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I Like What You Say

It’s been raining all day. And of course I had a job interview today. I sometimes take that as a good sign since I once had an interview that took place on the day of a monsoon and it went very well back then so I think it has to be good luck. It wasn’t monsoon like at all but it was certainly a steady rain. It was at 3:00 this afternoon so I was able to take my time. There was a five page application which I needed to print out and complete which was no problem at all and gave me something to do for 5 minutes.

Then it was donning a suit for the first time since May 23. I planned on leaving the apartment around 1:30 and since the interview was across the street from my former employer of McMann and Tate I was planning on taking the Path train in. I headed out with an umbrella and walked to the Path train. I would have taken a bus to the train but a bus did not show up until I was a block from the station. I sat on the Path train and noticed that I was going to be quite early.

If it weren’t raining out I would have found somewhere to go, something to do to kill some time before heading into the interview, but since the weather was what it was I decided to ride the Path rain to the end of the line and staying inside where it was dry and air conditioned and ride the train back to 9th Street. It was a very good idea and once I got back to the street the rain was coming down quite hard. I headed down 6th Avenue and took my time as I was still quite early.

I had a quick chat with a canvasser for the ACLU. I explained to the young woman that I fully support the ACLU and that since I live in NJ I also support the NJCLU. She wanted to talk and try to get some money from me, so earnest and cheerful she was, but I begged off telling her that I was unemployed and off to an interview. As soon as I said that she said ‘OK bye’ and looked for her next target. I continued on my way and stood under the marquee by the IFC Center which used to be the Waverly Theater.

I chatted with Bill for a minute or two on the phone before going into a newsstand where I got the latest Mojo and Uncut magazines. No matter what I was going to do I was going to be early, but these little stops ate at the clock enough that I would only be 15 minutes early which I thought was better than 30 minutes early. I rode the elevator to the 11th floor where there was no one in reception, so I just stood there until they showed up.

I explained who I was there to see and told to have a seat. I sat on a couch and watched the rain fall outside. Simone who was interviewing me arrived and we had a nice chat in a conference room, as I explained my resume. How that job got me to that job while Simone wrote on my resume with a lot of arrows going this way and that way and her shorthand explanations regarding what I was saying. It certainly went a lot better than I expected, especially since I had no expectations. This was a company I had interviewed with a few years ago and this one went a lot better.

This time I was on the 11th floor, last time was on the 10th floor in an area that looked a lot like something from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil. Simone told me she would contact me either way by next Tuesday and the entire process could take place for about 4 weeks. So I think it went well. Of course there are dozens of other people she was seeing so my hopes aren’t that high. In the meantime I will just read Mojo and Uncut, and perhaps finish Retromania by Simon Reynolds before it has to be back at the bibliothèque.

Outside My Window

I Will Be Home Again

TV still out and about. No info on when it’s coming back and Bill doesn’t have much of a clue about it either. Last night without TV I surfed a lot online as well as watched the extras disc of Citizen Kane. Informative stuff, especially the parallels between William Randolph Hearst and Orson Welles. Hopefully Bill will be able to watch it soon since it does have to go back to the bibliothèque.

I wound up staying up later than usual since I had off today. I didn’t write about this yesterday, but I received a phone call from the company I met with last Thursday. I was up and ready this morning, not much going on besides that.

No way to tell what the weather forecast was going to be. I didn’t turn on the radio, and merely looked out the window. Rain, grey clouds and some cold breezes going on outside. I wore the same suit as I did last week and headed out to the cold, damp streets.

I walked up to the bus stop about an hour later than I usually do and rode into the city. I talked to Bill who had just come back from meeting with a grief counselor, regarding Bill’s co-worker who was murdered by her grandson over the past weekend. I was on the phone quite a bit before I left the apartment and before he headed to his meeting since I had no internet when I woke up.

Now I have it but I was quite worried earlier. Also surprised at how much I depend on the internet. I always give myself enough time and with the knee acting up I give myself more time, but sometimes it isn’t enough.

This morning I was waiting on an already crowded subway platform waiting to go uptown. A few people had been waiting and exasperated threw their hands up in the air or slapped their thighs before heading back up to the street.

I was about to do the same thing (one hand in the air, the other slapping my thigh) when I headed to the elevator and saw a bunch of maintenance workers coming in off the tracks which meant that possibly a train was approaching. I waited and sure enough another train pulled in.

I rode to 59th and Fifth, sort of my old stomping grounds, near the Wanker Banker offices. I was early enough to kill time and use the bathrooms in Trump Tower. I still had a few minutes to kill and waited outside after that.

I headed up to the 21st floor of a skyscraper and for the first time in months, the receptionist showed me where I could hang up my coat as well as offering me a bottle of water. That is what I always used to do when I had that job, and nowadays receptionists don’t do that sort of thing.

I had my meeting, it lasted about a half hour. Most of the questions were from the previous week so they were easy to answer. One of the questions was regarding me having a bad day, how would the clients perceive such a bad day?

I told the interviewer that last week, on my way to the interview, I popped my knee. Still I rallied and the interviewer then did not know that I was in pain. She understood that and overall I think it went pretty well.

I was close enough to the Wanker Banker offices and decided to call my old friend Vinnie. A really good guy, very supportive. He was heading out for the day since he had come in early this morning. We chatted for about a half hour, catching up on this and that, where is so and so.

It was good to see him once again and once again he said I could use him as a reference. I told him I did that already. He said that was fine, just give him a heads up next time.

Now I’m home, writing. Still cold and grey outside and plenty of damp to go around. That’s about it for this end.

I Need You to Turn To

Today is a day off, and it’s sort of been a non day. Not much going on, raining and drizzling most of the day. I’ve been busy but overall would rather put this day behind me. I slept until 9:30, a half hour later than I have been sleeping since the hour I start at the cigar shop is a bit later.

I predicted that I would wake up at 9:30 yesterday, for what that’s worth. I was soon in the shower as the coffee was brewing. After a cup of coffee I was headed to Washington Street, to buy more coffee, some bagels and the newspaper.

Then I stopped by Mr. L’s where my barber Tony was available. He fell off a ladder a few months ago and his arm is not healing as fast as it should. Plus he doesn’t like his doctor. Despite his handicap, Tony did his usual good job on my hair, and I’m quite happy with it.

No need to trim the goatee since I don’t have it anymore, but he did do the nose hairs as well as trimming the eyebrows. Once again he earned his tip. I came home, had a couple of bagels and spoke to a recruiter on the phone.

I filled out an online application last night while writing the previous entry and had an interview scheduled for this afternoon. The interview was scheduled for 3:00 this afternoon so I got myself together around 1:00, then ran some errands, dry cleaners and bibliothèque.

I had to return La Strada as well as Performance since they were due back tomorrow and I hadn’t had the time to watch either. Oh well, I will just have to get them again some other time.

I was early enough to see the 2:00 bus go on by, and I figured I would catch the 2:15 bus, but as usual, the 2:15 bus was late and didn’t show up until 2:35. Still I wasn’t running late and the interview was scheduled 2 blocks from the bus terminal.

And it was a pointless interview. The receptionist didn’t even offer to take my raincoat or show me where I could hang it up. My, how the front desk protocol has fallen. The recruiter who had contacted me was a short fellow named Edward and he asked if I brought my resume.

I told him I didn’t and I asked him earlier on the phone if I should. He said that would be up to me. I didn’t bring it since I emailed him my resume and figured he could simply print out a new copy if he needed it.

He also suggested bringing 2 forms of ID and I asked him if it was for an I-9 form. He said that it was and I mentioned that according to the I-9 form, a passport is the kind of ID that you need. No need for any other ID unless you lack a passport.

I sat wearing my raincoat as Edward and I walked and talked our way through my employment history, still some padding on it but kept the Wolff Olins in there this time. I simply explained that working there was a big mistake, a bad fit.

It seemed to go well with Edward and he stepped away and sent Rachel in his place. Rachel tried to talk me into taking temporary positions despite the fact that I mentioned that I would be available to in January.

After a few minutes with Rachel, she tried to pass me off onto Jason but Jason couldn’t be bothered to meet with me and made himself unavailable. It was just as well since I didn’t have much faith in these recruiters and would be greatly surprised if they actually contacted me with a job offer.

Back to work tomorrow, five days until my next day off. Expect late postings.

I May Hate You Sometimes

Last night was a good night on TV. Weeds had it’s season finale and it was the best episode of the season. It was followed by the season finale of The Big C and that was very very good. Perhaps The Big C is the most moving show on TV.

Laura Linney can do no wrong in my book and her oncologist is mad cute. A scene involving Laura Linney’s character Cathy’s son was just perfect. Got me all misty. He was such a douche bag throughout the season, perhaps playing your typical teenager, but last night he was on point.

As good as Weeds was, The Big C gets the top honor. It should win some awards down the line. I highly recommend viewing it when it comes out on DVD.

And Gregg Gillis broke the Internets with his Girl Talk release. I was able to download the entire mp3, mixed as one track, but I cannot get the breakdown of individual tracks. I have to say that I am not digging All Day as much as I dug Feed the Animals.

That might be because I don’t know the samples as I did the samples on previous Girl Talk releases, and maybe it is because there’s a lot more metal and gangster rap on it. I’m not writing it off totally. There’s still a chance it could grow on me. It’s just not as clever as Feed the Animals.

I went to bed while Bill was on his way home from the awards ceremony in Harlem. He was part of a group award for his stage managing for Pekong, a play I saw up in Harlem earlier this year. I didn’t get a chance to see Bill in his tuxedo much to his dismay.

I woke up the morning around 6:00 to relieve myself and saw Bill getting dressed. I wasn’t sure if he just got home, but he told me he was home and slept for a few hours and now it was time for him to go to work.

Today was a rainy Tuesday. But not steady enough to warrant an umbrella. I had one just in case. I headed into the city and saw Bill again. I stopped by his office to pick up some fresh copies of the resume, tailor made for this evening receptionist position.

I am so fortunate to have a good man like Bill at my side. He’s so supportive in so many ways and I am so grateful. I made it to the interview early once again and filled out whatever forms they asked me to fill out.

I had to take a typing and grammar test again and today I typed about 30 words per minute, 15 words less that the last time and I was in bad shape last time. No shower in the morning left me quite groggy. Today with a hot shower and some coffee I did less than I expected. Grammar was OK though, I scored 95%.

After the testing, I met with Amy who was very nice and answered all of her questions. It went well and I left there after about an hour. I decided to drop in on Greg Stevens unannounced. I made my way up his floor and ran into Deborah who works with Greg’s wife.

She told me that Mr. & Mrs. Stevens were in Arizona where they maintain a second house. And have their photograph taken with John McCain. I chatted with Deborah and Jennifer for a few minutes before I headed back to the Path train.

I got a message that the people I interviewed with want to see me again tomorrow so that’s been scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:30. Then it’s back to the cigar shop.

When I got back home I got a phone call from a recruiter that I used to email every Monday morning. I didn’t this week and here he was calling me up for another position.

When it rains it pours.

♫ Meet Cathy who's lived most everywhere...♪

I Keep/Still Here

Well this day was a wash out in most senses of the word. Right now, Peter’s handyman Robert is here installing a General Electric 40 Gallon water heater. I just got off the phone with Julio who seemed quite annoyed with the fact that Peter did not heed Julio’s advice and get a Rheem water heater, the kind of water heater that lasts 15-20 years.

The one that went kaput last night lasted 2 years. I suppose General Electric makes disposable water heaters nowadays. Bill told Peter a few times- Julio’s advice so it’s not like nothing was said. But Home Depot has the deals so that is where Peter goes.

Lot’s of rain today. Bill took off from work so that the water heater could be delivered. I had an interview this morning at 10:00. Last night I shaved with some warm water on the stove. No chance in taking a hot shower this morning.

I puttered about, had some coffee after getting up an hour earlier than I usually do. That made me groggier and without a shower my energy levels were near depletion. I headed into the city, crowded bus, people without exact fare, or not having the money ready or not even knowing how much the fare was.

My aggravation with these people is what energized me. I got off the bus and headed to the recruiter’s office. I thought I would be late but it didn’t turn out to be. But I did call and let them know I might be late. I was on time and headed up to the office.

They gave me paperwork to fill out which they then took back once I told them that I was there last month. They set me up with a typing test on which it was determined that I can type 44 words per minute. That was down from 45 words per minute a few years ago. I also took a grammar test on which I scored 100%.

I met with 2 recruiters, both of them nice older women. I was out of there in about 20 minutes and haven’t heard anything from them since. I was wearing a sock with little elastic which meant it drooped down to my ankle.

That was driving me crazy and I was going to go to Brooks Brothers to buy some sock garters. I have a pair at home and didn’t think of wearing them until I got to the street when I left the apartment. On the way to Brooks Brothers I called up Bill to see if anything had happened.

Nothing going on in Hoboken. Bill mentioned that he had hoped to take a half day and head to work this afternoon. I decided to call in sick so I could go home and relieve Bill of his waiting around for a water heater duties.

I called up the cigar shop and spoke to Marcus, telling him that I had fallen ill, and threw up. Marcus joking asked if it came out clear or soupy or chunky. I was grossed out by his humor and said chunky. I felt bad about calling in sick but felt it was the right thing to do.

I made my way to the bus terminal in time for the 11:20 bus back to Hoboken, which did not arrive until 11:40. A bickering couple with their screaming baby took most of the attention of everyone in the queue for the bus.

I made it home a little while before the new hot water heater arrived. Robert, his assistant and Peter’s wife dropped off the new heater.

I took a nap for a few hours while Bill watched a painting program on TV, then I was awake and Bill took a nap while I watched Weeds. And now Robert is here, installing the new water heater. Bill went to an AFTRA meeting in the city. I look forward to taking a shower tomorrow.

I’m Wild About That Thing

And we’re back on Monday. Worked yesterday, a Sunday and I certainly did not want to. But I had no choice. It’s the job I have. I dress like the job I want. Isn’t that the adage? Dress for the job you want, not the job you have?

If I were a farmer who wanted to be, let’s say, an office manager or a cigar salesman, does that mean I should be working in the fields in a suit & tie? Or would that be over reaching?

Saturday was a good day. Didn’t write about it. It was a good team, me, Raymond and Don Birch. Both Raymond and Don Birch want to leave the cigar shop after working there for 2 years. I can’t blame them.

There’s no future unless you’re management and neither are in the running for such a position since no position exists. Yesterday, Sunday was a different scene. It was me, Raymond and Calvin. Calvin’s the boss, assistant manager of the shop.

Whereas Saturday was laid back and everything still got done, Sunday was slow, narcoleptic. And Calvin being around didn’t help much. I do like Calvin though. Seems like a nice guy. According to Raymond, he’s a drinker and two faced and likes to pit people against each other.

Plus before my arrival, he used to use the word ‘homo’ in a derogatory way quite often. Not while I’ve been there though.

There was a cantankerous customer yesterday, fitting most every stereotype of a cantankerous man. An older gent wanted to step behind the counter while I was the only one in the front of the store and working with another customer while I was supposed to be going out to lunch.

He enjoyed pissing me off while he himself was annoyed with the fact that I wouldn’t allow him back there without someone else there. Behind the counter is where we sell the cigarillos, not cigarettes.

We can’t sell cigarettes thanks to Bloomberg and we also have to post an image of an x-ray showing a stroke victim with the bold words, smoking causes strokes. Several times a day we have people coming in to buy cigarettes.

Most customers ignore it and the European tourists are certainly put off. The American tourists think it’s disgusting and usually ask about the image. We tell them it was either put the images by the computer or have a poster in the window of the same x-ray image, thanks to Mayor Bloomberg.

On his agenda now is a plan to outlaw smoking cigars and cigarettes in New York City parks. Of course those rules don’t apply when Bloomberg is hobnobbing with his college buddies at the St. Regis where the fellow alumni all smoke cigars and drink freely.

Today I was off and I’m off tomorrow. I had an interview courtesy of an agency I signed up with years ago. The position was for the mail room, the money was quite close to what I used to make, nearly $20,000 more than what I make for standing around on my feet for 9 hours a day in a 10 hour shift.

I seem to be perfectly suited for the position and headed into the city nearly 90 minutes before the interview so I could take my time and not arrive sweating like a horse. Thanks to half a Xanax last night and the other half this morning I was pretty much cool, calm and collected.

The interview went well I thought and lasted about 20 minutes. Of course, as usual I spaced when the interviewer asked if I had any questions for them. I didn’t but merely stated that I was reliable and dependable.

At least I hope the interview went well. I think it did. I was told they were seeing other people which could be the truth, or it could be a lie. In any event, I just have to wait and see. At least I still have a job, standing on my feet for 9 hours during a 10 hour shift. With 1 free cigar a day.

Whether or not that resonated with her is another story. I did like the interviewer though, she seemed nice. I walked back to the bus terminal, trying not to sweat. Still calm and collected, though not as cool, I met up with Bill and his friend Tom.

Tom soon headed inside to give Bill & myself some quality time together and we stood outside and chatted. Bill has been super supportive while I maintained my neuroses.

I’m Too Tough for Mister Big Stuff (Hot Pants)

It’s Wednesday and it’s a day off. And it’s actually a pretty good day too. I did not go to the Cigar Night at the Eagle. Too much trouble, bringing a change of clothes and then a schlep from the 8th Avenue train to 28th Street and 11th Avenue.

Not worth my time. If they ask at work I’ll think of something to say. And I also had an interview of sorts this morning.

I applied for a position online and was under consideration for a few weeks. It was a tease mainly but today the agency had me in to meet with me to see if I passed muster.

Bill was able to print out the resume for me and I met him on the corner of 43rd Street and Broadway as he made the hand off. I walked right up to him and gave him a great big kiss (mwah!), then headed up to 56th Street.

I was dressed business casual and therefore did not sweat as much as I usually do. I sat in a sleek lobby and waited for Marisa to meet with me. I heard the click clack of high heels approaching and figured that it was my recruiter.

It was.

She was nice and looked at my resume as we chatted about previous salaries and bonuses, all the while she would complain every couple of minutes about the problems the keyboard was giving her. She left after about 15 minutes and in came Erica who also posted a similar job.

I met with Erica for just a few minutes and thanked her while wondering if there was any info regarding my status. Nothing I could do about that. I walked down to the Path train in the shadows of the skyscrapers on Sixth Avenue. Barely anyone headed back to Hoboken, leaving me to sit in an empty car that was fully air conditioned.

Came home, sent a thank you email and had a decent lunch before running out and dropping off clothes at the dry cleaners for Bill & myself and also picking up Bill’s laundry. After that I just chilled out at home for a few hours, watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report which I rarely see anymore.

It was too nice a day to stay indoors and walked over to the river where I read the news and New York magazine. Also talked on the phone with Meghan Taylor Mastro, whom I might see on Monday when she starts painting the new Guitar Bar which will be on 11th Street in Hoboken.

I was out long enough to meet up with the UPS guy parked outside the post office and picked up a toaster over that Annemarie’s friend Audra has been trying to send me for a couple of weeks. It’s a lovely toaster oven.

For some reason ‘He’s Got the Whole World In his Hands’ and ‘The Way We Were’ have been playing endlessly in my head today. I know ‘Whole World’ is in my head after reading the lines in an article about an English footballer, but Barbra Streisand?

“Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time rewritten every line? If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me would we? Could we? Memories, may be beautiful and yet, what’s too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. So it’s the laughter, we will remember, whenever we remember…the way we were.”

Oh Alan & Marilyn Bergman and Marvin Hamlisch, what have you wrought?

I’m looking forward to watching Macca from his White House Gershwin Prize tonight on PBS.

Hold On Tight

It’s been a busy day somewhat for me today. Not as busy as yesterday and not as much fun either. Today was an interview. Didn’t get too worked up about it and was able to prepare for it at a casual pace. Got my resumes, my references and my photo ID together.

Dropped off a suit on Monday to get pressed and patched up as well as a shirt that needed a patch. Well the patch on the shirt was a bad idea, not because of the tear in the shirt, but rather because it’s a French cuff shirt and the cuff was frayed somewhat.

A letdown of sorts but luckily for me I have a few other shirts to wear. I had hoped to print out a few copies of my resume and references on Bill’s computer but it wasn’t working at all. This turns out to be the reason why Bill punched his computer a few weeks ago.

It was completely not working today. I had a Plan B lined up though. After getting suited up and polishing my shoes I headed up to Washington Street and walked to a store called The Office. Computer access and printing can be done there.

I re-did the references on Google Documents so all I would have to do was log in at The Office. I was assigned the third computer on the right and since there were 5 computers on the right I picked the one in the middle which made sense.

Logged into Google and into Documents and tried to print out a few copies. Nothing came out, not even the window for printing. It was about 1:50 and my interview was at 3:00. I walked up to the counter where I couldn’t find any help.

Finally the guy who assigned the computer to me came in after loading the parking meter with quarters. He had me log onto the computer at the counter which I did and explained to him I only needed 5 copies. What color? What paper stock? Black & white and plain paper.

Tried to use the copier in the store to make some copies of my resume as well. Now you need to purchase a card to use the copier and my dollar bill kept getting rejected. They made the copies behind the counter and altogether it cost me $1.40, but cost me more in aggravation.

I mentioned my experience with The Office with Rand who invited me to come over and do the stuff at his apartment but it was too late. Rand knew all about the way the Office is set up.

I did give myself enough time to be early for the interview and was soon on a Path train to the World Trade Center station at 2:25. Luckily for me the office where I was interviewing was a block away from the station.

The security desk in the street lobby gave me my pass as well as his story about how is ankle was all fucked up. All the security guys have fucked up ankles from working in the lobby of the former AT&T building.

I waited upstairs and Joan eventually came out. It was a good interview with Joan. Nice woman, told me about her father’s passing a few months ago. He had Alzheimer’s. After about 20 minutes with Joan I was introduced to Elaine.

The three of us sat in the interview room and I think I answered all the questions correctly, telling them the truth and what they wanted to hear, which turned out to be the truth. I think the interview went well. Maybe even a home run.

Of course they have other people they have to meet. I shook their hands and told them I hope to hear from them.

Walked around downtown for a little while, bought a La Flor Dominicana cigar at Barclay Rex and talked to a couple of other cigar smokers.

Then a short walk back to the Path train. I think the whole afternoon went well.

Game face.

Game face.

Wax and Wane

I am so tired. I forgot how walking around midtown in work boots can weigh you down. Perhaps it as Harpy says, I am tired from the elation of getting a job. Last night wasn’t so bad. Bill was on the phone running lines with some guy who’s going to be in a play that Bill was working on.

I surprised Bill by having Lawn Hors d’œuvre Criminal Malcontent on when he came out of the bedroom. It was actually a really good one. Logan’s (Chris Noth) last episode or at least one of the last ones. It piqued my interest when they mentioned Lenny Briscoe in the beginning. That was the late Jerry Orbach’s role.

Bill was surprised to see it on and I was surprised to hear Bill know most of the lines. It turned out that Bill has the episode on his iPod and has seen it quite a few times since it’s one of his favorites. We started to watch another Lawn Hors d’œuvre Criminal Malcontent when my brother Brian texted me to tell me that Bruce Springsteen was on Spectacle with Elvis Costello.

Immediately we switched over to that, or rather I switched over since Bill decided to go to bed. I remember the first time I saw Elvis Costello and the Attractions at the Capitol Theater on the Armed Forces tour.

My brothers and I had fifth row seats on the left and at the end of the show walking a few feet away from us was Bruce heading backstage to meet Elvis and the boys. It was a good show on Spectacle and it was only part one. Bill was asleep by the end and I of course watched the news, Conan O’Brien and then Craig Ferguson before I turned in myself.

And yes, there were some weird dreams.

One involved me riding on the back of a motorcycle being driven by Fergie. We were heading to Fort Lee for the premiere of Nine. We rode across the George Washington Bridge and saw the traffic for the Harlem River Drive when she decided to turn around and head back to Fort Lee.

On the bridge I fell off the back of the motorcycle. We weren’t going fast and I merely went ‘plop’ and got back on. I wrote that down in the notebook that I’ve been keeping next to the bed to record these dreams.

I also wrote Rhane Stone/Coffee, Copier Love and Robin Guthrie. Robin was in the Cocteau Twins and married to fellow Cocteau Twin,Liz Fraser. Their relationship ended badly.

Today I went in to help out Greg Stevens again. It was an interesting time. I spoke with 2 of the subtenants who will need to vacate the offices at the end of February. They are scrambling to find new space as soon as possible.

Luckily for them I will be working for a company that leases offices for small companies. I called up Chaim who interviewed me and left a voice mail. Turns out, he is the president of the company. He called me back and I told him the scoop.

He told me to give them his direct number and was impressed with the fact that I produced 2 potential clients. A nice father in the cap and I haven’t even gotten the cap yet.

Also heard from Cindy See who returned my call. She recommended taking the job that was offered. She also felt that I was being underpaid for my services, but like I wrote yesterday, it’s the bird in hand.

And yes while it is a pay cut, it is better than the unemployment benefits on which I’ve been eking out a meager existence. She did tell me that I should keep looking and if anything comes up she would let me know.

The workplace drama begins anew.

I also had a realization. While I am happy to be working again, there is some trepidation. I realize that with each job that I’ve had, or anyone has, requires that you have to reinvent your personality, or adjust if you will.

My trepidation was about who will I have to be at this new job?

And what the fuck is up with the Supreme Court allowing corporations to donate as much money to campaigns as they might want?