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I Should Have Known Better- Wire

It is 26 degrees out right now, and it feels like springtime. Only it’s dark out, the sun set a few hours ago. There is a full moon though. It’s the rare occasion that Bill is home on a Saturday night and I can attest to this since he is merely two feet away from me as I write this. Most of the day was spent indoors, save for a quick trip to the nearby supermarket. A sale on a certain item made sure that my usual budget of keeping it under $30.00 would fall by the wayside. And it did. Who knew that Muselix would be so expensive? I should have stayed with the Super Sugar Pops.

Last night Bill was out working. A bus was involved and it was all official but instead of driving to Atlantic City, he was cast as a bus driving extra on Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV. Of course he was quite happy and thrilled to be part of that and I was happy that he was happy. Win win basically. I stayed home as usual and since it was snowing played the role of DJ or VJ or Va Jay Jay, posting songs on Facebook that had something to do with snow, cold or freezing.

Quite a few friends seemed to enjoy it, it know I had fun finding the songs and posting them. I did make a mental note to make a video for a song by the Fall which I can’t seem to find on YouTube. Once that ended and after watching Bill Maher, I watched New York Stories which I hadn’t seen since I saw it in the cinema when it first came out. It’s the 3 films in one, one by Martin Scorsese, one by Francis Ford Coppola and one by Woody Allen. And I felt the same last night that I felt in the late 1980’s.

The Scorsese one was good and every time I hear A Whiter Shade of Pale I think of that part of the movie. It gets played often enough. The Coppola one was a bore and the Woody Allen one was the best one, it’s slight but compared to the other two parts it was the most entertaining. I fell asleep after that and did not wake up until Bill returned this morning. I slept much later than I expected to. Then it was the trip to the supermarket. It’s been that kind of a day.

Since Bill was home, once he woke up we watched the screener of Lincoln, courtesy of the Film Actors Group. I was hesitant at first but settled in. It was incredible. Sally Field was great. Tony Kushner’s screenplay was great as was Steven Spielberg’s directing. But overall Daniel Day Lewis was incredible as Abraham Lincoln. I read a lot about Lincoln when growing up so I sort of knew where things were going with regards to certain dates, which gave me some insight. It was so well done, with certain moments leaving both Bill and myself a little bit choked up. We hope it wins all the awards.

Full moon

Full moon

Drowning In The Sea Of Love

I’m Going Away Smiling

So today has been my day off. And it’s been too hot to do anything. I’ve been indoors most of the day excepting 2 trips to the Bibliothèque and the supermarket and the cleaners.

It was reported to be 105° in Newark this afternoon. That’s what they said on the news, then at a later broadcast they said it was actually 103°. Still it qualifies as being too damn hot.

The party continues to approach. Cousins expected, some friends backed out, some friends unsure, other friends making plans to arrive. The menu will now be pizza. Maybe some salad too. And a cash bar.

That is if we can make it to Sunday.

I can definitely blame the heat for the non communication brought on by me with Bill. He came home and he was wearing a guayabera. I asked him if that’s what he wore to work (and it was a stupid question since he just came home from work).

He said yes that it was how he dressed for work. I remarked that he was lucky since he could dress like that. I was about to tell him how I would have to wear a suit & tie regardless of the temperature when Bill insisted that it had nothing to do with luck, that he’s been working at that law firm for 10 years.

I asked him if anyone working less than 10 years had to wear office attire and he said no, they could dress in business casual due to the heat. I then mentioned that he was fortunate to have worked 10 years at that law firm and could dress in that manner.

All I wanted to say that it sucked that I had to wear a suit & tie tomorrow in this heat but he has this idea that I liked to wear such things year round despite the fact that in the 10 years we’ve been together I’ve usually been able to dress business casual during the summer months.

But in his mind it seems to be that I like being suited up year round.

It’s the heat. Short fuses, quick tempers. I realized that ad shut down any communication with him. It’s 8:00 now and instead of putting on Keith Olbermann he wants to watch another episode of the Olivia Show, aka Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV.

I don’t think he knows about the 2 hour season finale of Lawn Hors d’œuvre Criminal Malcontent (he does, they just announced it) that’s on tonight and I don’t know if I will tell him since I don’t want to watch 3 hours of Lawn Hors d’œuvre, no matter what the off shoots may be.

He did ask at 8:00 if I was watching anything in particular and I answered, just the computer screen. I could have said Keith Olbermann.

It was definitely good to have the day off but it’s been terribly hot. It would have been nice to get out some more today but each time (meaning both times) it was truly too hot. Oh well. 3 more days of work left for me, then 3 days off.

Can’t complain. I have a job and according to the Ed Show tonight 4 million people are not getting unemployment benefits right now, and congress is on vacation.

Yesterday's Me

Maybe Tuesdays just aren’t a good day for Bill and myself.

Just went out to run a quick errand. A little bit cooler out since the sun has started going down. Bill is making some pasta, and as usual letting it boil over adding to the hunidity of the apartment.

It’s been so hot today that my computer shut down and now my mouse is not working properly. But if that is all I have to complain about, then I really don’t have anything to complain about.

And thanks to a blow up between me & him, and implications violently brought to the surface, the party might be canceled.
Such a drama queen, or rather- drama queens. It’s on.

Cinnamon Girl

It’s a cold and rainy Thursday, outside on the street it’s 41 degrees. Upstairs on the 5th floor it feels colder than that. So much so that I spent a good part of the day, lying on cold ceramic tiles trying to activate the heater in the bedroom.

The bedroom is the room next to where I am writing this on Bill’s Mac.

Let’s see, last night was an interesting night. Watched Keith Olbermann who had Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Jon Cleese on. It was a bit hard to watch. He was honored to have them on his show and said so a few times. It was awkward to watch.

After Olbermann, I watched Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV. It was lackluster despite Christine Lahti doing her usual excellent acting. I’ve always enjoyed her after seeing Housekeeping 20 years ago. Her character wasn’t a pleasant one, ruffled the feathers of the cast. She unraveled and left the show after her contract for 4 episodes finished.

Bill came home midway through and got right into the show He was impressed with the clean up in the kitchen and bowled over by what I had done to the bedroom. He even noticed that since the bedroom was cleaned up so much that there was a natural echo.

We watched some more Lawn hors d’œuvre on a cable channel then we caught the news. Bill went to bed shortly after I shut down his Mac and put the protective cover over it. I stayed up and watched Jones, Gilliam, Cleese and Eric Idle on Jimmy Fallon.

That was slightly better than Python on Olbermann. After that it was bedtime for me. Bill had his apnea mask on but about an hour later he had the mask off and was snoring. At 2:30 I had to say loudly to put the mask back on.

His snoring was echoing around the bedroom.

It wasn’t smooth sailing after that though. I didn’t sleep too well. I t was cold in the bedroom and I slept on my left shoulder which cause a neck ache throughout most of the day. The uncomfortable feeling is still there.

Bill kissed me goodbye and said that I forgot to put the cover on the Mac last night. He would have seen that as he went to bed with the computer off. I know that I did and I’m sure I did not get out of bed and take it off. I don’t know what the hell he was talking about.

It’s always something. Missing bagels suddenly reappearing, covered Macs becoming uncovered by themselves. Life with Bill certainly isn’t dull.

The big news today was of a six year old boy who may have been carried away in a Mylar balloon. When the balloon came down to earth, there was no six year old boy in it. Where did he go? His brother reported that he saw his little brother getting into the balloon.

Personally I think the six year old kid has been hiding bagels and uncovering Macs when no one is looking.

Still cold and raining and I haven’t been outside since this morning. Still have no reason so I’m staying in. Nice and toasty.

6:37PM- Balloon Boy found at home, hiding.

All We Ask

Let’s see, just got home and I turned on the news. One of the items was about a statue for Ronald Reagan that was unveiled in the Capitol building. A brilliant idea. That the fact that the current economic situation is directly because of his policies of deregulation should be of no consequence.

All the Republicants gathered around weepy Nancy, all sporting wood from the illusion that those glory days of the 1980’s will return. It ain’t gonna happen wankers.

Today the nation is too busy trying to fix things that were caused by his dislike of the Keynesian methods that got this country on it’s feet after the banking collapse that caused the great depression.

But then again a bronze statue the color of shit is a perfect match. I wonder if it gives off the smell of bull shit. I certainly do not miss that Gipper.

It’s Wednesday which means work wise it’s Thursday. For me at least.

I’m a bit excited that it’s now official that Paul McCartney will be playing CitiField and tickets will be on sale Monday, June 15. Hopefully they won’t be too expensive. I plan on taking Bill for his birthday.

Not that Bill is a big McCartney fan, or even a big fan of the Beatles. I just think it would be a very fun thing to do. I think he would like it. He’s never been to a big rock show and Macca always delivers.

Plus since it’s near where the Fabs played Shea Stadium it has an extra emotional resonance. It would be cool if my siblings and their spouses could make it and I really hope they can get it together.

I wasn’t able to make it to what could be the Ludes final performance at the Grain and the Grape in the East Village last night.

I was too busy being surrounded by good looking men in suits who also thought I was a good looking man in a suit. I think it worked out nicely.

I would have liked to have done both but that was out of the question. Gone are the days of me trekking across town from one event to another. For me it takes considerable effort just to make it to one event.

If it’s in the city and I am at home in Hoboken then it’s akin to moving mountains.

I’m sure the show went well. When I saw the Ludes at Kenny’s Castaways they had a good crowd and their performance was sincere and heartfelt. I wouldn’t expect anything different last night.

I did get a nice email from Tim Stout who organized what could be the last Suit Night at G Lounge. Tim thanked me for showing up and said I looked sharp. For me I was a Four in Hand knot surrounded by a room consisting almost entirely of Full Windsors.

But to get a compliment from such a sharp gentleman as Tim was high praise enough for me. And to meet some fellows that I had chatted with a few years ago online was a surprising touch. I’m certainly glad I wasn’t rude to them then. I asked and they said I wasn’t.

No rude boy me.

I was glad to have made it home last night to catch the season finale of Lawn Hors d’oeuvre SUV with Bill. Very good episode even though I figured it out midway through.

And one last bit of good news from the New York Times:
New Hampshire’s governor, John Lynch, has signed legislation
that makes the state the sixth to allow same-sex marriage.

The law will take effect in January. New Hampshire joins
Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Iowa in
recognizing same-sex marriages.

Live Free or Die!

Stairway to Heaven

OK, so I only stretched before cycling yesterday, not so much afterwards but climbing 5 flights of stairs makes for some stretching doesn’t it? Doesn’t it? I was pretty tired though. Casey Chasm called while I was showering. He and the missus were going to Margarita’s for dinner but I was too tired to make it.

Plus I had food here that I had bought that needed to be cooked and eaten before it all started to go bad.

I was content with a few hot dogs last night and I settled in and watched Tennessee Williams ‘Suddenly Last Summer’ starring Maggie Smith, Natasha Richardson and Rob Lowe. It was a BBC production from the 1990’s I believe.

I had it in my Netflix queue, added it when I was mourning Natasha Richardson’s untimely death.

It was good, Maggie Smith and Natasha Richardson were excellent. Rob Lowe was passable as Dr. Sugar. No flashbacks like in the Joseph Mankewicz version with Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift. I suspect Tennessee would have been happy with this classy version.

After that I forget what I watched. I do have A Matter of Life and Death by Michael Powell on DVD via Netflix and threw that in the player but I wanted Bill to see it too and since he was doing a reading at the Theater for the New City last night I decided to hold off. I was a zombie anyhow and staying awake to watch the whole thing would have been a bit of a chore.

I did toy with the idea of a trip to the supermarket but it looked like it was about to start pouring any minute. By the time I figured out that it wasn’t going to rain it was too late, the supermarket was closed.

Asleep in bed by midnight. Bill was with his theater friends and didn’t get home until 3:00 in the morning.

I woke up around 8:00 this morning, glad not to have to go to work again. I roused myself from bed and shuffled about doing those morning things that I do most mornings when I don’t have to work.

Still plenty of parking spaces in Hoboken and it should be like this until Labor Day so come on down to Hoboken on weekends and park wherever you damn well please. I got some bagels for myself as well as Julio & Stine.

Donuts for Bill and the newspapers which weren’t as depressing as yesterday. Or maybe they were as depressing as yesterday but my outlook had improved so the stories didn’t affect me as much.

I planned to take a walk around Hoboken early this afternoon when Bill had awoken. He wanted to come but only after the Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV episode had finished. Oddly enough it was an episode that neither of us had seen before, from the early years with Olivia having a short spiky haircut.

The other night was a good one with Alan Dale who plays Charles Widmore on Lost as well as the late Meade patriarch on Ugly Betty. This time he played a judge who’s young son was murdered years before. A few twists that were too convoluted to write about here, but it was one of the best episodes of Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV that I had seen in a while. Bill missed it since he was tired and went to bed before it was broadcast.

So this afternoon after Lawn hors d’œuvre SUV we headed out. I arranged to meet Mr & Mrs Chasm outside their building and the four of us walked up to 14th street and proceeded to walk down the riverside, enjoying each others company as well as the sunshine and a lot of sunbathers. I applied sunblock again and I was quite glad that I did.

We walked over to Pier A and found a bench where we sat for an hour in the shade chatting each other up. We parted ways, Bill and I off to CVS and the Mr & Mrs off to wherever it was they were headed off to.

Bill and I ran into Roger Johansen and his wife Dina. on Washington Street. Always good to see Roger, he’s a prince. It was also the first time I had met Dina and she seemed really nice. Bill and I egged her on to get her MBA and perhaps she heeded our advice, that having an MBA would be a leg up in the search for a good job.

He invited us to his new place in Weehawken which is near his old place. He always had the best houses. I told him that Bill and I would love to visit, all he needed to do is let us know when.

Bill and I came home. He cooked for himself, I napped. Nothing like an afternoon nap. More people should do it. We can call them Siestas. I think it would catch on.

As I drifted off to sleep I remembered a nap that I took about 35 years ago in Framingham MA. Then I thought it odd that I was thinking about a nap from so long ago. It was a comfortable nap back then and I slept wearing my glasses. Then I drifted off to sleep in this day and age.

Woke up made dinner and now Bill naps.

I told him that when I wake him up at 9:00 we’re watching A Matter of Life & Death starring David Niven and Kim Hunter. It used to be titled Stairway to Heaven in this country, now it’s back to it’s original title.

Here’s some snappy snaps from this afternoon.

Last night before the storm. Natural light

Last night before the storm. Natural light




Free toy

Free toy



Fishing in Hoboken

Fishing in Hoboken

I’m No Superman

Today was not as bad as yesterday. Last night I talked about it with Bill and I felt better. There were a few things I told him that didn’t make the cut here. Nothing major. It was a good talk though.

Bill and I watched Lawn Hors d’œuvre SUV last night. Weird episode with Swoosie Kurtz who probably enjoyed playing a corrupt conservative activist judge.

Overall, as exhausted as I was carrying around that frustration didn’t allow for a good night’s sleep. I woke up more tired that I was when I fell asleep. And I had to hustle this morning since my computer crashed last night and the tech guy was coming in.

It’s $100.00 a visit from the tech guy and you have to catch him when he’s in or else it’s another $100.00. I made it in before the tech guy came in and told Tom Chin, former employee, now consultant that the tech guy was en route.

He of course snapped at me about how I’m spending money that I shouldn’t be spending. I just walked away from him and let him rant. I avoided him most of the day. It was best for all concerned. He just loves snapping at me, even when he’s wrong.

Basically Tom Chin is an asshole.

I also helped out Greg Stevens quite a bit today which kept me in his office away from everyone else. I am grateful for his ineptitude and always happy to help him out. I mentioned to him the other day that I wanted to work for him rather than Vivek, but we both know that’s not going to happen.

He is renting out his office space until February 28, 2010 when the lease expires for the office. That should be the end of my time there, that is, if I can hang in there.

Got a call from my brother Brian today, singing ‘Hooray for Bollywood!’ He’s a joker that brother of mine.

We’re going to a show together at the Highline Ballroom tomorrow night. I was second choice, his wife Karen didn’t want to go to the city.

He won tickets on the radio to see Eric Hutchinson. I haven’t been to the Highline Ballroom yet so that should be something. Eric Hutchinson opened for Marshall Crenshaw a while back at McSwells and I guess Brian liked him.

I missed his set apparently and don’t really know what he sounds like. I’m sure he doesn’t sound like Gwar or Flipper since that’s not Brian’s kind of thing and he probably wouldn’t enter a contest to see those groups. In any event it will be fun to hang out with Brian for a little while.

I’d like to go home and change my clothes and that might involve a lie to get out early. So maybe I’ll tell them something. Maybe get out at 4:00. That would be nice.

I deserve it.

Still pretty tired and watching Scrubs which is the last episode with JD. I can’t see the show continuing without Zach Braff. It’s a bittersweet episode and I’m just waiting to see if they say the Janitor’s name, which will prove it’s the final episode.

Glenn Matthews?

It was a very sweet, lump in the throat ending with a beautiful Peter Gabriel song and one or two moments where I said, ‘Awww’.

Johnny Du Lump

Back from work on this Wednesday. Everyone at work is getting on each others nerves. I guess it might be attributed to the fact that it’s tax time. I spent most of the day trying to be busy.

At one point I went out for one of my own errands which threw the office into disarray. I was gone for about 45 minutes and got a few phone calls asking if I had gone home for the day.

When I got back Vivek’s partner gave me a check for $8,000. He needed the cash and wanted to know if he should make it out to Cash or to me.

I told him cash since I didn’t have $8,000 for the check to clear. They weren’t going to give me the cash, not without something in my bank account. Something like $8,000.

Heard from Annemarie. She and her husband had driven down to Oakland CA to see Leonard Cohen. I wrote about the fiasco in getting the tickets and she wound up getting 2 pair. Luckily she was able to sell the extra set of tickets.

She said it was a wonderful show and that old Mr. Cohen was in fine form, playing for 3.5 hours. Not bad for a 74 year old geezer. I just can’t get into Leonard Cohen. I’ve tried but can’t seem to connect. I enjoy other people’s versions of his songs.

I really enjoyed the movie, I’m Your Man with Rufus and Martha Wainwright, Nick Cave, U2 and the dreaded Antony singing his songs at a show in Australia. I’m always willing to give Lenny another chance though.

Last night was a mild night. Bill came home just after Lawn Hors d’oeuvre SUV. It was a pretty good episode, touching on the case of the Austrian woman who was held captive for years by her father and sexually abused by him.

Today was also the Tea Bagging day. I was willing to participate and do some tea bagging myself, but it only works if someone is with you and I couldn’t find anyone willing.

I did try to see how the other tea bagging parties were going on around the country but couldn’t find any examples. Perhaps if I get a chance later I will check on X tube and catch some footage of frottage and tea bagging.

Or I can just watch John Waters ‘Pecker’ again and watch the tea bagging scenes there, with Martha Plimpton yelling ‘Trade is my life!’.

Not John Waters best in my book. That would be Hairspray which is a desert island movie for me.

Tonight I may go see an old friend of mine, John Williams play with his band, The Caterpillar Book. They’re playing at the Whiskey Bar which used to be Live Tonight and before that, The Beaten Path.

John used to play bass with the Cucumbers and was the chief technician at Skyline Studios where we both worked.

The funny thing is, I had seen the Cucumbers a handful of times, but I guess that since Jon and Deena were the front line, I didn’t pay much attention to the rhythm section. Lost is on at 9:00 which is when The Caterpillar Book is scheduled to go on.

I’ll record Lost and check out the band. That’s the plan.

In the Ditch

It’s a Monday and all is ‘meh’. Just one of those days. Last night was quiet as well. Bill came home after 2 church services, dropped off his mother with Elsie and Andy Capp and came home depressed and in need of a nap.

He napped for a few hours and then I woke him up around 7:00. Our usual show on Sunday nights, 60 Minutes was late due to golf and that gave me an opportunity to watch a Bill Moyers rebroadcast from Friday about Abraham Lincoln with Sam Waterson and a Lincoln scholar.

Since Bill had just woken up he was confused that 60 Minutes wasn’t on and hearing Sam Waterson’s voice thought Lawn hors d’oeuvre was on. He soon got into Bill Moyers though.

After that, The Simpsons which was as good as expected. Worst Couch Gag ever! Bill wasn’t feeling King of the Hill. Maybe he doesn’t like Tom Petty and is more of a Billy Bob Thornton fan.

We watched some of Metallica’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, more ugly women in his eyes though there were no women on stage. Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood, Metallica, Flea and Joe Perry all on stage playing Train Kept a Rollin’ at the same time. It was a bit much, but over within minutes.

I told Bill the tale about how Metallica took over the recording studio I worked at for a few months and how they treated us all nicely. Food for days, weeks and months. Generally they were alright, though Kirk Hammett and Jason Newsted were outgoing and willing to talk to the common folk, Lars and James were aloof at best.

Once again the people around them were obnoxious, the band themselves were ok. Q Prime is their management. A room full of wankers, one of whom got into an argument with me and threatened to have Metallica leave and go to another studio.

I knew that wasn’t going to happen and called him on it. He never called again.

Bill and I then watched an early episode of Lawn hors d’oeuvre: SVU which was good. Well paced and ended leaving us hanging and wanting more. Then Bill went to bed and I stayed up watching Peter Gomes, the Harvard theologian at a book signing from 2007.

I could listen to Peter Gomes talk all night. He was on a book tour for his then current book, The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus. Entertaining and informative, I would love to have dinner with him sometime. It would be enlightening. Even Luis Buñuel counted clergy as friends despite his atheism.

Off to work today. Vivek came back from Mexico and of course didn’t show up until an hour before I left. He sounded like hell and in turn he said I sounded hungover, which I wasn’t. Hardly anyone was in the office and that made the day crawl by.

4:30 couldn’t arrive soon enough so I left at 4:15. Tomorrow I have to go to the Indian consulate for Vivek and get a work visa for someone coming in from India.

That should be interesting. Never been to the Indian consulate before.