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Your Blue Room

Well here we are again. May 12. Not my favorite day. A gloomy day and the battleship gray sky adds to it. I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday though. No hangover you see.

Also just saw Julio, Stine & Alexander for a few minutes. Stine texted me about some meatballs she just made and I stopped by to get them. Alexander is definitely going for the laughs, imitating his father’s eye movements.

He noticed my laughing a few weeks ago and knows he’ll get me laughing again. And he did. He also calls my name to get my attention. And he did.

He got a toddler scooter for his birthday and was showing me how he skates on it. He also got a tricycle which was out in the hallway. Both were presents from his grandparents. I came upstairs and ate everything.

Been quite cool lately, I think the highest the temperature has been for the past few days is 50 degrees. I did take the guitar out yesterday and played by the river for about an hour but that didn’t last long. Too cold and damp.

Today I mainly stayed inside and did laundry. I also watched Where The Wild Things are which left me merely whelmed. I mean, the puppets or rather muppets were good, but they probably should have gone with the voices of unknown actors.

Hearing James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara and Lauren Ambrose et al made me think of Gandolfini, O’Hara and Ambrose et al.

I returned it to the bibliothèque and got in return, Gomorrah, the Italian film about the mob. It’s supposed to be very good and I am happy to disprove the fact that Americans are watching less and less foreign films these days.

I’m not going to watch it tonight though. Wednesday nights, I’ve been watching Modern Family and Cougartown. Last night I watched Lost which was good. The story of Jacob and his twin brother, who’s name we were never told.

Allison Janey played their mother, or rather the woman who raised them. It was a fast hour which left some questions. Only two episodes left, next Tuesday and then the three and a half hour finale on May 23rd. I was invited to Rand and Lisa’s to watch the finale which I may do.

Tomorrow I am going to the Barclay Rex store in the midtown Manhattan. Barclay Rex is a high end cigar store and I used to go there when I was working for Wanker Banker. Nice place to get away from the inhuman cauldron sisters, Maggie Angelakos and Helen Alexandre.

I was there around the holidays and inquired about employment. One of the sales people suggested I send my resume to the manager Megan, so I did. The manager got in touch with me via email, saying that she was busy but will get back to me soon enough.

Last week, her assistant Clara sent me an email, wanting to meet with me but making sure that I knew that it wasn’t an interview. So tomorrow I’m meeting Clara to discuss why I would want to work in a high end cigar shop. I have a few ideas on what to tell her, being fairly knowledgeable about cigars and whatnot.

So that’s what’s happening tomorrow. It’s a lead and the first thing I’ve had since that other interview a few weeks ago. I thought that went well but haven’t heard from them since so I guess that’s not happening.

Working in a cigar shop sounds good to me though. I am sure I will tell you all about it tomorrow, after it happens. There’s always the Susquehanna Investment Group I suppose.


Battleship Gray Skies

Battleship Gray Skies

Path to Wisdom

Well today was day two. It didn’t go well. I did well but I was so terribly unhappy. The workload was more than I could handle. The area of phones I did well in, but overall I was feeling overwhelmed. I know, it’s only day two.

But I just kept finding more things that I didn’t like about the job. I was being thrown into the deep end so suddenly and found myself grasping at and gasping for air. I knew it wasn’t going to work out. I was on a 3 month probation and a much lower salary than I used to have.

Greg Stevens advised me a few weeks ago not to take the first job offered to me but that is exactly what I did. I should have learned the lesson from McMann and Tate a few years ago, getting a job through a Craigslist advertisement isn’t the best method.

I know I could find something out there. I feel that way. One of the interviewers I met with couple of weeks ago told me when I told her about this job that I was definitely worth more than what these guys were paying me.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Have I disappointed other people? Yes. Perhaps even you reading this, feel some disappointment towards me. I just didn’t feel like it was a good fit. The people were generally nice but walking to the office felt like I was walking to the gallows.

Just such a feeling of melancholy. I know there is something else out there. But this wasn’t it. I shouldn’t have settled. That was a big mistake. I texted Greg Stevens this morning while waiting in reception at 8:30 for the woman who was training me.

I wrote, that I was still willing to be his assistant more than ever. I didn’t get a reply. On my half hour lunch break I was at wits end. I called up Bill who was home. His back and knees were messed up. He was reassuring and as supportive as ever.

I went through the rest of the days routine, eating bananas since that was all I had time to eat. The half hour lunch break allowed me to get to an ATM and the first machine wouldn’t read my card so I had to get online and try for another machine.

The whole time I was on the phone with Bill, who was searching my email for the phone number of the woman who interviewed me a few weeks ago. He got it and once I got off the phone with Bill, I called the woman and left a voice mail. She hasn’t gotten back to me yet, but I will try again tomorrow. And I will sign up with other staffing agencies.

I had to lie. I called up the company and left a voice mail saying I found a message when I got home and decided to take a job with better pay. I’m sure they would understand. They weren’t paying me that much and the workload promised to be more than I originally anticipated. In fact it didn’t even resemble the job that was listed on Craigslist.

“Office Business Center Operator in Manhattan seeks experienced bright self-starter to join our Front Desk team to greet guests, service incoming customer calls and existing customers in full service office centers. Must have strong PC skills & switchboard experience and be able to multitask. We offer competitive salary and a full package of benefits.”

I do have these qualities and can multitask but the competitive salary was not competitive at all. Even if I kept working there while looking for other jobs, the half hour lunch break would definitely hamstring my job search.

I feel I’ve done the right thing and moved while it was still early and while the company could still go with the number two person they had considered. I didn’t fill out any forms or paperwork so that shouldn’t leave me with any strings attached.

I know I can do better and I know I can get a better job. I think this is for the best. Sorry if you’re disappointed, but I am sure that this wasn’t the job for me. I think I know what I’m doing.