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The Moon is Blue

Well I certainly did expect to come home to bad news. Bad news meaning that Chris Christie has won the gubernatorial election in New Jersey. NYC was a given, Bloomfield was going to win overturning the people’s mandate for term limits. But it wasn’t the landslide he bought expected.

In Maine, it’s too close to tell. At this moment the people that want to take away civil rights granted by the legislature from same sex couples are ahead by a few percentage points. Losing elections is nothing new to me.

I hardly ever vote for the winning candidate. Obama was the biggest election that I ever voted in, and the first I ever worked for. Unfortunately I did not have the admiration for Corzine that I did for Obama and did not do anything for his campaign.

Well all I can say was New Jersey has been fucked before and I suppose New Jersey will get fucked again. Christie has said that if Same Sex marriage come to his desk he will veto it. And women better watch their bodies because he’s not for the right of a woman to choose.

I should have known, and perhaps deep down I knew that things might not go in the direction I favored.

Tonight I went to the Bronx to attend a wake for Bill’s band mate, Kirk’s father who passed away on Kirk’s 50th birthday. It was a schlep. And also an opportunity to wear a suit and tie again. Apparently I lost a couple of pound since a shirt that I bought that was a bit tight around the neck a few months ago fit nicely and was not snug at all.

Kirk was happy to see Bill and me at the sad occasion and gave us both big hugs. It was more of a service than a wake and it took place in an episcopal church somewhere in the Bronx. I remarked to Bill that if I lost him and needed to find my way home I would be screwed.

The Bronx is the great unknown to me. Brooklyn and Queens I would at least have a clue, forget about Staten Island. I go there maybe once every 15 years. Even though when I grew up my family would occasionally visit relatives in the Bronx, I never felt comfortable there.

I still feel that way.

Nothing against the Bronx per se, but I generally my best to not go there. Invited to a party in the Bronx? Excuses need to be made up. My mother grew up in the Bronx, Bill spent the first 10 years of his life in the Bronx.

The only sibling left on my mother’s side now resides in a nursing home in Mount Vernon, I think. Thanks to Bill’s direction skills it was all an easy ride. In fact we caught an express bus that got us from the middle of the Bronx to 34th Street and Fifth Avenue in 20 minutes.

Sorry but election results are grabbing my attention. New Jersey is screwed. Maine looks like it will be screwing same sex marriage. The only candidate I voted for, Dawn Zimmer for Mayor of Hoboken seems to have won.

Hoboken is a mess so it’s not going to be easy for her. The knives have been out for a while. A blog that I have in the blog roll on the right of the home page, Hoboken411 has been rabidly anti-Zimmer.

I am thinking of never voting again. If the majority of the country sees Bill and myself as second class citizens, not deserving of the same rights for marriage, workplace protections among other things, what is the fucking point?

Bronx Moon

Bronx Moon

Bolero Sonambulo

It’s a Monday from what I gathered. And a nippy Monday at that. Last night was mellow. After walking back and forth through midtown, I was pretty tired. Didn’t do much of anything except sit in front of the computer while Bill watched the World Series.

The Yankees had him screaming at the TV which I learned to ignore. The game ended around a little before midnight and Bill stayed up and watched Curb Your Enthusiasm (which was OK, but predictable) and Bored to Death (which was funny).

Then Bill went to bed and I almost watched Australia again but decided not to. Nothing against Australia the country, but the movie was a bit hokey from what I have seen so far. Perhaps it gets better. I only watched about 45 minutes so far and will eventually give it another chance.

Tomorrow is election day again. Not as active as I was last year. In fact overall I am fatigued from activism. I’m sure some of you who read Facebook might beg to differ, but that is mainly sharing things that I have read elsewhere.

Mainly things that concern the election in Maine tomorrow. The legislature passed same sex marriage but outside forces, headed by the beast known as Maggie Gallagher have been fighting to have the voters overturn the measure. They cite that it would be a re-definition of marriage when it’s not that at all. It is the stripping away of civil rights, much like what happened a year ago in California.

No, these people don’t want same sex couples to have the same rights as they do. They use the bible as the basis for their inherent wrongness and also claim to love the sinner and hate the sin. The thing is, being gay is not a sin. The fact that they feel that way shows how they really feel.

There’s a segment of this population that would love a theocracy, much like Saudi Arabia or Iran, only Christian. Religious law rules over all and if you don’t subscribe to their religion, well then that is just too damn bad.

Also up tomorrow is the election for Governor of New Jersey. Of course I’m voting for Jon Corzine, not that I’m a big fan. But he’s go to be better than Chris Christie. But New Jerseyans can be quite daft and I hope many other, perhaps much more people will be voting Democratic. No much info or faith in the independent candidate, Chris Daggett.

After a fun day like yesterday, today was bound to be a let down. And it was a let down. Not that I expected any different. I sent some more resumes out and surprised that emails that I’ve sent to various friends and former co-workers, merely requesting advice have gone unanswered.

I wouldn’t be put off by ‘ sorry I can’t help you’. I would rather hear that than nothing at all, but nothing at all is what I got. And when you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose.

I did go out for a while this afternoon, walked around Hoboken, did some grocery shopping. Sad to say, but that was the highlight of my day. I’m not complaining.

October was disappointing. I had hoped something would happen employment wise, only because I did get a good job a few years ago in October. But that was then, this is now. And that is that.