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Play Your Part (Pt. 1)

It’s Thursday and for me it’s a Friday. I took tomorrow off. No biggie. Gave them advance notice and also set things up so everything should run with relative ease. I really miss Bill. I saw him after work today, for almost 10 minutes.

He’s such a goof, but he’s my goof and I love him. Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since he’s been staying with his mother in her apartment. I know it has to be done. I offered to go and sit with her should the need arise but so far it hasn’t.

I will say that it’s good to have a three day weekend. Next weekend will be a four day which is even better.

I did something out of the ordinary today. I bought a suit. I try to get a new suit every year and there was a sale at Syms. A nice sale. I was able to get it at a good discount. What’s out of the ordinary is that it’s a three piece. That means suit jacket, trousers and a vest. I’ve never worn a vest before but when I tried it on, it looked great.

It was a Bill Blass suit at a really good price. I planned on taking it to the tailor tomorrow, but I left it at my desk, so I may go in to pick it up. Bill offered to go on his lunch hour since he has to come here to pick up some clothes after work tomorrow.

I tried to dissuade him from doing that, but if he does he needs to give me a heads up so he can pick it up and it will be ready for him. But if there are no snow showers as they predicted this morning for tomorrow I could just as well run in and out and get it myself though I’d really rather not.

I know that if I go in I could be shanghaied into doing something. Today work was fairly busy. The new guys aren’t the pigs I expected them to be, but there is a right wing slant to them. One of them was going off on how he hated Barney Frank and wanted him dead. The other guys reminded him that Barney Frank isn’t so bad and a lot of republicans like him and that quieted him down somewhat.

I got two messages on My Space, one from Inara George from The Bird and the Bee. That was from last month. I sent them an email ‘Saw you for the first time and you were excellent. Thanks so much for getting me out of my bad mood! Look forward to seeing you again soon (I Hope!)’ Inara responded with a ‘Thank you!! xox Inara’. That was nice.

The other My Space message was from Gregg Gillis himself, aka Girl Talk I wrote, ‘I had a wonderful and enjoyable time Saturday night at Terminal 5. Really fantastic and unlike any other show I had ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot! Cheers!’

To which he replied, “thanks so much i had a great night! Gregg” Nice to see that they take the time to respond with a quick line to thank their fans.

I don’t think they have assistants to do it for them. It’s not like they’re Meat Loaf. Inara is in Holland tonight and in London this weekend. Girl Talk is in Cheswick PA this weekend.

So if you’re in either area, go check them out.

And though it isn’t really new, but I just found out yesterday, but Monty Python has an official YouTube channel, and here it is. Any minute now. Here it comes. Wait for it…..
ta da!


That’s My DJ

Monday today. Yesterday was all about relaxing and coming down from the night before, Girl Talk with Juan which in hindsight was magical. On my Facebook page I posted quite a few live videos of Girl Talk live which isn’t the same thing as being there but you get the picture.

Six of the clips are from the Roskilde festival in Denmark, no dancers on stage, but there is also a full live video from New Years Eve 2006 which is joyous ecstatic pandemonium. There also some videos online that may be homemade by fans one of which has fleeting glimpses of Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo which gave me a chuckle. You just can’t go wrong mashing up Rod Stewart with Young Jeezy.

If you decide to check out my Facebook page you will also see a posting from Gawker about Prince declaring his homophobia. That’s too bad, but then again I had written about writing Prince off a few weeks ago and now I guess it’s official.

No need to buy any more products from him. He obviously made his money off of me and he isn’t going to get anymore of my cheddar. He’s now a Jehovah’s Witness thanks to Larry Graham. The high heeled shorty has been known to occasionally knock on people’s doors proselytizing and pushing the Watchtower on people who don’t know any better.

Last night was quiet and good. True Blood was very good, not as good as the week before but still better than anything else on at that hour. Personally I think Tara has been taken from her jail cell by the devil herself. And Sookie uninviting Bill from her home to save Sam who Bill caught kissing Sookie was quite a twist.

Next week is the final episode of the season and I really hope they bring it back next year. Entourage was also very good. Ari Gold versus the German director on Vinnie’s behalf. I think next week they go back to Queens which should be interesting. Nice to see Jerry Ferrara is actually going out with Jamie Lynn Siegler in real life, like his character Turtle on the show.

Today was mainly still rolling with the effects of Girl Talk, so much so that it was all I listened to, to and from work today. Great big smile on my face. Just Tom Chin and I from our company today. We got along ok.

I mentioned that I might be out today so he was surprised to see me, but I didn’t think that that would go well with the new subtenants, so I will be off this Friday and since next week is Thanksgiving it’s a two and a half day work week which is very nice.

I don’t know if I’ll be helping out at Farfetched this holiday season but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I saw Bill fleetingly after work today which was nice but awfully short. I had to pick up something from him on my way home so I swung by his office. He was working so he couldn’t stay too long on the sidewalk talking to me plus it was a bit nippy and he’s not one to work the high beams.

Here’s my Facebook link, I think….
cut n’ paste cut n’ paste

Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me

Well after posting last night, I got myself ready for a night on the town with Juan. I showered and sat around and had a Guinness. He was traveling up from Trenton and was caught on the turnpike in the storm. I told him not to worry, we had plenty of time.

He showed up a little before 8:30 and after a cocktail or two we walked up to Washington Street where we managed to get a bus driver on board even though he wasn’t at a bus stop. The driver let us on briefly hectoring us and mentioning that we could all be arrested for doing such a thing.

I expressed our gratitude and apologies then headed to the seats in the back of the bus. The driver lectured another passenger at the next stop leading us to believe he was having a bad night.

We got off the bus and after finding out that the Duane Reade in the bus terminal doesn’t have an ATM we walked over to Ninth Avenue and started to walk up. Juan wanted to get there a bit faster than we were going so we hopped in a cab and rode up Tenth Avenue towards 56th Street.

It was on the border of drizzling and misty so the gamble to not bring an umbrella was ok. After getting in the queue and having my ID checked so I could have a $6.00 Budweiser. I was incredibly thirsty so that went down rather fast.

The second of two opening acts were on stage, Death Set who could have been a spoof, but I couldn’t tell. Two guitars and a drummer, playing short, loud and fast songs and in between songs an off stage DJ would play various other artists who were totally unrelated to what was going on stage. They reminded me of when the Beastie Boys were part of the hardcore scene.

They were mainly loathed for the audience wanted Girl Talk and nothing but Girl Talk. I sort of liked Death Set though. Totally unexpected as to what I thought would happen and not really my type of music.

Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk took the stage, looking a bit like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums with the headband. Immediately the stage was set upon by audience members all dancing and singing. Soon he would be stripped down his boxers and surfing on top of the crowd.

Rolls of toilet paper was being thrown from the stage making a near multi media concert soft and fluffy. I also think there was someone in a bear suit on stage.

It was quite crowded both on stage and off, and Juan had an itch to get as close to the stage as possible. We winded our way up and it wasn’t easy, ultimately getting separated by six people. I gave up and urged him to continue his mission.

With a crowd as big and as tight as it was last night, there was bound to be shoving and jostling. I had enough of the agony and ecstasy of that after a short while and wound my way towards the back and going to the $6.00 Budweisers area where it wasn’t as crowded or packed.

Everyone was dancing and singing along. I can’t say I’d ever seen something like that. Juan eventually found me and we shared a beer and continued dancing. It was definitely a positively surreal experience. I knew most of the words, but I couldn’t remember them for the life of me so sticking with dancing was definitely the smart thing to do.

After the show, it was steadily raining. Juan and I didn’t mind much since we were wet and sweaty. After a few blocks, we did mind the rain and wound up taking a cab to Penn Station and caught the Path just as it pulled in the station. Good karma.

We walked back to the apartment and of course a block away it stopped raining. Watched Saturday Night Live as well as The Office and 30 Rock until three-ish. It was a fun experience over all, I’m glad Juan enjoyed his birthday present. He just left an hour ago after sleeping in for a long time.

I was up at noon and was out buying breakfast or rather lunch depending on what time Juan was going to wake up. We watched most of Cabaret with Michael York and Liza Minnelli on a windy and cold Sunday afternoon.

I’m a PC- Girl Talk

Thanks Rand

It seems the demonstration at city hall in Manhattan was a success as well as other demonstrations across the nation. So congratulations to all involved!

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Well today they promised rain and it rain for a bit but overall it turned out ok. Temperatures were close to the 70’s making it a muggy November afternoon. I was going to participate in another demonstration, this time at New York City Hall, but the threat of rain kept me away, making me a fair weather protester, or perhaps like Sarah Vowel had written, a Partly Cloudy Patriot.

It turns out that it was actually very nice for the hours of the demonstration, and on the news they said hundreds of people had shown up, then they said they covered a few city blocks which, judging by the crowd on Wednesday night, I would say it was more like a thousand or so.

It was also easier to go to the demonstration on Wednesday since I was in the city already. Today I was safely ensconced in Hoboken, far from the maddening crowds. Plus it sucks to go without Bill who is still indefinitely in Stuyvesant Town. I miss the big lug.

Last night was relatively quiet. Watched O & RM, and I have to ween myself from them soon. Daily Show and Colbert Report can stay though. Last night’s repeat of Thursday night’s show had Bill O’Reilly on and he is such an ass. He was trying to be so hip, and he only came off as smug. Jon Stewart had him on the ropes though. Stephen Colbert was actually funnier than the Daily Show. Had me laughing out loud. They’ll repeat both on Monday night I think and both are worth checking out.

Started to watch the news when I remembered Bill Maher was on. Thankfully I missed his monologue. Ashton Kushner was surprisingly outspoken and presented his views quite well. Even rebuffed Dan Savage’s overtures, reminding Dan Savage that he had sent Savage a letter which was replied with some really foul and nasty language.

That seemed to have put Dan Savage in his place. Dan Savage has been in the hot seat this week due to some comments regarding 70% of black people that voted in favor of Prop h8 and were construed as racist following the passing of Prop h8. They didn’t bring that up though and Dan Savage has deleted that column from his archives and is singing quite a different tune.

Then it was a good night of sleep. Waking up this morning had a shower, some coffee then a walk a few doors down my block to Mr. L’s for my monthly haircut. Tony was free and I was determined not to paint as grim a picture on the economy as I did last month. I think my generous tip helped proved my point. He’s a great barber. Gets the gray out of the goatee, and trims eye brows, ear and nose hair. When my goatee gets bushy I know it’s time for a hair cut.

cellphone pic

Went to the market, dropped off some bagels with the Lopez clan on the third floor. Superboy has changed since I last saw him three weeks ago. After that I had breakfast and surfed the net, made some new friends and freaks and walked to the post office to drop off some Netflix dvd’s and enjoyed a Padron.

Now I’m having some pizza waiting for Juan so we can go to the Girl Talk show tonight at Terminal 5 which is at 56th street and 12th avenue. That’s it in a rather large nutshell. The liquor store on the corner has a Christmas display in their window already, Santa and his reindeer on a motorized see saw.

Hoboken’s very pricey (millions!) new World War 2 memorial.

And now that I’m finally getting ready to go out with Juan tonight, the downpour begins….

Strange Overtones

It’s Tuesday again. It was like this last week and the week before that and it goes on further and further from here. Last night was Monday night, Bill and I watched Keith Olbermann who had some righteous indignation towards John McCrazy. Bill got very much into it, not going ghetto but politicized in a way. Then some Olympics then he was off to bed.

I’ve been playing DJ during the commercial breaks, going from roots reggae to the Stones to The Coasters to who knows where, finishing up with Les Paul and Mary Ford singing How High The Moon. Still sounds amazing over 50 years later, miles away from Mahwah where I believe Les Paul still resides.

Right now my computer is pissing me off. Very slow. I’ve been trying to burn some cd’s for Annemarie’s birthday but it’s been impossible. Keep getting some stupid code error. Pisses me off. Had to resort to plan B. Oh I am getting upset.

Presently running some spyware which is doing what it’s supposed to do I hope. More than anything the inability to burn cd’s is definitely pissing me off. I will have to work on that and send Annemarie the cd’s at a later date.

It’s a nice night for sure. Bill called to tell me that Rachel Maddow is getting her own show following Keith Olbermann. I’d like to think that the head of programming reads my blog but I doubt it.

Still no Casey in the morning. Maybe I’ve been leaving earlier, or he’s leaving later or on vacation. I remembered to bring something to read and of course, it’s Alan Bennett. Two short stories, The Clothes They Stood Up In and The Lady In The Van. The first story is funny, in a subtle English. I chuckled a few times reading it on the way in.

So far, a married couple have come back from seeing Cosi Fan Tutti and find their home has been burglarized with everything gone. Furniture, beds, phone, stove, every thing. The husband is a solicitor and the wife is a house wife.

They’ve lived a very sheltered life. No kids, no neighbors, no friends really. And they don’t interact with anyone in their town, in fact when he goes to use a pay phone at the laundromat, it was the first time he had ever been to one.

Of course there’s a lot more than that and I do Alan Bennett no justice in trying to describe his writing. So I’ll stop there. My copy is from Ramsey courtesy of the BBCLS, the cooperative system that Hoboken is a part of.

I am taking Juan to Girl Talk for his birthday in November. That promises to be a real good time. And next month is My Bloody Valentine as well as the B-52’s playing a free show by Kean University in Union, NJ September 6..

Here’s a thought I felt I should write down last night. Some straight people don’t want gay people around kids. The ‘official’ line is the skewed pedophilia fear, despite the fact that most reported pedophiles are straight men.

But perhaps on a deeper, unconscious level it’s fear of gaydar. The unspoken knowing that someone else is gay. It’s there, I have it. It’s defective but it works. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

I think that some straight people are afraid of the gaydar coming from a child and picking up the vibe that that certain adult is different from what the child has come into contact with, and might identify more with the gay person rather than the straight people they might have been accustomed to.

What do you think of that? Comments please.

I Got The News

Busy Busy, that’s me. It’s been great having Bill back here in Hoboken and of course he’s been driving me crazy. Good crazy though. I missed his talking to the tv, his wonderful laughter and the little things we do together. There are other things that drive me crazy but I’m not getting into them since they’re such old pet peeves, I just don’t want to open that can of worms and come off like a nag.

We watched Keith Olbermann again, Bill’s turning into quite the fan of Olbermann then watched Daily Show and the Colbert Report and then at 10:00 Bill went to bed. I wound up watching some documentary on The Who, which was ok. Roger Daltrey definitely doesn’t have the voice he used to have and Pete Townshend certainly doesn’t jump around anymore, but still does the windmill guitar bit from time to time.

That killed an hour, then it was the local news. I was surprised that hardly any news outlets reported on the Knoxville shootings. I mean, it’s a juicy story what with the killer having Michael Oso Savage, Sean Halfwitty and Bill O’Screechy on his bookshelf. Books that advocate the end of liberals.

I’m surprised Ann C***ure was not included since she wished that Timothy McVeigh (another wad who took his cues from the reich wing) would blow up the New York Times building.

So much for the liberal media. Of course there is no liberal media since it’s owned by multi-national conglomerates.

My sock puppets were active online today. Last Friday in Times Square, the organization, Critical Mass had their last Friday of the month bike ride, effectively taking over the streets with bicycles. It pisses off drivers and the police and occasionally pedestrians.

Last Friday as hundreds of cyclists pedaled through midtown, one police officer named Patrick Pogan singles out one cyclist and shoulder checks the rider, causing the rider to fall off his bike onto the curb and sidewalk. Officer Pogan claimed the rider tried to run him over, and resisted arrest as the cyclist lay there dazed.

10 years ago, this would have gone unreported, but now, there are cameras everywhere (say cheese!) and the cop has been taken off the streets and charged with perjury by filing a false police report since the incident has been caught on tape and shown on YouTube since then. My faithful sock puppets went to battle with various ‘NYPD could do no wrong’ types.

One of the puppets even sent an email to fat ol’ Andrea Peyser (former columnist of the year) of the NY Pest. She of course condemned the cyclist. I commended the former columnist of the year on being able to write 372 words on the subject. Actually it was more of congratulating her on her sausage fingers being able to hit the proper keys on the keyboard.

She writes 372 words about twice a week and pulls a six figure salary.
What is her technique? Does she swallow or does she spit?

In all fairness her colleague Steve Dunleavy who sleazed upon our shores in the 1970’s around the time of Son of Sam trying to link Jimi Hendrix songs like Hey Joe to the Son of Sam murders ala Manson and Helter Skelter by the Beatles. It didn’t work.

Dunleavy uses less words than Peyser and probably makes more money. But not for long since Dunleavy is said to be fading fast and about to shake off his mortal coil. A first class souse he is, usually found falling off a barstool at Langans on 47th Street. At least Jimmy Breslin gave up the drink and he’s a much better writer.


Gurls on the go

Blowing bubbles

Three guys are called in court.
The first guy stands before the judge.
Judge: Why are you here?
Guy: I was in the park. Blowing bubbles.
Judge: Blowing bubbles in the park? Get out of here! Case dismissed. Next!

The second guy appears before the judge.
Judge: And why are you here?
Second Guy: I was in the park blowing bubbles.
Judge: What? Another guy in court for blowing bubbles? Case dismissed! Next!

The third guy appears before the judge.
Judge: And you? Why are you here? What’s your story?
Third Guy: I’m Bubbles.

Here’s a link to a quick chat with Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk


Madison Time

Listening to the latest Girl Talk release, available via his myspace page or at Illegal Art. If you’re not familiar with Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk he’s really something else. He takes things from a variety of music and makes something new with it, usually danceable and gets me laughing and smiling. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and Seals and Crofts are thrown in the mix with generally pleasing results.

I missed his appearance last year in Manhattan but Juan saw him in Philadelphia and even wound up dancing on stage with him I think. It would be cool to see him next go round, I’d pay twenty dollars to see him on stage with a laptop, sure. It’s a free download, called Feed The Animals and worth checking out.

If anyone knows Natalie Dominquez, please tell her someone is looking for her and to tell her to stop giving them my phone number. Actually it was only one call so it was probably a misdial. Still keep an eye out for Natalie Dominquez she troubles me.

Last night was just a warm humid night. TV TV TV, nothing special you’ve read all about it. Bill came home after working late. He had some slices of bread then was going to bed when his cousin Elsie called. Apparently Bill’s mother was frightened that someone was in the apartment so she left and wound up on 14th street where she had no idea where she was.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of someone from Stuyvesant Town who recognized and was able to get Stuy Town security to let her into her apartment. Bill of course was freaked. Elsie has a plan. Her husband, Andy Capp has a cousin who’s down on her luck and needs a place to stay.

Elsie says it would work out since the cousin could stay in the apartment and watch Bill’s mom. I don’t know, it’s none of my business, but it seems a bit sketchy.

I blame my imagination, which kept me awake once again last night. It seems too neat. Bill’s mother has Alzheimer’s, so she wouldn’t remember what happened with her leaving the apartment and it’s a little too convenient that Andy Capp’s cousin needs a place to stay.

So the ‘writer’ in me with this imagination thing entertaining the concept that this was all made up by Elsie and Andy Capp. I could be wrong and I hope I am. In any event Bill is using some friends to do a background check on the errant cousin.

Work today was quiet and busy and I felt a whole lot better than I did yesterday. Greg Stevens was a bit down though. Stock markets did terrible today so he’s taking a beating, which also means the financial world and the company is getting hit.

He’s usually so upbeat, Greg Stevens is, and he wasn’t wearing a noose or anything like that, just wasn’t too happy about the Wall Street scene. I had a full day, including penne, pesto and chicken and left the office at 4:00 a half hour earlier.

I mentioned earlier that once again I had difficulty sleeping. I was besiged by an avalance of ideas. But I just wanted to sleep. Every toss and turn left me with a new idea of something to write about. Does my muse look like Diana Scarwid? I took my advice and got out of bed and watched Jimmy Kimmel who was relatively funny. Mike Myers was a guest and he used to be relatively funny.

It’s rumored that he is the groovy actor about to come out of the closet. He wasn’t doing that last night. Just trying to push his movie which didn’t do as well as he hoped last week. If it’s true that he is gay, I hope he comes out of the closet. It could only help people. The longer one stays in the closet, the more an appearance of a misguided ‘shame’ tarnishes everyone.

So how are you anyway?