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I Got You Thompson Square

Well I slept fairly well last night but I woke up feeling rather crappy. Head stuffed with snot and mucous. At least a quadrant of my skull felt that way. It took me by surprise as I lay in bed, reaching for the box of tissues nearby so I could blow my nose. I wasn’t sure if it was allergies or a head cold and I am still not sure.

I am dragging ass today that much I know. I got it together and headed out of the apartment as usual, wishing I could have taken the day off. By the time I got to the street I realized I left my hat upstairs and rather than climb four flights back up, I opted to walk to the bus stop. It was colder than I anticipated and I regretted not having a hat.

A quiet bus ride into the city, me sitting in the last seat on the bus. I was tired enough to fall asleep but I didn’t. A walk up the avenue , avoiding the subway to save some money left me cold and sweaty and quite out of it by the time I got to the cigar shack. Zack and Thomas were in the cigar shack when I got in.

I hadn’t seen Zack in a few days and he was ready to shake hands but I opted for a fist bump since I was feeling a bit ill. The day progressed nicely with Thomas grabbing big numbers and Zack behind, with me carrying up the rear. It had nothing to do with how I was feeling, it had more to do with connecting with customers and Thomas had connected with his and Zack’s people always get in touch with Zack.

Me, I took the laid back approach and obviously that was not the way to get big numbers on the board today. Throughout the day I’ve been feeling crappy and sometimes feeling alright. Not 100% but in 90% range. I had a decent lunch and felt OK after that. I even went to a few shops to buy a hat but all they had were baseball caps and the shop has a few of those as promotional items so I wasn’t about to spend $20.00 on one of those.

When I came back after lunch I was feeling alright but that didn’t last. I am pretty sure I will sleep well tonight though. And tomorrow being a day off will likely be spent in bed. No plans on going anywhere or doing anything. Probably best that I stay in and get my rest, especially since Sunday promises to be a long day what with the super bowl, more than 12 hours that day and then Monday which will be the usual day followed by a staff meeting.

Bill is in full nurse mode, getting everything ready for me when I come home so I will not have to do much of anything. All I have to do is get on the bus and then walk home. Thomas is closing the cigar shack so that gives me a 10 minute head start. And now I am home. Bill is worried about me of course which I find unnerving.

I am usually the one who worries and I am not used to being worried about though I am sure it happens from time to time with people I know and love. A blessedly uneventful ride home on the bus, listening to Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians. I climbed the four flights and there was Bill greeting me at the door. I changed out of my suit into my tracky bottoms and relaxed. Now I look forward to doing nothing at all.

Rest in peace Linda Wolfe.

03 Acid Bird

I Don’t Wanna Know

Another day, another dollar or in this case another roll of toilet paper. For the past two days I have been ill. I started feeling ill on Friday while at the cigar shack. I told Zack and Frank Burns how I was feeling and they were understandably alarmed for their own safety.

I did not mention how I was freezing in the shack since the last time I complained about how cold I was, Zack told me to stop whining. So I kept my mouth shut and worked while Frank Burns yelled at the television in the man cave with his cousin watching the World Series.

I think the bird team won, ably defeating every other team on the planet, therefore winning the World Series. Take that Zambia! Eat shit Lichtenstein! Drop dead Paraguay! Go to hell Sri Lanka! I made it home and after adding a few touches to the entry, I went to sleep and was able enough to make it to work on Saturday.

Definitely a low key kind of day, and once again when I got home I went right to sleep. Now somewhere between Saturday night and Sunday morning I took a turn for the worse. I did not sleep well at all and dear Bill was understandably concerned. He suggested making a doctor’s appointment and I reluctantly agreed.

Unfortunately, I could not make an appointment for Sunday, so I had to choose Monday, today. I woke up as usual on Monday morning and after spending a considerably amount of time in the bathroom, I called up the cigar shack manager and left a voice mail telling him how sick I was.

I had a feeling he wasn’t going to answer his phone. After that I went back to bed and slept another hour. Sweaty, fever dreams followed. Insane situations, people I hadn’t seen in years popped up in a too real manner. It was like high definition. After escaping the fever dreams (death eaters!) I hopped into the shower and put on some clean clothes and headed to the doctor.

Now I am not too fond of this doctor and his twin brother. It’s all too much like Dead Ringers, only these twins definitely do not look like Jeremy Irons. After waiting in the waiting room with a motley group of other ill and sniffling people I was escorted into the doctor’s office and within a few minutes involving a cold stethoscope the doctor gave me some anti-biotic and showed me the door.

It was quite a nice door. Wood, I think. Then I made my way back home and went back to sleep. A few hours later I woke up and was feeling a little better. A bit hungry and not as dehydrated as I was earlier, I plan on returning to the cigar shack tomorrow.

I dislike being sick but then again I am sure everyone dislikes being sick. Worst Halloween ever! Back in the day I would get sick from eating too much candy. Not this time. No candy, no trick and no treat for me.

Angels and Devils

I’ll Go Crazy

Well it’s Friday and I’m not at 100%, still have this cold which seems to be subsiding at 3:18PM. I listened to Bill’s advice and stayed home. I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be going into work and set things up to take care of themselves today in the office.

So I’m legitimately out today yet still I feel some guilt about not going in. True, I probably wouldn’t be of much use today, things on Fridays have been generally running at half speed lately, but I feel like I should have made an appearance.

And on the news today was all bad news, unemployment at it’s highest in 37 years. That didn’t help my mindset at all. Harpy and I talked last week about how odd it is that I’m the only one working out of several people we know.

It’s not easy working knowing the rug could be pulled out from under you at any time. The sword of Damocles hangs overhead while precariously perched on a shaky rug. It seems more intense not being in the office than it is when I am in the office.

Had a strange dream last night. I was on a motor boat in the Hudson River with Paul McCartney and one of his grand kids. I was steering it towards where the Air Bus was docked in the World Financial Center/Battery Park area before being moved on shore in NJ.

Lot’s of watercraft and despite the feeling of near collisions I was able to get the motor boat back to Jersey City where Macca and I walked around looking for his grand kid. That’s it, that’s all that happened and it was certainly a sign of a fever dream.

I can’t say that I’ve dreamed of Paul or any other Beatles lately though I used to when I was growing up in Lodi. I used to dream that John, Paul, George and Ringo lived in a neighbor’s house, the Janowsky’s much like the Beatles lived in one big flat in Help.

I would go over to see if they were around but almost always they were away. I would see them going in or out of the house in various dreams. Here it is quite a few years later and I’m dreaming of Paul in Jersey City. I guess I still am a strange kid.

It’s cold outside and I’ve been cooped up all day in the apartment. No need to go out though stretching my legs seems like a good enough excuse. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day and I am thinking about heading into the office to take care of some dirty stuff.

That means cleaning out the bamboo stalks from the algae covered rocks in a few vases in the office. It’s a messy job and I’m thinking that tomorrow would be perfect since no one will be in and I can do it at my own pace. It’s basically a pain in the ass.

Well I just got back from a short walk to the store. It’s certainly cold out, but I enjoyed just being outside. Broke up the day somewhat. Nothing else planned for today or rather, tonight. More sitting around the apartment seems likely. But tomorrow, tomorrow I will go out. This much I know.

(Keep Feeling) Fascination

Still a bit under the weather but I persevere. Didn’t sleep well last night, so since I’ve been home I haven’t napped. I’m tired enough to nap but I resist the arms of Hypnos. I figure if I don’t nap I should sleep better tonight.

Already I am planning on phoning in sick tomorrow since I need to get better and just get some rest, plus it’s been snowing all day and though it hasn’t been sticking, it will freeze up tonight and it’s supposed to continue to snow all night. So staying home and resting is my plan for tomorrow.

Last night was just rest and I felt better but then again I was next to an open window. It was warm enough to do that. I can breathe outdoors in fresh air with no problem, inside it’s congestion city. I watched Scrubs and Olbermann, forsaking Rachel Maddow for Heroes.

I enjoyed Heroes, but it could have been shorter. I tried watching Chuck in 3D, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as watching Keith Olbermann in 3D, and by enjoyable, I mean terrifying. Heroes was good though. Very much like a comic book, now that this Legion of Super Heroes is hiding. It would have made a good two hour episode but no, they had to bring back Medium which a show I cannot get into.

I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo. It’s a show about who can be the best drag queen. I enjoy RuPaul, always did ever since she gave me passes to a party back in the 1980’s saying that she was my big black mama and she wanted to see me there. I didn’t make it though, risking the wrath of my big black mama.

I don’t watch many reality shows at all. Actually I don’t watch any, but this was worth a look and it was fun and enjoyable. Drag queens are generally tough people. They have to be. You never know who’s going to come at you so they have to have their guard up at all times as well as looking good.

They were also on the front lines at Stonewall in 1969. Drag is not my scene but it was a fun show and if I remember I will check it out again.

While RuPaul’s show was on, I was sitting in front of my computer, an elbow on the table when all of a sudden, the table vibrated for a few seconds. I obviously thought it was odd but since it only lasted a few seconds it was quickly forgotten and ignored.

The 11:00 news came on and it was announced there was an earthquake with the epicenter in Morristown. That’s what I felt. I have to say it was thrilling to know. Luckily no one was hurt and it certainly wasn’t on a scale like a California earthquake. I didn’t go through anything like my sister has been through in the past so I am lucky to say it was a novelty.

I neglected to write that over the weekend I watched 3 DVD’s. ‘Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride’ a short documentary on Hunter S. Thompson. It was so so. Not impressed but then again I never read any Hunter Thompson. His myth overpowered his writing and he always felt like he belonged to my brother Frank’s generation rather than mine.

‘Human Traffic’ was about a group of British youth off work for the weekend and partying up a storm. That was funnier than I expected and oddly true to life.

And lastly, ‘Man on a Wire’ a documentary about Philippe Petit, who crossed from World Trade Center Tower A to Tower B in 1974. I watched that with sweaty palms of course, me with my fear of heights. I remember hearing about it while having breakfast before school sitting across the dining room table from my mother.

That was fascinating and Philippe Petit still lives. He was on The Colbert Report a few days ago. Now I sit drinking juice and constantly blowing my nose with a temperature of 98.2.

Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper…50 years ago today.

I’m So Tired

Well I don’t know what it is, but I do know it wasn’t the beers on Saturday night, nor the bike riding earlier in the day, because I have never been ill like this before. Last night after my hasty posting, courtesy of Harpy commenting and my response I went to sleep around 8:30. Woke up around 11:00. then throughout the early morning.

Just waking up and noticing the time, not actually getting out of bed. So basically I wound up sleeping close to 20 hours. I took my temperature and the highest was 100 degrees. Now it’s 99, when earlier it was 98. I sit, I sweat and I fart. I did have the ambition to go out and get some food and some juice, even took a shower, but couldn’t actually leave the apartment and now I don’t think I want to.

Lot’s of sleep that’s for sure. Now I am awake, (or am I sleeping) and dealing with the hard knot that used to be a spine. George Carlin died while I slept. That’s too bad. He was funny. He was quite hip with Toledo Window Box and his various albums in the 1970’s. Quite counter culture but he didn’t start out that was.

I do remember that Saturday night in 1975 when my brother Brian and I decided not to watch wrestling on WOR Channel 9 and watched instead that new show, called Saturday Night on NBC. George Carlin was the first host of the series. It’s too bad, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. Now the news is on, teenage girl with the world at her feet dies at a graduation party on Long Island.

Tom Ridge rattles his saber insisting that Iran is running rampant in Iraq. This after saying that things were getting better. You think they would be a little more consistent with the disinformation they spew forth each day. The MTA in New York is making noise about raising the rates for riding the subway which is still in a state of disrepair and not dependable at all.

So yes, the thing to do would be to raise the rates, not having the people that run such a dilapidated system take a pay cut. Just nothing but bad news which makes me wish I stayed asleep.

I spoke with Rand and he said what I had sounded like the cold he had a week or so ago. But I’m not congested, just exhausted. Not even hungry though I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich earlier today. Oh how it sucks to be ill during the summer.

Hopefully my body could get it together and make it to work tomorrow. That seems to be it for now. Probably going back to sleep later. Feel pretty out of it. If only it were a hangover. I think it’s from walking down the street the other day and people coughing without covering their mouths. I usually hold my breath as I pass through that area but I guess something got in regardless, leaving me in this state of sweat and achy bones.