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I’ll Keep It With Mine

Bad news for Wilmington, Ohio. The freight company DHL has decided to stop making deliveries in the US. I never liked DHL. I tried using them a few times but it was always a hassle. The delivery guys are generally nice guys, but the services sucked and forget about using customer service. They were always incompetent. Regardless, DHL’s base of operations is in Wilmington and overall 10,000 people might be out of work throughout the US.

Just wrote that since the news is on and Brian Williams is smugly spewing forth with his nightly bad news. Last night, Bill stayed in Stuyvesant Town with his mom. He was still shredding papers when I spoke with him after 11:00. He will be coming home tonight and I will do my best to make sure he’s stress free and able to relax.

I’m sure a spliff would help him greatly but that’s not his style. I watched True Blood last night and it was very good. Perhaps the best episode so far. Sookie found out that Sam was a shape shifter. The easiest shape for him to turn into is a dog. Tara had an exorcism that seemed to have worked until she found that the exorcist worked part time in a drug store, so her ‘new’ world collapsed and she got real bitchy. Bitchier than usual.

Sookie’s sexy and stupid brother, Jason- is still being manipulated by the girl who played Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Then she killed Steven Root and you know that can’t be good. And Vampire Bill was on trial and since he killed another vampire, the Magister played by Željko Ivanek decided he had to create another vampire which was sad.

You’d know Željko Ivanek if you saw him. He’s a really good character actor and has been in countless shows and movies, sometimes playing a good guy, sometimes a bad guy and last night he was the eldest vampire that all the vampires in North America report to.

I would say True Blood is sort of like Dark Shadows, but we weren’t allowed to watch Dark Shadows. Maybe because it dealt with the occult which was a no no in my mother’s eyes, or maybe because it would cause nightmares which she wouldn’t want to deal with in the middle of the night.

Entourage was good. It’s interesting to watch Entourage since the election of Barack Obama and the selection of Rahm Emanuel. Interesting because Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari, is the basis of the role of Ari Gold, played by Jeremy Piven. How close the impersonation is, I couldn’t tell you, though Wikipedia has some ideas.

Then I watched Summer Hills High or some show with a similar title. I think the sell by date on comedies with unlikable characters has passed. And last night, the unlikable characters were all played by the same guy. I guess he’s good at that sort of thing, but like I said- the unlikable characters, the spawn of Seinfeld, has gotten old.

What’s next? Blipverts? ‘I’ll buy that for a dollar’? Sybil the Soothsayer? I guess they will all arrive in due time. Darn that Paddy Chayefsky! And Max Headroom as well as Paul Verhoeven while we’re at it!


Blurry Tourists!


Bop Gun (Endangered Species)

Back to the beat, back to the grind. That means it’s Monday. Yes yes I know, big deal. Last night was pretty quiet, I watched the Simpsons and True Blood and Entourage. The Treehouse of Horror was ok. The opening scene with Homer trying to vote for Obama several times and each time it was a vote for McCain before the machine ate Homer and left his carcass with an ‘I Voted’ sticker on his forehead.

After that I watched True Blood which was once again very good. Steven Root is playing a gay vampire that Suki’s brother and his girlfriend kidnapped so they could always get a fresh supply of V. Very sad scenes.

Also Vampire Bill is on trial for killing a vampire that was about to kill Suki and you know, vampires aren’t supposed to kill other vampires, so Vampire Bill is going on to vampire trial. Before he left he asked the bar owner Sam to keep an eye on Suki. Vampire Bill obviously knew something that some of us only had an idea about.

It turns out Sam can turn himself into a dog. The same dog that has been appearing from time to time. Entourage was pretty good, Jason Patrick was excellent playing an asshole, which is basically a send up of how he’s been portrayed in the press.

Bill came home after dealing with his family and he’s heart broken. He feels like he is at wit’s end, trying to take care of his mother while still maintaining his own life. She definitely cannot be left alone and needs supervision at all times.

Once again she almost burned a kitchen down, this time his cousin’s kitchen. And once again all I could do was listen and give him a hug and let him cry on my shoulder. We both slept quite soundly, Bill kissing me goodbye as he was out the door before the sun came up.

The sun wasn’t up when I left. I made a point to dress extra sharp since I was going to volunteer again at the Obama office after work. Work was quiet. Most everyone attended a luncheon put together by Greg Steven’s wife Lorraine on behalf of her foundation.

Then Greg and Lorraine are flying to Arizona for a few weeks so they both can get some rest and relaxation and also a few rounds of golf. Tom Chin was home, sick with the bug that I had. If it’s the same bug, Tom will be out for the rest of the week. I know he’s going to blame me for catching the bug, not the thousands of people he comes into contact with, riding Metro North to and from Connecticut every day.

I left the office around 4:15, enjoying a Padron and walking to the Path train so I could volunteer again. More phone calls to Kearny again. More messages left on voice mail and only one or two people who told me they were voting for McRage.

After about 90 minutes of calling, I headed home where I just cooked some pasta. Also picked up some coffee for the office, talked to nice guy Jeff. He’s playing bass and has a gig in a week or two in Jersey City. I’d go see him but he never told me where he was playing and lets get real. I’m going to Jersey City to see a band that I might not care for?

Obama’s grandmother passed away, it’s sad she didn’t get a chance to see her grandson on Election Day, perhaps winning the nation’s highest office. But I’m sure she was proud of all that he has accomplished so far. I know I am.

Barack Obama and his grandmother Madelyn Dunham are seen together in this photo from 1979.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow. In New Jersey the polls are open from 6:00AM to 8:00PM. And do the smart thing, VOTE OBAMA! PLEASE! And NO on Prop h8 as well as similar measures across the country!

♫ and Happy Birthday to Juan!!! ♪