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Move On

When I work at Maxwell’s since I stand by the door it can get chilly with this spring weather, so I have been wearing a suit jacket. You know, that ‘new wave’ look with a button in my lapel. One jacket has a button of a cutout of John Lennon’s head from the back cover of ‘Meet the Beatles’ and for the other jacket I sometimes wear I’ve decided to go to that bottom drawer and pick out a button that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

I have some buttons from famous bands and buttons from bands that never quite made it that far. One of the bands has a logo which is a silhouette of a man with a briefcase next to him. The band was called the Angry Young Salesman. I decided to take a pass and wore another Beatle button which was actually from something else which was lost throughout the years.

As I stood at Maxwell’s asking people if they were there for dinner a couple not too much older than me walked in. I asked if they were having dinner and they were, and they also planned on seeing the show. Sometimes I have to direct them to where the back room is but they said they knew. It turns out that the gent had played Maxwell’s back in the day so they had a good idea where to go.

I told this man and woman that I worked way back then and asked what the name of the band was. Much to my surprise the band was Angry Young Salesman. It was a cosmic goose from the universe and I am sure it was the first of many, or at least another in a long line of cosmic giggles.

Bill surprised me by showing up and having dinner at Maxwell’s. He just showed up and was standing in the doorway when I was taken by surprise. He said it was 30 seconds before I knew he was there. I got him a good table, not too noisy with a view of both the street and the rest of the dining room. I told his server that he was my partner and to take good care of him. Later for dessert I was able to have a spoonful of his chocolate mousse.

It started to slow down around 9:00 and by 10:00 it did not seem like anyone else was coming in for dinner so with the OK of the management I went home. Bill was home already and getting his things ready for a day of bus driving. I flitted about and soon went to bed. I stayed up later than usual hoping that that would help me sleep but it didn’t. Bill had to get up early, 2:30 AM to start his day after a few hours of sleep.

I lay there trying to sleep, not heeding my own advice as Bill got himself ready in the dark. I told him he could turn on the lights since I was not asleep but he didn’t. I just tossed and turned after Bill left unable to get any deep sleep.

It promised to be a crap day since sleep was nearly unattainable and I am not sure if I ever got it. I ‘woke up’ thinking of my birthday party picnic in September and was upset with the people whose landmark birthday parties I attended at restaurants, backyards and halls who didn’t show up at my picnic party. It was definitely not a good way to start the day but after the insomnia a few hours before, but it did not really matter, since nothing would have been good enough.

Slept crappy, woke up bitter. I’m better now.





The Next Day

Yesterday was all about rain and wind and I only left the apartment once. Today has been somewhat better and I’ve been out a few times. Listening to the new David Bowie album, The Next Day and I am loving it. It’s good to hear him again and the songs are first rate of course. Presently Where Are We Now is playing and that was the first track that was released. The whole thing is great and listening to it on the iPod has been an adventure. Of course I highly recommend it.

So they’ve got a new pope. Just as ass backwards as the other ones, against same sex marriage, contraception, sex education. This new guy might have been a little too close to the military junta that ruled Argentina, but sighs of relief were heard that it was not a former Nazi.

I ran into my Rasta friend Jesse today. He asked how my job search was going and I answered that it was going too slowly. Jesse has a few kids and he’s freaking out over how they’re all plugged into their smartphones and computers. He wonders what kind of world they will have when they grow up. I wonder about the world I am in now, never mind later on.

We have water again. It was shut off earlier today so repairs could be made on the 140 year old pipes could be fixed or replaced. It was supposed to be back at 4:00 but I think it was worse than was imagined.

Whether they’ll be doing it again tomorrow I couldn’t say. I’m sure they will, though right now they are putting things away, filling up holes and smoking cigars and rolling up hoses while a policeman makes a pizza delivery.

We were notified that the water would be shut off so that helped a bit. I had tremendous difficulty sleeping last night and knew that if I wanted to take a shower this morning I had better do it before they shut the water off. I don’t think I’ve adjusted to moving the clocks ahead an hour on Sunday morning. So when my usual 1:00 bedtime comes up on my watch my body is thinking that it’s midnight.

And also my body clock was really screwed up by the infernal schedule from the last job and I haven’t gotten that back either.

Bill was so nice this morning as he was heading out and all I could do was grumble ‘leave me alone, I’m trying to sleep’. I’ll make it up to him somehow.










I Need A Silent Night

It’s a Friday and so far so good. Last night did not go so well. Fell asleep for about an hour or so then I woke up with the Everly Brothers singing Cathy’s Clown in my head. I did the right thing and got out of bed around 3:00 and surfed the net for a while before heading back to sleep for a few more hours. That went well, then Bill kissed me goodbye as he was headed off to the gym and then work at 6:00 then I woke up again for a little while before I was able to sleep again.

I did have a plan today. I had been corresponding with Payless since my sneakers started to fall apart soon after I bought them, but they were still wearable and they matched the chip on my shoulder. About a week after that they fell into further disrepair and I stopped wearing them. Of course I did not have the receipt but according to customer service that would be no problem. So I trooped over a couple of miles to the Newport Mall, Airwalks in my bag. I called customer service once again to make sure it was OK that I didn’t have the receipt.

And it was OK. I walked in and stood by an empty register. Just then a manager appeared and I told her my tale of woe. She understood and directed me to get a new pair if I wanted to or get store credit. I opted for the new Airwalks and after a quick and easy transaction, I was walking back to Hoboken. It was quite hot too, dense heat and a cloudless sky. I came home and took off the work boots and put on the new sneakers. Then after a few minutes I headed out again.

Busking was on the agenda for today and it had been a number of days since I last busked. I found a decent spot under a tree and set about playing some songs, A Hard Day’s Night, Walk on By, and Hateful by the Clash. It was going well. Tariq even showed up and was enjoying my playing as he was cocktailing. He is a good player and has the cojones to play on Washington Street at night, where he probably makes good money. I opt for the waterfront and the adoration of toddlers and change.

Tariq mentioned how much he enjoyed what I used to do, which was some improvisations. I play a few chords and sing about the people walking by in front of me. The color of their clothes, what’s on their t-shirts, the fact that some people look serious (but when they hear me singing about them they smile). I also sing about students from Stevens Tech and the amount of backpacks they carry to the trains and also sing about the nannies pushing strollers. So I did it again and had Tariq doubled over in laughter.

The funny thing is I am more comfortable doing that improve thing when there is a friendly face around and Tariq had the friendly face. If I had the nerve to do it without anyone around I would but since that rarely happens I rarely do it. Plus, when I do such a thing the people smile or smirk and just hurry along. They don’t linger and they don’t dig for change. But today turned out to be a good day, things went well and the toddlers showed up so happy to dance and clap along as I play. And you know that can’t be bad.

I Go to Rio

Oh how I did not sleep well last night. I mean, I was pretty tired when I turned in at 1:00, and at 2:00 I followed my advice and got out of bed and surfed the net a bit. Then went back to the bed about 20 minutes after that, but still I could not fall asleep. I simply could not shut my brain off.

Too many thoughts coming in from all directions on all different subjects. Finally I guess around 3:00 I did fall asleep somewhat, but still it was not enough. I probably had that mad eye look when Bill was leaning over me, kissing me goodbye as he headed off to work. I tried to get some more sleep but the sun was coming in and I eventually had to get up and get out.

I had shown Bill how to make coffee the other day so I had a nice pot waiting for me, one less thing to do in the morning. Somehow I remained awake in the shower and cleaned myself up, washing whatever sleep there was from out of my eyes. A couple of cups of coffee and after checking email and whatnot I was on the way to the bus stop.

I was several feet behind myself though, and it was like that throughout the day. I felt stoned, like I had taken a massive hit off a joint and left to fend for myself among the natives and tourists of Manhattan. I’ve been saving some money by walking to the cigar shack instead of taking the train but it didn’t help much.

I mean money wise it did, but still I was groggy. And it was Bradley and Jerry Vale in the cigar shack today and of course that meant that Bradley was calling the shots much like the Frank Burns he used to be and sometimes still is. I was doing well in sales though and for most of the day I had a several hundred dollar lead.

Then I went to lunch and an order that both Jerry Vale and I worked on, well all the credit went to Bradley who was quite a fucking bitch about the whole thing. I explained the reason my initials and Jerry Vale’s initials were on the work slip, to which Bradley stated that he could not figure out what the initials JV were for.

I was pretty upset about the whole thing with regards to Bradley being a dick but things got better since I just surpassed him in sales and I didn’t have to steal credit for it. About 20 minutes left in the cigar shack for the day and of course it is taking it’s sweet ass time in getting here.

Cat Stevens is singing Father and Son and Jerry Vale just related a story about how he played the song for his son, who hated the line ‘you are young and it’s all your fault’. I just want to go to bed.

lucky penny?

2 – Downtown

Touch Too Much

Today I don’t feel like writing. Mainly it’s from not sleeping well again last night. Cut down on coffee drinking considerably. I should have it together by Wednesday night, when I will go see the Specials.

Played guitar by the river for about 45 minutes. Hardly anyone around and once again it was cool and breezy which is sort of how I feel. You would think it would be a good fit, but no, not really.

Just couldn’t connect with the guitar which happens sometimes. Perhaps a day away from each other should do us both some good. I did relearn two Specials songs, Gangsters and Rat Race. Just the right amount of Norwegians involved.

Of course no one in Hoboken will understand or know the songs but they often don’t understand my covers or recognize them.

Gave up on More Tales of the City and returned it to the bibliothèque along with Gosford Park which I wanted Bill to see but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen anytime soon. Last night I watched the Pacific which left me laying in bed as I tried to sleep, thinking about grenades.

Not exactly the most relaxing thing to think of when you are trying to fall asleep. Also watched Treme, the new series about New Orleans post-Katrina. Also not the funny, relaxing type of entertainment that might help.

Right now I’m watching ‘In the Loop’ a British satire on the events leading up to the Iraq invasion. It’s pretty funny oddly enough.

An hour later I am back here in front of the computer.

Had a nap. No, the naps are not the reason why I can’t sleep at night. The naps are needed since I haven’t been sleeping correctly.

The volcano seem to be getting worse. Stine’s parents were supposed to fly in from Copenhagen this week but it now seems unlikely. According to the NY Daily News, NYC has lost $250 million from the canceled flights and minimal European tourists. And airports on both ends are filled with travelers trying to get home.

Stine was understandably disappointed but what can you do? She told me when we talked on the phone this morning. On the news just now they said the volcanic activity is getting worse and stronger than previously expected.

Which goes to show, no one really knows anything about anything.

Today is Bicycle Day which is named in honor of Albert Hoffman who discovered LSD and felt it’s effects from quite an eventful bicycle ride. I should have gotten the bicycle out and gone for a spin.

Perhaps I’ll do that tomorrow. It’s supposed to be a warmer day and I’ll simply take a day off from guitar playing. Perhaps even from writing.

This is the 1,616 post and I think I’ve earned a day off from writing. Of course I say that now. It’s so ingrained into my daily routine that I will probably find something missing in my life around 6:00.
You’ve been forewarned.
pier a

Madison Time

Listening to the latest Girl Talk release, available via his myspace page or at Illegal Art. If you’re not familiar with Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk he’s really something else. He takes things from a variety of music and makes something new with it, usually danceable and gets me laughing and smiling. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and Seals and Crofts are thrown in the mix with generally pleasing results.

I missed his appearance last year in Manhattan but Juan saw him in Philadelphia and even wound up dancing on stage with him I think. It would be cool to see him next go round, I’d pay twenty dollars to see him on stage with a laptop, sure. It’s a free download, called Feed The Animals and worth checking out.

If anyone knows Natalie Dominquez, please tell her someone is looking for her and to tell her to stop giving them my phone number. Actually it was only one call so it was probably a misdial. Still keep an eye out for Natalie Dominquez she troubles me.

Last night was just a warm humid night. TV TV TV, nothing special you’ve read all about it. Bill came home after working late. He had some slices of bread then was going to bed when his cousin Elsie called. Apparently Bill’s mother was frightened that someone was in the apartment so she left and wound up on 14th street where she had no idea where she was.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of someone from Stuyvesant Town who recognized and was able to get Stuy Town security to let her into her apartment. Bill of course was freaked. Elsie has a plan. Her husband, Andy Capp has a cousin who’s down on her luck and needs a place to stay.

Elsie says it would work out since the cousin could stay in the apartment and watch Bill’s mom. I don’t know, it’s none of my business, but it seems a bit sketchy.

I blame my imagination, which kept me awake once again last night. It seems too neat. Bill’s mother has Alzheimer’s, so she wouldn’t remember what happened with her leaving the apartment and it’s a little too convenient that Andy Capp’s cousin needs a place to stay.

So the ‘writer’ in me with this imagination thing entertaining the concept that this was all made up by Elsie and Andy Capp. I could be wrong and I hope I am. In any event Bill is using some friends to do a background check on the errant cousin.

Work today was quiet and busy and I felt a whole lot better than I did yesterday. Greg Stevens was a bit down though. Stock markets did terrible today so he’s taking a beating, which also means the financial world and the company is getting hit.

He’s usually so upbeat, Greg Stevens is, and he wasn’t wearing a noose or anything like that, just wasn’t too happy about the Wall Street scene. I had a full day, including penne, pesto and chicken and left the office at 4:00 a half hour earlier.

I mentioned earlier that once again I had difficulty sleeping. I was besiged by an avalance of ideas. But I just wanted to sleep. Every toss and turn left me with a new idea of something to write about. Does my muse look like Diana Scarwid? I took my advice and got out of bed and watched Jimmy Kimmel who was relatively funny. Mike Myers was a guest and he used to be relatively funny.

It’s rumored that he is the groovy actor about to come out of the closet. He wasn’t doing that last night. Just trying to push his movie which didn’t do as well as he hoped last week. If it’s true that he is gay, I hope he comes out of the closet. It could only help people. The longer one stays in the closet, the more an appearance of a misguided ‘shame’ tarnishes everyone.

So how are you anyway?