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Tales of Brave Ulysses

Well I’m back. Been back for a few hours actually. Came home, showered and took a nap. Woke up to the sound of the St. Ann’s feast band marching through the streets, and stopping in front of my building for a blessing.

Not the way I wanted to wake up but it worked nonetheless. Still a bit groggy. Many beers were drunk last night and I woke up still buzzed.

Getting to Otisville was pretty easy, got on a train and just took the two hour train ride. Read most of the New Yorker including an interesting article on organ donation for altruistic reasons. Compare that to the organs for cash scheme which was revealed the other day as part of the NJ corruption arrests.

The scam was reportedly going on for 10 years, run by some Rabbi. Nice. I made it up to Otisville with no problems. A few girls making some noise was easily ignored. There was a hitch once I got off the train.

No cellphone service at the station. I stood around for 20 minutes trying to call Pedro & Connie, on their land line and his cellphone to no avail. I didn’t panic. It was a nice day, clear skies and I enjoyed a cigar while I tried to get through. Even tried a pay phone but that was out of service as well.

I finally got through and Pedro was on his way. A few minutes later a car pulls up and I was expecting it to be our friend Excer. No, it was Ulysses, someone I hadn’t seen in years.

Ulysses started working at Murdoch Magazines the day after I started in 1986. We hit it off immediately back then, so much so that I was DJ’ing a friends wedding and Ulysses and his late brother Tony rented me their equipment for $100.00.

I hadn’t seen Ulysses since Tony’s wake in 2000 or so. After Ulysses started working there, in came Pedro and Tony and eventually Excer. Harpy was there by that time as well.

Last night was all about Stella Artois and dominoes Ulysses didn’t play dominoes, he was too busy downloading various programs for his music studio. Pedro, of course dominated the dominoes, I was a drunken second place.

Every one crashed by 1:00, the only 2 staying up were me & Ulysses, chatting away until 2:30 when he decided he had to head home despite Connie setting a bed for him.

I tried to convince him to stay over but as Pedro explained this morning, he never stays out, always heads home before sunrise. I woke up bleary eyed, hearing Excer and Connie talking in the kitchen.

Excer offered me a ride back to Hoboken so I figured he would want to get moving soon. I got out of bed and had some pancakes and scrambled eggs that Connie made as well as some coffee.

Excer and I were on the road at 10:30, taking Route 17 all the way down to Route 3 where I directed him to Hoboken, specifically right in front of my building.

Came upstairs, Bill was cleaning the apartment. I showered and took a nap. After being awoken by the St. Ann’s feast band, I went for a stroll with Julio.

We stopped in Radio Shack when all of a sudden, the skies opened and it started pouring and hailing. We were inside the store for about a half hour waiting for the rain to stop.

The staff didn’t mind, they were too busy laughing at the soggy people walking down the street avoiding cafe umbrellas that started flying on the sidewalks.

That is about it. I’m sure I will sleep well tonight. Here are some pictures from last night.
7.26.09 weekend 005









7.26.09 weekend 019


7.26.09 weekend 021


7.26.09 weekend 018
My Double Six

My Double Six

All Together Now

Just got back from Otisville a few hours ago, and just woke up from a nap a few minutes ago. It was all in all a fun time with Pedro and Connie as well as with Excer and Lillian.

Always good to get out of town if only for a few hours, in this case I was out of Hoboken for about 24 hours. I do like Hoboken, don’t get me wrong, but an occasional change of scenery is the key to living a sane life.

Pedro and I spoke before I left for the train and he asked me to pick up some batteries. Unfortunately the line in CVS was too long and I was faced with a not so difficult decision, get the batteries and miss the train or get the train and forget the batteries.

So I opted to forget the batteries which wasn’t so bad. Pedro wanted them so he could light up some petrified wood sculptures through the house.

The train ride was pleasant enough, I dug into the final chapters of the John Lennon biography which is due tomorrow at the Hoboken Library. It’s been a good read, and so far Sean Lennon has been born and John has his green card, planning to visit his Aunt Mimi soon enough. We know how it will end though, sadly. He was a messed up figure to say the least and he himself recognized it.

Got off the train in Otisville, the next to last stop on the Port Jervis line. Pedro wasn’t around so I waited in the heated waiting area which smelled of a very strong disinfectant. Excer and his girlfriend Lillian were in the kitchen talking to Pedro’s girlfriend Connie when I got there.

I was starving and Connie was making a lot of food, chicken, potato salad, rice and beans. A big bucket filled with wine and beer was nearby and soon enough it was cheers all around with the clinking of wine glasses and beer bottles.

Some of Pedro’s friends also showed up in time to watch the boxing match between Shane Mosely and Antonio Margarito. Pedro mentioned that Margarito was favored to win, in the ninth round which made me root for the underdog Mosely who won in ninth round instead. Things wound down after that.

Two of Pedro’s friends who drove up from Long Island left soon after making some of us scratch our heads and wonder why they would drive three hours up to sit around for two hours and then drive back to Long Island.

More beer for everyone else and we drank and watched a bootleg of The Wrestler which was very good, both the quality of the copy and the movie itself. Still I would see it again in a theater if and when Bill wants to.

Then at 1:00 we decided to watch Gran Torino which despite Pedro’s hype was merely ok. Clint Eastwood doing his best Ted Cassidy as Lurch performance. He also reminded me of my father. In certain shots he looked like him.

At 3:30 it was bedtime for all of us. I was set up in the basement on a comfortable futon not too far away from a very warm fireplace. Woke up to a text from Bill wishing me a good morning and mentioning it was one degree below zero in Otisville. I texted back telling him it was nice to know but I was under a very thick comforter.

Connie made a very big breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes and lots of coffee. Pedro was incapacitated and did not get out of bed. I knew I wasn’t going to catch the 11:00 train back to Hoboken and the next train was around 3:30.

Instead I hitched a ride back to Manhattan with Excer and Lillian and got off at the George Washington Bridge bus terminal only to find the A train wasn’t stopping there and the 181 bus to Union City wasn’t running until 4:00.

I hopped on a shuttle bus to 168th street and caught the train to the 42nd Street bus terminal where I caught the bus back to Hoboken and took a nice two hour nap. Back to work tomorrow.

That’s it for me. Good to be back home, though it would be better if Bill were here.

en route to Otisville at sundown

en route to Otisville at sundown

Otisville 6PM

Otisville 6PM

Excer & Pedro

Excer & Pedro

Lillian and Connie

Lillian and Connie

The host with the most

The host with the most

T'is himself....

T'is himself....


Nice to write on a Friday evening. Been a long week though it was only a 4 day work week. Haven’t heard of any other friends getting laid off today. Trudy whom I wrote about yesterday is leaving next Friday. Farfetched, according to Susan’s Facebook page will probably be shuttered this weekend.

Next Friday is a farewell get together at the store and Harpy wants to dance with me. ♪’I’m Harpy just to dance with you’♫. I may fob Bill off on him since Bill is more of a dancer, I’m more of a music selecter. No typo or sic, just an homage to a favorite 2 Tone band.

Tonight I’m not doing much of anything except for laundry. I’m off to Otisville, land of the alpha male Pedro. Trying to figure out how to get that nude shot of him from his phone to mine. The nude shot that sobered me right up last May, burned into my consciousness.

Speaking of nude shots, I saw (and saved) a video of two hot guys going at it a while ago. That’s one of the advantages of not having children around, graphic images and their availability. Well the other day I am pretty sure I saw one of the participants on the street the other morning as I was going to work.

I wasn’t sure since he was fully clothed and couldn’t tell since I didn’t hear his voice. Of course ever since I saw him I made it a point to walk the same bat route at the same bat time but he was nowhere to be found this morning.

Just 2 ships passing in the night (or morning) and one with quite a heavy anchor. What would I say? What would I do if I saw him again? Just a daydream again, albeit a lustful daydream. Oh sex, such a welcome distraction from life’s drudgery.

That was a return to the early days of this blog when I wrote freely about sexual matters, now I use discretion and ennui. Last night was nothing extraordinary. No O & RM, watched Ugly Betty. It’s been awhile since I watched it and while it’s still sweet I really don’t know what’s going on.

Easy to jump back in though. Bill is into the show and I could always ask him who’s who and what’s what. I had no idea that Betty was living in Manhattan with Amanda and I had no idea Amanda could be nice. Amanda is the receptionist and also the illegitimate daughter of the horrid Gene Simmons from Kiss.

I never liked Kiss and always felt their fans, the Kiss Army were a bunch of suckers. They were big but never reached the upper echelons of the Rock and Roll hierarchy and are rarely mentioned in those Rock and Roll documentaries on VH1 Classics.

Unlike Led Zeppelin who I used to resent, but now I respect, I will never like Kiss.

Harpy called midway through Ugly Betty, reading me the pulse on Farfetched and then proceeded to froth at the mouth about something. I don’t remember and as Harpy was nearly 3 sheets to the wind I doubt if he will remember.

I do recall his mentioning Ambien and how he took it once only to find himself on the living room floor surrounded by stacks of books that he piled up when sleep walking. That sounds like fun, if only as an experiment.

Take an Ambien and let the camera roll. Of course someone would need to use the camera and prevent me from doing something really stupid. The perfect person to man the camera would be Juan who just called me a little while ago wondering if we were going to meet up later.

He gets out of work at 10:00 and he’s in Princeton which is a few hours away which means midnight, and that might be too late for me. Still, I told him to call me to gauge the situation. I’m hopeful since I haven’t seen him since last year.

I just wouldn’t want him to come over and then me kicking him out soon after. He’s working and going to school so he has a full dance card.

I doubt that I’ll be posting tomorrow night since I’ll be in Otisville with Pedro and Connie, as well as Excer and his girlfriend and Gary- a friend of theirs from back in the day. I meet Gary every couple of years and the last time was last year.

And last time I saw Excer he was complaining about how his girlfriend wants to get married and that’s something Excer doesn’t want to do again. Another friend, Ulysses may show up but I’m not placing any bets on that.

It would be fun if Ulysses showed up, it would raise the party to a whole different level but I’m not holding my breath. Ulysses is such a cool name though, isn’t it? I suppose it made him tough, much like A Boy Named Sue.

Aretha’s hat takes over the world!

Every Kinda People

Well it’s Sunday night. No feeling of dread, the feeling that I had better get my homework done. No spending the afternoon training with the Junior Rifle Squad, no going with my brother Brian to pick up a pie from Lodi Pizza. All is well though the pizza idea is a pretty good one.

But no, I just ate dinner. Or was it supper? Which one is later? Dinner or supper? My family used to eat dinner/supper around 2:00 in the afternoon on Sundays and then have the pizza later around 8:00. It was always a treat to have pizza on Sunday nights, something to look forward to.

No pizza for me, maybe some organic dark chocolate with raspberries instead. Once I open it, it has to be devoured. It rarely lasts through the night.

Last night was a pretty good time with Excer. I’ve known Excer for about 20 years and he is the only person I know named Excer. He’s a good guy and plays keys for Conjunto Imagen. I met him initially though Pedro when we were both working at 2 Park Avenue for Rupert Murdoch. It didn’t go well.

Excer pulled up in his red Honda and Pedro was in the front seat and I was in the back. We were all sharing a spliff in the parked car. It was the 1980’s so things were a bit lax as regards to law enforcement.

On the sidewalk 2 guys were walking up Park Avenue, they were a bit on the swish side which of course didn’t bother me since it’s the swish guys that are the bravest. But it bothered Excer enough to make a comment. I took that as my cue to go back in to the office, leaving Pedro and Excer in the car.

From what I heard, Pedro gave Excer an earful about how uncool it was for him to say what he said about the gay guys. Excer didn’t think he was that wrong at the time until Pedro told him that I was gay. This is one of the reasons I love Pedro so much. He honestly cares for me and looks out for me like that.

Eventually Excer came around and we became good friends, which is why we were hanging out last night at a bar called Kabin on Second Avenue. Kabin was a decent bar, great Happy Hour. One freebie for every drink purchased. Excer and I drank some Stella Artois before heading over to BBQ for some mediocre hamburgers.

Then instead of going out for more beers, I decided to head on home, Excer kindly dropping me off at the 9th Street Path station. I slept ok, Saturday Night Live was a repeat and I didn’t want to watch Kings of Leon again.

Woke up with the sun beaming on my face at 8:00. Went out and did my thing, and came home and made breakfast. Rand and Lisa were going to be at the McSwells flea market and I was planning on making an appearance until Bill called and asked if I could help him move his late father’s documents to a shredder truck that was going to be at Stuyvesant Town.

I took the Path once again into the city. Twice in one weekend is an accomplishment. After helping Bill, we sat and talked and looked at photos of Bill and his parents as well as his sister who died when she was just a child before Bill was born. Bill was such a handsome lad when he was growing up. What happened? Just kidding of course.

Portrait of Bill playing piano 1990, by William Vila Sr.

Had a Padron as I walked from 14th Street and Avenue C to 32nd Street and Sixth Avenue and listened to a playlist that I’ve been compiling while reading the latest Mojo and Uncut music magazines. Just made the train before it pulled out and was in Hoboken in 20 minutes.

Called Rand to see if the flea market was still going on but I missed the whole thing as they were packing up. And now I’m here at the beginning of tonight’s entry.

One more thing, Bill and I will be protesting against the church of latter day Twits at the Manhattan mormon Headquarters at 65th and Broadway at 6:30 on Wednesday night. Hope to see you there.

Solar Prestige A Gammon

Late posting on a Saturday night. Out of the ordinary. It’s been a busy day somewhat. Last night watched Bill Maher on HBO and once again he was alright, nothing much to write home about. I was home and I didn’t write anything to myself so that proved that point.

Bill’s still out of sorts, dealing with his cousin in law and his mother. The cousin in law pursuing his career, not working and yet somehow busy enough to be able to put Bill down for not doing enough. It’s a good thing I guess that he says this shit to Bill when I’m not around.

If I was there to hear the shit that Bill tells me he said he would be in trouble. The guy’s a washed up crooner with a foot in the early 1970’s glitter rock era. A dick bag that was lucky enough to get his songs on iTunes somehow.

I went into the city today. It was a gray day today, but no need for a umbrella. I was fortunate enough to have timed it well so it was just foggy, no ‘real’ rain. I stopped by Farfetched and saw Harpy who was rather curmudgeonly, enough so that I didn’t want to stay too long.

He was off to a party that he didn’t want to go to, such is the nature of relationships, compromise. I was there for about 20 minutes before heading over to Stuyvesant Town to see Bill. He’s been trying to clean out his father’s stuff and figured there would be some books that I would be interested in. There wasn’t anything really.

I’ve stopped buying books, too expensive a habit to maintain and plus I have a decent public library down the street from my apartment. I found a paperback from the 1960’s about Martin Luther King Jr that I took with me.

I left the apartment and headed to St. Mark’s Place where I met up with Excer. Excer and I were supposed to go to Otisville today and hang out with Pedro and Connie but since Pedro has the bug that I had, Excer and I decided to have dinner together instead. It was his suggestion to go to BBQ which isn’t the best place to go, but since I drew a blank it was where we wound up after having a few pints at a dive a block away.

Some catching up, he’s divorced and his oldest kid is about to turn 21. He also has 2 girlfriends but that’s nothing new since I’ve always known him to have 2 girlfriends. BBQ once again provded a lackluster meal but since he picked up the tab I wasn’t going to complain.

Excer suggested going back to the dive for a few more pints but I begged off saying that I needed to go home and write and that’s where I am now. Home. Writing. It’s best for all concerned I think. Next week is Girl Talk with Juan and that should be more than enough for the month of November.

Still, I am open to suggestions.


I suppose it’s true, no good deed goes unpunished. Sometimes when I walk down 41st Street, I give a homeless guy some change. He calls me soldier, usually compliments me on what I’m wearing and comments on my smoking a cigar. He seems like a nice guy and I always try to give him some change when I can. This happens after work most nights.

Today work wasn’t busy at all and I tried to leave at 3:00 with Vivek’s permission. He was busy since he’s going to India tomorrow and coming back on Tuesday. But things being what they are, I didn’t leave at 3:00. I tried to but as I was headed out the door I heard my phone ring.

So I run to my desk and my jacket gets caught on the edge of the cubicle, tearing off a button off my suit jacket. No problem, even though I can’t sew to save my life I scooped up the button and put it in my pocket.

The phone call was from this crazy psycho Vietnamese chick who has been calling me most every day since May 2007. I’ll come into work and find my voice mailbox would be filled with messages in Vietnamese of this chick screaming, crying and mumbling.

Today when I answered the phone she was crying in English, which she does speak on occasion, ‘what did you do to my computer?’ I told her that I didn’t know anything about her computer and that she was a stupid bitch.

Then I headed out the door, enjoying a Padron and walking across town. Bought a refrigerator magnet of Barack Obama outside of Grand Central Station and headed to the bus terminal. As I approached the homeless guy I reached into my pocket and gave him almost a dollar in change. Make that almost a dollar, plus a button.

I didn’t realize that I gave him the button until I got into the bus terminal. I figured I’ll take the suit to the dry cleaners and have them sew a new button on. I go to the ‘new’ dry cleaner around the block, they do the cleaning on premises and they do it green, meaning environmentally safe.

I tell the gent behind the counter about the button and he looks at me and asks if I have an extra one. I told him if I had an extra one I would have brought it. I also told him it doesn’t have to be the same button, just the same size. He tells me he couldn’t do it.

I wind up walking to another dry cleaner around the block and give the same spiel. This gent tells me that he could probably match the size but it wouldn’t be the same. I tell him to just take off the other two buttons and sew three new ones which is what I could have told the first guy.

I also could have turned around and went back to the homeless guy and asked him to check his cup for a button but since it was a Friday and I was just about 100 yards from my bus I obviously decided not to. Not the end of the world after all.

Just heard from a mutual friend of mine and Pedro’s, Excer. Excer called Pedro to find out what would be going on for tomorrow, but it turns out Pedro is still sick so no Otisville this weekend. Excer mentioned next weekend but I won’t be able to go then since I’m taking Juan to see Girl Talk next Saturday for his birthday.

I am having dinner with Excer tomorrow night instead and I’ll tell him then, unless he reads this first but I find that doubtful.