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I Need A Dollar

Another wishy washy day. And it’s a Wednesday and even for me it feels like a Tuesday. The holiday on Monday once again throws everything out of whack. I’ve been out and about, sometimes in the rain today. Not going far, just within Hoboken city limits and not even near the borders. A trip to the really big supermarket not just because it’s cheaper but because the workers at the other supermarket are just a bit on the snotty side of things. I wander around the really big supermarket with a basket singing along to the songs that are played on the store’s PA.

Another bibliothèque visit was in order. They did correct the problem with regards to the DVD return, it was finally taken off my card. As I suspected, the dear old lady who I talked to about it yesterday did not do anything about it. I brought it up again and by the time I got home it was taken care of. And I took out a new DVD, Infamous, the ‘other’ Truman Capote movie, this one starring Toby Jones and Sandra Bullock with Daniel Craig as the Beaver. I’d seen it before and figured why not again?

I also have The Decendants and The Apartment. I watched The Apartment a week or so ago on Turner Classic Movies and I didn’t think Bill had seen it before. It’s a great movie and I am sure he would love it. That’s two things I like to do with Bill, turn him onto new music as well as classic movies. And so far I am doing good. Last night we watched the Democratic National Convention on C-Span. It made so much sense to watch it on C-Span. No advertising. I tried watching the Repugnant Convention last week on PBS and even they had adverts. Adverts for themselves, but still…

Finally there is a blue sky after it being rainy and cloudy all day. Of course since the weather was most uncooperative there was no busking today. Despite that I practiced a bit and I think it went well. No complaints, no blood, just callouses. Oh and Harpy was right, both the new Bob Dylan and the new Cat Power records are very good. I would also add the new Tom Tom Club EP to the list. I heard it first via Chris Frantz posting via East Village Radio the streaming of Downtown Rockers. It’s light, it’s fun and it’s the Tom Tom Club.

I saw online that the National Guard is looking for a Human Resources Specialist and thought about applying for it, but upon further reading of “Job training requires nine weeks of Basic Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven to nine weeks of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction, where you will learn basic typing skills, how to prepare Army correspondence and forms, how to manage personnel records, and computer update and retrieval procedures.” I thought better of it.

I don’t need to learn basic typing skills, at least I don’t think I do. After all, I have posted 2,357 entries so far and I think I have the hang of it. It did seem promising (the job posting that is. This here blog seems promising every so often, but more often than not it seems somewhat needy). While it does occur to me on occasion that it is truly ‘De Profundis’ in the most banal way, I still find it worthwhile to continue on whatever path it may lead.

Bill and I had a talk about it over the weekend, with me bringing up Jimmy Seltzer’s name and the scheme to collaborate on something. But that was earlier this year and since I have not seen dear Jimmy since May, I can only guess that that collaboration has been shelved indefinitely. C’est la vie!

07 – Red Leaves

I Begged Her

It’s been quite a tumultuous day. The lie that I sent out, the fabrication on my resume finally came back to me and I had to admit it. The former president of the last job sent in a glowing letter of recommendation but stated the discrepancy in the start date.

That is what came back to me. I can’t fault the former president for not lying on my behalf, he had too much at stake and I understand that 100%. The woman at the company I interviewed with got in touch with the recruiter who had gotten back to me.

I couldn’t lie. I did ask Bill what to do and he told me what I already knew. Tell the truth. I called up the recruiter and explained that I was tired of answering questions about the 9 months I worked at McMann and Tate and decided to omit it from the resume.

It wasn’t a malicious lie but I misrepresented myself and who would hire anyone who misrepresents themselves? The recruiter did offer some hope, thinking that now that I came clean maybe that would be alright, but the company more than likely had enough of my chicanery.

A little while later, the recruiter called and left a voice mail. The job offer was rescinded. I didn’t feel any relief now that the lie was dead. I felt bad for the recruiters who no doubt were looking forward to the commission they would have gotten for placing me at the new job.

I felt really bad when I thought of Bill and the photo he sent, him beaming and so happy that I landed this gig. I felt like a heel though, like I let a lot of people down. People that believe in me, who offered words of support and congratulations on Facebook.

But ultimately I let myself down. I am now resolved not to lie anymore on the resume. Next month, in the new year, a more honest resume will go out including the time spent at McMann and Tate.

Who cares if I have to answer questions about why I left a branding consultancy in Soho? An explanation is a small price to pay.

Bill once again comes through with flying colors, so supportive and understanding and once again stating that he has my back. He also has my heart but that goes unsaid.

Perhaps there will be a better job, some Monday through Friday job that will get me out of the retail grind of the cigar shop. And at least, I still have that. Just have to get through the month and into the new year. It can be done, I’ve done it before.

With all this going on, I do feel lucky. Lucky enough to have a good man by my side, family and friends that care and are always willing to help me up when I stumble.

I wanted to be out of the cigar shop by the holiday season, but here I am at the cigar shop in the holiday season. You know what? It’s not the end of the world. I will survive. What’s done is done. The past has passed. I’ve got to keep on keepin’ on.

Thank you.

I And I

Once again it’s been an up and down, over and out kinda day. Despite Hyman Gross and Hyman Gross 30 years younger, aka Harpy insisting that I remain positive I am thisclose to cutting my losses.

The recruiter’s assistant sent an email from the company that was interested in me, asking for a W2 and a check stub, for what I thought was proof that the company I used to work for existed.

From the big company- “Also, I will need John to provide me with either W2’s or pay stubs for Bio-IB LLC for the years (04/2006 – 07/2009) he worked there.” I found a W2 form from 2009 and a pay stub from 2008.

I gave the forms to Bill so he could scan them and send them off for me, as well as the Fair Credit Reporting Act Form. He scanned all the papers but it wasn’t enough. I can’t find the other W2 forms, probably shredded.

With Bill’s help, I found the phone number of the former bookkeeper from the last job and spoke to her on the phone. The bookkeeper and I always got along fine and was willing to help, but it turns out that she doesn’t have the W2 forms, nor does she have access to them since Vivek and his partner in finance are notoriously horrible with keeping records.

She did offer to send me a letter with her company letterhead stating the fact that I did work for the bio-technology firm from the years I stated on the resume. I doubt that would be enough since I could have asked Harpy who was a bookkeeper for sometime way back when to write a letter.

So as I write this I feel the job opportunity is slipping through my fingers. Oddly enough I am fine with it. I am tired of all this fuss, and tired of being stressed with the fact that I would be leaving the cigar shop at the height of their busiest season. And at least I still have a job.

Today would have been the day to give my two weeks notice, and despite the recruiters telling me that is what I should do, I am quite glad that I didn’t. Next week being a three day work week for most people, means not much work will be done.

Even if I did find the paperwork, with the background checks involved, nothing would be done until November 29 at best, way too short for two weeks notice. I did what I could, and almost landed a job. But things being what they are, and out of my control, out of my hands it really doesn’t seem likely.

I don’t think it’s negativity, I think it’s being realistic. I think it would be best for now to stay where I am and stick to the first plan, to hang in there and start looking anew in January. At the very least, I still have a job and should do my best to keep it.

I don’t need this additional aggravation, though it does make for something to write about, something to make loins moist in Bala Cynwyd. Fuck the Susquehanna Investment Group.

And once again I really have to thank Bill for being so supportive and understanding.

Bill with mouth guard being supportive

I May Hate You Sometimes

Last night was a good night on TV. Weeds had it’s season finale and it was the best episode of the season. It was followed by the season finale of The Big C and that was very very good. Perhaps The Big C is the most moving show on TV.

Laura Linney can do no wrong in my book and her oncologist is mad cute. A scene involving Laura Linney’s character Cathy’s son was just perfect. Got me all misty. He was such a douche bag throughout the season, perhaps playing your typical teenager, but last night he was on point.

As good as Weeds was, The Big C gets the top honor. It should win some awards down the line. I highly recommend viewing it when it comes out on DVD.

And Gregg Gillis broke the Internets with his Girl Talk release. I was able to download the entire mp3, mixed as one track, but I cannot get the breakdown of individual tracks. I have to say that I am not digging All Day as much as I dug Feed the Animals.

That might be because I don’t know the samples as I did the samples on previous Girl Talk releases, and maybe it is because there’s a lot more metal and gangster rap on it. I’m not writing it off totally. There’s still a chance it could grow on me. It’s just not as clever as Feed the Animals.

I went to bed while Bill was on his way home from the awards ceremony in Harlem. He was part of a group award for his stage managing for Pekong, a play I saw up in Harlem earlier this year. I didn’t get a chance to see Bill in his tuxedo much to his dismay.

I woke up the morning around 6:00 to relieve myself and saw Bill getting dressed. I wasn’t sure if he just got home, but he told me he was home and slept for a few hours and now it was time for him to go to work.

Today was a rainy Tuesday. But not steady enough to warrant an umbrella. I had one just in case. I headed into the city and saw Bill again. I stopped by his office to pick up some fresh copies of the resume, tailor made for this evening receptionist position.

I am so fortunate to have a good man like Bill at my side. He’s so supportive in so many ways and I am so grateful. I made it to the interview early once again and filled out whatever forms they asked me to fill out.

I had to take a typing and grammar test again and today I typed about 30 words per minute, 15 words less that the last time and I was in bad shape last time. No shower in the morning left me quite groggy. Today with a hot shower and some coffee I did less than I expected. Grammar was OK though, I scored 95%.

After the testing, I met with Amy who was very nice and answered all of her questions. It went well and I left there after about an hour. I decided to drop in on Greg Stevens unannounced. I made my way up his floor and ran into Deborah who works with Greg’s wife.

She told me that Mr. & Mrs. Stevens were in Arizona where they maintain a second house. And have their photograph taken with John McCain. I chatted with Deborah and Jennifer for a few minutes before I headed back to the Path train.

I got a message that the people I interviewed with want to see me again tomorrow so that’s been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:30. Then it’s back to the cigar shop.

When I got back home I got a phone call from a recruiter that I used to email every Monday morning. I didn’t this week and here he was calling me up for another position.

When it rains it pours.

♫ Meet Cathy who's lived most everywhere...♪

I’ll Cry Alone

It’s now Monday. It’s been a good 24 hours mostly. There was some difficulty getting back to Hoboken last night. One bus is late and that creates a backlog. I hustled to get from the cigar shop to the bus terminal and made it in good time, but I was surprised to find a line snaking around the corner on the second floor.

It wasn’t that bad, actually. The line moved rather fast and when I got onto the bus, I was annoyed by the fact that some choice seating was taken up by a young woman with one of those suitcases that you drag around.

The suitcase was a little bit larger than the young woman. And across from the young woman with the suitcase was a larger woman, larger than the suitcase. It made for an interesting scene, with the Inmates cover of Dirty Water playing in my head.

Came home where Bill greeted me at the door like he has for the past few days. We watched Boardwalk Empire and Bored to Death. Boardwalk Empire was good as usual, gets better with each episode and Bored to Death was charmingly funny as it usually is.

Bill went to bed after that and I stayed up not watching anything in particular. I went to bed a little after midnight. Slept alright and woke up a little later than usual. Went to the cleaners, the supermarket and the bagel shop all before noon.

Spoke with Bill who was working today. I sent Connie a birthday card and walked around Hoboken this afternoon, stopping by the Guitar Bar and chatting with Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro. He just played a few dates with Ian Hunter.

He asked if I saw Richard Barone at Maxwells this weekend and I told him I hadn’t. I’m simply not interested in seeing Richard Barone anymore. I would have rather seen Ian Hunter in any event, but I had to work.

I walked around the waterfront, nobody I knew there except for the usual panhandlers who don’t get anything from me these days. They seem resentful. I walked onto the latest pier in Hoboken, one that was supposed to be open during the summer. Better late than never I guess.

I enjoyed a cigar as I walked around. Bill mentioned that he had some shirts that needed to go to the cleaners so it was a return trip back there. He’s off to an awards show in the New York State Office Building on 125th Street tonight.

While I was on the pier, I received the number 212-123-4567. I recognized the number as the number that comes up when the last staffing agency that I signed up with calls. I decided not to take the call and a few minutes later I was notified on a voice mail.

Apparently the last position I interviewed for was back in play and the company wanted to meet with me. I called back the agency and now I have an interview tomorrow at 10:00. I was told by the recruiter that the interview might last 2 hours, and I might meet more than one person.

I got off the phone with the recruiter and called Bill and told him. I had forgotten the fact that the position was for the 5:30PM until 1:00AM shift. That’s doable, it will take an adjustment, but it can be done. More importantly it’s for a little more money and it is a Monday through Friday job.

I told Bill that it was funny, I become settled in the job that I have at the cigar shop and decide to stop looking for a new position until next year and I get a call with regards to a new job. I also told Bill that I was feeling a bit guilty, thinking of leaving the cigar shop right before the holidays, and also thinking of Don who is leaving this weekend.

Once again I am getting ahead of myself, not knowing what tomorrow will hold, as usual.

There is a new Girl Talk release, available for free at http://illegal-art.net/allday/ . It might take a while since it’s quite popular.

Tonight I am going to put a cover on Hyman Gross’ air conditioner. He’s been after me for a while. I told him that 8:30 would be the cut off for me to come over. Quite an arbitrary time, but I do have to do some research for the interview tomorrow morning.

Girl Talk

I’ll Always Love My Mama

Well here we are. It’s a new day, a new week. Actually the day is almost over. It’s 7:15PM. It’s been a long day. I slept late, not getting out of bed until 9:45 this morning.

I tried to stay in bed, but it was too cold. The disadvantages of a top floor apartment, it gets cold fast. Took out the air conditioner last night which made things somewhat less breezy, but without the heater on, it was pretty cold.

It was a long day yesterday and having had such a good time on Saturday at Rand’s party made for a slightly hungover day Sunday. Which of course, added to my despair and despondency.

I checked my schedule and today is my only day off until next Tuesday, giving me seven days of work, nonstop. I so want to get out of the cigar shop. Part of me says to buck up I can take it and I’m sure I can.

I’m just dreading next Monday when I am expected to partake in a Monday Night Football thing in the back room of the cigar shop. It’s a multi faceted problem. I hate football. It’s not going to end until around midnight and yeah, I’ll be paid for it.

But I probably not get home until close to 2AM. I’ll have to clean the shop and prepare it for the next day. Oh, and I hate football.

In all the years Monday Night Football has been on the air, I have never watched a game. In fact the closest I probably ever got to seeing a game was when Howard Cosell announced that John Lennon was murdered in Manhattan on December 8, 1980, and my mother yelled up to my bedroom what had just been reported.

Today I decided to do something. I went to Flash Tech, a computer store in Hoboken. I also applied at Yes I Do (a card shop, stationery store), Panera Bread, T-Mobile, Tunes, The First Provident Bank, Sears and Macy’s as well as Godiva in the Newport Mall. All through pounding the pavement in the rain.

Some of those places merely referred me to their websites to fill out forms online. Macy’s was a 9 person group interview. I think it went well, and hope it will offer me something besides angst.

I don’t know what’s worse, having no hope, or having hope. The hope thing is all I have left.

The job offer from that guy Ian in August seems to have faded away. I did contact him on the last day in September since he said I should hear something by middle or late September. He proffered a few more weeks since they hadn’t moved into their Manhattan offices yet.

I contacted Kerry, my late cousin Jackie’s daughter asking her if she knew of anything. Also sent a letter to my cousin Joe. He’s a vice-president at a big bank and I merely asked for something low level, in the mail room hopefully.

Kerry responded almost immediately since it was via Facebook messages, saying she’s keep her ears open. Joe hasn’t replied at all. Perhaps it’s because I contacted him via snail mail. So there’s my hope.

And I suppose there is more hope with what I applied for on the street and also online. Other than that, I guess I have to grow a pair and make the best of the situation I find myself in.

I have also been asked to come up with a concept with the shaving company near the cigar shop. Buy a box of cigars and get a free shave. Pay for a shave and get a few premium cigars? I don’t know.

I’m open to suggestions.

I’d be willing to split the 1/3 of 1% commission.

Just received a rejection from T-Mobile minutes ago. As soon as I can, I am dropping them as my cellphone carrier.

afternoon glories

Mom-Me June 1976

I Throw My Toys Around

So tired again. Been a long day but not such a bad day. Calvin was out and that made all the difference. He wasn’t missed. Not by me, not by Don and not by Sean.

Things went smoothly and I did not have to listen to his crap jazz all day long. I did not have to listen to his nervous laugh after almost every goddamned thing he says. Oh how a punch in the throat is called for when that nervous laugh is heard.

And it didn’t rain today. I had a nice breakfast, some coffee and as part of my morning routine, sent out resumes. Macy’s? Unloading trucks for the holidays? Sure, why not? Selling books at Borders? OK! I also went back on my rule not to use Craigslist to look for jobs.

The job that I left after 2 days in February despite Sally Maurice’s freakout, well they’re still looking to fill that position. Makes me feel good to know that I left a bad job at the right time, before I signed anything.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m working a shitty job, since when I started this shitty job I was out of work for so long that I wasn’t prepared mentally, at least not 100%, to go back to work. Now, I feel like I’m ready for anything.

Bill has been incredibly supportive. I can only hope I can be the same for him if and when he needs support.

Still I am tired. As the work day wound down I found myself getting despondent with the fact that I’ll be working with Calvin the next two days, in fact it will be just me and him on one of those days.

Lately I close the store by myself. I have my system, my flow. When Calvin is around I can’t do those things, like put the receipts in an envelope. That has to be done at 9:00, not 8:50 as I sometimes do.

Doesn’t make sense since if there is another sale in those 10 minutes, the other receipts will be put in the envelope anyhow. It’s ridiculous.

But I did contact some cousins of mine with regards to finding new employment. Cousins from both sides of the family. I’ve never asked any family for help in getting a job but times are different and it’s best to throw everything at the proverbial wall and see if anything sticks.

And so the family wall is also brought in.

Even applying to see if I can find work with the USO, but nothing is in the NYC area. Plenty of volunteer opportunities, but I need to get paid. Something has to give. Plenty of resumes out there. Holiday season approaches.

I know I’m not alone in all of this. Lot’s of people are out of work still. If I can find something different, I’d gladly let those unemployed people take my job at the cigar shop, but I would give them a word of advice beforehand.

Like don’t trust Calvin. At all.

from where I sit

The Hangover Strikes

Well here we are, the first day of Winter. I came home last night before Bill, leaving him at the game so I could start the blog and uploading the video which was a chore.

The initial attempt rendered the video split in two. I attempted to rejoin them but there was a drop out of a second or so. So I decided to tack on the sound check but still I wasn’t satisfied.

Midway through Bill made it home, the Knicks won leaving us to believe that Bill was their good luck charm. We stayed up and watched some TV while I continued working on the video.

I was finally able to get the video up in one piece which was a relief. The only problem was that I was only able to shoot the video between the heads of two guys on the basketball court. Still it was a good performance by Bill.

Something different than the previous times when Bill sang the National Anthem before the NY Liberty games. The set up for those games were a lot different and there was no Steve Schirippa or Spike Lee to be seen. Schirippa is not as heavy as he was when he played Bobby Bacala on The Sopranos, he must have dropped 100 pounds or so.

I went to bed once I figured it all out with the video. Bill had a doctor’s appointment so he was sleeping in a little later than usual. I of course stayed in bed groggy. Didn’t sleep as late as I had been and was up before 9:00.

I had a hangover but it wasn’t from drinking, it was more from familial frustration and also resentment on the lack of job front. I’ve been searching all hours of the day, after midnight whenever seems right.

Nothing is happening and I wasn’t expecting anything to happen despite the New York Times saying that looking for a job during the holiday season is the smart thing to do since employers are generally in a good mood.

Of course I have to wonder if the recently laid off employees of the New York Times took comfort in that tidbit.

I was generally cranky and went about my daily routines. Coffee, cereal, shower and sit in front of the computer. Most of the day I was irate.

Made it to the post office to drop off a package to send to Annemarie in California. The line was long and I left my iPod home so I had to listen to various people complaining about how long the line was. What did they expect? It’s the last days before Christmas for goodness sake.

I saw Bill Ryan at the window but he didn’t see me so I didn’t say hello or anything like that. Nothing against Bill Ryan, but like I said I was irate.

I walked around a bit, tried to enjoy a cigar but it was too windy and didn’t light it properly. Just came home from all that, nothing worth taking pictures of.

After surfing around for a little while I decided to take a nap which was nice.

A winter’s nap, the first of the season seemed to dispel whatever it was that was bugging me. Woke up hungry and finished off the penne pesto and chicken that I set aside for Bill yesterday.

Decided to make more for the rest of the week. I enjoy it, and chicken has been on sale lately. I’m not complaining and neither should you since you’re not eating it, I am.

Now I’m doing laundry.

Juan called earlier in the day, he’s coming up to this neck of the woods. I was fairly distant on the phone, explaining that I was somewhat depressed and I was. I told him he could stop by but chances are I wouldn’t be good company.

Now I think I would be good company but if he doesn’t show up, that’s fine. If he does show up, I would hope he doesn’t show up with one arm longer than the other. It doesn’t have to be anything big, something that could be concealed in a cigarette pack would suffice.

I love this song. Anyone know where I could find it? It’s by lene Lovich’ former backing band, fronted by Jimme O’Neill, Fingerprintz, Wet Job. A WPIX-FM classic which makes it 30 years old….

Turn the Heater On

It’s a Tuesday. Not necessarily a sunny day but it was OK enough to get me out of the apartment after job searching for a good part of the day. Last night’s cannabis free dreams involved being in a taxi on Eighth Avenue with a former co-worker who was a composite of a few different co-workers.

In the dream I started out wandering lost in the Port Authority bus terminal. Larger and more sprawling than it actually is. Caught a cab with the co-worker, and as we sat in traffic the cab driver decided to take a short cut which was basically a parking lot with only one way to get in and out. Bumper to bumper traffic.

The co-worker left when we got back into the traffic and I eventually woke up. Made some coffee, had breakfast and showered. Yes, all blah blah blah. Living on the 5th floor of a building means that it’s generally cooler five stories up than it is on the street.

I usually turn on the heater built into the stove for a little while to warm things up but found that when I went to turn on the heater, there was no heat. I checked and the pilot was out. SO I lay on the floor trying to turn it on to no avail.

I texted Julio to see if he could help me with it, but they have a similar problem with the heater in the bedroom and even a handyman like Julio couldn’t fix it so they’ve been using a space heater. He suggested calling PSE&G for an appointment so they’re scheduled to come here tomorrow between 8AM and 12PM.

And since the stove which is pretty old is not under warranty it could cost us some money for the visit. The stove works, but not the heater. I called Bill and left a voice mail for him.

I’ve been doing good. Avoiding most TV news. No more MSNBC on during the day. Instead I watched the Gilmore Girls and wanted to move to Stars Hollow. I watched a repeat of the Daily Show from last week and then headed out.

Wandered around Hoboken, making my way up to 14th Street and then over to the river. Bill called back a few hours after I called and he was his usual ebullient self. He asked what I was up to and I told him I was walking around Hoboken, glad to get out of the apartment.

I also remarked that I was glad to be away from people and he laughed at how I was alone in the apartment and now alone outside. I told him that there was no one around where I was walking, that that was what I meant.

He asked how I was feeling and I told him I was reluctant to tell him about being a little depressed. He didn’t mind hearing it, saying that I would be there for him if the situation was different. And it’s true, I would be and I have been.

But this has been going on more and more lately, hence my reluctance to say anything. Then Bill had another call and said he’d call me back. That was about 6 hours ago, not that I’m counting. He’s at work and doesn’t need to hear the crap I’m going through.

Walked towards the train station, circled around Pier A. In the distance I saw Tariq, packing up his guitar and heading away from me. I could have yelled out to him but decided not to.

I made my way home, and called my brother Frank. It’s been hit or miss with him lately and decided not to let him interrupt. Told him about the guitar playing and the keyboard playing the other day and even how I’ve been a little bit depressed lately.

He suggested playing the guitar some more and once I got off the phone with him that is exactly what I did. And he was right. It took my mind off my problems and gave me a feeling that I was accomplishing something.

I’m trying to build up a repertoire for when I actually try my hand at busking and for the past couple of hours I’ve been playing Paul Simon songs courtesy of the Ultimate Guitar website.

One song in particular stands out and it’s a from a video by Gary Weis from the early days of Saturday Night Live, just footage of people coming home for the holidays at various terminals and meeting their loved ones.

I always think of Gary Weis’ video when I hear Homeward Bound, and just sent him an email telling him so. Another person sent an email to him saying basically the same thing. A short 3 minute video that resonated so deeply 30 years ago, still resides in my mind and my heart.


Still writing on Bill’s Mac. Well it’s been a borderline crappy day. Nothing too bad just minor annoyances collected within the past 12 hours or so. The camel is complaining of a strained back and there’s a few straws left. The Pope shits in the woods and a bear is catholic.

Last night wasn’t so bad. Bill was visiting his 92 year old aunt in the hospital. I watched Olbermann and not much else.

Thanks to Columbus Day my unemployment benefit did not arrive today. It should be here tomorrow. I guess automated computers have the holiday as well, provided they are not Native American automatons.

Sent some more resumes out. Researched a few staffing agencies again. One or two are no longer in Manhattan. And there doesn’t seem to be much going on in Hoboken or Jersey City either.

Of course an off the books job would be an ideal supplement for the unemployment but that’s not happening anywhere.

Instead of getting upset, as a way to work off the annoyance I felt I decided to clean up the apartment somewhat. For the past couple of years clothes have been piling up in the bedroom and I’ve been thinking about doing something about it.

So today was the day. There were socks from the 1970’s that have followed me to Hoboken, Lodi, Weehawken and Hoboken again. They had to go. Underwear that has gone unworn also had to go.

T-shirts were put in a bag to use as rags.

Luckily for me there is the Hoboken Medical Center Thrift Store (formerly St. Mary’s Thrift Store and still listed as such) around the block so whatever was still wearable was tossed into a bag and brought over there, as well as sneakers and shoes that I no longer wear.

Old bills were shredded and tossed into a bag. It felt good to see the tops of the dressers again. One dresser wasn’t even being used. It used to be my mother’s dresser and now I have it.

Bill used to use it, but instead uses a dresser that Julio gave us. So a lot of my clothes that survived the purge, found new places in my mother’s drawers.

Tonight for dinner I had leftovers from the other night. Now normally left overs are nothing to write about but on Monday night I got a text message from Stine saying there was a delivery outside my door.

Stine made an excellent sauce with veggies and some meat in it and she also gave me a bag of pasta to cook along with the sauce. It was very good on Monday and even better tonight.

It’s just been one of those days I suppose.

But I didn’t spend any time fighting the right wing, in fact I basically ignored any and all TV news today. The only bit of news I did hear on the TV today was that 2 people got 5 of the Mega Millions numbers but not the Power Ball.

That means those 2 NJ people will get $250,000. I was not one of those two.

So annoying.

I wish I had my own computer back.