bill, Lisa, Stan, Rita and of course Mr. Lovable, Steve Saporito.

Whatever feelings I might have felt for Steve ages ago are long gone and all I feel is admiration for the big lug. Susan had difficulty accepting that, but that’s her thing not mine. He’s a good guy after all, always was.

Emotions ran deep then, now not so much, if at all. He’s doing well and I’m happy for him.

Susan was herself and how could she be anyone else? Lot’s of laughs, rapid fire chatter. Some gossip about people who we don’t see anymore. Rand had his own gossip about similar people. I had no gossip.

Roda was managing and as always it was good to see him.

Juan is around this weekend and I’m thinking of a return visit to McSwells instead of hanging out here in the apartment. Ideally, a trip to Summerstage or rather the rock by Summerstage to listen to TV on the Radio and Dirty Projectors but right now the weather report is on and they’re talking about a lot of rain. So perhaps staying inside is the way to go.

As always we’ll have to play it by ear. And Juan’s input is important too so if he has an idea, any idea I wouldn’t be averse to it. He has dropped hints about going to the Eagle in the past so if he wants to do that then I guess I’m in.

Rand, Susan and myself all agreed to meet up again, once a month. No significant others. The chemistry is good for three. Any more could be a mistake. It was a good hang with Rand and Susan Shed.

We talked about what to do on July 4th and also discussed seeing Macca at the new Mets stadium. So far that makes Bill, Annemarie, Earl, Rita, Susan, Rand, Lisa and me. Brian and Frank and their spouses are still up in the air. Tickets go on sale June 15th.

I hope they have standing room on the field. That’s what I would going for. I doubt it would be the set up like when the Beatles played in 1965-66, stage at 2nd base, everyone in the stands. I guess it would be like the Who/Clash show in the 1980’s with everyone on the field.

Anyway that’s it. I’m beat. Got to get ready to watch Bill on Jimmy Fallon at 12:35 and here it is 11:35. An hour so be enough time to get ready.

Not Fade Away

Back to work today with a stuffy nose which made everyone think I was really sick which I was and which I wasn’t. It didn’t matter- people were glad to see me. It certainly is weirder than last week. I think the term is anxiety.

Last night was different somewhat. Bill came home in time to catch Heroes with me. I recorded it so I can get agitated by Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. I much preferred Heroes despite the leveling of the fictional Costa Verde, CA. That came as a total surprise.

Hard to figure who is a hero and who is a villain, who is alive and who is dead. Luckily I do know comic books somewhat or at last used to, so however farfetched the plot may be I don’t have much difficulty following it or accepting the weirdness.

After that I watched the news and then some of the Simpsons and tried to fall asleep but the nap that I had taken earlier made that difficult. Woke up at 6:00 and it was dark out. Bill hovered above kissing me good bye and I asked him if it was raining out. It wasn’t. I showered and shaved and after some coffee was out the door.

No Casey this morning, though he did send me an email just in case I have to look for a new job, some links to a company that the missus works at. I was grateful for that. I walked across town listening to The Bird and The Bee of course and midway through I switched to Paul McCartney singing Band on the Run. Great song.

Two years ago Julio and I went to see Macca at the Garden, truly one of the best shows I had ever been to. Bill and I were supposed to go together but we were estranged at that time so I took Julio instead. He got teary during Yesterday and I got teary during Maybe I’m Amazed. I swear I was high from that concert for a few days.

I still get a thrill from the memory. After that I played Jet and Live and Let Die, finishing up with Hi Hi Hi before heading into my building. Felt like a Monday but it was a Tuesday. No one in the office when I got in but within an hour people showed up.

Greg Stevens inquired about my wellbeing and I inquired about his. His portfolio in a shambles but he reassured me that there’s a place for me at the company and I have nothing to worry about, except perhaps cutting my hours back.

Vivek eventually came in and he too asked how I was feeling, making a comment about how he thought I might have gone on strike since the talk he and Greg had with me regarding the shorter work week. I told him that I would hang in there and I am quite loyal which he was glad to hear.

Some vendors stopped by, telling me about how my company could save money if we’d only switch over to their company’s machines. I just sat there as the woman said her speech and her manager kept telling me about how he bought GE stock two weeks ago and how he should have waited.

I felt bad for the sales woman since she was obviously saddled with a neckbone for a manager. Still I couldn’t help her, I couldn’t buy any products. I couldn’t tell her about the financial state of my company and told her I would get back to her with regards to the luncheon showcase next week that she invited me to.

After work I walked to the Path train, listening to Konk!, and enjoyed a Padron. Tomorrow is but another day, but at least I’m ready for a four day work week. And it was a two banana day. Tonight, the second debates with Obama and McCrazy.

one of Colbert’s green screen challenges, courtesy of the wonderful BettiCola

and to end on a good note, if you find yourself in Akron, OH on October 17, 2008 at 8:00 pm, you should go to the Akron Civic Theatre…
Akron’s own DEVO will appear on the Civic Theatre stage. This performance is a benefit for the Summit County Democratic Party. Tickets go on sale Tuesday, October 7th, at 11:00 a.m.

thanx to jockohomo for the tip

Let Me Roll It

It certainly is very strange, the weather is. I left the apartment it was 50 degrees and promised to get warmer. Still I wore my overcoat, which meant I would be drenched with sweat by the time I got to the office. It was a 3 t-shirt day. It had gotten so muggy that even walking around midtown, running errands wearing a suit jacket and I was sweating. It was 68 degrees at that point. Crazy I tell you, crazy! Things in the office have been ok. I’ve taken to calling Tom Chin, the old lady. I ask Lydia where the old lady is and she laughs.

Now at 6:40PM I sit next to an open window, enjoying something that resembles a breeze. Last night it was warm as I watched the telly. The usual, Scrubs, A Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. There was a running theme throughout both shows and crossing over into Late Night with Conan O’Brien. That was pretty funny though I watched it out of sequence since I first saw the Conan clip online in the afternoon. It was supposed to be the last, but still it was very funny. All three of them beating each other up. Quite silly I thought.

Caught Futurama and a series on Soul Music on VH1. All pretty good, Futurama hilarious, Soul Music, soulful. Watched the 3rd DVD of the McCartney Years. This one featured live performances from the Wings Over America movie, Rock Show, some songs from McCartney Unplugged from MTV and part of the big Glastonbury festival from 2004. The audience eating it all up each time. And why not? Macca is quite the consummate professional, and it was cute to see Paul on stage in 1976 so chubby cheeked and with a shag haircut yet.

He certainly gives the audience what they want to hear. I know this to be true because on October 4, 2005 I was screaming my lungs out for Macca at Madison Square Garden, tears streaming down my face, quite unexpectedly during Maybe I’m Amazed. Julio and I have a pact to see Macca again should he come rolling around these parts again.

Can’t seem to wake up on time the past couple of days. I’ve even taken to going to bed a little bit earlier (hence not watching the rest of Macca at Glastonbury) but still I can barely hear the alarm clock when it goes off. If I didn’t have to pee I’m sure I would keep sleeping. Not too much of a problem, I was only 5 minutes late at work and no one was in yet so I’ll just say I was in 5 minutes early.

Bill’s dad goes to the VA home tomorrow, and his mother can also stay there since she needs to be attended to all the time, not being able to be on her own as the Alzheimer’s continues. I haven’t seen Bill in a week which is odd. We chat online and talk on the phone, but haven’t seen each other. That’s really about all I have to say.