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Sing the Changes

Right now, everything is good. It’s been a weird kind of day. Slept in since my 10 hours of work were completed yesterday. I did get a call from Viveka about a marble mouse that Vivek was looking for.

I had it here, so I planned on bringing it in. I was also hoping to get my allotment of Hot Wheels cars but since yesterday was Vivek’s birthday, Sanjay and Abby and the birthday father to be went out gallivanting, rendering Vivek incapacitated and unable to come in.

Yeah, it sucked. But it wasn’t the end of the world and I know I will get paid eventually.

I hope sooner rather than later of course. I came home and decided to take random pictures of people on the streets. It was a nice day after all. Not one drop of rain and nary a cloud in the sky.

On the walk across midtown I was pleasantly surprised to catch a few whiffs in different areas of some pungent aromas. It was almost like it was twenty years ago. In broad daylight, some brave folk out for a toke.

I had almost forgotten that it can be done. Hell, I used to do it all the time. That was when I had cojones. Nowadays, not so much.

Came home and farted around. Returned some library books and walked around a bit. I saw Jim Mastro inside the Frozen Monkey Cafe so I walked in to say hello when Lily and Ruby Mastro walk up. Lily was drumming for some kids who take lessons at the Guitar Bar.

The girls told me Meghan was on the way. I stuck around and had some fun with Meghan who might have an extra pass for All Points West on Saturday if Jim couldn’t make it. She said she was going to let me know by tomorrow.

My Bloody Valentine and Arctic Monkeys are on the bill. There are other acts on the bill, but those are the two I would like to see.

I would have stayed at the Frozen Monkey Cafe but I was actually planning on food shopping. Plus it wasn’t Lily’s band, she was only filling in and the guys in the band really liked Guns & Roses and as annoying as that band used to be, hearing Sweet Child of Mine played by a 15 year old was more than I needed to hear.

I also made tentative plans with Meghan to hop on a train one day soon and just spend some time out in Glen Ridge. Been meaning to do that for a while now and since I’m not working, as Meghan pointed out, now would be as good a time as any.

And by now she meant next week. Now it a quiet evening, a breeze wafts through the open window. Haven’t hooked up the air conditioner. The fans have been good when Bill and I sleep.

It’s only when the sun is out, that’s when I would like to have an air conditioner on. Or to be in an air conditioned office, working.

7.30.09 RMNY 001
7.30.09 RMNY 054
7.30.09 RMNY 067
7.30.09 RMNY 068
7.30.09 RMNY 085
7.30.09 RMNY 089
7.30.09 RMNY 090
7.30.09 RMNY 094
7.30.09 RMNY 098
7.30.09 RMNY 101


It’s a Sunday. An even nicer day than yesterday. The sun was beaming. I woke up at 7:00 this morning. Then 8:00. Then I got out of bed at 9:00. Bill was off to church by then.

I made some coffee and went out and got the papers and other things. Saw Hoboken’s Lew Carbon at the Frozen Monkey holding court, but oddly enough no bevy of beauties surrounding him.

As crowded as Hoboken was yesterday, today it was fairly quiet again. Plenty of parking. Supermarket was fairly empty too and the streets were not like the day after the Fake Patrick’s Day parade in March.

Last night Bill and I met up with Jim Mastro and Meghan Taylor and their kids Lily and Ruby and Meghan’s brother Terry and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor. I met Terry years ago when he was working at the Beacon Theater and got Julio and myself in the Fine Young Cannibals with De La Soul opening. He didn’t remember but I did.

We all headed over to the river to watch the fireworks. It was fairly crowded but manageable. Bill and I smoking cigars as was Jim, smoking a Saint Luis Rey that I gave him. No one was complaining since there were a few other guys smoking cigars.

The fireworks display was impressive and loud. Lot’s of oohs and ahhs. We had a perfect view where we were. Lois and her husband Fred were a few blocks south and Rand & Lisa were watching it all in Weehawken.

Lily looked so demure in a nice dress and Ruby was Ruby, always photographed with her mouth open generally saying something silly. Such a nice family unit.

We went back to the townhouse where Jim & Meghan are watching for the month of July. I think they’re no so keen on living in Glen Ridge, so many friends here in Hoboken, plus things to do and see. Plus you really don’t need a car in Hoboken.

We stayed for a little while, having some cans of Guinness on the stoop. We left a little while after that, stopping by McSwells where we hoped Roda would be working. He wasn’t so we just did an about face and walked home. Soon fell asleep a little while after Bill hit the hay.

And then we’re back at the beginning of this entry.

This afternoon, I had a very enjoyable and fun bicycle ride with Meghan. Lily had a drum lesson and Ruby was bushed from being out in the sun. I brought water and bananas for the two of us and we rode up to North Bergen along the river.

It was a fun ride, just the two of us pedaling and laughing. If only there was that bike path from Bayonne to Fort Lee, we probably would have gone that far, but North Bergen will have to do for now. Meghan had to tend to Lily and Ruby and I came home and set about writing this entry.

Pop will eat itself indeed!

7.5.09 001a
7.5.09 003
7.5.09 005

Someone has a big metal thing in their condo....

Someone has a big metal thing in their condo....

The end of the road- or rather, bike path.

The end of the road- or rather, bike path.