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It’s Too Bad

On the cusp of O turning into RM, after O’s excellent editorial regarding Prop h8 in California, I get a phone call from my brother Frank. He watches O religiously, and I guess I do too. O was over and I guess RM isn’t his type so despite the fact that I’m watching RM he calls to ask me if I saw O’s Special Comment. I tell him I did and it’s basically what I’ve been thinking and feeling the past few months.

I tell him of my plans to demonstrate outside the mormon temple on Wednesday night with a few other bloggers in my poppy seed blogroll. He advises me to not get into trouble so as not to alert the O’Reilly factions. I want to tell him it would be more like Grant Park 2008 as opposed to 1968, but I guess he just wanted an easy going conversation and here I was getting all radical.

It’s too bad, I would have loved to have talked to him about the past week. I wrote that last night, after I posted and after the phone call. I was obviously bothered by the whole thing and kept it to myself. Actually not really keeping it to myself since I am posting it here.

Frank’s wife Elaine, told me that he definitely likes to talk (when he can find the words), he’s just not so good at listening.

Now Bill is home, literally hat in hand. He’s upset that he’s going to have to take his mother out of his cousin Elsie’s apartment. That’s where his mother has been since Elsie was adamant about not wanting her Aunt in a nursing home.

Elsie’s husband, Andy Capp, the faux crooner has been very abusive towards Bill on the whole matter, calling him names and generally belittling him every chance he could get. You see Andy Capp with his series 7 broker license doesn’t work. Just practices being a crooner all day long.

Food on the table? That’s his wife’s job. Clothing their kids, let Elsie do that too. Here is this bald headed scumbag treating Bill like shit as if Bill wasn’t feeling bad enough. So Bill is going to take his mother out of there and set her back up in her own apartment.

That means after the helper that’s been looking after Bill’s mother leaves, Bill will leave work and tend to his mother without the help of Elsie or the abuse of Elsie’s do nothing husband. Bill is all torn up and once again I offer a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen.

The bed will be bigger without him, but it will always be here for him. I just love how people use the bible to justify their hatred, their fears. Elsie seems so hip and with it but she actually uses that old tome to make decisions on how to live her life and to justify not explaining to her kids why ‘Uncle’ Billy isn’t going to get married to a woman, and now why Bill isn’t going to be around much, if at all.

Even if Jesus existed, I’m pretty sure this isn’t how he wanted his followers to behave. Speaking of which, tomorrow night is the night when I will be joining fellow No on Prop 8 supporters demonstrating outside the mormon temple at 65th and Columbus Avenue at 6:30.

Started out the day reading about Thomas Friedman in the New Yorker, rode on the bus home reading about that dead bastard Milton Friedman in Naomi Klein’s excellent book, The Shock Doctrine.