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Rock With You

A beautiful day but a bit too warm. After days of cold and damp 50 degree weather in a 24 hour period the temperature rises up to near 90. Crazy. But it wasn’t raining. I ran into old friend Jason Stasium once again. As I was leaving the supermarket there was Jason pushing his beautiful daughter in a stroller. He saw me first. We chatted for a while, about the cigar shop (when I last saw Jason I was working with Shlomo and company). I filled him in on the McSwell’s debacle and we had a few laughs about that.

He suggested contacting another old friend about checking to see if they knew anything. I was thinking more about Juan than myself. Juan is back to pounding the pavement. You’ll have to read his story in his blog located in the blog roll on the right. Then I came home to find a note on the door. The building handyman asked me to call him when I got home, so that is what I did. Apparently the Russian family in the apartment below me and Bill left and there is water damage in that bathroom.

The handyman came by and asked me to run all the water, sink, bath tub and toilet all at the same time. He ran downstairs and could not see anything happening while the water ran for about 5 minutes. The tub hasn’t overflowed and neither has the sink. . It’s an old building with old pipes and no one has a clue on what’s going on.

A nice breeze just wafted in through the window. Humidity sets in and it’s hummus everywhere in Hoboken. Bill is off in Philadelphia on an excursion once again involving a bus. He’s been driving a lot lately which prevents the problem of both of us being around all the time getting in each other’s way and on each other’s nerves. Bill is due back on Friday so that should be cool. I will hear all about his day via a phone call later on tonight I reckon.










What a day this has been. They said it would rain, showers actually, but they’ve been saying that at least once a day. Today they were correct. The day started out pleasant enough but by this afternoon, the skies opened up and streets were instantly flooded including my corner. You have to improvise and improvisation in the rain is never easy. Lucky the customers are loyal, unless you get their consumer goods wet, then its ‘whine whine whine‘. The only one who really whined was the sculptor but she’s always whining and oh so easily ignored like most sculptors are.

My friend from way back when, Andrew was in town. I knew him when he was Andy. Now he’s Andrew, married with two beautiful kids and a lovely wife in Southern California. We made plans earlier this month to meet up since he was going to be in town and today was the day to meet up. And then I got this gig slinging rock on the corner and I had to back out of a cup of coffee. Our mutual friend Rand would probably be in town and they could do their catching up without me. Rand and Andrew were once roommates, when they were both known as Randy and Andy. So long ago…

I did get some congratulations from Andrew on the slinging rock franchise I opened up and that was good to read. With this slinging rock formation I don’t know how long it will last but I plan to hang onto that corner as long as possible. The original plan was for six weeks but so many other factors have come into play and it looks like it might be longer. I might be one of those guys, naked in an air tight room putting things into baggies. If that’s the case I hope my coworkers are handsome.

I think Juan is on his way over so that should be fun. It’s been like a week since I last saw him, and I few days since I told him that he could not stop by, Bill wanted to be alone with just me. Bill is on his way home and I texted him to let him know our kid was probably going to be here. No word whether or not that matters, no response so I guess he doesn’t care. And that is fine with me & Juan I guess.

Now I am listening to Patsy Cline, her greatest hits. I love Patsy Cline, ever since I saw Beverly D’Angelo portray her in Coal Miner’s Daughter. Just some connection was made and later in life I found likeminded people who felt the same way for Patsy Cline. Juan just arrived and made a crack about me listening to Loretta Lynn. He’s a wise one that Juan. I of course, explained it was Patsy and he cut me off before I could say ‘Cline’ as he knew who it was that I was listening to, and it wasn’t him.

and this one has been floating around my etherized skull

Only Tomorrow

Quite a rainy Sunday and Saturday was not so bad but overall it’s been a sub par weekend. I’ve been busying myself doing this and that, here & there so that went well. A sort of big day tomorrow which brings with it some anxiety. I talked about it with Bill this morning, he was reasonable and I was of course ill prepared for it. We will talk more about it later. Going out tonight is out of the question, so if and when Juan asks I have a perfect excuse. Pedro made an appearance as well online, finishing off with ‘sheep’ to which I ended with ‘pigs’.

I wasn’t sure if he meant sheep as singular or plural and the word is not as clearly defined as pigs is. I have minimized any post notifications that he has and he only seems to communicate with me when posting the same ignorant republican talking points that I doubt he has the time to research. I sat at home waiting for Bill’s return. He was away for three days driving a high school class on a trip. I knew he would be tired and also have luggage so I went down to the street and waited for him to return. I enjoyed a cigar, just sitting on the steps and I heard his luggage being pulled as soon as he stepped onto our block.

Bill called me as he was on his way home, asking if Juan was around. I hadn’t heard from Juan all day and Bill was fine with that. Bill was tired and just wanted to chill out with me and only me. Of course who phones shortly after that, but Juan asking if he could come by. I explained that it was not a good night and he jokingly bitched about it but had no choice but to get over it. Bill and I watched some of Saturday Night Live before he was off to bed.

I slept really well last night and woke up to a rainy morning which really was not so bad. Plans that were made have fallen by the wayside, not going to Monroe Center, not going on the studio tour, not going to Pier A, not going to Chilltown. I am cool with it and will just have to adjust into tomorrow.

Now I am home. Bill naps. No word from Juan, but it’s early. Steady drizzle day, no other way to describe it (besides sculpture).






Your Silent Face

It was another beautiful day today and it truly felt like spring so that was nice.

Last night I worked at Maxwell’s. And as usual it had gotten fairly dead by 11:00 which meant it was better to go home than stand around and do nothing for that last hour. Bill had stopped by earlier for a burger and his waitress Chloe thought the world of him. So did the other waitress Jessica but Chloe was the main one. It was good to have him there if only for a little while and he was in good spirits.

I came home last night and there was Bill overturning so many things. He spent part of last night most of the morning looking for paperwork for his mother. That is when he wasn’t distracted by a documentary on Rowdy Roddy Piper or Star Trek Voyager. He finally found it and was going to do what he had to do tomorrow. I mentioned that it might be better to get it over with today rather than run around frantic before he drives a bus tomorrow.

He actually listened to me and left. It was good to have him out of the apartment because with the two of us here at the same time all the time, it does get troublesome or at least has the potential to be that way. I wandered around Hoboken, stopped by the Guitar Bar to see Jim Mastro who wasn’t in. I raved about Rare Books to the guy who was there and since he wasn’t what you would call engaging, I left and wound up by the really big supermarket.

Juan was interesting the other day. He texted me about how his last boyfriend might have been ‘the one’. All I could do was remind Juan of the things that he sent me, the shitty things this boyfriend did. And to read Juan’s side of it, the guy is a total douche bag drug addict. But love is not only blind, it’s incoherent and I saw that Juan had friended this thing once again on Facebook. Not my problem and all I will do is offer a shoulder once again when Juan needs something to cry on.

And Pedro is going full blown teabagger. He has gotten so bad that I removed one comment from a post I made (& I never do that) and changed the settings on his newsfeed coming in from All Posts to Only Important. Not the end of the world but I don’t need his constant barrage of negativity.

Other than that, there’s not much else to write about, for now.




Released 30 years ago today: New Order- Power, Corruption & Lies

Small Craft Warning

A beautiful day today, it feels like spring. A friend in Colorado mentioned that she had 6 inches of snow which is troublesome. Perhaps it will come this way in the form of rain, we could use the water.

Last night was alright. Bill came home to a hug waiting for him when he walked through the door. We talked a bit about how his cousin and her family probably had the first night of decent sleep in a while. Juan also came over last night. He was stressed over misplacing his keys. He went all the way home to find he did not have his keys.

Bill went to bed early, it had been a long day for him and he was drained physically and emotionally. Juan and I stayed up, Juan being a DJ and played a lot of Best Coast- which I liked. I was also castigated for having Phoenix in my iTunes but never playing it. Phoenix is one of Juan’s favorite bands right now. He also seemed to take offense by my saying that he and Efrain looked alike. Luckily for him he doesn’t get compared to Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Drew Carey.

Tonight I work at Maxwell’s. I have no idea how it will be and will do my darndest to stay until the kitchen closes but if no one is coming in and ordering food then staying there for the long haul is pointless. Juan wants to see Youth Lagoon at Maxwell’s and from what he played for me last night from them, it does sound interesting. I won’t be working that night, I’ll be attending a lecture by Brian Eno. I will probably be out there early enough to see the show, but not early enough to work. So I think I will be able to get Juan into the show anyhow.

I am still sending out resumes, I am still trying to get in the game. And of course I am still being ignored or rejected. My anniversary of being let go from the cigar shack is coming up. Last year on May 1, Zack/Calvin was on a public radio show and Bradley/Possum was ruling the roost. I had a job interview at a place right across the street from the flagship cigar shack on Madison Avenue and using a red herring I wrote how I was interviewing with a cigar manufacturer.

That’s probably where Mike Herklots/Marcus started reading this here blog and hipped Zack/Calvin to it. I later got nasty and wrote about the alcoholism of certain people and the readily available Xanax from that marsupial.

It is still a beautiful day, and it promises to be a nice night.






When You Dance I Can Really Love

Stand Next To Me

It’s been one of those days today. And by one of those days I mean a good day. At least for me. For Bill it’s not so good. Today was the day they moved his mother into a nursing home. The Alzheimer’s has gotten worse and control of her body has been steadily decreasing. Somehow his mother knew something was going on when Bill went to get her at his cousin’s apartment and his mother had what can be called a shit fit, literally. And it was up to Bill to clean it up so Bill had to strip to his skivvies to do the dirty work.

He got it done as far as I know and now she is ensconced in a home in Washington Heights/Inwood that caters to those whose main language is Spanish. The place is near where my dear friend Jet lived and died. I haven’t been to that area in a long time, perhaps not since I cleaned out Jet’s apartment. I’m sure it’s changed somewhat, more immigrants and more Yeshiva students. I expect that I will be going with Bill from time to time to visit his mother. And I am sure Bill’s cousin and her family are greatly relieved by the turn of events.

Last night Bill was driving a bus all over the place. I stayed home. No Juan, nothing else going on. Juan has a doppelganger, a bloke named Efrain. I met Efrain a few times over the past couple of years, the first time I saw him was when he was working at the local record shop and I almost went up to him thinking he was Juan to ask what he was doing there. I held my tongue.

I saw Efrain last summer trying to get a bunch of kids to sing along to the Stooges ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ and we did chat briefly while I sought electric refuge at the Guitar Bar Jr. in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Last night he posted a link to his music on the Facebook page he created for his music called ‘Rare Books’. I listened to the stream on the link and was greatly impressed. I sent him a message asking if the CD EP would be available at Guitar Bar Jr.

He replied that he would make it so. So gathering up my cushion change I was able to purchase his five song EP this afternoon. He was there with the great Karyn Kuhl who was finishing up her music for toddlers class. Karyn is also a great musician and I’ve known her for a long time, following her and the bands she’s been in since the late 1980’s. I told Efrain that I will spread the word via social media about his release and also found I was able to promote some of Karyn’s music as well. Everyone wins!

Efrain asked about my work at Maxwell’s in the past, not nowadays. I explained seeing bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins and thinking they sucked, which is probably why I would not do any good in an A&R position at a record label. That was probably not a good thing to say since it shows my track record at picking bands is not stellar at all.

Still I have been playing Rare Books all afternoon since I got it and also remembered a release Efrain made a few years ago, five songs that were in a red paper bag. He is quite a talented chap and perhaps in his best interest I should slag him off, thereby putting him on the path to success much like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.








Here is the link to Rare Books at bandcamp.com. You could (and should) stream/buy it.

And here is Efrain singing the closing song on the EP and I dedicate it to my dear Bill.

My Brain is Hanging Upside Down

Watching Mad Men on TV, the main event is the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I was in kindergarten and have no recollection at all of when it happened. I just looked it up and it was a Thursday, so I would have asleep by the time the news would have been broadcast. Like most days back then it is all a blur. Consciousness of the outside world, meaning the world that wasn’t Riverview Avenue or St. Francis de Sales school or the Romaine – Sinniger VFW Post, did not arrive really until maybe 1972. I did know of death, but it was more familial than anything else.

Before Mad Men I found myself to be more jazzy than anticipated. No plans were in the works, except for Juan suggesting a pint. I begged off pleading being at a cash disadvantage and Juan said he would pick up the tab. I was thinking Maxwell’s, Juan was thinking of The Pint, a gay bar in Jersey City. And not right over the border Jersey City but a few stops away on the Path train. Juan doesn’t know that gay bars are anathema to me and pleaded and texted to no avail.

He even played the guilt card and despite my atheism, I do have a catholic background riddled with guilt and it really has no effect on me at all. So when Juan texted that he was going to go home and stick his head in the oven, I asked if his mother’s oven was an electric oven. In the midst of all this Bill had come home after looking after his mother all day and was incredibly stressed from that as well as other things. Bill didn’t stay up that late and I wound up staying in and watching Mad Men.

The schedule at Maxwell’s is supposed to come out on Sunday nights. I called around midnight and there was no schedule sent in. I called again this afternoon and still no schedule. I can guess that since the next time a band is playing would be Thursday so I will probably be working then. I will call later on to find out what’s what.

The past couple of nights when working at Maxwell’s the jukebox has been untouched and someone’s iPod has been playing the songs. It certainly is a mind fuck to hear New Order sing True Faith, The Ramones with Bonzo Goes To Bitburg and Echo & the Bunnymen sing Lips Like Sugar (a crap song). It causes flashbacks to way back when, bar backing and cleaning glasses while singing along with Joey Ramone and talking with Eve, Carol and Steve Saporito as I worked alongside Martha Griffin and Declan.

Now Pedro is on my Facebook page trolling, calling friends ‘sheep’. He claims Obama voted “yes’ to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq. Pedro doesn’t know or refuses to acknowledge that Obama was a state senator in Illinois at the time and was vocal about his opposition to the Iraq invasion. But Pedro doesn’t let facts get in his way these days. I’m sure he is getting his info from Joe Farrah and his ilk. Which is too bad since I consider Pedro to be intelligent but with postings like that I begin to harbor doubts.

C’est la vie.











Man Singing Rock

I am so over this winter weather. It’s spring and you would think it would be warmer and it is, but it’s in the low 40’s and damp out. Not very pleasant at all. Grey skies all day. I had lunch with Juan, just some pizza on Washington Street. He got a job at a place that I interviewed with. It’s a card shop and I walked by last month to drop off a resume. To my surprise it turned into an interview with me in torn jeans and smelling like cigars. The interview lasted about an hour, 45 minutes with the owner and 15 minutes with his wife.

I thought it went well but apparently it didn’t. I even suggested Chaz apply there which he did, but since Chaz and I are in that age group that no one wants anymore, they went with Juan who is half my age. Turnabout is fair play since I did snatch the Maxwell’s job from under Juan. Well probably Juan and several other applicants. I used my history with the principal players as well as the club itself. Juan might have been annoyed but I told him that he was the one that employers want these days. He can speak 3 languages and is in that desirable age group.

I did attempt to get Juan a bussing position, as a way to get his foot in the door at Maxwell’s but he was snatched up by a tony restaurant down the street. So he has 2 jobs, the card shop during the day and the restaurant at night. It’s not 7 days a week and the schedule is a jumble but he works it out somehow.

Once again a lot of laughs were had with Juan. I do love having him around. Bill enjoys him too and they both gang up on me when they’re together. I take consolation in the fact that it takes 2 of them to attack little old me. It may happen again tonight, Bill is out and about and Juan might stop by on his way home after work. I wouldn’t mind if it did happen again. I can dish it out and I can take it. So can the two of them, up to a point I reckon.

I stopped by the Guitar Bar and had a nice chat with Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro. We talked about Bob Dylan coming to Hoboken in July which is very exciting. Unfortunately it will be a Friday night and I will likely have to work. I already made arrangements to have off this Friday to see Bill sing at CitiField and also the first week in May when I am attending a lecture by Brian Eno at Cooper Union.

I was definitely in Eno mode last night, watched a couple of documentaries on Brian Eno on YouTube and thought about having those 8 Eno albums re-autographed. I met Brian Eno at Skyline Studios when he was producing Laurie Anderson and asked if he wouldn’t mind signing his first four solo albums as well as his first four Ambient releases. Unfortunately he signed them with a thin sharpie which doesn’t really show his signature very well.

But after what happened in Boston during the marathon I suppose security will be tight and I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ carrying around a bunch of stuff which may or may not be signed. Still I am very excited at the prospect of hearing just what it is that Brian Eno will have to say. No matter what I am sure it will be interesting to say the least.

And my friend Jimmy Seltzer was briefly glimpsed on the Colbert Report.








I Touch Myself with Hands of Time

I think I was so caught up in winding down when I last posted that I neglected to mention my brother Brian and his wife Karen coming to Maxwell’s on Friday night. Friday was the better night anyhow and of course I focused on the ‘less than’ night. Brian and Karen were heading home after seeing ‘Not In It For My Health’ a movie about the late Levon Helm from the Band. Brian has been going to Woodstock once a month to see the shows at the Ramble and was upset when Levon passed away. Brian and I were lucky to see Levon perform on Elvis Costello’s Spectacle a few years ago.

They were dismayed at the price of parking in Manhattan, a nearby garage gouged their wallet but the universe seemed to even that out when they nabbed a spot right outside the door at Maxwell’s. It was a pleasant surprise to see them both and I was even more surprised at how much weight Brian had lost. Truly amazing and inspiring. He looks great and now wears a 36 waist in trousers. A new wardrobe is in order. It was great to see them both and I wish I would have been able to talk to them both but I was working and it was a bit busy.

They left a while later after and headed home and I continued sitting people at tables on the Lido Deck. And like I wrote, the next night was even busier. Yesterday was alright. I met up with Juan and ran around Hoboken trying to fax some documents on Bill’s behalf. Juan of course was so damn funny. He knows how to get under my skin and tickle my sense of humor. I hadn’t walk down the street in Hoboken laughing like I did in a long time, and that was thanks to Juan.

At a friends office I tried to use their fax machine to no avail but while we were there I sang a little bit of 10CC’s The Things We Do For Love, as I was doing this for Bill. Juan paid me no mind and I hoped I had the song on my Android but I didn’t. Juan played the latest Phoenix song on his iPhone which I thought was ‘meh’. I’m not much of a Phoenix fan. Last night when going to bed I turned the radio on and heard 10CC singing The Things We Do For Love.

I can’t say I was much of a Divinyls fan, but their singer Christina “Chrissy” Amphlett died after struggle with breast cancer and multiple sclerosis at age 53. And then after that came news that Richie Havens died this morning. I never saw Richie Havens and I remember getting a phone call from Julio while he was working at Maxwell’s telling me that Richie Havens was putting on an excellent show. I was too lazy in Weehawken to make it down to Hoboken.

I did work with his daughter Dahlia at Murdoch Magazines with Pedro and Harpy back in the 1980’s. She was a handful, and difficult to get along with sometimes. Some people doubted that she was Richie havens daughter but I believed her. Why else would someone say they were the daughter of Richie Havens if they weren’t?

Last night I dreamt that I had a Cadillac which I think was owned by the Crowley family, friends of my parents. It was parked in the parking lot of the VFW where my father was a member and I drove off in the Cadillac, past the Saddle Brook Diner where I slid while applying the brakes into the car in front of me. They didn’t stop so I guess it was alright. I was behind the other car in traffic on the bridge over the Saddle River which was surging underneath.

The Wait

A grey day. It started out that way, even before the sun came up. I didn’t sleep so well since Bill was in some pain due to his back problems. I did what I could to help him out, and of course, every moan I heard made me wake up to check how he was doing. He does have some meds, but the prescription calls for no more than 3 every 24 hours and at 3:30 last night, he was half way through the first go round. I told him about some tricks that I use, sleeping on my back, a pillow between the knees.

I think I got about 4 hours of sleep. I also worked at Maxwell’s last night, off at 11:00 since it had slowed down considerably. Back on Friday and Saturday nights, with Friday being a double header, 2 different sets with 2 different bands. So many rumors going on around Maxwell’s- Is it closing? Is it moving? No one knows anything. I certainly don’t know anything about it yet I still get asked. Various friends have their take on it and they proceed to tell me which does not help me out at all.

Today was busy once I got myself started. I heard from Juan as well. After feeling on the outs with him last week, today I found myself ironing his khakis and his shirt since he was running late and about to start a new job at a restaurant in Hoboken. It’s obviously not Maxwell’s since pressed clothes were required. He also went to Mr. L’s for a quick haircut since he felt he needed one. I know he wanted to make a good impression at the new gig and I was happy to help him out.

Now it is cold and rainy and I’ve got nothing to do. I just made some penne, pesto and chicken and that was good. Bill is running around Manhattan taking care of his mother and doing things to further his career. Good night for TV. I did watch the first episode of Hannibal, but decided not to watch it any more. Too gruesome and without the style and finesse from Silence of the Lambs. I’ll aim for comedies that are on tonight.

And I will hear all about how Juan’s evening went since his clothes are here and he’ll need to pick up his skinny jeans with his skinny genes.





$2.00 Off

Well today has been an improvement over yesterday. My niece and her husband returned to New Jersey safe and sound after the Boston Marathon. They were safe yesterday and I would like to think they are safer at home. The whole family is relieved and also saddened by what happened.

My niece posted a photograph of herself and two running friends, right past the finish line. It was hard to believe that within a few minutes after that the bombs went off. Their friends all made it safely home as far as I know, and that is by judging by what their Facebook pages said.

I slept fairly well last night and woke up in good spirits. Bill was up and doing his thing and soon after I showered and had my coffee a text from Juan came through, asking if he could stop by. Of course he could stop by. Bill didn’t mind and neither did I.

I did have some errands to run beforehand so Juan would have to accompany me on my rounds. It wasn’t so bad. One was a trip to the grocery store and the rest were on Washington Street.

I ran into Julio yesterday before all the shit went down and he asked me if I still had his pocket sized bicycle pump. We had a good talk. He’s a new guy, more mature. Good to see him one on one since when it with the wife and kid they all vie for my attention. I can take them all one at a time, but three on one can be overwhelming, sometimes joyfully so.

And Juan was pretty funny this afternoon. Where he gets his cutting remarks from, I don’t know. He did grumble when I asked him to hold a cigar when I ran into a store. I reassured him that it would only make him look ‘butch’.

We came back home, Bill getting ready to head out while Juan and I watched Archer which we had on the DVR. And then just like that, my two favorite guys headed out. Juan to go get some lunch and Bill off to Manhattan.

I was fine with it, not that I had any say in the matter. Julio was also in Manhattan so I didn’t see him today. Still I have the bicycle pump should he call or text me again. I’ll be around.






A Big ‘W’

Well today has been a day in the doldrums. Not much to be enthusiastic about. Not even sure where this is going if it goes anywhere. Just so much bad news out there. Pissed at Obama, pissed at my friends. Pissed at the situation I find myself in.

Still I have to get it together for work tonight. It shouldn’t be a problem, excepting the stage fright that occurs between now and then. I did go out today, walked around Hoboken. Sat and read more of the Barney Hoskyns book on the Band. I know where it’s going and I know how it ends. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead. I do have an Oliver Sacks book that is on loan from the bibliothèque.

I returned two DVD’s which should have been returned yesterday but didn’t. One was Moonrise Kingdom which I saw with Annemarie in the cinema, and at home with Bill a few weeks ago. Juan mentioned that he wanted to see it so I got it and then Juan did not come over. I hung onto it in the hope that he would and the way things stand now, who knows if he’s ever coming by.

I also got into a heated comment discussion with Pedro in which he picked up on my anger and suggested I call him. I declined by saying ‘later’. I won’t call him and deleted all my comments on his wall. I also deleted some things I sent to Juan’s wall. In the parlance of Pedro and Juan as well as the kids today, I am ‘the wrong nigga to fuck with’.

Things are looking up but then again from my vantage point, looking at the bottom of my shoes could be seen as looking up. I am so disappointed in Obama with the ruse of cutting Social Security and Medicaid. I know the line that since he is including closing tax loopholes for the rich the idiotic republicans won’t go for it, but the mere thought of putting Social Security and Medicaid on the table is troublesome. I can safely say that I do not think I will support anyone running for office again, at least not in the manner that I supported Obama. And forget about the Republican Party. They are just shit.

About Richard Klatt. Richie, as he was known in my neighborhood was the younger brother of Marge Williams, a wonderful woman who lived a few doors down from my family in Lodi. Richie was a bit femme and his obvious sexuality was unspoken. He wore wigs and smoked a pipe and loved the Supremes and was in the Navy before working for the post office.

He stopped by the house after my mother passed away and I remarked once he left ‘there goes my role model’ which got a laugh from Frank, Annemarie and Brian. I do hope Richie didn’t hear that and take offence. I know that it is life, people come and go. Doesn’t necessarily bring a smile to the face though.
I was going to post this last night but obviously did not. Went to work last night, the restaurant was quite slow. I was lucky enough to miss major rain storms. I just got to Maxwell’s when the sky opened up, therefore insuring that people would not be going out for dinner. There were no bands playing so it was all restaurant.

After 3 hours it seemed like it was not going to get any better. I headed home and within minutes of sitting down with Bill who just got in a few minutes before me the skies opened up again with lots of lightning, some close enough that we could hear the air sizzle with electricity. It was intense.

I heard from Juan again which was good. He’s got his problems which I know nothing about. I have a full plate so it’s just as well that I know nothing about them.

Now I am making dinner and plan on heating it up before I head back to work. And tonight I will stay no matter how slow it is. There are bands playing so that should account for people showing up. Let’s hope so. Time goes faster when you’re busy.



Sex Pistols- Satellite

A Secret Life

Juan and Pedro. The day ended with one and started with another. Mainly texting or online. Who knows where it goes. I admit a mistake I made with Juan, expressing displeasure with his on again off again boyfriend. I should have realized that doing so would only reinforce his feelings for this principal player and with Juan’s feelings of being unloved and alone while getting messages from this principal who treated him like shit and then does an about face and claims that he misses Juan. I told Juan that if he went back then he could count me out of our friendship.

You see, I got a phone call from Juan a month ago, frantic and in tears along with some very incriminating photos. Of course I was worried and did what I could to make him feel better, but there was something missing from his life and it was either the principal player or some absence of chemicals in his system. Perhaps it was both. I was disappointed and he picked up on that via text. So Juan may be out. Who knows if I will see him again? Who knows if he will stay in Leonardo with Principal Mike and Tina Crawfish or live in Hudson County and commute? I don’t. I can’t care, I have my own problems.

And then there is Pedro. Pedro I have known since Juan was just a sperm and an egg. I posted a petition online against something that President Obama was going to do and Pedro jumped on it, ‘surprised’ that I was against Obama’s plan. You would think that knowing me for decades he would figure out that I do speak up and out on issues that concern me and the people I care for as well as what I think is best for the country. But no, he seemed to have forgotten that aspect of my personality.

It seemed he was gloating albeit half assed gloating. While he was too busy sniffing Boehner’s scrotum he doesn’t seem to know that that scrotum and the party behind it has done nothing at all while Obama has been in the oval office. And if he does know, he seems fine with it. If it’s attacking or blocking Obama then he’s good with it. He fully supported Bush and his policies including invading sovereign nations. Like most pseudo tea baggers he can’t see much further than behind his nose.

I don’t know. To me it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to alienate the one who holds the secrets. And I do hold their secrets. Juan is ambivalent to the secrets and Pedro seems to be ignorant or forgetful of those secrets. I’m not giving them up though. Not without a reason.

Other than that it was an exceptional day, summer like temperatures around 80º . Pleasant enough to go out and finish an issue of the New Yorker and continuing to read the Barney Hoskyns book about the Band. So that’s what I did while smoking a cigar.
sinatra park panorama 4.9.2013





A Secret Life

And Richard Klatt is dead.

Crawling from the Wreckage

It’s another cold spring day. It was nice and spring like the other day, but the past few days it’s still feeling like winter. Bill is out and about today and I am killing time before going to work tonight. And of course that involves stage fright. I already had lunch so the feelings of despair from low blood sugar are not in effect right now. And I plan to head up to work with a banana and maybe a chocolate bar with raspberries. Banana for energy, chocolate raspberry bar as a treat or a reward.

Last night Juan came over and we watched things I had recorded, mainly Kristen Schall’s stand up show from Comedy Central, which to my eyes was reminiscent of an Andy Kaufman or Steve Martin routine from the last 1970’s, leaving the audience hanging and confused for a spell. I enjoy a challenge like that and from watching Andy Kaufman or Steve Martin back then, I think some of my sense of humor derives from that sort of thing. Maybe it was performance art, before such a label existed. Anyway- it was OK, not mind blowing and probably not worth seeing more than once.

Juan requested to watch Archer which I recorded and I was about to show it when Bill came home, full of energy and excitement after a production meeting with some directors. He was going on about the reading he just had and how things are going to have to be trimmed down to a more suitable running time than what they had last night. I am supportive and do my best to reel him in when he talks about some elaborate plans. Last night I told him that one of the ideas would be good for the video rather than the stage.

That took Bill aback somewhat and I explained like how Spaulding Grey had his videos come from his stage performances, he could do the same when and if a video or movie is made from his own one man show. Just thinking ahead in a positive manner. After a while we watched Archer and then it was time for Juan to go home before the Cliffside elevator shut down for the night. Yeah, I will explain that some other time.

Juan split, Bill went to bed and I took half an alprazolam so I could get a decent night’s sleep. And I did sleep well. Bill was already up and dressed by the time I wandered through the apartment.




43º of Sublimation

A rough night of sleep once again. After spending most of the day with Juan and having a really good time I hoped falling asleep would be easy. Bill slept quietly, no DROID noises but it didn’t matter.

I lay in bed for about an hour before getting out for a few minutes before trying again. When I got back to bed it was time to hear the recycling truck going slowly down the street. It sounded like a big truck when it was on the previous block but when it was in front of my building it sounded like it was being pushed.

Then when it was in front of my building it was really loud. I lay thinking of how I usually sleep through these loud noises but last night that was not happening. I couldn’t stop thinking of Maxwell’s for some reason. Just various people and things and events floated through my head. I suppose I eventually fell asleep thinking of that.

Bill was up and out as usual, giving me that farewell kiss and telling me that he loves me and that I look gorgeous as I lay there with one eye open wondering what was going on.




I watched this again today, tissues nearby.

Why did I pick this song? Call me to find out.
19 Welcome Back

The Bitch is Back

Well here it is a Tuesday and most of the day has been spent with Juan. Juan is still here, sitting three feet away. He has been using the apartment as a base for errands and interviews. I don’t mind and I love the company. I think it’s great that Juan is around and I think Bill feels the same. Takes the pressure off of him, the pressure of being the only point of contact for little old me. So having Juan around is a win win win situation. I am presupposing the win from Juan’s point of view I suppose.

And since Juan is here I’m not going to write much.

I had a fun phone chat with Jerry Vale yesterday. I instigated it when I joked about the dinner at the Grand Havana Room on Thursday night. I did that last year, I had to attend even though it was a day off. Jerry told me the tribulations regarding his place of employment and I remarked that it was probably a good thing I wasn’t working alongside him. It truly sounded like a farce. I joked about showing up at the dinner but really I couldn’t be arsed.

Juan and I are currently bickering. He wants to watch Bad Girls Club and I wanted to watch MSNBC. But Juan called it, we did watch a lot of the news regarding the supreme court and Prop 8. Tomorrow is DOMA day so it will continue till then. Perhaps low brow television is a good thing, something to clear the palate. Like a cheap bitch sorbet. See? Almost every other word out of their mouths is ‘bitch’ and already it’s rubbing off on me, bitch. And right now Juan is a little bitch threatening to kick me in the back of my head since I have been mocking him the way he mocks me.

He is me.
It is most unnerving.




my last visit to DC

my last visit to DC

The episode was called “The Convert”

Difficulty sleeping, usual demons come back for a visit. Just when I think I’m about to drift off, Bill’s phone goes off loudly with a DROID breaking the peace.

I wrote that at around 2:00 AM. Juan had left about 12:45 and at around 1:15 I went to bed. And lay there, trying to fall asleep. Around 2:00 was when the DROID made itself known. I let out with a ‘Jesus Christ!’ which made Bill wake up somewhat before going back to sleep. I got out of bed, turned an old Japanese movie on Turner Classics and checked the emails. My friends in California were up and posting their usual things.

I texted Juan who was having difficulty staying awake and when I read that text, I bid him a good night. Juan probably fell asleep after reading the text. Once again it was good to have Juan over. He came over just in time to watch the second half of my favorite show, Bob’s Burgers. He claims not to like it but he had some laughs in those 10 minutes.

I did have plans to watch the Phil Spector thing on HBO. It starred Al Pacino as Phil Spector and Helen Mirren as his lawyer. It was written and directed by David Mamet (who Juan knew as the father of Shoshanna on Girls). It was alright and that is all the praise I can give it. I wasn’t interested in it really. It definitely was not about Lana Clarkson, but a fictionalized representation of the trial and the preparation. I explained to Bill & Juan that Spector was a genius and also a monster.

He treated Ronnie Spector very badly and played with guns around John Lennon in the control room, firing one into the ceiling causing Lennon to yell that Spector was fucking with John’s ears. He also pulled a gun on the Ramones when Spector was producing End of the Century, which went nowhere. It was early enough that I changed the channel to where Rent was about to start. I had watched part of it earlier in the day and figured Juan would like it.

Bill stayed up to watch the opening number, Seasons of Love before he went to bed. Juan remarked that once again I was showing a downbeat movie. Then he brought up Team America (Matt Damon) which made the two of us laugh and sing ‘AIDS AIDS AIDS’. So we watched The Royal Tenenbaums which we both really liked and of course has some death in it which added to Juan’s list of downbeat movies that I had shown him.

I was finally able to get some sleep and slept soundly thanks to half an alprazolam. I woke up to a cold and rainy spring morning with weather reports coming in regarding a snowstorm that is expected to bring about 6 inches of snow. I am tired of this winter and hope spring actually gets here rather than it being a date on a calendar.

I don't drink this anymore

I don’t drink this anymore

Nor this...

Nor this…

And I have never drank nor seen milk dyed green for St. Patrick's Day. And now it's half price.

And I have never drank nor seen milk dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. And now it’s half price.


Over there, by the wall

Juan came by last night. Bill was on his desk top Mac and getting into his proper frame of mind for working on his script. That meant singing along to smooth jazz and some lite house music. I didn’t mind and neither did Juan. We watched The History Boys which Juan had never seen before. He enjoyed it but remarked that he would like to watch a comedy with a happy ending. He was right. The last two movies we watched don’t exactly end well. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World ended just like that title says.

And the History Boys while funny and witty and deep, has an unfortunate turn of events that Juan said before it happened, that he hopes what he thought was going to happen, doesn’t. Like I said he liked it and I made a point of getting something funny, guaranteed laughs so I picked up Zack & Miri Make a Porno, which I had seen before and found to be sweet and funny. Plus there is some nudity which should make a 25 year old young man happy.

And of course today I took the troll bait and wound up defending Yoko Ono in a few forums. Yesterday would have been John & Yoko’s 44th anniversary and to mark the occasion she posted an image which I am posting below. It is not a new photo, it was the cover of her 1981 album Season of Glass and I recall seeing it then and being upset but understanding the concept behind it. Yes it’s gruesome but not as gruesome as watching the man you love being torn apart by bullets in the night.
I am always astounded by the people that hate Yoko. I always liked her after seeing her sing Who Has Seen the Wind on the Mike Douglas Show way back when. Such vitriol and racism comes forth, people wishing that Lennon’s killer had murdered Yoko as well. And also there is the whole switching “L’s” for “R’s” and vice versa in an attempt to write the way Japanese people speak English. I shouldn’t be surprised since I did see a midnight showing of Let It be back in the day and people would hiss and boo whenever Yoko was on screen.

I have to learn to just ignore it and walk away. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, though I do hope that I would be able to open someone’s eyes. I mean I have done it before via this here blog so I suppose I hold out hope for the best.

And now I am writing this, not checking up on my emails. Jeopardy is on and I am kicking ass. Bill always says I should go on the show, but I am not so sure about that. Easy enough sitting in Hoboken, but to start the process? I know Harpy has done it in quite an altered state and my brother Frank also attempted to try out. Me with my self-doubt and total lack of confidence? Oh that would work out just fine. Perhaps I should try some trivia contests in town before I fall down that rabbit hole.

Madonnawannabe hitting the streets

Madonnawannabe hitting the streets




Someday Baby [Alternate Version] 1
Oh and I am still responding on the Rolling Stone Yoko Tweets JL’s bloody glasses thing…

Enter title here

So many ideas come at me when I am about to go to sleep. Unfortunately I don’t write them down, I just hope I will remember them in the morning. I sort of do remember the ideas from last night. One was about writing a play, simple enough. I even had an idea for a plot but that is what has fallen by the wayside. It was almost like a Pinter play but also more than likely stems from watching a biopic on Sean O’Casey yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day. So scenes from The Plough and the Stars wound up in my head.

Or at least the movie version scene of The Plough & the Stars as shown in the movie. I do remember something else which could be related to the play I was thinking about before drifting off, about a relationship between a very tall man and a very short woman. I wrote Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Shirley Temple. Of course Shirley Temple did grow to the full height of an adult, so I was merely using her height as a child to put as a reference. This is why I keep a notepad next to my bed on the nightstand. ♫ Between the click of the light and the start of the dream ♪

Perhaps they’ll come back to my head again tonight, or soon. Saturday into Sunday I slept exceptionally well, waking up happy and with a smile on my face which is not the norm around here for me. I had hoped for the same last night but apparently you can’t force these things and though I did sleep relatively well, I woke up tired and in need of more sleep than I achieved. Speaking to Bill later on, he suggested I just go back to sleep. That was a very good idea which I took under consideration.

But having had a few cups of coffee after showering earlier allowed just about five minutes of eyes being closed. I was also active already, having put a bunch of old clothes in a bag to be collected by a cystic fibrosis organization on the front steps of my building. I lay in bed reading some more of Barney Hoskyns Led Zeppelin book which is a great book. Now I am just killing tome before I go out later this afternoon.

Bill is managing a staged reading of Shakespeare’s The War of The Roses tonight and put me on the list. I make it a point to see all the plays Bill is involved in and this is the latest. We invited Juan to come along and he said he was interested but said it would be best if he met me at the theater since he will be running around, or perhaps still in Philadelphia. Once we heard that plan Bill and I realized that Juan will probably not show up at all, which is fine.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and around the Hoboken/New York City area it was St. Patrick’s weekend. I didn’t go out much on Saturday since it still resembles amateur night for drinkers. There was a plan to go to Maxwell’s and have a pint and some Shepherds’ Pie but looking in my wallet I realized that it would be smarter to get a few cans of Guinness and make dinner at home. And I did not make Shepherds’ Pie.




Camera shy Isis

Camera shy Isis




St. Patrick's Day snow

St. Patrick’s Day snow


3.17.2013 005

Over the Hills and Faraway

So She (Bonus Track)

It’s certainly good having Juan around. I haven’t laughed like I do when he visits. Last night he came over, later than I hoped but it worked out just fine. Bill was out late as well, working on a staged reading that I am going to see next week. They arrived within minutes of each other, a little before 11:00 and a little after, my two favorite guys.

Bill worked on his desktop for the first time in two years since his laptop crashed, with his play on it. The laptop is at TekServe being looked at. There is a hard copy so it’s not a total loss. It could also be a good thing, some editing could be done while reentering the play.

While Bill was doing all that, Juan and I watched ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of The World’, which I had seen before and liked a lot. Juan hadn’t seen it and he liked it a lot, enough that he got choked up. After the asteroid/meteor events a week or so ago it was timely to watch. I tried getting it from the bibliothèque then but someone had the same idea. Plus Juan wasn’t around at the time.

I wouldn’t call it a romantic comedy though it was marketed as such. It’s a heavy movie with some laughs. And the title is a bit unwieldy.

It’s a bright and sunny day in Hoboken and it’s also quite cold. Temperatures have dropped and there’s a wind that cuts like a knife, so going out and about has been limited. I’m not sure if Juan is coming over again. I have Blue Velvet and Altered States to watch and he hasn’t seen either of those flicks.

I think we made a plan for tomorrow, but he’s always welcome and I think Bill enjoys having him around since Juan makes me laugh.




09 Blessed State

Time is really relative.

It’s been a weird couple of days. My Timex stopped working and I figured I would do without a wrist watch. Of course it was not a good idea but I tried to persevere and overcome the feeling of nudity without the wrist watch. It didn’t take and I wound up wearing the broken watch for some semblance of normalcy in my life. Still there are clocks everywhere, the cable box, the TV screen, the smartphone and various clocks in the apartment, on the wall and one on Bill’s side of the bed and one on my side.

And not wearing a watch to bed was uncomfortable since I usually have my wrist an inch away from my eye in the morning so I know what time it is without having to get out of a comfortable position to see the digital readout on the alarm clock. I mentioned to Bill my plan of not wearing a watch and he thought it was not a good idea. In November we had no electricity so most of those clocks were useless. And of course maintaining a charged up phone was inconvenient at best.

And I really did want a new watch. A new Timex, this time without the date on the face since it was a pain in the tuchis almost every month. I was going to go to the mall yesterday and asked Rand if he wanted to go and he politely declined. Then the Credo bullshit occurred and I was in no mood to go, so once again I stayed within the Hoboken borders.

Juan was in town and was planning on coming over last night. I had been in communication with him the past few days and his situation was dire. Bill and I offered our futon to crash on if he needed to, but he was staying with his family nearby. Juan came over and Bill went to bed. And Juan did have a harrowing story to tell, harrowing enough that I yelled at him. It didn’t help but it was my first reaction and I resolved to just shut up and listen.

Words were flying fast and furious from his mouth and I for one am glad he is out of that most unprincipled situation. Juan’s sister came by to drive him home a couple of hours later and a plan to hang out today was set. I slept fairly well or so I thought. Bill told me I was talking in my sleep, coherently but he didn’t remember what it was that I said, and that I also was punching the bed, two things I have no recollection of.

I woke up after Bill had left me with a good bye kiss, telling me it was 6:00. I looked at my wrist some time later and then looked at the clock. I roused myself and started my day. I had the talk with Bill about watches at this point, and following Bill’s advice, headed to the mall.

A major storm is approaching and the river was very choppy. The winds were strong enough to push this guy on the wrong side of 200 pounds around on the sidewalk and pier. I made it to the mall and found what I was looking for, on sale in Kohl’s. I went there since my friend Lois works in Kohl’s out in the wilds of NJ. It’s a nice Timex. Not flashy, quite understated with military hours as well, so when someone says 20-oh hundred hours, I’ll know they mean 8PM.

When I was in Kohl’s Bill called. His friend Tom is getting divorced and needs a place to crash. Since Juan turned down our offer, the futon is Tom’s if he needs it. Thing is, Tom might need to crash for a few weeks, so that should be interesting. Already there has been a slight head bump between Bill and I on this matter and I am sure we will talk further about it when he gets home.

That’s it. More words, this time I had something to say, relatively speaking. And I am getting my Credo bills mailed to me rather than using their online service since apparently their online service is fucked up. I will pay by check.






I Never Knew Love Like This Before

Another new page, or perhaps a new chapter. Who knows? Maybe it’s still being written. Time was spent once again volunteering at the bibliothèque. It went well, the staff wish I could get hired full time, I wish I could get hired full time, but not right now I guess. It’s a good gig, I like them, they like me. Only time will tell. They’re good people, some true Hoboken characters. I spent the time today putting away books and CD’s and DV’s, and also helping out people looking for items which I was able to do since I had just put most of those items away.

As I was putting away some of the audio visual items, I started talking to a young man named Esteban. He had taken out Television- Marquee Moon last week and I checked it out for him last week, Today I asked him what he thought and he was it was too much of a guitar record, which he wasn’t looking for but liked it. I guess he didn’t have a Stan Bogdansky in his life enthusing about Tom Verlaine and company like I did back in the day. I still remember Stan singing Prove It as I waited so we could go to a show.

Esteban did ask me for some suggestions and I asked if he was into something rock and roll, or something more on the chill out side of things. He was interested in the chill out side so I suggested Brian Eno, Another Green World. Half instrumental, half with vocals. He recognized Eno as being the producer of U2 and I told him there was so much more. We talked about Talking Heads and he recognized Remain in Light, having taken it out previously. He knew Once In A Lifetime from a movie.

He almost took out Remain in Light again but found Speaking in Tongues which is good but definitely pales in comparison to Remain in Light. I described it as more of a ‘pop’ record and he sort of looked disdainful. I explained there was nothing wrong with pop music, that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were considered pop when they started, and perhaps they still are pop 50 years later. He also expressed a fondness for Blonde on Blonde having taken it out a while ago, I Want You being his favorite song.

I made a remark about Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands being 17 minutes long, and he corrected me telling me it was actually 12 minutes. He asked how I knew so much about music and I explained I have friends (Harpy & Juan) and family (Frank & Annemarie) that turn me onto music all the time, plus I suggested getting Mojo and Uncut magazines. He never heard of those and was very excited when I told him that each month the latest issues of those magazines come with free CD samplers. Sometimes new stuff sometimes old stuff on the samplers but almost all of it is very good.

I guess I will have to volunteer next Wednesday at the bibliothèque so I can find out what Esteban thought of my suggestions. He seemed like a nice enough chap. There was another patron who is trying to get every record from Rolling Stone’s issue of the best 500 albums. That seemed a bit much, but then again it Rolling Stone which is better read nowadays for Matt Taibbi’s reporting rather than music coverage. Some of the bibliothèque staff saw a flier for the Hoboken Fair Rent Association benefit on October 25 at Maxwells and wanted to know if that was me listed on the flier. It is.

So right now I am walking a tight rope. The future is uncertain as well as unwritten and out of my hands.

07 Prove It

I Got ID

I am writing this knowing that it will not be posted tonight. Today was the Internet protest against SOPA and PIPA, all the major websites like Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and a few more went dark as a way to show how the Internet would be lacking should these laws come to pass. For me it was back to work today.

After quite a splendid day yesterday, today was bound to be a come down. I rallied though, got myself together and was out on the street, in the cold. My usual bus driver, my second favorite bus driver wasn’t driving on my schedule today, or any time soon. He mentioned it to me last week and I have to say I am sorry to see him go.

He’s driving a different shift and may be back in April. I rode in silence, downstairs Deborah wasn’t on board this morning. From the bus terminal I once again walked up the avenue to the cigar shack, stopping off to get my iced coffee and a quick phone call with Bill. I got to the cigar shack where Zack was considerably under the weather and Thomas was getting screwed again.

He’s scheduled to work six days in a row in the upcoming weeks and he’s not looking forward to it. He’s 25 years old so if any one can handle it, it would be him. Zack was looking tattered and spent most of the day in the office. He’s supposed to be heading down to the Caribbean in a few days and I advised him to head home early. Who wants to be sick in the Caribbean? I’ve never been, but I figure that it would not be any fun.

So now things are winding down in the cigar shack, Thomas and I just had a good chat with a very rich man from the midwest. Nice guy. I offered to be adopted by him but he wasn’t having it. I could easily call him Dad if need be. He restores cars for a hobby and lost a few fingers on his left hand doing so.

NOW it’s the next day, back online, back to the beat, back to the blog. It’s been an interesting day. As I waited for my bus, the new driver flew right by with two cops cars flying fast behind her, lights and sirens a blazing. Whether the two were connected I don’t know but I hope so since the bus driver did not stop for any stops it seemed.

I got to the cigar shack a few minutes late and walked past Zack and Bradley and Thomas having a semi-heated discussion. Thomas was cool, but Zack and Bradley were heated and loud. After about a half hour it all seemed calm and I was glad I wasn’t involved.

Jimmy Seltzer made an early appearance. I mentioned I had a dream about him with a porn stache and he mentioned we talked about that a week or so ago. I didn’t remember but in hindsight he’s probably right for where else would I get the idea of Jimmy Seltzer with a porn stache?

Oh yeah, almost forgot that Juan stopped by last night. It was hard to believe I hadn’t seen him since maybe September or October of last year. And of course it was great to see him, wonderful to have him over. He was funny and cutting as ever and I really should put more effort into meeting up with him, not being so tired, such an old fogey. He is really such a good guy and both Bill and I really enjoy having him around.

Van Halen with Kool & the Gang opening?

2-04 Walking On The Surface Of The Moon

I Get Money

Another day to get through before I can have another day off. And that would be tomorrow, the day off. Today is the day to get through. It’s been an up and down kind of day. Not as cold as yesterday, in fact it being 40 degrees, made it feel like today was a spring day. And the temperatures are suppose to go up to 50 on Saturday which is all very nice.

Right now there are about 12 men in the man cave, smoking and drinking and eating. I am playing a disco soundtrack playlist, right now it is Chic with Good Times, a song that always gets me on the dance floor. But I’m not dancing. I am standing in the front of the cigar shack to let people know that we are open for business.

It’s been an up and down day like I said. I did the most sales today but they weren’t big ticket numbers so I am in second place, behind Bradley who had about half of my sales but his were the big ticket numbers. I came home last night to Bill’s loving arms. He spent a good part of the day cleaning and shredding papers with his pal Fred. I asked what Fred thought of the state of our apartment and Bill said Fred mentioned that it was in better shape than his own apartment.

And with my last sale I am still in second place but over a thousand so that’s a good thing, I think. About 40 minutes to go. Zack mentioned that I should take some food home to Bill but really the picking are slim after being picked over by cigar stained fingers. Bradley is ensconced in the corner, almost like he was holding court.

Tomorrow I think I have a busy day and of course that would be all up to me. Lot’s of things to do, places to go and people to see. Will I get it all done and still have time for myself and Bill? That remains to be seen. I am more than likely staying out of Bill’s way as he continues his cleaning binge.

The whole concept is to get it clean and keep it clean. Bill would like to hire someone to come in once a month to clean and though it is a nice idea it seems a bit much. Then again, it’s his money so if that is what he wants to do with it then by all means. 31 minutes to go.

I wonder if Juan is upset with me and Bill. I thought we would see him over the holidays but there was no word. I hope it wasn’t because Bill and I were too tired to entertain him on Thanksgiving night and he felt dissed. I mentioned it to Bill and Bill says we did not diss Juan, we were merely exhausted. If Juan reads this perhaps he will clear up the matter but then again since he has a man he is probably way too busy to read about such matters. I know I wouldn’t be arsed to read what a 49 year old guy would write, especially if I was 25.

9:00 finally rolled around. Jerry Vale locked the door, I counted my cash drawer, got the money ready for the bank tomorrow and put things away while cleaning up a bit. There were quite a few guys left the man cave all drinking and laughing and smoking. Neither Zack nor his number two said anything about staying later, so I didn’t.

I simply got my shit together and headed out the door. No food, no drink, no free cigars for me. I guess Zack might be pissed at me for leaving, but like I said, no one asked me and no one told me, to stay. I wanted to be home with Bill, not in a room that I spend a good part of the day cleaning up, not wanting to arrive at a party where everyone else was three sheets to the wind.

I am off tomorrow and also wanted to get started on that.

Devo – Working In A Coal Mine

I Don’t Want This Night To End

Just got home after a pretty good day. It all started last night I guess with Juan coming over for a few beers for his birthday. It was good to see him and my anxiety over him coming over was all for naught. There was simply no need for that, he’s a dear friend to me, and Bill likes him a whole lot as well.

He came over at 9:30 just as he planned. And I am happy to report that Juan has a boyfriend, someone I can’t wait to meet. It was good to see Juan happy and I have to say I haven’t laughed so much in what seems to be a long time.

At midnight though I realized I was drunk and I am really no drinker these days. I had a ten hour shift ahead of me today and sadly I had to send Juan on his way. Tonight he is back in South Jersey or maybe in Philadelphia with his boyfriend.

I woke up with a slight hang over after not having any difficulty falling asleep. A headache made its presence known and it was dispatched with a couple of Advil. Cereal and coffee after the shower and soon I was headed out the door to the bus stop yet again.

Across the street from the bus stop sat Rand having a meeting of sorts in Stacks. He took my picture and I couldn’t figure out how until after a few minutes, and then when I spotted him, shook my fist at him in a faux rage. Deborah, downstairs neighbor once again got on at the next stop and we chatted. I was definitely in good spirits, much better than Wednesday and we shared a few laughs as we sped through the tunnel.

We parted ways and I waited on the platform for the train, staying far away from some crank who was shouting about who knows what. It was Frank Burns and Jerry vale today at the cigar shack and it was good to work with Jerry Vale. Frank Burns was as effeminate as he usually is. I never noticed how swish he can be.

It is weird to work with a Xanax snorting son of morticians. I keep trying to engage him in conversation and asked him what he and his cousin did after they left the cigar shack during the World Series and he confessed that they had sex. I didn’t bat an eye, I suppose it was his attempt at wit. But as ever it was more of the wit of a nit.

A few customers have come up to me in the past as well as today and told me about how much they can’t stand Frank Burns. In fact when I called him Frank Burns it got a few belly laughs. But that’s neither here nor there.

He left at 7:30 as his schedule allowed and then came back almost an hour later ostensibly to spy on me and Jerry Vale reporting to the guy who manages the cigar shack who is somewhere out on Long Island for the past couple of days attending a management seminar.

Frank Burns didn’t stay long and more than likely headed off to the nearest buddy booth. Jerry Vale and I had a few laughs as we set about closing the store. Thomas is due in tomorrow to work alongside me and Frank Burns so that should make it interesting, Frank Burns working with two co-workers that he really can’t boss around.

I certainly look forward to seeing Thomas tomorrow as we have a few important items to discuss.

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