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You Must Be Good for Something

Plenty cold out today. I woke up at around 11:00. No shame in that. No need to get up earlier. Life was better, more comfortable and a lot warmer in bed. I’m sure the ones who have something to say about my waking up at 11:00 are the ones who had to get up earlier than that.

I don’t put them down for getting up so early so they should just keep quiet on the subject. I didn’t do much, didn’t go out for the bagels, didn’t get the paper. Bill was on his way back from Atlantic City. I did have the plan to head into the city and get a new calendar though.

I watched Live from Abbey Road. They featured the Hoosiers (not from Indiana), the Black Keys and Manu Chao. The Hoosiers, who I did not know of before were impressive, or at least the lead singer’s voice was impressive. Manu Chao I knew of and have one or two of their CD’s. They’re OK. I liked them more 10 years ago, Julio turned me onto them.

The Black Keys were a big disappointment. Too noisy, too metal. They seemed like nice guys though. They reminded me of bands that would play McSwells on a Thursday night. Nice enough to talk to but you’d want to leave the room if you could when they played.

Speaking of Thursday night bands from McSwells, the horrible Soundgarden has decided to get together. I guess the pretty boy front man’s solo career didn’t go as he had hoped, Chris Cornell. His last attempt was something done with Timbaland who usually has the golden touch. Not in this case though. Yes, I guess you can tell that I think Soundgarden sucks.

I also watched a documentary about Gay Muslims in the UK. Man, religion is so stupid and the world would be so much better if people would just stop believing in these idiotic myths.

I took the Path train in, and stopped by Guitar Bar and said Happy New Year to Jim Mastro.

The train wasn’t too crowded and I stood next to four Port Authority police officers. Read the New Yorker, finally made it into December so I’m making progress. Walked over to Barnes & Noble on Union Square. Very cold out but I heeded Bill when he came home complaining about how cold it was so I dressed in layers.

I decided to exchange the John Lennon biography that I had gotten since I read it already and found the music book section. I exchanged the Lennon bio for Revolution in the Head. Yes it’s a book that I’ve read before but it’s more of a reference book, with details on all the songs the Beatles had recorded.

I had a copy that I needed to order from the UK a few years ago and lent it to my brother Frank. I asked for it back but he said he didn’t have it. Whenever I read something about the Beatles, most of the time, Revolution in the Head gets mentioned.

I took it out of the library a few months ago but it was the first edition. This version has been updated in 2007, the third edition. So while I returned the Lennon bio which I’ve read before, I exchanged it for another book that I had read before. That is so me.

Could not find any Beatles calendars so I bought an Elvis Presley calendar which is so not me. I figured after reading a quite from John Lennon saying that Elvis changed everything for him, that if it weren’t for Elvis, there would be no Beatles.

I certainly can’t say I’m much of an Elvis Presley fan at all but I do like the Sun Sessions. When he still had balls.

Station to Station

Well it’s day two of a return to normalcy. Not much to report really. Greg Stevens due to return tomorrow, Vivek the day after. I’ve been doing my best to get along with Tom Chin, mentioning how I plan on running a tighter ship this year which made him wonder what the hell was I doing last year. The proper answer was not much. This year I plan to budget my time, and make sure the receptionist has plenty to do.

Her name is Lydia, she’s originally from Estonia. She’s actually a tennis pro at Greg Steven’s country club and since this isn’t exactly tennis season, in order to prevent her from roaming the winter streets of Southampton, we found a spot for her, just fine and dandy. She’s willing to pitch in, roll up her sleeves and get dirty. If only we had some dirt for her to work with. She seems content with stocking the refrigerator and checking the machines and making sure there is paper in each one. And she’s being schooled on how to make a proper cup of coffee.

I spoke to the woman she replaced the other day, Carla who is doing well at her gig, not so new anymore since it’s been a few months already. We had plans to meet during the holiday season but things being what they were and me being who I was, we decided that soon we’ll meet up for drinks after work. Same thing with Brenda, formerly from Wanker Banker. Drinks promised but never delivered. I didn’t want to sit and bemoan my fate so I avoided drinks with her. I think we are good enough friends to be able to pick up where we left off and have some drinks soon enough.

Since it was in the 60 degree range today and seems to be that way for the rest of the week, this could be the week to do it. But with who? Brenda or Carla? Can’t have them both together since they both want 100% of me. Carla might be in the lead since I actually spoke to her on the phone, and hadn’t spoken to Brenda since last year. And on the contacting friends from the past, thanks to Bill I’ve been re-enrolled in Facebook and in so doing a few friends from McMann and Tate have crept up and invited me to be their friend.

Not all of the knobs from McMann and Tate though, just the cool ones, who are effortlessly cool, not balding pates trying to regain some semblance of being hip by buying high priced Diesel jeans and rolling them up just right. But it’s the nice, cool ones that get my attention and rightfully so. I guess it’s a good way to start out the year, reconnecting with former coworkers, now friends. So here I am, in January sitting next to an open window. Not much of a breeze and it’s quite balmy out.

I ordered a book for someone for Christmas in December via eBay, it didn’t get here in time for the holidays. That’s what you get when you order a $26.00 book for $6.00. But it took almost a month for a book to get from Bellmore Long Island to midtown Manhattan. I’m sure if it wasn’t for my doing some detective work and directly contacting this woman through her email, not via eBay did the trick, or else I’ll still be waiting. So I’m reading the book now, it’s quite good. I won’t mention the title since I plan on giving it to someone once I’m done with it. Then they could give it to someone when they’re done reading it. Nice plan, huh?

And today, David Bowie turns 61, Soupy Sales turns 81.

“Be true to your teeth, or they’ll be false to you”.