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Know news

I try to do well in avoiding the news. Such an overload is possible and today, or the past few days I had been plugged in, the Supreme Court taking on DOMA and Prop 8 and yesterday with the water main breaks in Hoboken have proven to be stressful. I have to go back to rationing the amount of news information that I take in. And I’m not talking about TV. I mean, TV is a part of it, but it’s this here internet thing, instant news and information in the blink of an eye and it’s relentless.

Certain Facebook friends probably feel the same way, ¬¬and can bear witness to my political posts on my Facebook page, at least the volume of political posts. And the majority of FB friends don’t even get the majority. There is a group that I am a member of that I send even more reposts to other people that feel the same way. I don’t want to overload my ‘regular’ FB friends. The majority of those regular people luckily feel the same way.

And then there’s Pedro. A dear friend for over 20 years has becoming more and more reactionary and right wing. I used to think that my progressive views had some influence and I guess they have, he is gay friendly which is a plus, but lately he’s been more gun crazy which is disturbing. He’s living in a more rural area which can ‘justify’ his owning of firearms but overall I tend to avoid any talk of guns or right wing bait that he might set for me.

And now in news you can use, Hoboken has another water main break and the boiling of water continues on its third day.




08 – Gay Messiah [Explicit]

I Can Be

Well I just got home and there is no internet access and I seem to be fine with it. Bill is rebooting the airport so I guess we shall see in a few minutes. He’s back from rebooting but still I have no access. It makes perfect sense for the type of day that I’ve had today. Sometimes you’re in on the cosmic joke, sometimes the cosmic joke is on you. Today the joke is on me. So whether tonight’s entry gets posted tonight, it’s up in the air. I’m sure you will be overly concerned about all of this.

I was awoken this morning around 5:00 to the sound of tremendous thunder which seemed to be right above the apartment building. That was followed by a violent rainstorm. I got out of bed and closed all the windows. Then I went back to sleep. Bill had taken a day off since he had a call back for an audition. I eventually got out of bed while Bill still slept and got my ass in gear. Eventually he had gotten out of bed in time to see me heading off to work. It was a little bit overcast when I went out.

I made my way to the bus stop, 2 buses went by before I got on the 3rd bus. I chatted with Mr. Castro, my old partner in powdered crimes from years back. He’s keeping his nose clean as am I. He’s looking for work as a handyman. Things are tight for him as well. He shows up looking for work and to let people know that he’s still alive and looking for work. Since there was no work for Mr. Castro to be found, he hopped on a bus and was planning on going back to sleep.

I rode the bus into the city and wished the bus driver a good weekend as I disembarked. A subway ride to the cigar shack was uneventful and I headed in a little bit early. It was expected to be a busy day since its Father’s Day weekend. And it certainly was. On board today were Thomas and Bradley and myself. Within the first hour, Thomas sold a humidor which cost about $3,000.00. A nice way to start off the day, he left Bradley and myself in the dust. We eventually all got on the board with 4 figures a piece but Thomas was still ahead of us.

I saw my former co-worker from the cigar shack, Sean. He’s looking for a new job and put me down as a reference. I told him I’d be more than happy to help. Apparently he told the new prospective employer that I was high up in the management roster and his direct supervisor. I can only guess that all I have to do is tell a tale about what a stellar employee that Sean used to be and how we regret not having him around. I am more than happy to help.

A few calls came in from people asking about Marcus. At one point I answered the phone and looked at the floor when I saw a few bloodstains on the carpet from Marcus’ box cutter meets ankle incident yesterday. A bit stomach churning but easily cleaned up and forgotten after. Calvin was out today much to the chagrin of the landlord who stopped by the cigar shack today in a 3 piece suit and a bone through his nose. I’ve met him once before and he does seem a bit standoffish. He did stop by to offer his congratulations to Calvin. I suppose it was a good thing that Calvin wasn’t in since Calvin said in no uncertain terms that he absolutely despises the landlord.

And for some reason, my Word Press account is being inundated with subscribers which are basically false and spam. Last night there were over 100 new subscribers on top of the usual 5 subscribers that I have. Denali, Harpy, Rand and myself twice as John Ozed and Admin. It could be that I need to update to the latest version of Word Press and that’s something that rand usually takes care of. Hopefully if he updates it, it should work and I won’t have bogus subscribers from Russia and other Eastern European countries.

Bill is currently on the phone with the cable company, doing whatever it is that they are telling him to do. So it’s still up in the air (or on the ground) on whether or not we will have internet access. It’s a rather Bala Cynwyd type of situation I guess.

So now we are back online, or are we? It’s sometimes hard to tell.

Blurry Bill seeing me off