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Pinball Wizard

It’s Tuesday. So far so good. Spent part of the day job searching. Online of course. New York State Department of Labor, the New York Times and Craigslist. More of the same, cover letters, resumes and waiting with hope.

The online job search has included some phishing lately. If you don’t click a box for continuing your education via online ‘colleges’ your search ends. If you do click the box you get phone calls telling you why you should sign up with them.

Today I heard from Tiffany at AIU and Sharon from the University of Phoenix. Both tried the hard sell telling me that continuing my education (which I marked as interested in a post doctorate degree in criminal justice) would be the way to go.

One of them even went so far as to ask, ‘Don’t you think you didn’t get that job because of your education status?’ I answered no. I think I didn’t get the job because someone will work for less money than I would.

And that’s basically the reason. Money. Someone will be hired because they are willing to work cheap. I am willing to take a $10,000 cut in salary but any more than that would be crazy.

I also used a link that Janelle, a friend and former co-worker from my Wanker Banker days gave me. I sent an email a little after 5:00 not expecting anything until tomorrow.

About 5 minutes later I get a call from the woman I sent a resume to. I remarked that I was surprised at how fast she called back. She said timing was everything.

Turns out just as she got my resume, she received a job posting. She thinks I will be good as an office assistant and would I like to see her tomorrow. She offered a 9:30 or 11:30 interview. I said 9:30 since it’s all about the timing and if it works out, it will work out earlier.

I already have my suit picked out, my shoes, socks shirt & tie. I’m trying not to get anxious about it, thinking that the job is mine. I do that a lot and wind up having my spirit crushed, but I do have a good feeling about it.

Also smartly decided not to post anything about it on Facebook. It was nice getting all the good wishes and thoughts regarding the last interview, but it was a drag to keep repeating the outcome. So if you have good wishes, post them here.

Easier to maintain and you’ll read about what happened tomorrow night. Last night, Heroes was pretty good. Perhaps for the first time this season. After that I watched Futurama which is always fun to watch.

Helped Bill with his sleep apnea mask which works best when he wears an eye mask. Unfortunately Bill can’t see what he’s doing while wearing the eye mask so that’s where I came in. If we plugged his ears too he’d probably play a mean pinball.

It worked and I had the best sleep I’ve had in days. And so did Bill. So that’s that for today. I’ll fill you in tomorrow with regards to the interview. Until then, keep it under your hat.

8:32PM Phishing. Nathan calls with an offer for online education with the pre-approved GE Home Safety Alarm attached.

Right Back to You

Yes, it’s Tuesday. Don’t know how it got here, but here it is, or rather, here it was since there’s only a few hours left for Tuesday. Let’s see, last night watched Heroes. Bill was here but not really watching. He complained that I monopolize the TV so I asked if there was anything he wanted to watch at 10:00. There wasn’t and he wound up going to bed before Heroes ended.

I wished Juan was here to join me in the snarky comments department. But Juan is busy doing his thing, school, work and he also has 2 new kittens to look after. Heroes was ok. Syler is now working alongside Željko Ivanek, who may or may not be a shape shifter. I would bet that he is.

The other parts of the show had Peter Petrelli and his mother in some catholic church hiding out and praying and Nathan and the cheerleader holed up in a fleabag motel south of the border in Mexico. That was weird. I expected the 2 of them to start making out, which would have been super creepy since their characters are father and daughter.

I stayed up of course and watched a few minutes of Scarface. Man I loathe that movie. It really is a crap movie and the fact that so many ‘kids’ like it emulate Al Pacino’s Tony Montana character only goes to show that these ‘kids’ don’t know anything about movies. Oh it’s so bad.

I rented it once or twice on VHS. It was a 2 tape set and I could never get past tape 1. So as far as I’m concerned, Tony Montana cleans up his act, loses the terrible ‘Cuban’ accent and moves out west as a homesteader where he creates the great state of Montana, a safe haven for ex-expatriate Cubans with bad accents and crap cigars.

A few of my friends like the movie, but I don’t see those friends that much anyway. I think the only decent movie Brian DePalma ever made was Carrie and that was because Sissy Spacek was the star. Forget about the Untouchables. I almost walked out on that, but instead found myself in the lobby of the Stanley Warner theater smoking cigarettes during most of the movie.

After watching about as much as I could stand I switched over to watch Futurama which was good as usual.

Work today was busy and I decided that I would really put myself in the position of office manager looking after the 5 different companies that reside in my office. Greg Stevens came back from Arizona. He’s now retired from the company that originally hired me but now only exists on paper.

He’s now going to be working for a Los Angeles company but based in Manhattan. He mentioned that he’ll be renting office space and I might be doing work for him which should bring in some income. He’s such a nice guy that I would do work for him even if there was no pay involved. But I wouldn’t turn down any money that he would offer.

Tomorrow is April Fool’s day and who knows? If that computer worm is out there and gets activated tomorrow this could be my last post. Then again it could be a hoax, it is April Fool’s Day after all.

Crackerbox Palace

Not a bad Fat Tuesday. Not that I’m celebrating Mardi Gras. Just today was an agreeable day. Sure there was a bit of nonsense but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Last night was rather ho hum. I thought Heroes would be the big thrill of the day, but actually it focused on the boring characters.

Harpy called when it started and I told him I would call him back In retrospect, I should have taken his call. The horned rimmed glasses guy’s back story simply isn’t compelling, and the cheerleader would have been a better storyline. Also, no Syler which means dull dull dull.

After that I watched Futurama and Demitri Martin’s show on Comedy Central. My brother Frank recommended it and he was right, it’s pretty funny. He does remind me of John Hamilton though. Speaking of John Hamilton, Bill and I are attending a surprise party for him on Sunday. Hopefully he doesn’t read this blog, or Google his name, where this entry might pop up.

Went to bed after the big news story of New York getting a new archbishop, replacing the old archbishop who’s retiring. Not that anything with change, they’ll just have to let out or take in the brocaded cape and gowns.

Haute couture while schools are closing. Yeah they have their priorities straight.

Yesterday was the first time in a while that I’ve walked on the property of St. Patrick’s cathedral. I usually cross the street, but it couldn’t be avoided. Did you hear or read that the catholic church is bringing back selling indulgences? Yep. Sure are. Gotta raise some money and bishop needs a new pair of (Prada) shoes.

Slept really well last night, woke up to the sound of the Monkees singing Daydream Believer. I like leaving a little later, the bus isn’t that crowded since there are buses rolling down Washington Street every 5 minutes and I get to ride in a coach bus. Very comfortable.

Since I finished Sarah Vowell last week as well as the double issue of the New Yorker I had nothing to read yesterday and wound up staring out the window. Today I made sure I had something and brought the latest issue of Uncut magazine and read about the formation of Apple Records 41 years ago. What a mess that turned out to be. Good intentions, lousy results.

Work was a breeze today. Tom Chin has the flu and didn’t stay all day which was good. He gave me something to fax when he gave me the go ahead and then he left the office. I got the thing ready but didn’t fax it, but sent an email telling him I did.

I’d get yelled at if I didn’t fax it and wasn’t sure if he wanted me to, perhaps I missed his go ahead. He responded, probably while on Metro North heading back to Connecticut, in caps writing ‘I told you to wait until I told you!’ I replied that the fax machine wasn’t working properly so it didn’t go out after all.

Actually it never left my desk. He’ll probably have something to say about it tomorrow, if he comes in.

Today’s comedy was courtesy of Vivek. He gives me some checks to deposit. One goes to this bank A, the other goes to that bank B.I get the deposit slips all set but the account number has one too many digits. I ask him if he’s sure it goes to bank B and he says yes.

I go to bank A and that went well, I was able to make the deposit. I go to bank B and they tell me it’s not their bank. I then go to bank C across the street and it’s not them either. I then cross another street and go to bank D where I’m met by some helpful staff.

They escort me to an office and a handsome young man comes in and enters the info. It turns out it is his bank, bank D. He does the transaction while I wait in the office and comes back with the deposit receipt. I ask him how things are with the current economic climate and he tells me he works at a bank that actually has shown a profit.

Then he asks where I bank and I tell him. I’m getting a vibe from this guy, that he’s into me. Imagine that, being seduced so I could perhaps switch banks. It was a pleasant experience and I left after complimenting him on his suit. Gave him something to dream about.

Left work an hour or so later, on my way to see Bill for a few minutes. I had every green light and made it across town in surprisingly record time. Saw Bill and we had a few laughs. He asked me to go to Easter services with him and his mother.

Sure, I said, mentioning that I will have 40 days from tomorrow to think about it in case I change my mind. He mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to get ashes tomorrow due to his hectic schedule. I told him that Ash Wednesday is probably a favorite holiday of dermatologists around the world.

Love Is Like Oxygen

A beautiful Saturday. For the third day in a row actually. Today feels like spring, definitely. Last night I watched the first DVD from Saturday Night Live’s musical guests. Elvis Costello, Patti Smith, The Blue Brothers, Grateful Dead, Bill Joel, Carly Simon, Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger et al. It was ok. Had it on for the music more than the video though seeing Patti Smith so young with Ivan Kral and Richard Sohl still alive and in the band. Ivan is still alive, Richard passed away.

TV was on the menu again last night, the usual suspects. I neglected to mention how great it was to see Michelle Obama on the Colbert Report the other night. She was well poised and funny. I wouldn’t mind having her as a First Lady. It would definitely be an improvement over who we have now. Watched Futurama which is almost always great and then Bill Maher who had Cornell West on, as well as politician and writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali, blogger Markos Moulitsas from the Daily Kos. Kos was great and got his point across better than Cornell West, at least what he said struck a chord in me. But right now I forget what it was. I am a fan of Cornell West, and plan to check out his books sometime. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, while easy on the eyes was so soft spoken you can barely hear her.

Yesterday at work I had a very interesting chat with Vivek and Lydia about religion. Lydia, from Estonia, really didn’t have religion in her life. Vivek is Hindu and I covered the Atheist angle. It was due to the Pope being in town. Spoke to Billie in DC. He has bronchitis as well as bad allergies and with his compromised immune system, he’s not having an easy time of it. He was also fed up with the mess of things the Pope made while he was in Washington DC..That darn Pope pissing off people where she goes. At least the six victims of sexual abuse by pedophile priests probably weren’t pissed and the old man in a gown. Same jerk who said that homosexual couples that want to adopt children are intrinsically evil.

After Bill Maher I tuned in to VH1 Classics which had a block of Bruce Springsteen videos on honor of Danny Federici, recently deceased keyboardist/accordionist from the E Street Band. About 2 hours actually of mainly live videos going as far back as 1975. That’s when I would have loved to have seen him. Frank and Elaine as well as Annemarie and Brian were going to see him constantly it seemed. I was too young to go, especially since they wanted to get their freak on and not watch their 13 year old brother.

Bruce was so skinny then, and quite the performer with a four hour show each night. I felt sad at Danny Federici’s passing, though not as much as Harpy and my family. I think the album that he features prominently on is The Wild and the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle. That’s the album I heard the most when growing up in 13 Riverview. Four of my favorite Bruce songs are on that. Sandy (Fourth of July, Asbury Park), Kitty’s Back, Incident on 57th Street and Rosalita. One of these days I’ll get the rest of the album. Here’s a clip of Danny Federici’s last appearance with the E Street Band last month.

Let Me Roll It

It certainly is very strange, the weather is. I left the apartment it was 50 degrees and promised to get warmer. Still I wore my overcoat, which meant I would be drenched with sweat by the time I got to the office. It was a 3 t-shirt day. It had gotten so muggy that even walking around midtown, running errands wearing a suit jacket and I was sweating. It was 68 degrees at that point. Crazy I tell you, crazy! Things in the office have been ok. I’ve taken to calling Tom Chin, the old lady. I ask Lydia where the old lady is and she laughs.

Now at 6:40PM I sit next to an open window, enjoying something that resembles a breeze. Last night it was warm as I watched the telly. The usual, Scrubs, A Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. There was a running theme throughout both shows and crossing over into Late Night with Conan O’Brien. That was pretty funny though I watched it out of sequence since I first saw the Conan clip online in the afternoon. It was supposed to be the last, but still it was very funny. All three of them beating each other up. Quite silly I thought.

Caught Futurama and a series on Soul Music on VH1. All pretty good, Futurama hilarious, Soul Music, soulful. Watched the 3rd DVD of the McCartney Years. This one featured live performances from the Wings Over America movie, Rock Show, some songs from McCartney Unplugged from MTV and part of the big Glastonbury festival from 2004. The audience eating it all up each time. And why not? Macca is quite the consummate professional, and it was cute to see Paul on stage in 1976 so chubby cheeked and with a shag haircut yet.

He certainly gives the audience what they want to hear. I know this to be true because on October 4, 2005 I was screaming my lungs out for Macca at Madison Square Garden, tears streaming down my face, quite unexpectedly during Maybe I’m Amazed. Julio and I have a pact to see Macca again should he come rolling around these parts again.

Can’t seem to wake up on time the past couple of days. I’ve even taken to going to bed a little bit earlier (hence not watching the rest of Macca at Glastonbury) but still I can barely hear the alarm clock when it goes off. If I didn’t have to pee I’m sure I would keep sleeping. Not too much of a problem, I was only 5 minutes late at work and no one was in yet so I’ll just say I was in 5 minutes early.

Bill’s dad goes to the VA home tomorrow, and his mother can also stay there since she needs to be attended to all the time, not being able to be on her own as the Alzheimer’s continues. I haven’t seen Bill in a week which is odd. We chat online and talk on the phone, but haven’t seen each other. That’s really about all I have to say.