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Too Much To Think About

Finally Friday arrives in all it’s glory. A bit cool outside as compared to previous Memorial Day weekends. Well at least as much as I can remember. Last night was last night, 4 pints of Guinness and I was done. A pleasant buzz definitely and a strong urge to have a cigarette, but I resisted. Alcohol and smoking seem to go hand in hand, and by seem, I mean that they belong together, at least in my squared circle.

Bill came home again last night, 4 nights in a row which was something he hadn’t done in a while since his father passed away. He came in midway through my watching a Classic Albums DVD of John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. They usually show them on VH1 Classics, but this just came out and I thought it would be worthwhile to give it a go. It was interesting, entertaining and informative. Interviews with Dr. Arthur Janov, Jann Wenner, Klaus Voorman, Yoko and Ringo among others. Some video unseen by me before.

I enjoyed it, though I haven’t played Plastic Ono Band in a while. Just not necessarily the feel good-let’s dance record that one would play on a Friday night. I mean, if I heard someone playing it before going out on a weekend I’d be concerned. They had various engineers and studio people playing back tapes from the original sessions and it was cool to hear John Lennon’s voice unaccompanied. I explained to Bill that Lennon wasn’t too keen on the sound of his voice which is why it double tracked or touched by effects on most of his recordings.

Also gave Bill some back story on Lennon’s growing up without his parents, being raised by an Aunt, and having his mother killed by a drunken policeman driving a car just when John was reconnecting with his mother. Or so the story goes. Who really knows? All the players in the story are dead, John, his mother Julia and his Aunt Mimi. They also had a brief snippet, rather than a full snippet of Yoko’s accompanying record, Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band which sounded like late 1970’s post punk which is what thrilled John after not recording for five years and sort of fired him up to start recording again.

I remember the hype surrounding John Lennon’s return. I’m sure there were a number of people like me who figured, John Lennon living in New York City, lot’s of interesting, cutting edge records coming out every week, he’s going to sound so fresh and exciting. The thing was it wasn’t really. I mean, Double Fantasy was ok, but it didn’t live up to my hopes, and why should it though? It’s his statement about life at 40, which looking back 5 years later at 40 makes me realize he was in a good spot after all. Me, being 18 in 1980 wanted some thrash and roll, skinny ties and all, now I’m more interested in chillin’ out. And that’s alright with me.

Today at work was Lydia’s last day. She was sweet enough to give me a gift, a photo book of her native country, Estonia. She was a real sweetheart, so pretty and definitely a help around the office. I’m certainly going to miss her and I know my workload will increase which is good, though I think they might realize their mistake in not getting a receptionist since I may be out on errands and they might actually have to do something physical. By they, I mean the people who decided not to get a receptionist, in case you hadn’t figured it out.

Here’s some snaps of Lydia, who’s real name is Linda. And some other various snaps.

told you she was pretty…

Sunlight on the photos

Hoboken Sunsets

Scientologists auditing

The end

and here’s something funner

Got A Lot On My Head

It’s one of those days again. Nothing too bad, everything ok. The news is on and what they’re saying is that gas could go up to $5.00 a gallon by summer’s end. It all seems like this is headed towards the beginning of the Road Warrior. One of my favorite movies. In the prologue, the narrator tells of wars that are fought for oil, the precious fuel leading to the breakdown of society and the rise of gangs and tribes. I hope life isn’t imitating art but as far as gasoline prices it seems to be headed that way. Drama!

Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor and according to the newspapers today he has months to live. I respect Ted Kennedy and I know he is more than a flawed human being. I think the good he has done out weighs the bad. Of course the wing nuts will bring up Mary Jo Kopechne and her tragic death will always be over Ted’s head. I don’t know how her family feels, if her parents are still alive. But that matter is between the Kopechne family and the Kennedy family and no one else, despite the wing nut’s claims otherwise. I wish him well.

Growing up in an Irish Catholic household, the Kennedy family were like royalty. There was a memorial plate hanging in our dining room of John Kennedy which always gave me the creeps. I knew something bad happened to him and thought it morbid to be constantly reminded of it. In the back of my mind I felt a little guilty that he died, like it was my fault. I was nowhere near Dallas that day in November 1963 and in any event I was just a little over a year old.

Work was ok. Two more days of having Lydia around. I’m definitely going to miss her, she’s a sweetie. Tomorrow night is the going out for drinks as a fare the well to her. She’ll be playing tennis out in Southampton this summer at the country club as a tennis pro. I think this might be her last year doing that since she really doesn’t like tennis, she’s only been doing it most of her life.

She plans to move back to Estonia. I have to admit, before I met Lydia I had no idea where Estonia was. She’s a beauty though and could more than likely make it as a model or actress if she wanted. Oh to be 24 and beautiful again. That’s right, I said again. Of course there would be caveats attached, like knowing what I do now as well as a nice amount of lottery numbers to play.

And what about the politics today? Clinton insisting that Florida and Michigan primary votes be counted despite agreeing not to count those votes along with Obama and the DNC since those two states moved their primaries up earlier than they should have. That was one of the things that turned me off of Clinton. It wasn’t that difficult with her husband lurking about being an idiot.

I bought Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf in the supermarket tonight. It was $4.99 and it was part of my DNA anyhow. Yes it’s corny but some of the songs are true classics. I’m stunned by how many lyrics I remember and though it’s been played millions of times, Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a brilliant pop song, as is Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. Great word play, doncha think?

I know it’s no West, Bruce and Laing….

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