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I Love To Watch A Woman Dance

A Saturday night in Hoboken. I just got back from dinner and a stroll with my sister Annemarie and our niece Meghan. We had some pizza at Grimaldi’s on Washington Street, much like we did last year. Annemarie and I eat at Grimaldi’s at least once each time she is back on the east coast. Last year Meghan joined us. Bill usually joins us too but his schedule did not permit it this time around. We’ve also been joined by Earl, Julio and Stine at various times, but this year was a repeat of last year, sitting in the sidewalk café.

It’s a beautiful night and perfect for a stroll. There were a lot of other people who had the exact same concept it seemed. Tons of people and families roaming about on the shores of the Hudson River. A nice breeze and a few photo opportunities to be had. There was even a local production of The Pirates of Penzance going on. Unfortunately Gilbert & Sullivan operettas aren’t my thing and the novelty soon wore off fast despite the noble efforts of the acting troupe. I enjoyed a very nice El Rey De Mundo 60 gauge cigar and also did not want to smoke around the ‘theater goers’.

Things of course were better than yesterday, Annemarie’s husband and son made it to Eugene, OR with little difficulty. Earl was participating in a trivia event and texting his mother for answers which is actually cheating. My family is all about trivia it seems and I am often tempted to enter a trivia competition at one of the many bars and pubs in Hoboken that have those events. I think my only drawback would be sports trivia of which I know little. Music and movies I think I would excel at.

One of these nights I will give it a try I reckon. Right now The Hustler is on PBS. I never watched it before and since I am writing this while it is on, I am barely watching it now. Bill is driving to Atlantic City once again, same as he did last night, and some weekends previous. Surprisingly enough I slept quite well last night, so well that I had difficulty waking up this morning. The clock radio goes off, Elton John is singing Philadelphia Freedom and I go reaching for the snooze bar.

I was out and about soon enough and once again being a summer weekend, Hoboken had half the population it usually does or so it seemed. I visited some friends in their office and sat with them for a while, talking and sometimes even answering the telephone for them. They’re nice people and I had nothing better to do anyhow. Weekends down the Jersey shore are too crowded so staying in Hoboken is just fine by me.

Annemarie flies back west on Wednesday so we plan on one more trip to Sandy Hook on Monday. Tuesday is a chill out day. Tomorrow is a family reunion of sorts at Meghan and Rob’s house for a barbecue.

All is well.

Meghan, Annemarie and me

19 The Worst That Could Happen

Please Come to Boston

Just had dinner. What else? Penne, pesto and chicken. What? It was on sale and it lasts for a few days. Don’t lecture me. Don’t look at me that way. That’s how it is.

I’m not complaining and neither should you. Plus I was on the phone a little while ago listening to Juan complain. He’s alright, I’m sure he’d be glad you asked. He was complaining though as only Juan could complain.

He was supposed to go to Boston this weekend with his boyfriend but with the major storm going on it was canceled. Juan was finally able to get the weekend off, but the storm wasn’t the only factor.

His boyfriend had 3 feet of standing water in his basement so that’s the official reason why they aren’t going. The snow is just gravy. White gravy at that.

Juan also asked me to come down to visit him but I couldn’t. Tomorrow my ersatz daughter is playing the Park Theater in Union City.

Lily Mastro is part of the Street Corner Mourners. Jim and Meghan will be there and I’m sure Ruby will be too. So I am looking forward to seeing those Mastro’s and also looking forward to seeing the Street Corner Mourners.

I would also be happy to see Juan but not this weekend. Sorry Juan.

Bill came back safe and sound last night. Three hours earlier than expected. He rented a zip car since it was he only way he could get to Wallington at 2:30 in the morning. So he was able to come home and not have to go crazy when trying to catch the train.

He had some gear that he left in the hallway on the first floor and asked if I could pick it up for him when he went to drop off the Zip Car. Last I heard he was on Washington Street and I thought he was in the car but he dropped it off already.

I called him and he was actually coming up on the third floor with his gear. I ran down and helped him the rest of the way. He also ordered a pizza from Grimaldi’s and that was very good.

He went to sleep halfway through watching Hellboy 2. I stayed up watching it. It was good, but not as good as the first one. Still I enjoyed it somewhat.

Woke up this morning and it was snowing. Big flakes, coming down in clumps. I made my way outside, ran some errands. Stopped by the Guitar Bar where I picked up my ticket for tomorrow night.

A trip to the supermarket where one of Juan’s former paramours was in a joking mood. Right now the snow fall seems to have subsided somewhat. It’s supposed to continue until tomorrow sometime.

I’m watching Katie Couric report the news. I like her. Nice change of pace from NBC news. I haven’t really been watching the Winter Olympics so I really haven’t been watching NBC.

That’s all I can think of for today. All is calm, all is bright.

2.25.10 SNowstorm hoboken 003
2.25.10 SNowstorm hoboken2 001
2.25.10 SNowstorm hoboken2 005
2.25.10 SNowstorm hoboken2 007
2.25.10 SNowstorm hoboken 007

Somebody Else’s Guy

Yesterday was definitely a better day than the sturm und drang of the days preceding it. Last night Bill came home from his deep tissue massage therapy and I was clearly in a better mood and happy to see him.

All the worries from the days before were talked about and resolved nicely. We watched some Herbie Hancock on Sundance channel and also enjoyed some Grimaldi’s Pizza. Also watched a documentary on Cary Grant which was very good. Bill once again went to bed earlier than me and I stayed up watching who knows what.

I do remember the Simpsons which was great as usual. After that, it was off to bed for me as well. Bill was up early, rented a Zip Car and drove out to Clifton NJ for a medical exam so he could change his license from New York to New Jersey. Since he’s a professional bus driver there’s a hoop he has to jump through.

I of course slept in. Rainy and gray outside. Bill was picking up the paper and the bagels so there was no need for me to go outside. Eventually I did go outside. I needed a haircut and walked by Mr. L’s. Of course my barber, Tony was busy.

Walked over to the library and dropped off some items. Did not bring and umbrella and I should not have been surprised that when I left it was pouring out. Once again Tony was cutting someone else’s hair.

I came home a little bit soaked. Bill came home from Clifton. Unable to get his exam completed since there were a few people ahead of him and he needed to return the Zip Car to Hoboken by 11:00. He took a nap and I watched a DVD about Beyond the Fringe. It was definitely funny.

Watching Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett in the early 1960’s doing their final performance on the West End. Jonathan Miller and Alan Bennett are still alive perhaps they decided early on that the life of a performer wasn’t for them.

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore obviously thought otherwise and made big names for themselves but both came to untimely ends.

Bill was out on the road once again this afternoon and I sat and watched various clips about Peter Cook. I ventured out into the rain again, this time armed with an umbrella. And since I had an umbrella it didn’t rain.

A trip to the supermarket was in order so I walked by Mr. L’s once again and once again Tony was busy. Dropped off the items in my hallway for a trip to Hoboken Daily News that has milk cheaper than the supermarket.

Walked by Mr. L’s and saw Tony was free. He was happy to see me. Hadn’t sat in his chair since July. No more monthly haircuts since I didn’t have any need for upkeep. Just a trim for me. My hair grows thick and not long so it was a few layers taken off which made everything lighter and cooler.

And a haircut will do me some good in case some job interviews appear on the horizon. Tony did his usual ace job, trimming most of the gray hairs from my goatee. I was growing a beard but shaved it the other day before the interview.

Bill is in Atlantic City leaving at 1:30 or so and coming back to Hoboken around 7:00. I’m laying low as usual. Planning on watching Adventureland and probably some more Beyond the Fringe clips online. It’s going to be a mellow, quiet Saturday night and I am fine with that.

With a Girl Like You

And it’s been quite a nice day spent with my sister Annemarie and her son Earl. Earl is now 6’1”. Almost as tall as me, and as tall as Bill. A not so angry inch on this end.

I met up with them last night. They stopped here in Hoboken where we had pizza at Grimaldi’s. They can’t get pizza like that in Arcata. It was a quick stop before they headed up to Garfield to my brother Frank’s house.

I stayed in Hoboken, eventually going out for a stroll, walking off the pizza I helped inhale. Nice night smoking a cigar, listening to some of the London Calling album up to Lost in The Supermarket before switching over to the first side of Talking Heads: 77.

Bill came home a little after that, watched Lawn hors d’œuvre Criminal Relent up to a point when Bill switched into stage manager mode and hit pause on the digital cable box for about 50 minutes. He un-paused it when the news came on and his phone call was finished. The news was nothing in particular, mostly bad.

Then the Simpsons came on and Bill was off to bed, me joining him a little while later. He was off in the morning and kissed me goodbye as I lay in bed.

No work today. Annemarie called a little while later, checking to see if I was awake and also to see if anything was planned for the day.

At that moment I didn’t have any plans but after a cup of coffee I had an idea. A trip to the city and visiting some art galleries. Always fun to do and also easy on the wallet.

Anne and Earl rode down to Hoboken and found a spot on my block and we walked over to the Path, riding to 14th Street and walking up Fifth Avenue.

I had hoped to go to the Not Fade Away Gallery to check out the New York City 1970’s photos of Allen Tannenbaum. Despite getting there after 12:00 on a Friday when they were supposed to be open, they weren’t. It was just a little bit disappointing but other galleries lay ahead.

We walked down 20th street and wound up having lunch at the Rocking Horse Cafe which was good as usual. Then it was off to the galleries, first stop was a Stephen Shore exhibition.

In the 1960’s, Stephen Shore was a young man in his 20’s and took a lot of classic photos of Andy Warhol and the Factory crowd. I had seen some of the pictures in books but it was great to see them blown up in a gallery.

Then it was a hodgepodge of gallery hopping mainly from 22nd street to 24th and 25th Streets. Earl had gotten a phone call from a friend back in Arcata about completing his college registration today so I made a call to Bill and the three of us hopped in a taxi and rode up to midtown where we met up with Bill.

Bill was kind enough to bring his laptop down to the street where Earl worked the wireless connection and my cellphone and spoke to Susan, the administrative help at Humboldt State.

The process didn’t go as planned and Bill needed to get back to his office so we meandered down Broadway, saw a big chess game in Herald Square and hopped on a Path train back to Hoboken.

We came back here where I set Earl up on Bill’s Mac and I played DJ while Annemarie read some magazines and eventually catnapped. After Earl completed his registration, they were going to get some food in Hoboken before heading back to Garfield so I joined them for dinner at the Karma Cafe.

After that a quick visit to Julio & Stine’s apartment where they were able to finally meet Alexander who clearly loved being the center of attention. Still an adorable lad, running around trying to communicate.

I sat in the next room and read to Alexander while Annemarie and Earl caught up with Julio & Stine. A perfect finish to a perfect day. Simply a nice, nice, nice day with some of my favorite people.

And now, the pics

en route to the Path

en route to the Path

Earl & Me. Missing from picture, Cornbread.

Earl & Me. Missing from picture, Cornbread.



Edie Sedgewick

Edie Sedgewick

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 010
Gallery hopping

Gallery hopping

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 015
7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 017
Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 020
Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

Cedric Smith

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 028
actually photographed this once before in a previous entry

actually photographed this once before in a previous entry

this one as well...

this one as well...

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 029
7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 030
7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 031
Tough Titty

Tough Titty

Anne, Bill & the college registrant

Anne, Bill & the college registrant

my homage to Mapplethorpe

my homage to Mapplethorpe

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 045
Us 2

Us 2

big chess match in Herald Square

big chess match in Herald Square

a mom and her son

a mom and her son

7.10.09 Anne & Earl NYC 004
he usually smiles.

he usually smiles.

Here Comes The Moon

Today is Thursday. Been overcast most of the day until I headed out and then it was quite sunny. I slept until 9:00 and that was great. I was so tired yesterday after skipping lunch and the dinner I had last night barely kept me awake.

Still I got myself together and wrote. I was thinking about having a cigar and checking out the music at Church Square Park down the street, but Rand called and asked if I wanted to join him and Lisa on a walk over to the 13th Street pier.

Apparently they too were having live music. That sounded more enjoyable, what with the company I would be keeping and the fact that it sounded like some turgid blues were being played at Church Square Park.

I met up with Rand & Lisa outside their building and the three of us having a few laughs courtesy of Lisa, ably reprising her role as Lady Gigglepuss. It actually would have been ideal if our friend Lois would join us, but she was in for the night, which was too bad since this was right up her alley.

It was a beautiful night on the pier and a good way to enjoy a cigar and have some beers.

It’s actually a private pier, but someone finagled it for the night. Four musicians playing separate sets on acoustic guitars. I don’t know if calling them ‘folk’ would have fit, more like ’emo’. It wasn’t bad though Rand and I had a few laughs comparing one of the musicians to Yusef Islam nee, Cat Stevens.

Saw some familiar faces from Hoboken, but none more familiar than Alice Genese. It’s always a pleasure to see Alice. Last time I saw her, she was giving me a ride home a few years ago from Chaz’ holiday party, when she told me she thought my former roommate William and I were a couple.

Oh no, I quickly dissuaded her of that thought. Too damn skinny for my appetite!

I had a few Heinekens with Alice, Rand and Lisa had Vodka Tonics. The music was ok but it was more about the atmosphere, being out on the pier on a beautiful summer night.

Came home, Bill was watching a marathon of Entourage and wishing he had an agent like Ari Gold. He soon went to bed and I stayed up later than usual since I didn’t have to get up early.

Like I said, it was a gorgeous day, enjoyed a cigar as I walked across town to the office. Vivek was in doling out Kinematic T Shirts and I duly collected my share. Also did some things that needed to be done, things that no one else would think of doing.

Apparently I’m only in for 3 days a week, which is better than nothing and I could always use the Kinematic T Shirts

It seemed like a bus dropped off a lot of good looking men as I walked around midtown. Almost got whiplash turning my head so fast.

I did track Annemarie’s flight from San Francisco and it was on time, so now I wait for her and her son Earl to arrive so we could get some pizza at Grimaldi’s in Hoboken.

I’m looking forward to seeing them since it’s been a couple of years since we last spent time together. And I’m hungry.

The Lady Gigglepuss

The Lady Gigglepuss

7.8.09 005
7.8.09 007


It’s Sunday and though it’s beautiful day, there is a feeling of anticipation in my gut. More like anxiety. It comes and goes, not a constant thing. As long as my mind is occupied I’m fine.

Last night I watched discs 3 & 4 of a series from the 1970’s called ‘All You Need is Love- The story of Popular Music’. It went back to the beginning of the 20th century with vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley up to about 1975 with the cutting edge music of Black Oak Arkansas.

It did have a lot of footage that if I hadn’t seen before, then I saw it when this series was first broadcast on PBS in the 1970’s and if that’s the case, I had forgotten I had seen it.

3 hours each disc. I watched disc 5 this morning into the afternoon, so ask me anything about Black Oak Arkansas. You’d still get the dumbfounded look that I would have given you then. I’m glad I watched it, but it was a bit much.

I gladly walked to the Post Office, enjoying a cigar to drop off the Netflix discs. I actually bought a book the other day, I couldn’t resist. I was reading somewhere about a biography on Brian Eno and ordered it promptly.

So far, up to chapter 2 and it’s a very entertaining and informative read. Brian Eno has always been a fascinating person in my world. I even had the pleasure of meeting him when I worked at Skyline Studios and he was producing some things for Laurie Anderson.

He was a nice guy, very quiet and startled me a few times when he suddenly would be standing right next to me. He was also quite kind enough to sign his first 4 solo albums and Ambient Volumes 1-4 and a book.

Still within reach and in good condition too. Last night, Saturday Night Live was really funny, excepting the Jimmy Fallon guest spot as Barry Gibb which was about 25 years too late and 10 minutes too long.

I doubt that the 20 somethings that watch it or are the target demographic would actually get the joke.

The stand out bit was the digital short with Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles from Dick in a Box and becoming Mother Lovers for Mother’s Day. Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson played the mothers. It was very laugh out loud funny.

I was up until 1:30 reading Uncut magazine. Did not want to get out of bed this morning, just so comfortable. Bill was off to get his mother and bring her to church. I eventually did get out of bed around 8:30 and was soon getting the Sunday morning supplements.

Then after reading the papers I watched the discs and headed out to mail them back. And after enjoying a cigar I met Bill on the street and we just enjoyed a pizza from Grimaldi’s courtesy of Bill’s largess.

Now he catnaps on the couch and I sit a few feet away writing this and playing selected ambient Eno tracks for his napping pleasure.






As expected, going back to work after such a grand time on Saturday was dreary. The weather was great and I listened to some tracks that I bought for the wedding but never played. Songs like Never Let me Down Again by Depeche Mode and I Got A Man by Positive K. We rapped along to I Got A Man on the way up in a driving rainstorm.

I bought it not only because it’s a funny song, but Lois had written a song called I Got A Man and I initially thought it was the same song. It wasn’t. Lois’ song was just as funny and fitting the occasion perfectly.

The bus ride was fine, sat and talked with Casey. Great guy. Really a chatty guy too and I’m surprised I could keep up despite the fact that I usually don’t talk to anyone in the morning, on the bus. We chatted about death this morning. His wife’s mother as well as my mother. Who knows what the people crowded around us think of our little chats. A few weeks ago it was political, today was death.

We parted ways at the bus terminal, made some loose plan to have drinks with him and his wife at McSwells someday, and I journeyed across town listening to ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie, another song I could have played at the wedding.

Got to the office, right on time and no one else was in the office. I did my drudgery which I don’t mind since they pay me nicely to do such things. People came in in dribs and drabs and soon I was off running to the bank and returning some audio cables that I bought to DJ with which I didn’t use. Luckily I kept the receipt and was able to get a full refund. Yay!

Another bright and sunny day and me trying to find shadows to walk down the street in. The morning passed and I remembered I was going to have lunch with Christina, my assistant from my Wanker Banker days.

She’s been having a bad year, unemployed and made some bad decisions employment-wise leaving her and her son to live with her mother in the Bronx. She showed up around 1:00 and I actually had lunch outside of the office which I rarely do.

We walked over to Second Avenue and decided on pizza which I really don’t eat as much as I used. Bill was going to order Grimaldi’s last night. They make the best pizza in Hoboken, but they were closed for vacation. A few years ago I would have known that.

Christina and I sat and ate and caught up. I told her to email me her resume and I would do my best to clean it up and make it look better. Working at a few staffing agencies helps with the resume game. A little padding here, the right turn of phrase there. It’s a lot like cruising sans sock in the pants.

The afternoon flew by and I was soon listening to Bowie singing Fame with John Lennon on backing vocals while I enjoyed a Padron. Walked through Bryant Park and saw hundreds of people on the edges of the lawn waiting to be able to stake out a spot to watch Lifeboat by Alfred Hitchcock.

Julio and I tried going to the film series there a few years ago but found it too crowded and I was snubbed by a neckbone giving free stuff away from City Search.com so we left with me grumbling. Never tried to catch another film there again.

And why should I? You have to wait there for three hours for the sun to go down so the movie could begin. And I have better things to do with my time.

Like writing this blog.

Yesterday’s clouds

The crotch to car trick

Archeology Today


Such craziness. It’s was a crazy storm this morning when I woke up and my stomach and what follows was a bit iffy, plus I was still very tired and dreaded to go into work feeling like this. So I went back to bed. It wasn’t so bad, I had done a lot yesterday at work and lately I’ve been scrambling for things to do. I’ve been monitoring emails and voice mails throughout the day, chatting with Lydia with regards to whatever she might need help on. So that covered that end. Of course as the day progressed I started feeling better as well as feeling guilty. I’m going back in tomorrow regardless on how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling ok now, why wouldn’t I feel okay tomorrow?

Last night was pretty quiet. Watched the usual shows, then watched John Adams, since I missed the first half the other night, which was the Boston Massacre. I had forgotten that John Adams successfully got an acquittal for the British soldiers on trial. It’s a little known fact. Then watched the news before turning in. That’s basically it. Lot’s of reports on flooding throughout the country. Watched Galaxy Quest this morning. I really like that movie, it’s pretty funny and quite a send up of the Star Trek series and their fans. Cleaned the apartment a bit also. That’s an on going thing. Tied up newspapers and cardboard boxes, cleaned the tub and toilet too.

Saw a little bit of Bush on TV talking about the Iraq war. Whatever happened to Mission Accomplished? According to what he said then it was a success. 5 years ago Bill and I were in midtown Manhattan, right where I work now, protesting the preparation for war with 300,000 other people. 5 years ago when the war started I was in the copy room watching the news at Wanker Banker talking to Krysztof Owerkowicz. He was for the invasion since Saddam Hussein was a tyrant and abused his people. I was against the war saying it was going to involve us in a quagmire that we won’t have an easy time getting out of it. It doesn’t happen too often, but I guess I was right. Tonight there are a few remembrances, or protests against the war throughout the area. Still it rains and my participation in the remembrances remains doubtful.

Bill’s coming home tonight. We were invited out to Garfield to my brother Frank’s house. It’s my niece Meghan’s birthday and it’s also Easter Sunday. Bill said we were invited to his cousin Elsie’s for dinner on Sunday as well. I accepted for Garfield and I think he did the same for Elsie. Now it turns out that Bill will be at Elsie’s and I’ll be in Garfield. Thats how that worked out. We’ll see how it turns out on Sunday. Garfield will be low key, I know that much. Not much else to write about since not much else happened. Grimaldi’s on the menu tonight for the fact that Bill is coming home.

This Charming Man

Well there was a howling wind last night. Bill made it home to Hoboken as Robert the oh so handyman was disconnecting the hot water heater. I helped Robert move the heater with the broken tank out into the hallway. Robert reassured me that it wasn’t anything I had done, the heater was about 12 years old and they really don’t last much past their five year warranty. I was reassured as Robert headed down the stairs and off into the storm. He was gone for a while and I thought I’d be calling up Julio and Stine to ask if I could use their shower in the morning. No need to ask for Bill since he showers at his gym.

Bill asked if I was hungry and I said I was a little bit, which prompted him to call and order a Grimaldi’s pizza. I was in the mood for it and obviously so was Bill. I sat writing last night’s blog while 3:10 To Yuma was finishing up. Pretty good movie, a bit slow in parts but overall enjoyable. I prefer to watch Russell Crowe to Christian Bale, though Ben Foster stole the movie from both of them as Charlie Prince. Ben Foster played Claire’s on again off again boyfriend/art partner from Six Feet Under, he was intense there and even more so in 3:10 To Yuma.

About an hour later the bell rang and I mentioned to Bill, ‘oh it must be the hot water heater.’ Bill explained it was the pizza and I explained that I was joking. Bill headed down the stairs and shouted up that the hot water heater was on it’s way up. I knew I should have said, ‘oh it must be that million dollars I hoped for’. Up the stairs came Robert with Peter the landlord, huffing and puffing after climbing four flights of stairs. They maneuvered the new heater into the kitchen and after scanning the room with his eyes, Peter made a hasty exit. I suppose it will be another two years until I see Peter again. He’s an absentee landlord if that’s possible in Hoboken. He also insisted that I call Robert next time should I need any work done in the apartment. He doesn’t want to be bothered.

Bill and I sat and watched The History Boys, not the first time for me and sort of the first time for Bill since he was so exhausted the other night. Who knows what Robert thought as he welded the copper pipes into place and made sure the brand spanking new heater was set up properly. I offered Robert some pizza and some water but he turned me down. He left a little while after that and I was relieved since Bill and I inhaled the pizza and if Robert changed his mind about a slice, he would have been out of luck. Bill enjoyed The History Boys though not like me. I mentioned that it was a smart film and then thought that Bill might be put off by that remark, thinking that the movies he likes aren’t so smart. Perhaps I think too much.

The dvd ended on time, so that we watched the news and Saturday Night Live which was funny. Amy Adam hosted and Vampire Weekend were the musical guests. I have the Vampire Weekend cd and it’s ok, a bit twee if you ask me though live it sounded a whole lot better. Bill went to sleep midway through and I stayed up reading the rest of Hotel California, which I am almost finished with. I went to bed happy to have hot water once again. It was rough to be without for those hours, he wrote tongue firmly in cheek.

Woke up and moved the hands on the clock an hour ahead for daylight savings. Lost an hour of sleep but I didn’t really have it to begin with. Ran into Mike Korman with his son Harrison as I did my morning rounds. Good kid it seemed though Mike told me he and his wife, my old friend Clara have no idea how to handle this three year old boy since he doesn’t listen to either one of them and does whatever he wants. Too much information for me with one cup of coffee in my system. I parted ways with them after wishing them a good day.

Bill had headed off to church and I had a nice quiet breakfast. Headed into the city for a quick trip to Farfetched, saw Harpy and gave him Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up which I read a few weeks ago. Very good and I thought Harpy would enjoy it. After picking up some cards and a pair of spider shaped cuff links I walked up to 33rd street where I got a seat on the Path train and read the rest of last weeks New Yorker.

Shake That Rat

Sunday, back to work. Ho hum, hum drum. Not such a bad day, things weren’t messy this morning. I guess most of the party goers last night, refrained from vomiting or smashing bottles on the sidewalk. Don’t know how bad it was in various parts of town but where I walked it was merely a plastic green bowler hat crumpled in the gutter. Didn’t hear much of a racket as I went to bed around 1:30. Bill came home last night and that was good. He didn’t drive me crazy, and hopefully I didn’t drive him crazy either. I doubt that I ever do, except for being a pain in the tuckus every now and then.

Before Bill came home last night I watched Night At The Museum and I couldn’t believe how bad it was. It got ok towards the end but man what a stinker. Much better was Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. Finally saw the last half and it was pretty good. I do enjoy the Harry Potter movies, ever since seeing the first one in 2001 with Annemarie, Rex and Earl in Eureka. Haven’t read the books yet, not sure if I will. Maybe if someone lends them to me, maybe if I’ve read everything else I have to read.

What I’m reading now, courtesy of the Hoboken Library is Hotel California by Barney Hoskyns, a British writer who has written for Q, Mojo and Uncut among others. I’ve always enjoyed his writing, and met him once when he was interviewing Metallica at Right Track Recording in the 90’s. It was good having Bill home last night, it enabled him to let his walls down. He’s doing his best to be strong for his mother, but here he was able to cry like he hadn’t for a few days. I was able to give him a hug and make him feel better.

No Grimaldi’s Pizza though since all restaurants were packed with revelers and deliveries were slow going. We watched George Carlin on his latest HBO special last night. George, now 70, is a humorous curmudgeon. He doesn’t try to be funny, he just rants on stage and there’s usually something funny in the truth that he says. He also riffed a lot about death which Bill was able to laugh about much to my relief. We watched Saturday Night Live after that and that was ok. Not rip roaring, but generally funny. They still have to figure out how to end a sketch though, they do run too long. Sometimes they’re just stretched a bit too thin.

I went to bed after watching the last half of Bill Maher. Bill hadn’t seen that in a while. After that I went to bed, Bill falling asleep next to me about a half hour later. Woke up, shuffled about, Bill out cold in bed, looking like a big mocha angel bear. I ran out and got some bagels, and the papers, Bill woke up a few hours later as I was watching The Namesake. He joined me as I watched that and he got somethings out of that, which I won’t get into in case you haven’t seen that movie yet. Bill headed back into the city to tend to his mother, his weekend visitation coming to an end.

Julio called after that and needed my help moving some Ikea things from his truck to his and Stine’s apartment. Hung out with them for a while, Stine has gotten bigger than last week when I last saw them at the bistro in midtown after Bill’s father’s wake. Then I walked around Hoboken, noticing the lack of people on the street compared to yesterday’s festivities.

Here’s some more pics.

Soup Man




Letter in the Male Box

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day

Saw this jet flying weirdly

Afternoon Snog


On the phone with Annemarie

No dogs in church