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I Want to Stand Forever

Life above the trees. On the fifth floor where Bill and I live, we are above the tree line on our block. No worries about branches coming through. It’s quite windy out so there’s always the threat of dead or weakened branches falling down and clobbering someone.

I had lunch today outdoors at my usual spot on Central Park West, eying the trees above me. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t too windy but still a few people have been killed in the park by falling branches.

It was a weird day. Didn’t start out that way of course. I was anxious. Calvin was out yesterday and it wasn’t so bad. Today he would be back. I made it to work on time, determined to be ‘cheerful’. I walked into the store, surprised to hear Roots Reggae being played.

I walked by Calvin and said ‘good morning’, walked by Marcus and said ‘hello’. I asked about the music and apparently Martino Basher is a reggae fan and used some of his dough and recorded a reggae CD. It was horribly produced. I would have rated it a ‘D’.

The day was weird in the sense that the other day I was accused of being too silent while working, today it was Calvin playing the role of the mute guy. He wasn’t talking to me. That was fine.

Marcus asked me to fill an order that came in. I filled out the order, the total coming to over $1000.00. As I completed the order I asked Marcus if I should put his name on the sale. He said no. I did the work, I should get the commission. Plus being the general manager, Marcus doesn’t get a commission.

I did my best today, not caring about the commission and wound up selling over $5000.00 worth of goods. Left Calvin in the dust, though it wasn’t my intention and I didn’t care. A couple of rich, drunken Russians came in and dropped a bundle, as did a snooty couple from Barcelona.

Calvin sulked. Sean eventually came in, bringing the energy that a 20 year old young man has. I’m enjoying our relationship since we’ve agreed upon our common enemy. Calvin spent some time later in the afternoon rearranging the schedule since now there is a replacement for Raymond.

Some bloke named Bradley. When Calvin came back out he was quite chatty. Sean hipped me to the fact that Calvin likes to drink and after a few under his belt his whole mood changed and asked me what I thought about Marton Basher’s reggae debacle.

I explained that it was so badly produced and played him If DJ Was Your Trade, a Blood and Fire Records compilation. Deep, heavy dub from the 1970’s. Calvin said he loved it and was really getting into it. I also mentioned that Mick Hucknall from Simply Red loved Dub so much that he co-created a label to release these platters again.

And soon after that Calvin went home, leaving Sean & I to mind the store. It was a fast 2.5 hours. And a walk from the cigar shop to the bus terminal, from Sunshine Superman to Cherchez La Femme to I Feel Love, taking me 18 minutes, 32 seconds.

Not my best time, but somewhat leisurely, if 2 minutes can be counted as leisure.

I also stopped by and saw Julio & Stine. Stine made some meat sauce and had extra. She feels I am getting too thin and Julio commented that my suit looked big on me. I am happy and will reheat the meat sauce tomorrow since now it’s too late.

Day Tripper

I can’t go on, I’ll go on. Part 4.5

Yes here we are. Another Memorial Day weekend is upon us. The unofficial start of summer. The exodus from Hoboken begins. The residents with homes down the Jersey shore are en route, if not there already.

I spent some time once again playing and singing by the river. As I played, three little kids came over and the two girls danced while I played. The boy that was with them just sat and watched. They didn’t know any of the songs that I played, except for The Lion Sleeps Tonight and All My Loving.

I also played Good Lovin’ by the Rascals and a trainer from the gym nearby sang along with that as he trained his client. He wasn’t too much interested in training her but she was ‘in the zone’ and didn’t realize his inattention.

Time flies when you’re playing guitar and before I knew it I was strumming for almost 3 hours. I headed back home after attempting Rocket Man by Elton John. Not sure if all the chords are correct and will have to figure that out.

This is the 1,655th entry that I’ve written. That’s an accomplishment of sorts. I’m sure that for some of you, it’s small change. Since I’ve written about my day and I have nothing else to write about, let’s have a look back.

May 28, 2006- The night before I elbowed Bill twice in the head. By accident. It was a Sunday and I went out and bought bagels for Julio and Stine. Alexander hadn’t arrived on the scene yet. Juan started working and seemed to be enjoying it. A bike ride to Liberty State Park was accomplished with Julio and Stine with some Frisbee tossed back and forth.

A ride back home, burgers at O’Neill’s and then drinking Stella Artois on the front steps and then a look at the backyard, overrun with weeds and smelling of cat shit, courtesy of Chris G next door. Juan came over and we watched Bjork videos, Juan saying ‘Homegirl is crazy’.

May 28, 2007- Bill and I not talking for some reason. Julio & Stine inviting me for a ride and I didn’t go since I didn’t want to be a third wheel. A crappy Memorial Day weekend. Laundry and me feeling melancholy, sitting by the river, bashing my dirty laundry against a rock and listening to Rufus Wainwright and Scritti Politti.

Also watched Pan’s Labyrinth which was not as good as I had heard. I think I was still in shock after my brother Frank had a brain attack.

May 28, 2008- It was a Wednesday and I was working for Vivek and company. A receptionist was needed and my request fell on deaf ears. They decided not to hire a receptionist after all. I was hoping to get Juan in there for a summer job.

I watched Lars & The Real Girl and a documentary called American Hardcore which was actually pretty good. I knew some of the people in it though I wasn’t involved with the Hardcore scene.

May 28, 2009, A phone call with my friend Rita. I noticed that Rita seems to have a problem saying goodbye on the phone. Always a bit awkward. My brother Frank had retired from his job and was having a difficult adjustment.

A humid and drizzly day and 2 movies about Quentin Crisp from Netflix were available, The Naked Civil Servant and Illegal Alien, both starring Mississippi John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.

Not much has changed for this May 28. I have 500 Days of Summer, An Education and 2 versions of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge from the bibliothèque to watch over the weekend. Bill is driving to Atlantic City again.

Mississippi John Hurt

Quentin Crisp

Me, May 28

Ion Storm

Here I am writing to you, writing for you on a Friday evening. Nice and toasty evening. Well nice at least. Not so toasty, but I’m comfortable and glad to have a roof over my head and a full belly. Yes I just had some dinner and yes it was penne, pesto and chicken.

I made enough to stretch over a couple of days and I’m midway through. Really easy to make and only one pan is needed. I use the pan that Bill gave me for a gift a few years ago, and I ungratefully wondered why the hell did he get me a pan?

An expensive pan at that.

I didn’t cook that well, or enough to warrant a pan, but a year later I found it was the perfect pan to use on occasion. I can be such an ass sometimes and that was one of those times.

Bill didn’t make it home until 1:30 last night. I being the dutiful spouse, stayed up with curlers in my hair, a housecoat on and a butt hanging from my mouth. Rolling pin within arm’s reach. He reaped some good karma last night.

Coming back from Harlem he caught an express train to 34th street, and at the Path train he was the last one on board before the train left the station. Then when he got to Hoboken a bus was waiting, driven by a guy that Bill had trained with a few years ago.

That’s how I think karma works. It’s not the big payoff, it’s little things like a train waiting at the station, a line at the supermarket opening up and you’re first, things like that.

I went to bed, Bill stayed up watching TV. You’ll have to read his blog to find out what he watched. I slept soundly, woke up to see a lot of snow had fallen. Bill was up a few minutes before I was. He had a snow day from work.

I moved around him on the couch and stepped into the shower after setting up the coffee maker and fixing myself a bowl of cereal. After watching Gilmore Girls, I headed out a little while after that, trudging up to Washington Street and getting the paper and some bagels.

Came back home and deposited all that in the hallway and got the shovel and proceeded to make a path on the sidewalk as well as the front steps. Wet, heavy snow but it wasn’t too difficult to shovel it from one spot to another.

Not so much lifting, just pushing or plowing. Or is it ploughing?

Made it out again a few hours later, needed to run to the supermarket. Bill was off to another rehearsal for the play. I stopped by Julio & Stine’s for a few minutes.

It seems like I’m turning into my parents a bit. I cut out some coupons for Stine on items for Alexander. Didn’t get a chance to see the baby as he was sleeping but I did wake up the big baby who was trying to take a nap.

The supermarket wasn’t too crowded and the shelves still had items on them so it wasn’t like there was a panic run on the store before the snowstorm. It’s been snowing on and off and on all day and they say it will probably stop around 6:00 tomorrow morning with flurries the rest of the weekend.

I was supposed to see the Street Corner Mourners tonight at the Park Theater in Union City, but it’s been rescheduled until March 19. More time for the band to rehearse I said to Lily last night who was more than likely upset that everything was postponed.

Isn’t that what an ersatz father is supposed to do?

2.26.10 Snowstorm hoboken 001
2.26.10 Snowstorm hoboken 002
2.26.10 Snowstorm hoboken 004
2.26.10 Snowstorm hoboken 010
2.26.10 Snowstorm hoboken 012

While I shoveled...

While I shoveled...

...Bill napped.

...Bill napped.



Not judging

Not judging


Love Me Do

Lazy lazy lazy. Wet outside, been raining all day, melting most of the snow. Not even sure if I’m going to write today. Still not sure.

Last night was fine and mellow and quiet. Bill and I watched Robin Williams latest HBO special which was very funny in spots and not so funny in other spots. Spotty performance I guess.

Bill is on the train heading to Saddle River Tours in Garfield for a drive down to Atlantic City. That’s his evening for him. Me, right now I’m watching the first DVD of Bob Dylan: No Direction Home. PSE&G came today. Pretty sure it was the same guy as last month.

Once again it took 5 minutes and once again there was no charge. He did say the stove was about 50 years old and perhaps it was time for the landlord to get a new one. I know better. I doubt Peter the landlord would do such a thing.

But it’s working now and that’s what really matters. Last night, it was all a big pot of water cooking to a slow boil to make things warm. And humid. Now it’s dry and warm.

Just had some lasagne that Karen had sent me home with on Christmas Eve. There is still some left for Bill but I don’t think he’s the reheating type and I guess I’ll be eating that tomorrow, just so it doesn’t go bad. It was very good though.

Now I’m putting in the second DVD of Bob Dylan but I think I will hold off and watch the news so I can find out what’s been going on in the world. Besides the woman who tackled Papa Ratzi. The Nigerian guy who tried to blow up a plane over Detroit is an interesting story but what’s most interesting is the passengers who acted to subdue the flaming Nigerian.

In the New York Times there’s an article about the guy being the son of a prominent Nigerian banker which immediately makes him suspect, what with all the money schemes coming via email from Nigeria.

Overall just a lazy day, promising to be a lazy evening. More Bob Dylan, maybe the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Nothing much on TV tonight anyhow. Bill and I watched most of the Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City concert DVD.

Bill loved it, but still we couldn’t see ourselves with Anne & Earl and Julio & Stine in the crowd. Still it was a fun watch. Bill went to bed midway through and I turned it off before the encores last night. But I did finish it off this afternoon.

I always enjoy listening to the Beatles, but during the holiday season they become much more special. It’s interesting to read the comments on their thousands of YouTube clips. So many people, younger people get into the Beatles for the first time. I

just think that’s amazing, but I always felt any person that loves music, at least almost as much as I do, eventually discover the Beatles and become fans, getting a thrill seeing their videos and interviews online. I think that’s fascinating.

I’ve decided to not write tonight.

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in an open reading of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice at 12:45PM. Join us, it should be interesting and fun, even! Yea or Nae!


Oliver’s Army

Well I just came back from a walk to the Post Office and I find an email telling me I won the Rufus Wainwright: Prima Donna contest. I win 2 autographed posters, a playbill from the opening night in Manchester, England and a Sundance Channel tote bag!

They won’t ship these out until after the holidays so any re-gifting will have to wait until next year. Thems the breaks I suppose. It’s not the Mega Millions.

Someone won the whole $160 million. One person. Not me. But the Sundance channel tote bag is nothing to sneeze at though it might be good to wipe your nose with after the sneeze.

What? Too soon?

Last night I watched the Miracle Worker which I had never seen before. I did read the play ages ago in either Annemarie’s or Brian’s Literature book from Lodi High School. They had to read it, I read it for fun.

I enjoyed it, great performances from Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke. There were some scenes where Annie Sullivan who had terrible vision squints into the distance when Helen Keller goes off in the distance with her mother.

The squinting, accompanied by the wringing of hands makes it look like Annie Sullivan is scheming. It is also ripe for satire and I wonder if SCTV ever did a sketch based on it.

It would seem to be a perfect match. There’s probably so many episodes of SCTV that it has to be in there, along with Ben Him and the story of Natalie Ringneck, the girl who was raised by geese.

Right at the buildup for the climactic finale, Harpy called. ‘What is it with Tyler Perry’ ‘What is it with hat hair?’ ‘What is it with…’ blah blah blah. Oh Harpy was in his ivory tower playing the snob. If he didn’t get it, if he was who it was aimed for, he deemed it inferior as are the people who enjoy such things.

He also had a ton of advice for me and this blog and what I should do about it. He did mention one thing and it struck a chord/ Basically this blog is like one of Harpy’s favorite books, The Andy Warhol Diaries.

And it’s true, that’s just one of the influences on this here blog. Andy was an influence on me and how I look at things, and I did get the Diaries when they first came out, and even have the Spy Magazine unofficial index yucked away inside. I just missed being included in page 689 of the hardcover, arriving after the incident happened and the books being sold out. I don’t write about it again so, I wrote about it here:


Harpy droned on and whatever momentum I had gained while watching the movie soon petered out. I did watch some of the Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City, a DVD and CD and book of Macca’s shows at Citifield back over the past summer.

It was a wonderful gift from Annemarie, Rex and Earl. As sweet as the cookies and brownies she sent. I offered to get a copy burned for her but she already got her own. I only watched the first 10 songs and want to watch the rest with Bill sometime soon.

2 pairs of eyes will come in handy trying to find Annemarie & Earl, Julio & Stine and Bill & myself in the stands.

What? It could happen.

Apparently they handed out flip cameras to people in the audience for the recording and you never know, maybe somebody was walking by and caught the six of us doing whatever it was we were doing that night. I honestly don’t remember.

I heard from Casey Chasm, calling with holiday greetings and an update on his life. He seems to be going ahead and joining the army. For the insurance, for he and the missus and the baby. To me it seems drastic, but it’s not my life. I’d rather he didn’t need to enlist, but I support his decision. So good luck to him, Pvt. Chasm.

You’ve Got A Friend

Well I am thisclose to writing on my own computer, but right now Bill is trying to get me access to his wireless network. Rand has graciously hooked me up with another new computer, new meaning, new to me.

A lot more disc space which is a good thing and everything has its place once again on the PC. So if you haven’t guessed by now I am writing this on Bill’s Mac. Today has been a beautiful day and a productive day at that.

But first off let me say in case you were wondering, Annemarie & Earl have made it safely home to the other side of the continent- Arcata, California. And she says she had a great time, so maybe, I’m not the terrible brother I envisioned myself to be.

I was up around 8:30 this morning after Bill was off to collect his mother and go to church. A bright and brilliant morning and definitely a beach day.

But there was no beach in the day planner for me.

I ran around Hoboken, got Julio & Stine bagels, even though picked up bagels last night from H&H in Manhattan. Also got the Daily News which was the usual terrible stuff.

I folded the laundry and put it away and also got rid of hundreds of pictures that I had printed out, mainly of musclemen.

I still dig looking at the bodybuilders but there’s really no need for those pictures anymore so I camouflaged them and got them ready to recycle this week.

I should put them in front of someone else’s building when the sun goes down just to be on the safe side.

I made a promise to myself and also to Bill that I would like to have this apartment cleaned up so that the next time Annemarie comes out here, she could stay in Hoboken which usually worked out for the best in previous years that she has come west.

Recycling photos of bodybuilders is a step in the right direction. Rand has been working on the new computer and was almost finished with it this afternoon. We texted each other and he and Lisa were wandering around Hoboken, visiting various tag and gate sales.

I passed one or two gate sales and snapped up Un-Ledded by Robert Plant & Jimmy Page for a buck.

Also met up with the funniest girl alive, Meghan Taylor as she was going to help out at hubby Jim’s Guitar Bar. It was fun to stop by and see Jim with Rand & Lisa & Meghan. Our daughter Lily also showed up for her drum lesson.

A nice walk around Hoboken after leaving the Mastro’s in Mastrodamia. I certainly enjoyed a La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700 as I strolled with Rand & Lisa.

Sat in Elysian Park and talked for a while then headed to Casa de Hoppe where I read comic books while Lisa surfed the net and Rand ably got my computer functioning with all the info on my old computer.

Now Bill is here and was able to complete the wireless situation and now I am back in business and dizziness.

On a sad note, Frank McCourt passed away at 78. He wrote Angela’s Ashes, Tis, and Teacher Man. Angela’s Ashes was his memoir about living hand to mouth or worse in Limerick, Ireland.

Some people called him a phony saying (Richard Harris, my cousin Jackie) and that it was all made up, but for some reason I believed his story.

The movie version was OK, but for me the better book is Tis, and that’s probably because it takes place in Manhattan mostly. Teacher Man was good as well but by that time I had moved onto other things.

The reason that I am writing about Frank McCourt was because he was an inspiration to me. He didn’t start writing until late in life and won a Pulitzer Prize first time up at bat.

Not that I’m going to win a Pulitzer Prize, but that believing that the time had passed to start writing was a ridiculous idea.

So rest in peace Frankie. You did well mate. Hopefully someday I can come within a country mile of writing as wonderful as you did.


Here Today

Back on Bill’s Mac. Nothing bad happened, just that Rand is presently in the process of hooking me up with another computer, Frankenstein style. Meaning bits and pieces of my old computer as well as odds and ends that he has found here and there.

Good enough for me and with more disc space I’m happy with it. He’s a great guy that Rand and that makes Lisa a great gal.

I brought my computer over to Rand’s this afternoon after Rand called and suggested I bring the Tokyo Pop bag that I use to transport my computer back and forth. Unfortunately due to the heat and more than likely the hangover I had from last night, I only brought the bag and not my computer, which meant I had to come back home and get the computer.

Totally duh.

Last night was something else, that’s for sure. Julio and Stine decided to join Annemarie, Earl, Bill and myself to go see Paul McCartney. The 5 of us met up in front of my building to head over to the Path train into the city to collect Bill at his office.

The neighbor on the third floor of our building graciously offered to pick up my box at the UPS truck. To Anne’s dismay it was a box of cigars that I ordered online.

We made it to Bill’s office and waited outside for him to join before heading on a 7 train to Flushing. We wisely followed Bill’s lead since he knows these routes the best out of all of us.

We lucked out, and got on an express train getting there rather quickly. Thankfully the MTA added extra trains for the Macca event. We were there in no time and soon on an escalator up to the seating area.

Julio had the brilliant idea of getting some beers so we got on line. Two beers per person and we had our fill each except for Stine and Earl. The beers weren’t that expensive.

Standing around, Julio wandered a bit and found a nice spot to have our beers before splitting up to go to our respective seats. Annemarie had the idea to just stand there and watch the show until we were asked to move on.

Stine was hesitant to bend the rules like that so after a while she and Julio headed to their seats before realizing that the view was better where we were standing. Plus it was very close to the beer concession.

The opening act, The Script were ok in their thankless task of opening up for an ex-Beatle. Their sound wasn’t that good either. Annemarie recognized one of their songs and they closed their short set with a cover of David Bowie’s Heroes.

Paul came on a little while after that starting off with Drive My Car. The stadium erupted and Annemarie was screaming her head off. I did some yelling as well, just not in the upper register that Anne possessed.

Suppressed Beatlemania for 45 years was finally released.

Paul did the hits of course, including some decent songs from his latest releases. He also dedicated My Love to Linda McCartney. Paperback Writer, Day Tripper, Back in the USSR, The Long & Winding Road, Hey Jude, Let It Be, Band on the Run, Jet, Let Me Roll It and Live & Let Die were major stand outs as well as his song for John Lennon, Here Today.

He also did George Harrison’s Something, starting on ukulele then the band joined in (a crackerjack band if there ever was one I might add) as well as a medley of A Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance.

The stadium went bananas when Billy Joel appeared and sang and played piano during I Saw Her Standing There with Paul. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and it was over in about 2 minutes.

The sound was excellent and of course most of the time we were staring at the gigantic screens bookending the stage since to the naked eye, Paul & the band were quite tiny. It was mainly a blur, the evening was.

They finished with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Reprise and The End. As we were leaving the stadium some guy came up to Bill and said that he thought it was great that Bill and I were so affectionate to each other during the show.

The guy’s wife was a few feet behind and wanted to know what the guy said and when Bill told her, she said in 20 years of marriage she had never heard him speak like that.

Our party lucked out once again, getting on another express train back to Manhattan. Bill once again came to the rescue with his knowledge of bus schedules and we were soon on line in the bus terminal for a few minutes, then soon on the bus back to Hoboken.

A splendid time was had by all. I did upload some pics but they’re on the computer, which is at Rand and Lisa’s place. They can also be found on my Facebook page if you really want to see them. They’re worth a look.

Had a nice dinner with Anne & Earl and Rand & Lisa at Grimaldi’s. Anne & Earl and I ate there when they first got to Hoboken a very fast 9 days ago. It was a nice way to see them off with another dinner at the same spot.

We said goodbye on Washington Street, me somewhat regretful about the behavior that I showed once or twice. I just think my sister is one of the coolest people I have in my life and with all the stress in her life I certainly didn’t need to add to it and I hope my apologies for acting like that were enough.

I really do.
7.17.09 MACCA 002a

The drunken Uncle is always a favorite

The drunken Uncle is always a favorite

A below the radar picture of Stine & Julio

A below the radar picture of Stine & Julio

100 foot Macca on a musical rampage[/caption]
Bill and Earl

Bill and Earl

the where we were

the where we were

the train ride back

the train ride back

Thumbs aloft for Macca!

Thumbs aloft for Macca!

Ram On

OK. I am very anxious. Manic even. I attribute it to seeing Paul McCartney and all that around the show.

I’m worried it might rain. I’m worried they won’t let me bring my camera inside. I’m worried about being able to get a box of cigars that I’ve ordered from UPS and bringing them to Bill’s office for pick up after the show.

I’m worried about Annemarie staying at Claire’s apartment for a night or two. That had been in the works for a while, at least my asking Claire if my sister and her son could crash there for a night or two.

I only found out from Claire that it would be ok mere minutes ago. Meanwhile Anne has reserved a room at a Days Inn in Newark since they have a crazy early flight Sunday morning.

I’m also worried about a rumor that since Macca appeared at the last show at Shea last year with Billy Joel, Billy Joel might do the same for Macca. I really hope not. I don’t really want to hear any Billy Joel songs tonight.

Other surprise guests are rumored but of course there are no other names except the Big Shot himself.

So it’s the coordination of all these things, including meeting up with Julio & Stine. It’s likely they will drive but it would be impossible for the four of us to fit in with Julio & Stine in their car, what with Bill and myself taking up that much space.
The MTA said they were adding more trains while Macca is performing there for all three nights so that will be hopefully accommodating.

I think the anxiety is all from seeing Paul McCartney. One the most basic, primal level for my love of music. I mean, he is who he is. A Beatle.

It would have been nice if we were all sitting together, but when I bought tickets when they went on sale, they were only available in pairs. I got mine and Bill’s first. I know, how selfish. Then Anne & Earl.

Bill & I are in the 100’s section while Anne & Earl as well as Julio & Stine are in separate sections of the 500’s area. There was a plan to perhaps swapping seats, meeting up somewhere and exchanging ticket stubs but that seems a bit unlikely. No one knows the layout and the rules of this new stadium as this is the first concert at the new Mets stadium.

So I am excited mainly and anxious. I hope things work out, I’m sure they will. The sky is cloudy and it’s quite hummus out right now. I’ve changed undershirts a few times today.

Now Annemarie and Earl are here, killing time in this messy apartment before we head out and pick up my UPS box and head into the city.

My neighbor on the 3rd floor, who aren’t Julio & Stine offered to pick mine up since she too is picking up a package and missed the deliveries herself.

That would be nice if the driver will release it to her. She said she was going to ring my bell but I think I will be gone by then. Nice offer on her part anyway.

Who Is It?

Well today has been a most pleasant kind of day. Last night was a pretty good night as well. Juan had conked out on the couch and when Bill came home he just moved into the bedroom while Bill and I watched the endless stream of Michael Jackson videos and reports.

It was entertaining and called for some good discussions about Michael. How good looking he was as a young man and then- what the hell happened? In that mug shot from 2005 he looked like Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford.

It’s a shame he hated his face so much. Just looking at him during the Off the Wall era he is freakin’ adorable.

We got Juan up in time so Bill could go to sleep and then I kicked his sleepy butt out. No fire detectors going off, all was well.

Woke up around 10:00, did a lot of walking around Manhattan with Juan yesterday plus coming down from my ecstatic adventure on Friday night lead to a very good night’s sleep.

Bill was off to church. He did mention on Friday night walking in the parade with his church on Sunday and in my condition I was very surprised, but yesterday I decided to do it.

To my chagrin last night he decided not to join the parade. It’s his mother’s birthday today (Feliz cumpleanos Elena!) and he wanted to spend time with her after taking her to church. That was more than fine with me.

I got up and had some coffee and went out for the papers. More Michael Jackson videos and reports as well as the print media coverage. I did go out again and walked to Tunes to pick up something for Julio’s birthday.

My first intention was Dark Was The Night, but they didn’t have it in stock. Instead I got a used copy of Bob Dylan’s Tell Tale Signs. I burned a copy of Dark Was The Night, and since I missed Stine’s birthday last month I burned her a copy of The Essential Michael Jackson, figuring since she’s European she probably liked him a lot more that Julio.

Hopefully I’ll get the discs to them tonight. Bill is napping. We’re going to go out for dinner in about a half hour, and then we’ll walk over to the river to watch the fireworks for NYC Pride 2009. It’s the first year that Bill and I didn’t march or do anything in a while.

And this being the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising you’d think we would have done something, but we didn’t. We’re tired. Not to make excuses but we have participated in demonstrations throughout the year.

I did have a last minute thought about joining the Gay Bloggers contingent, aptly numbered as Section 8, but it was too late to motivate. Instead I rode about 5 miles around Hoboken which was good.

I’m going to have to wake Bill up in a few minutes so we could go out to eat. I may be posting some pics later so have a peek in a few hours to see what the world of Hoboken looks like tonight.

Or don’t.

Wearing Juan's Rachel Maddow glasses

Wearing Juan's Rachel Maddow glasses

The Birthday Boy (actually tomorrow)

The Birthday Boy (actually tomorrow)

Jim Mastro, Bill & the funniest girl in the world, Meghan Taylor

Jim Mastro, Bill & the funniest girl in the world, Meghan Taylor

Pride fireworks 2009 008Pride fireworks 2009 025Pride fireworks 2009 029Pride fireworks 2009 009Pride fireworks 2009 011

I Feel A Change Comin’ On

Well here I am, in front of the keyboard on a Sunday evening. Later than usual, or rather pretty much on time as of late. Many distractions preventing me from actually writing, but I persevere and here I am, presenting to you with your bated breath, the latest entry on my ongoing saga of my life.

Last night I was able to write the entry in less than 30 minutes. But with the Frankenstein computer I have it took an additional 15 minutes or so to post the pics, which were worthwhile I would wish. Went down to the third floor abode of Julio + Stine.

Superboy was asleep a few rooms away, leaving us, the adults to talk and have a few glasses of wine. Julio, Stine and I haven’t hung out like this in over a year, before Alexander came on the scene.

Stine told me about how she caught one of the neighbors (a horrid group of college students always throwing trash on our property) climbing out of his window to take some flowers out of our yard. Stine caught him dirty handed and red faced and he slunk back through his window.

Then she told me about how their land line (house phone) was split into a new building a few doors down presumably to pass a building inspection for their sprinkler systems, leaving Julio & Stine without Internet access for a few days.

Stine’s parents were here for 2 weeks and I think Julio & Stine were glad to be alone again. They asked me to write a letter on Stine’s behalf with information on myself as well as about Stine. How long do I know her? When did I know of the marriage? Things like that.

It should be no problem. Julio said I could email it, just the basics, no flourishes. I hung out with them for about 2 hours. They were up past their bedtime and I was tired myself.

I came upstairs and saw Bill was home and asleep in bed. I watched some of Lost before I too hit the hay. I woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye before he went off to church. I slept about a half hour more before I got out of bed.

I was having a drink of coffee when Julio called. He sounded irate and was on the street. I told him to wait up and headed down to meet him.

He was on the phone with the landlord complaining about his upstairs neighbor who decided to do laundry in the middle of the night and let the spill over basin spill over, causing Julio’s ceiling to get some water stains.

He went up to talk to the neighbor but they wouldn’t open their door. The original tenant is nice as pie, her boyfriend is a dick with an attitude. Of course nothing was done since the landlord is a bit inept.

Julio and I parted ways, he and Stine with Alexander were off to a Holy Communion a few blocks away and I was off to the supermarket. Came home, read the papers and ate a nice breakfast.

Then after that I vacuumed the hallway (4 staircases and 5 landings thank you very much) as best as I could. I thought I did a good job but when I came back later in the day I did see a few spots I missed, but overall I would give it a B+.

After that, I changed my drenched with sweat clothes and changed into dryer clothes. It’s been a drizzly day, I don’t think Rand and Lois had their gate sales.

Today was the Hoboken Art & Music Festival and it was quite a dismal turnout. I went for the last hour, running into the Chasms as they strolled down the boulevard. Saw about 4 songs of the Boxtops with Alex Chilton as they ended the festival.

Saw Jim Mastro and said hi. Saw Todd from McSwells and didn’t say hi.

The Chasms were heading back home and I wandered around taking some pics of the tail end of things.

That’s about it. Have a good week!

Low and wet turnout

Low and wet turnout

The Boxtops with Alex Chilton singing 'the Letter'

The Boxtops with Alex Chilton singing 'the Letter'












A nice Friday. Just me and a few other people in the office today. I left at 1:30. Last Friday I was on Long Beach Island, this week- the canyons of midtown Manhattan. It’s been an on again off again day. Sometimes it’s been bright and sunny and other times dark skies. Much like my personality the past few days.

Five years ago yesterday was the last major blackout in the tristate area and beyond. I was reading Joe.My.God. last night and he had an entry about it. I commented but didn’t get in depth since I have my own blog I can get as deep as I’d like.

It was a Thursday, and late in the afternoon. I was working at Wanker Banker on the 34th floor of a 36 story building. One of the divisions just completed their first trade online and there was champagne to be had. With a slight buzz, I was sitting at my desk making plans to split early when the lights flickered and finally went out.

A meeting hosted by the evil fusspot Joe Smershberger had just started. I called Bill to find out what was going on in his office at 42nd Street in Times Square. There was the chance that it was a blackout from 42nd st to 57th st, but it was throughout Manhattan, and as we found out, the other boroughs, the rest of the state as well as New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond.

My boss, Risotto and I went about following the building manager’s directions and proceeded to get everyone out of the office via the stairs. Joe Smershberger had a fit, and insisted on staying. Fine with us. We abandoned him and his guests and walked down 35 flights to the street, in dress shoes.

When we hit the street my legs were like rubber. People all over the place, in the streets and on the sidewalk I lit up a Padron which of course Risotto had something to say about which I basically ignored. We were with Sweet Sarah who had gone downstairs previous to the blackout and didn’t have to walk down the flights of stairs, though she did have to wear heels for the rest of the day since that was all she had.

We started walking downtown, Sweet Sarah was staying with friends and Risotto and I had to head back to New Jersey. I bought some beers which were going cheap since all the refrigerators were off. We walked down Sixth Avenue, passing a group of cops.

One of the cops saw me with the bottle and said that what I was doing was illegal. I brazenly told him that I thought he had bigger problems at that moment than me drinking out of a brown paper bag. That was that and I kept walking.

Risotto and I walked Sweet Sarah to 34th Street and she walked east while we walked west. We had heard that the buses were not leaving the bus terminal, the Path train of course was out so we walked to the river, thinking of catching a ferry.

It wasn’t like 9/11 when all the ferries and boats were taking people across the Hudson River for free. No, the ferries were jam packed or out of fuel and the boats were gouging the people with a $50.00 charge across. All this time Risotto was nipping at my heels, sounding like the Donkey to my Shrek. ‘What are we gonna do? Where are we gonna go?’

There were three women that also followed us around, not knowing what to do. We hopped on a NY Waterway bus and sat in traffic for about 30 minutes, finally moving about 20 feet. We walked over to the bus terminal where people were swarming over the buses, trying to get out of the city before night came.

There was the unspoken fear that something like 1977’s blackout would happen. Crime and looting. Hours had passed by then, no more beers, no more cigars. I suggested hitchhiking by the Lincoln Tunnel but Risotto was against it saying that if he was driving he wouldn’t pick anyone up.

The women we were with eventually found some other alpha males to tag along with and ignoring Risotto I walked over towards the tunnel and put my thumb out. In less than a minute I was picked up. Risotto somehow jumped in the car before me and nabbed the front seat.

Our driver was a very nice young woman, a tennis pro off to a tournament in Maryland. She had 5 other people in her mid-size car. It was cramped and it took forever to get through the tunnel. She needed to head for the Turnpike so I guided her through the dark Hoboken streets, getting out on the far side of town.

Risotto lived in Jersey City so I figured he would get home on his own with no problem. I wanted to walk through Hoboken to see how things were on Washington Street and everyone was out. It was dark, around 9:00.

Hundreds of people milling in the dark in front of City Hall, cars creeping down the street. I made it to my block and found that throughout all the darkness, my block actually had power. Stine and Julio were in their apartment having some cold beers and I joined them for a while.

I called Bill who was going to stay with his parents and make sure they were ok. The next day, we still had power while the rest of the region didn’t. Julio, Stine and I made plans to head to Sandy Hook. It was actually encouraged not to go to work, it was a Friday after all.

Most people in Manhattan worked in high rises and there really was no way that the work force would climb X amount of stairs especially if the office machines weren’t working.

I called Bill a few times to see how he was doing. He took it as me rubbing it in his face, the fact that I was going to be down the shore while he was stuck in Stuyvesant Town. I wasn’t. I was genuinely concerned.

The tolls were free on the Turnpike and the Parkway, smooth sailing. A beautiful day at Sandy Hook, followed by a nice visit with Connie. The power was back on and we enjoyed dancing with Connie to Talking Heads last album, Naked and making her short of breath from laughing so much.

We came back to Hoboken that night, everything was the same as it was before the blackout. Newspapers came out the next day showing people asleep on the steps of the main post office across from Penn Station. People slept in Bryant Park, anywhere they could. No major crimes and no looting were reported as far as I know.

And some pics from that day. (today really…and last week)

above pics taken with cellphone camera

Meanwhile, back in the concrete jungle…

42nd and Eighth Avenue

and finally, from Towleroad:
As a response earlier this week to revelations that Manhunt Chairman and founder Jonathan Crutchley (above, right) had maxed out his individual personal contributions to vocal gay rights opponent Senator John McCain ($2300) which we reported on Wednesday, Crutchley has apparently been pressured by the board of the company to step down as Chairman.

cut n’paste for the full monty


Well I just got back from Xanadu and yes it was a lot of fun. So silly, great songs, so tongue in cheek and a classic send up of a crap movie, which was acknowledged in the play. Bill and I tried to watch the original movie from 1980 but couldn’t get past the first 10 minutes. Perhaps we can watch it later.

It’s a nice, funny musical for families as well as the large percentage of gay men in the audience. And a mention that most of the jokes would only be understood by gay men in their 40’s which of course is our demographic.

As well as the demographic of the contingent of bears seated right behind us on the stage. I got on stage tickets, in my usual fashion of not doing things the ordinary way, I do extra ordinary mostly. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. This afternoon it worked out perfectly.

I got to the theater after an average Sunday morning of bagels and newspapers. Last night was quiet. Juan was supposed to come over at 10:30 to hang, but didn’t call until 11:30 and by that time I was headed to sleep. I wanted to be rested and fully aware for the show, so it’s just as well that Juan didn’t come over.

I watched a travel documentary on The New Europe, with Michael Palin, meaning Michael Palin was on the dvd, not on the couch watching the documentary with me. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the dvd making it unwatchable. I watched the third episode of the season from Weeds but distracted by the internet.

I watched some of Grindhouse which was good but bad. Tarantino and Rodriquez went out of their way to make the movie look like it was showing on 42nd street in the 1970’s. Scratches on the print, bad editing, skipped frames.

I only watched part of Planet Terror and Rose McGowan was good but Freddy Rodriquez was excellent. Never saw him act like that before. I found it sexy. Woof. Really ferocious zombies.

But it was late and I needed to sleep and so I did. Texted Julio again and got no response. He claimed he hadn’t gotten any texts from me, and that Stine checked the door to see if there were bagels awaiting.

I told him I thought Stine was pissed with me because of the photos and told Julio that. He called me paranoid and I sort of agreed with him, but decided to go with the more fanciful term, ‘writer’s imagination’.

I hopped on a bus around 1:30, anticipating the traffic that I had in June when I went to a Sunday matinée of Sunday in the Park with George with the Field of Gar contingent. But it was smooth sailing. I got to the theater 20 minutes early but I didn’t mind.

I saw Tony Roberts show up. He went unnoticed by the crowd as he walked through the stage door. Bill then showed up early, looking handsome and crisp and his usual effervescent self which is a nearly perfect compliment to my snarky ennui.

I told Bill about Tony Roberts and Bill remembers him from The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, I mainly remember him from Woody Allen movies. I’m sure we’ve seen him in other things, but nothing comes to mind.

It was great watching the show on stage, though you can’t see what’s going on since the cast is playing to the house and we seated behind the action. And there’s a lot of action and dancing. Very flirty cast, Bill had his chest rubbed by someone’s hands and then had a paint roller applied to his scalp.

He of course, loved it. No playbills until after the show and cellphones off of course, but some people still have to be reminded. We were given glow sticks to wave at the end of the show for the big number and we were also encouraged to dance which didn’t take much encouragement.

We danced as if no one was looking, in front of a full house.

After that, a pleasant stroll through midtown to the Path, me smoking a Padron and dropping off the damaged Netflix dvd at the big ass Post Office. Though my ass isn’t that big, they took my mail anyhow.

Last night’s moon

The view from where we sat, after the show

Outside the theater, taken by a stranger.

Big computer screen outside bus terminal needs reseting.
The giant Ctrl/Alt/Delete keys are just out of frame.

And now, the Larch.

PS I Love You

Well later than usual that’s for sure, but here I am, just slightly inebriated. It’s been a fun day, low key on my end. Kudos to Stine, for pulling it all together in five days. Today was the birthday of my dear friend Julio Lopez.

A man I used to be in love with but now I just love him, which is probably better for all concerned. And I love Stine as much as I love Julio which is another good thing for all concerned, but whats best of all I love Alexander most of all. I’m sure they wouldn’t have it any other way.

All I could focus on today was getting to Julio’s surprise luncheon this afternoon on time. Which I did. No latecomer me. I was up at 6:00 this morning which was too early for a day off. No snooze button to hit, so I slept another hour or so. At 8:00 I roused myself and jumped into the shower and soon I found myself at Mr. L’s for a short back and sides haircut from Tony, my fave barber.

That took about a half hour and then I found myself in the queue to buy bagels for myself since the family two floor down were at the pediatrician. Nothing major, just a scheduled appointment for the lad. I was home soon enough having a pleasant Saturday morning breakfast. Then it was laundry for me, some undergarments I wore while sick were in desperate need of a washing among other items.

Next door, day laborers labored doing whatever it is that they do. I played DJ for them as well as myself, though I couldn’t tell you if they appreciated it or not. Regardless I busied myself knowing that I would have to be at Charitto’s by 1:00. I did good, getting there to meet Julio’s sister and brother in law, Maria and Paul and Stine’s friend from Denmark, Ditte.

Julio’s cousins showed up soon after, all very nice people, I’ve met them several times over the past couple of decades that I’ve known Julio, as well as Lisa who Julio has worked with for a number of years. A very nice lunch was ordered and the tab was picked up by Stine which was her present to Julio, as well as a present to all that had attended.

After a wonderful lunch and instead of heading to Pier A which was promising to be hot and humid while it was actually unbearable most of us wound up at Julio’s cousin’s house which is basically the building Julio grew up in. More beers, as well as cake and presents were enjoyed by all.

We even played the latest B-52’s release for a spell which was then overtaken by the Beatles White Album which was fitting somewhat since Julio’s cousin in law was a guy that I first met about 15 years ago when the cousin in law was known as Bungalow Bill. He’s from Salamanca, Spain and barely speaks a lick of English which makes for interesting attempts at conversation between the 2 of us as we stood outside sharing a cigarette.

Everyone soon made their separate ways home or wherever, me spending time with Julio and Stine while Alexander slept a few rooms away. He was tuckered out since he had 2 inoculations earlier in the day. That’s about all you’re getting for today.

Hope you had a good day, I sure did.

Pictures tomorrow.

No Words

Nothing to say today. Did some riding around Hoboken. It was a nice day. Ran into Julio, Stine and Alexander. Finally some pictures with Alexander and his eyes open. So here they are. Meeting Rand at McSwells for a few pints so maybe I’ll write later. In the meantime, here’s some pictures.

I actually wrote. See after the pictures

The view from 16th street in Hoboken

Laughing baby!

My Lotus

“we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds… ”

the soon to be 40 father with his 2 month old son

The remarkably non-plussed Alexander and me.

Ooojah boo boo!

making a point

Stine and Alexander

Un famile

Choochie time

Someone’s getting tired

Well I was supposed to meet Rand at 8:00 but I just called to let him know I would be a little late, he replied in kind so now we’re looking at 8:30-ish. Which should give me enough time to perhaps rub one out. Another entry, that is. Let’s see, last night watched TV, including a very good show on PBS about Arab satellite television, specifically a show for women.

Sort of like the View, but not. 3 women in modern dress, one woman in a head scarf. They get a lot of shit from the extremists, the 3 women for the way they dress, which is quite tasteful to my western eyes. They talked about the subjugation of women, of homosexuality and of masturbation, all taboo subjects.

Not just to the Imams and such, but also over here. It was like both the right wing christians here and the right wing muslims there both read from the same script. Of course it’s a bullshit script, but you can’t tell them that. It was engrossing and I watched the whole hour with heavily lidded eyes. Soon after that I fell into a deep sleep without any zombie dreams or Justin Long (tee hee).

Woke up at 5:00 with the sun already up, so I tossed and turned and tossed again finally awaking and getting out of bed around 8:00. Did my thing, bagels for the family on the third floor, some grocery shopping for myself including my dear Stevia. Hoboken Farm boy has been rather strange as of late, rather cold people behind the counter.

So I went to Basic Foods which had a sale, and they were nice behind the counter, so points for that. It makes a difference obviously. Did laundry and since it was a nice day out I decided to break out the bicycle. I inflated the tires and rode around Hoboken’s empty streets. Swung by the Hoboken Museum and looked through a photography book of Hoboken in the 1970’s.

What a run down place Hoboken was. I moved to the Mile Square City in 1984, when it started to crawl back to ‘respectability’. I thought the book would make a nice present for Julio for his upcoming 40th birthday next week, since he was born and raised here, he would remember how it was, places he used to play around.

I also bought 2 tickets to Xanadu for Bill’s birthday which is the day after Julio’s. I got 2 seats on stage, pretty cheap too. Below $50.00 which is cheap considering Broadway shows are over $100.00. It’s a matinée on July 6, so I told him to keep that afternoon open, but not telling him what for. I’m excited about seeing the show.

That’s the Theater Fag coming out of me I guess. I don’t think I really qualify since I only see a Broadway show once every 5 years or so. Sunday in the Park with George last weekend was the exception. I also heard from Donna Rinaldi, my girlfriend from 32 years ago and Andrea Voto again.

I’d love to see them again, find out how their lives are, but that remains to be discussed down the line I suppose. Still it was a thrill. Donna was surprised I remembered her, and Andrea was surprised I remembered that she once owned a Beatles lunch box. Time to go for a pint or two. Cheers!

Pata Pata

Well today was the day of the dolphin. No wait, the day of the gate sale. No porpoises involved. Last night was a quiet night. I even went out for a spell. Walked up to the Malibu Diner for a burger and coke, reading the dreadful Songs of John Lennon. It wasn’t what I was hoping for when I ordered it from the library, but it was something to read while I ate. After that I fired up a Padron and walked down Washington Street putting up fliers for the gate sale.

Stopped outside of McSwells, couldn’t go in since I was smoking a cigar. Saw Rand having dinner with his wife Lisa, and also saw Roda. Gave a flier to Rand to post in the wall where the cigarette machine used to be. Wandered further down the street, all the bars and restaurants were full.

Came home and watched Keith Olbermann mourning Tim Russert. I wasn’t that much of a fan of Russert, but condolences for his family. I’m sure he was a decent guy. Actually I’m not sure he was a decent guy, all the other broadcasters seemed to think so.

Watched a DVD, A Stephen Sondheim Celebration which should have been great but was merely so so. It was made in 1992 and doesn’t hold up these days. Can’t really put my finger on why that is.

Woke up early enough this morning, went out did some errands, came home ate breakfast went out to the bank. I had the foresight to get singles in case I had to make change. Saw Julio who was up since 5:00 due to Alexander being a baby. I wasn’t in too good a mood since I had a felling that the gate sale wasn’t going to go that well.

A little resentment towards no one in particular over the fact that I would be doing my part of the sale on my own, where Rand had Lisa, Lois had Fred and Jackie had Dave. I was solo. I made sure I had a big bottle just in case I had to piss, trucker style.

Eventually I came around once I started setting everything up, after moving items down four flights of stairs from the fifth floor. I was drenched in sweat once that was done. Hooked up the iPod and some speakers and waited for the sales to begin. I started out playing Rubber Soul, then Revolver, followed by Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour.

The first 90 minutes were the busiest. Sold a few items that I didn’t want or need anymore. Sold some records, some books by Beat writers and a few other items. Rand stopped by checking in to see if I was doing ok.

I was fine and he was on his way. An hour or so later Lisa arrived checking in. I ran up to pee, and then ran to the liquor store and bought a six pack. Lisa didn’t want one and soon she headed back. I sold a few empty cigar boxes which I usually throw away, actually I leave them by the trash and someone always scoops them up so I was happy to make some cash on that. I told the guy to come back in a few months and I should have some more boxes for him.

Rand came back after hearing I had some beer and we hung out and chatted, eventually needing to get some more beer. It was a good hang and I eventually made a profit of $40.00 US. Soon though the skies opened up and Rand made a beeline to his spot to help Lisa bring stuff in. I managed to salvage most of my things, a few books didn’t make the cut, winding up in the bin. I eventually needed to use the big bottle, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make it upstairs in time.

Trashy novels that I got when I worked at People magazine that weren’t going to be missed. Came upstairs, made some dinner and now I’m really tired, more than likely from the beer and moving things up four flights of stairs. Here are some snaps of the day.

Here’s Alexander!

Stine, Dita (whom Stine used to babysit for 20 years ago), Alexander and Julio

Some of my stuff

Beware of Tiger!


Lisa/Lady Gigglepuss

Rand/El Jefe


and here’s something sad yet worth watching.

This Is What We Find

Ok, a pretty good day. Teeth still in the head, some money still in the bank. Bill came home to my surprise last night. Unfortunately he called during the big revelation during Lawn hor d’oeuvre SVU so I have to admit I was distracted. He noticed my lack of enthusiasm, but when the killer is about to be revealed and to get a phone call… well, I hung in there and paused the show thanks to the gadgetry of modern cable TV. And was it worth the pause? No. This is the second week where it seemed they were stuck for an ending.

Last week they had Robin Williams jump in the river and never looked for his body. This week, the 98 lb. killer took her unrequited love who weighed lets say, 170 lbs and jumped off the edge of a building ending the show with Stephen Collins screaming “No!” as his son landed on a car several stories below. Next week is the season finale which looks to be extra lame. I went to bed after the news, Bill stayed up watching David Letterman.

I woke up earlier than I had been since clients were coming into the office for a breakfast meeting, meaning I get a free breakfast. I asked Lydia to come in early and offered her a free breakfast, but she ate already. The people that came in were nice, I had met them before. Slowly the office is coming to life. Moe Stooge sat in his soon to be rented office and grunted a few times as I walked by. I guess I am now ‘the enemy’. He’s a dick, and a tiny dick at that.

Spoke with dear Connie. She’s been sick for a while, she got the lupus. She was able to get herself together to make it to a party in Manhattan a few weeks ago and I admit that I was hurt that I didn’t get a chance to see her, but then again I wasn’t invited to the party. She told me she has been off her meds since they didn’t seem to be helping, but after a considerable amount of time, she’s going back on them. There are some days she can’t even get out of bed, and it seems out of most of her friends I am the only who doesn’t give her a hard time when she doesn’t answer the phone. I can be the forgiving type.

It’s hard to believe but I haven’t seen Connie in a few years, and this summer seems unlikely since Annemarie and company aren’t making it to NJ this year, and Julio and Stine now have Alexander to consider, effectively making me the number 2 baby, so no beach days I guess. Wah wah wah.

On one of my errands I saw someone I used to work with 25 years ago. Just a guy from the mail room, Lloyd I think his name was. He didn’t recognize me and for an instant I thought about introducing myself but changed my mind. I figured there would be too much catching up on who was dead, who’s alive what’s what so I kept on walking. Perhaps if I saw him again I’ll say hello. Perhaps.

Had a good ride home, reading Christopher Hitchens, ‘God is not Great’. I love it, I’m chuckling throughout. Hitchens can be a boor, but he is erudite and occasionally funny. And I appreciate his take on religion. As I was climbing the stairs, I heard an infant crying. It was Alexander Frederick Sorensen Lopez! With his mom, dad and Grandma who is going back to Denmark with Grandpa tomorrow. Alexander was hungry and just like his father, incorrigible.

No, Alexander is not incorrigible. He’s a sweet little angel with quite a head of hair coming out. I saw that a package came from Arcata arrived and I handed it to them. But Alexander was hungry and you don’t get between a Lopez and their food so I quickly took a few snaps and made a hasty exit to the fifth floor.

And here are those snaps.

Alexander Frederick Sorensen Lopez for President!

Full of Fire

Just got back from walking around Hoboken, which on a Sunday afternoon means walking to the main Post Office and dropping off some Netflix DVD’s to be returned. I was returning Cloverfield and Charlie Wilson’s War. I watched Cloverfield before heading to Martha’s party yesterday, and tried to watch the extras, but wasn’t able to watch most of them since they seemed to be unavailable. If you rent the DVD, got to Scene Selections, the setting for the last 4 chapters, then leave your remote alone for a minute or two. An additional 17th chapter will pop up offering other videos somehow related to the movie.

One was an advert for Slusho, a pseudo Japanese soft drink, and the others were a few short clips of some obnoxious girl breaking up via cam with her unseen boyfriend. Perhaps she’ll have something to do with the sequel. Cloverfield certainly played better on a TV screen rather than a movie screen too much going on for the eye to take in. I’ll remember that when the sequel comes out. I’ll wait for the DVD. Charlie Wilson’s War was ok. I like Tom Hanks, everybody likes Tom Hanks. Julia Roberts, not so much. My doppleganger Philip Seymour Hoffman was unrecognizable and also very good. It was entertaining though, but I’m not sure if I would recommend it. A day later, it haunts, particularly the Zen Master comment that Philip Seymour Hoffman states at the end. So yes, I would recommend it.

I would wait for cable. I just figured that a Mike Nichols film with Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman would have a little bit more to it, but it was merely average. As I walked to the Post Office I ran into Roger Johansen. He told me I missed the big party for Steve Saporito at the Blender theater for his entry into the Tribeca Film Festival, ‘SqueezeBox’. Roger said he invited me but he didn’t. It was at the McSwells flea market when I last saw Roger.

He did tell me about Saporito having a film in the festival, and I told Roger to give him my best wishes, pointing out there was no sarcasm involved. Roger thought that was sarcastic and therefore didn’t tell Saporito. I was sincere and that came off as being insincere. Go figure. I did play dumb though. Yesterday I ran over to Kathe’s place of work and she told me about the party and the film which she said was pretty good, also telling me to ignore the Village Voice’s bad review. The only thing in favor of the bad review is that hardly anyone reads or takes the Voice seriously anymore. I didn’t take it seriously 23 years ago when the Voice called me a racist.

Kathe gave me the low down telling me that a certain friend was trying to score some blow, and Connie was in town for it. That was nice to hear that Connie was up and about, but disappointing for me since I’ve been trying to get in touch with Connie to no avail. Just checking in and saying hello. She gets a pass though since she’s really not doing too well. It was good to talk to Roger though, he’s a good guy. He lives in the Gregory Commons, around the block from where I used to live in Weehawken. My former neighbors, Bitch and Moan Kleinke are now his neighbors and like the way I used to, he can hear them through the walls. And to hear Bitch and Moan talk is quite unsettling despite being filtered through insulation.

I also saw Alexander Frederick Sorensen Lopez. Yes, Julio and Stine have decided on the name for their baby boy. And he was sleeping like a little angel. From what I heard, or actually haven’t heard, Alexander is a quiet baby. He’s still an adorable little angel though.


Well I just got back from seeing the most handsome baby in the world. He arrived yesterday around 1:15 PM, weighing 7 pounds, 14 ounces. Julio and Stine haven’t decided on a name yet. I suggested John, which is a reliable name. Many men are named John, though it doesn’t seem that way these days. They mentioned Oliver, Alexander or maybe Julian. Stine was talking about Danish names so I threw in Nils, and Lars.

But Lars Lopez would sound too weird, plus Stine knew a few people named Lars so that may be out. Nils though might be good, plus I mentioned Bruce Springsteen’s guitarist had the same name. I guess I would have to get a trampoline if that was the case. They also mentioned Christian, but both Julio and I used to know an unsavory character named Christian so that might not make the list. I figure they have a few years to name the kid. I also suggested Buddy, since that is what I called the baby a few times. Like Buddy Holly, perhaps?

Julio also mentioned Jude, having heard it in a song somewhere. He is a beautiful boy whatever his name is. Julio also made a point to show off his son’s penis. He was really proud of that. A quiet baby, only a little over a day old. Stine will be in the hospital until Saturday. What happened was she was ready to give birth but the baby turned himself upside down causing his heart rate to drop so they did an emergency Caesarian.

I expect I’ll be spending a lot of time with the kid. That is how Stine introduced me, as the guy who lives on the 5th floor, who the kid will be sent when his parents have had enough of him. I suppose that means I have to baby proof my apartment as well. It would probably be easier to move. I look forward to spending time with the lad, showing how to separate stems and seeds, how to take care of cd’s, things like that.

I’m an Uncle of sorts. Stine’s parents were beaming, and why shouldn’t they be? He is a beautiful boy. I am so happy for Julio and Stine and the kid. Julio was looked like he was in a daze still and Stine certainly looked tuckered out. I didn’t want to over stay. I gave them both great big hugs and kissed the baby on his nose, with my finger. This kid will be brought up with so much love, with two great parents like Stine and Julio.

And he will probably able to speak three languages, English, Danish and Spanish. That’s a plus. It’s all so exciting and it helps me see the world through some fresh eyes. The kid’s birth has changed me already. I can feel it. Not so much disdain for mankind presently, then again I went from Stine’s hospital room to my apartment and had very little contact with most of humanity. But who cares? There’s a beautiful baby, born to one of my oldest, best friends and his lovely wife.

Here are some pics.
4.27.08- His name is Alexander Frederick Sorensen Lopez


Last night, very chill. Watched Comedy Central from 7:00 to 10:00 then it was time for The Olivia Show aka Lawn Hor d’oeuvre SUV. Bill was here again but couldn’t stay up to watch the ending of Lawn Hor d’oeuvre since he was up late watching the Late Show with David Letterman the night before. Oh the trials of being a working adult, subject to the whims of the workplace. Gone are the days when you could stay up late and get up and go to work refreshed after only an hour of sleep or so. I think that goes out the window once you hit 40.

Bill was back to his routine of getting up before me and heading off to work this morning. I enjoyed having a few minutes to myself though I do like Bill in the bed very much. I got out of bed and did my thing, and was on the bus in about 45 minutes with very little hustle. It was going to be close to 80 degrees today but still I wore a suit and tie. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be more of the same and I plan to dress accordingly. Work was very slow again, but Tom Chin was out so most everyone was happy about it.

Greg Stevens and I had a private chat. He gave me the lowdown about what was going on, though I have to admit that I thought we would be discussing the issue that Tom Chin had with me the other day. But Tom Chinless didn’t come up. He’s not well regarded anyway.

This afternoon I called up Julio to see what was going on. Stine was due to have the baby last week, but they decided that if nothing happened by today, they would take action. I was surprised I got Julio on the phone. He told me Stine had the baby, at around 1:15 this afternoon. It’s a boy. There was a complication during delivery, the baby turned himself around (so very Julio) and that cause his heart rate to drop somewhat, so they went in and took him out.

I don’t know whether or not if it was a Caesarian or natural delivery but I will find out when I get to the hospital in a little while. Julio described the whole thing as being very surreal. Well I was heading over to the hospital when I ran into Stine’s parents, just in from Copenhagen. They had been to the hospital and were just getting back to Julio and Stine’s apartment. It turns out Stine had to have a Caesarian so she was resting and they advised letting her get some rest. No problem with that. Whatever she needs she’ll get.

Instead I went to get some coffee for the office. I walked in to the sounds of the Velvet Underground and Nico, Waiting for the Man. Ever since I mended fences with Stephanie I haven’t seen her. I spend the time there talking to the 20 something hipster whom I like to think I regale with tales of my music expertise. I told him what I read earlier in the day, that Lou Reed had gotten married to Laurie Anderson. Oh Laurie, you could have done so much better. I’ve worked with both of them and I prefer her company to his.

I think John Cale said it best, ‘How can someone write such beautiful songs and be an asshole in real life?’ I’m sure I paraphrased. I guess I’ll go to see the proud parents tomorrow, let the new mom get her rest. Maybe I’ll hear from Julio, in any event, I’ll see him tomorrow, for sure. I am really thrilled for them and I am looking at the world in a slightly different way.

Pushing Too Hard

It’s Wednesday. A quiet day. Nice though. Upper 60’s they say. Still no baby popping out yet for Julio and Stine. She’s sensitive in every way and Julio is keeping his distance. I have been communicating with Julio more in the past few days than I have in the past year. Any day now and I’ll be an ersatz uncle. Last night was pretty mellow again. Watched Scrubs, Daily Show and Colbert Report. Colbert Report opened with Steven Colbert and John Legend duetting on the national anthem, quite nicely. Colbert Report is in Philadelphia this week.

Bill came home last night as well. Quite nice. He was hungry though and I had nothing to eat. No tuna, no bread which meant I had to go food shopping today. I offered to make him some pasta, which we had but he said no. I wound up watching My Left Foot. That still is a great movie, Daniel Day Lewis, of course, phenomenal. Brenda Fricker won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Christy Brown’s long suffering mother. I saw a lot of my mother in her performance. Long suffering Irish women usually strike a chord within me.

It also features Fiona Shaw, who if you recall I wrote about a few months ago when I saw her in the Samuel Beckett play, Happy Days. As much as I enjoyed My Left Foot, and I have seen it a few times, it seems ripe for satire. Christy Brown with his amazing left foot, could be a kung fu fighter, his mother having babies throughout the movie. In real life Mrs. Brown had 22 children, 13 survived. I posted that on IMDB last night, and this morning no one commented so I deleted it.

Bill stayed up long enough to see the intense scene where Fiona Shaw’s character inadvertently broke Christy Brown’s heart. Christy finds out that his doctor, Fiona Shaw is engaged to be married to Peter, the owner of the art gallery that has just shown Christy’s art. He has a melt down and the look on her face shows the emotional maelstrom that she has unleashed in Christy. That for me, is very good acting and made me fall in love with Harry Potter’s Aunt Petunia.

After that I went to bed after hearing about how great it is that the pope is in the United States. Big whoop if you ask me. Kick his ass out of the country. This afternoon I had another dental appointment at NYU. It went well. I got along with Dr. Goodman this time. Last time I think we annoyed each other. I was exhausted from the stress of having a dental appointment so I was in no mood for that. It went well, just part 2 of the cleaning that started last month. Next month is surgery.

Now thats when I should be stressed. I asked if they have any special programs for hardship cases, for a certain friend of mine. They just laughed and basically said, we were all hardship cases. I tried to rephrase it and said it was for someone who’s really really poor, but still no answer. Sorry, I tried Gollum. It was a nice afternoon and I walked back to the bus terminal from 24th street and 1st Avenue. Lot’s of people out in the sun, and it seemed like every other guy was smoking a cigar. Everyone but me, I was to busy drooling.

Here’s something unsettling.

it’s actually from a WSJ spoof called My Wall Street Journal which is greatly upsetting Rupert and the trolls at Fux Snooze Corp.

The Bitch is Back

Oh what a crappy day. Weather wise it’s not so good either. Mainly all the turmoil is internal. Can’t seem to get a haircut and I need one. Just don’t feel like waiting in the barbershop on the corner. I’ve walked by a few times today and there are guys waiting for haircuts, and someone is always in my barber Tony’s chair. So I walk on by. It’s a Dionne Warwick kind of day. The high point of the day was this morning seeing Julio and Stine for a few minutes. Nice little chat, Stine’s ready to have the baby, just a few more days. Wednesday is the due date. She’s uncomfortable with the baby kicking her internal organs. That’s gotta suck.

After that, a nice breakfast for me and time to think about what to do. Bill called and professed his love for me which was nice. But as nice as it is, I’m getting tired of the way our relationship is going. Almost flat lining. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks, though he has been here, in the apartment when I’m not. He left work once or twice to come here and take a nap, gone my the time I came home. And it’s not just that I hardly ever see him anymore. At least to me it does. How Bill feels about it, I couldn’t tell you.

I have had so much time to myself, that I can focus only on what is missing from my life. A lover is missing, that’s for sure. Human contact would be nice, someone to make love to and then cuddle with afterwards. It’s been years since that happened. I’ve thought about seeing a shrink, but I only want to talk about the matter at hand and they want a long commitment, which I am not willing to commit to. Once again I headed into the city to check out some art galleries. That seems to be the thing that I do lately. Bill asked me to call him if I went into the city so I did.

He told me that he was almost through with his voice class, then he was headed up to Washington Heights to see his friends and talk. They have a therapy like thing happening up there. Then he was off to the play he is stage managing at the Theater for the New City. He offered to meet me before tonight’s show, but as ‘appealing’ as that sounded it seemed highly unlikely. It would require me killing some more time just to see him for a few minutes and I just didn’t feel like doing that. It wouldn’t do me any good, since I’m not feeling that good about it. He wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind to listen to me talk about all the things I am writing here. He’s done it to me before, but I won’t do it to him. Unload a bunch of grief before having to do something else.

The Chelsea galleries were a disappointment. Same crappy art from a few weeks ago and I couldn’t find the gallery where the Fluxus show was which may have been the whole point of a Fluxus show. My attitude is presently, ‘fuck it’. I’ve cleaned house in some ways, deleted Facebook contacts that I don’t know, having never met them at all, friends of ‘friends’ and guys that think I was hot. No more, they are gone. More than likely they’ll never know and I won’t be getting any more stupid invites from them, to buy and sell people or some other crap nonsense like that. I changed the status of my relationship on Facebook and noticed that Bill has done the same. restored it actually.

I am happy to be back in the apartment, not dealing with anyone. The streets are rife with people pushing baby strollers, groups of people walking en masse on the street, not moving out of the way. Just tired of it all. Not suffering fools gladly or sadly.

After writing that I went out and finally got a hair cut. Tony did a good job. Mainly I go to Tony since he trims my goatee as well, trims it down nicely and cuts out a lot of gray hairs. Then I went to Empire Coffee to get my free pound of coffee. I used to get Goya or El Pico but I’ve been buying coffee for the office and with every ten pounds you get a free pound. It went well.

Unloaded my grief onto Annemarie via a phone call. She of course was as understanding as usual. Probably saw where this was headed before I did. Where am I in this relationship? Where is this relationship going? Is it a ‘proper’ relationship? What is a ‘proper’ relationship anyway? I do love him.

street level

waiting for a dance partner

Chelsea blossoms

a wooden bicycle

fellow travelers

Outside my window

The Weight

A beautiful day today. Quite nice. Feels like spring, looks like spring, must be spring. I just got back from my office. I had two bags of papers that I’ve been meaning to shred. Bill had a shredder here but it’s now at his mother’s apartment, where he’s been sleeping and shredding his father’s papers. It’s just as well that it’s there, because if you feed his shredder more than three sheets of paper it invariably jams up. In my office is a heavy duty shredder. I noticed it the other day, after the company that shared our office space had several bags of papers to be destroyed.

I helped arrange that, but didn’t think until after the fact, of bringing in my own papers and having them sent out for shredding. So I carried what I figured to be forty pound of papers onto the bus, and then the subway. That was a smart move. The train was basically empty and the streets were filled with tourists, doing the things that tourists do, which is mainly aggravate me as I walk down the street., with their stopping and congregating right were I am walking. The nerve! It took about two hours to shred what I brought in and hopefully it was everything that I didn’t need anymore. Papers from Jane Street as well, they simply had to go. Birthday cards, note cards, receipts, prescriptions and things like that.

Got news from Annemarie about Frank. He’s still in the hospital, complications regarding his MRI and his heart valve. He’s in a bad way, but I think he should be able to get through it. But of course he has to apply himself and perhaps ween himself off whatever prescriptions were found in his drawer at home. That’s a whole nother story and not mine to tell. Bill phoned, he’s once again worried about his mother. She’s been at the stove, turning on the oven and then forgetting about it. Not good. I suggested turning off the gas to the stove but Bill doesn’t think that is doable. I think that it is.

I know if Julio were available, he would be able to do it. He’s supposed to be a father in a few days so I don’t think he’d be available anyhow. The baby is due on April 15th and that is some good news to look forward to. Tonight I have plans to meet up with Rand at McSwells for a few pints. Been awhile and there’s some catching up to do. That should be fun.

Presently watching Now, Voyager which was one of my mother’s favorite movies. My curiosity was piqued by a reenactment of a scene in The History Boys. I had never seen Now, Voyager before and it’s quite the melodrama. Bette Davis mother is a bitch!And they keep saying that Bette Davis’ character is fat and hairy, when she really isn’t. Well earlier in the movie, she has caterpillars on her forehead passing for eyebrows, but she isn’t fat. There’s a scene in the movie where she tells her mother that she lost 25 pounds, and her eyebrows are thinner. So I guess that’s where the weight was.

At The Border, Guy

Wow, I am so tired. I walked around the city a bit today. Not in one direction, but rather zig zagging all over Chelsea, checking out various galleries. The day started out ok. Last night was ok. I watched The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson’s latest. I liked it more than The Life Aquatic, but not as much as Rushmore, and definitely not as much as The Royal Tenenbaums. Then I watched Bill Maher who was just so so. I enjoy watching him with someone else. If not I get easily distracted or annoyed with Bill Maher’s smarmyness. Went to bed after that, with visions of sugarplums dancing in my head.

Woke up and did my Saturday thing, which I also did yesterday. Called up the parents to be, Julio and Stine and asked if they wanted anything from the store. A bagel for Stine was all they needed. I splurged and bought the New York Post for Julio. Had a nice breakfast, did laundry and then sat around the apartment, trying to think of something to do. Thought about going to Burlington Coat Factory, just to see if they had anything new since they redid something and occasionally I can find City of London Ties for $9.99 whereas in the city they’re about $30.00 and up. I also thought about heading into the city to check out some galleries.

I decided to walk up to Washington Street and let fate decide. If there was a bus heading into the city I’d take it, otherwise I’d just walk up to Burlington. That was the plan but what actually happened was I waited for a bus for about a half hour. Just wanted to get out of Hoboken. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Hoboken, but for culture you more or less have to cross the Hudson River, which isn’t so bad. I walked down Ninth Avenue once I got out of the bus terminal. It was more crowded than usual due to the Auto Show at the Javits Center. It’s supposed to be Green themed, as in eco-friendly this year, but I don’t know anything about cars, making it a good thing that I don’t drive.

I made it to Chelsea, retracing my steps from the last time I was there which was January I think. I was underwhelmed by most everything I saw. Nothing reached out and grabbed me, and nothing really made me laugh which I think is the best art out there. Eventually I did find some good art at various galleries, but the majority of what I saw was really boring. Stumbled into an exhibition of Jasper John’s drawings which was fun and also some early Andy Warhol drawings, mainly drawings of men, and one or two of someone sucking a cock which was charming. The gallery area of Chelsea wasn’t too crowded, due to the Easter weekend. Never was a big holiday to me. I did make a joke about the holiday though, and here it is.

Easter is when Jesus comes out of his tomb and if he sees his shadow then it’s six more weeks of Lent.

I like it, it’s mine and it’s funny. I was tuckered out after all the art. A image I saw in a few galleries was of bathtubs. Is there a plumbers movement in the art world afoot? That would be interesting perhaps, or maybe not since it was a rather mediocre day for the galleries today. Walked back to the Path train where it was crowded. They weren’t letting people on or off the train due to the police closing in on some criminal activity at the 33rd Street station. After a few minutes they let people on and off and I stood pressed against the wall as it filled up at every station. Made it back to Hoboken after leaving a few hours earlier. Stopped off at Mision Burrito and now I’m tired and sated.

And here are quite a few pics of the art that I saw today (and liked). Enjoy.









This guy duplicated the house he grew up in





Jasper Johns







Nice space, lousy art

This guy’s work was cool



At it again

Another show


West 21st Street

A bath tub on the street

The Path train. Criminals unknown, unseen


It’s Tuesday and it’s alright. I’m full of love. Not being factitious. Just this afternoon I was listening to Arcade Fire, Neon Bible and it reminded me of the trouble I had been in that night at Radio City last May, and I was overwhelmed by love for my brother Frank. I really hope he gets better, I’ll wait for it. I think the chat I had with my brother Brian last week was founded upon basic worries. I had the same worries for my parents when they were getting up in age. Let’s face it, I’m a worrier. Bill will tell you that. He’ll also tell you it’s part of being a Virgo, which doesn’t mean that much to me, but it works for him so we’ll just let it lie.

And of course I have love for Bill, and the trials and tribulations that he is presently going through. The hospital is ready to discharge his father, but his father is too far gone to go home, so it’s off to the Veteran’s Administration home in St. Albans. Apparently no one told the hospital. And this is all affecting his work. He can’t leave the apartment until the housekeeper shows up to take care of Bill’s mom. And the housekeeper doesn’t show up until 9:30, a half hour after he should be at his desk. Luckily Bill’s boss is going through something similar with his 90 year old mother. Bill is picking up the slack, working later. Tonight he should be at work until 8:15, then it’s home to collect his mother from his cousin, Elsie, to start the same thing all over again tomorrow.


And I look at the picture I had from December at Bill’s company’s holiday party, the one where he is leaning against the wall, looking into the camera with a look that is childlike, yet masking emotional torment inside. At least that’s what I see, and I was the photographer on that one.

Last night I came home, had some dinner, watched Scrubs, A Daily Show and the Colbert Report, all very funny and all seen before. No surprises there. I then watched the last minutes of A Hard Day’s Night, no longer feeling sad when they fly away at the end. Mike Myers said that when he saw it as a kid he felt the same way. And I thought I was the only one.

Also did some reading on some ecological and political issues written by my nephew Earl. I was mighty impressed by his prose and even sent him a message on his MySpace page. He claimed genetics, since I write this blog everyday. That was a nice thing to say. If he keeps at it, he could be a very good writer, the kind that people will pay money to read, not just turning on a computer and reading something while the porn downloads. I also met up with Julio and Stine. She’s due in about 2 months, and she looks great. Not fat at all, just a basketball under her shirt. I had picked up a Keith Haring print for them at a really good price.


I was thinking about what to get them for a long time and each time I thought of something I thought, They’re going to have a baby and won’t have time to read the New Yorker, won’t have time to go to the movies, won’t have time for anything really. So a nice print, with two adult figures, holding a child figure under a heart would do. I thought they could probably hang it in the baby’s room when they get a room for the baby. I was able to get a suit that I had ordered online and had delivered to Julio’s place of work since I wasn’t going to be home to sign for it. A nice two button, gray pinstriped (of course) suit that I plan to wear to my cousin Neil’s wedding next month. We hung out in their third floor apartment, talking politics.

Julio expressed surprise that I wasn’t rooting for Obama. I was surprised and it got me thinking. I wasn’t planning on voting today but I thought about it and decided to throw my lot in with Barack Obama. I’m all about changing things up so that was the direction I headed in. I slept in a little later, hitting the snooze button three times before rousing myself to action. Then I was at the polling place, casting my vote and heading to work, winding up sitting outside the Lincoln Tunnel for 45 minutes while I read about Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, and a friend of Barack Obama. So there you have it, my endorsement for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. So there!