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Pata Pata

Well today was the day of the dolphin. No wait, the day of the gate sale. No porpoises involved. Last night was a quiet night. I even went out for a spell. Walked up to the Malibu Diner for a burger and coke, reading the dreadful Songs of John Lennon. It wasn’t what I was hoping for when I ordered it from the library, but it was something to read while I ate. After that I fired up a Padron and walked down Washington Street putting up fliers for the gate sale.

Stopped outside of McSwells, couldn’t go in since I was smoking a cigar. Saw Rand having dinner with his wife Lisa, and also saw Roda. Gave a flier to Rand to post in the wall where the cigarette machine used to be. Wandered further down the street, all the bars and restaurants were full.

Came home and watched Keith Olbermann mourning Tim Russert. I wasn’t that much of a fan of Russert, but condolences for his family. I’m sure he was a decent guy. Actually I’m not sure he was a decent guy, all the other broadcasters seemed to think so.

Watched a DVD, A Stephen Sondheim Celebration which should have been great but was merely so so. It was made in 1992 and doesn’t hold up these days. Can’t really put my finger on why that is.

Woke up early enough this morning, went out did some errands, came home ate breakfast went out to the bank. I had the foresight to get singles in case I had to make change. Saw Julio who was up since 5:00 due to Alexander being a baby. I wasn’t in too good a mood since I had a felling that the gate sale wasn’t going to go that well.

A little resentment towards no one in particular over the fact that I would be doing my part of the sale on my own, where Rand had Lisa, Lois had Fred and Jackie had Dave. I was solo. I made sure I had a big bottle just in case I had to piss, trucker style.

Eventually I came around once I started setting everything up, after moving items down four flights of stairs from the fifth floor. I was drenched in sweat once that was done. Hooked up the iPod and some speakers and waited for the sales to begin. I started out playing Rubber Soul, then Revolver, followed by Sgt. Pepper and Magical Mystery Tour.

The first 90 minutes were the busiest. Sold a few items that I didn’t want or need anymore. Sold some records, some books by Beat writers and a few other items. Rand stopped by checking in to see if I was doing ok.

I was fine and he was on his way. An hour or so later Lisa arrived checking in. I ran up to pee, and then ran to the liquor store and bought a six pack. Lisa didn’t want one and soon she headed back. I sold a few empty cigar boxes which I usually throw away, actually I leave them by the trash and someone always scoops them up so I was happy to make some cash on that. I told the guy to come back in a few months and I should have some more boxes for him.

Rand came back after hearing I had some beer and we hung out and chatted, eventually needing to get some more beer. It was a good hang and I eventually made a profit of $40.00 US. Soon though the skies opened up and Rand made a beeline to his spot to help Lisa bring stuff in. I managed to salvage most of my things, a few books didn’t make the cut, winding up in the bin. I eventually needed to use the big bottle, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to make it upstairs in time.

Trashy novels that I got when I worked at People magazine that weren’t going to be missed. Came upstairs, made some dinner and now I’m really tired, more than likely from the beer and moving things up four flights of stairs. Here are some snaps of the day.

Here’s Alexander!

Stine, Dita (whom Stine used to babysit for 20 years ago), Alexander and Julio

Some of my stuff

Beware of Tiger!


Lisa/Lady Gigglepuss

Rand/El Jefe


and here’s something sad yet worth watching.

Purple Haze

Well it’s Sunday. Weather turned out nice despite the weather reports saying it was going to rain. It was actually sunny and in the low 70’s. Last night was weird. Very discombobulated. Took a nap in the afternoon which wasn’t as restful as I had hoped, and left me feeling out of sorts through the night. Not that I actually went out and did anything. Just watched Bruce Springsteen’s DVD, live at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1975, promoting Born to Run in the UK.

Very entertaining and finally gave me some insight about what my brothers and sister were talking about when they were running out to see Bruce all those years ago. This was when Bruce was a scrawny little thing, all wool hat and guitar and that voice. The E Street Band dressed like Jersey Shore gangsters from the 70’s. Very corny, but then again it was the 70’s. I am constantly surprised at how funky Tenth Avenue Freeze Out sounds when played live. The version on the album, pales by comparison.

Not much else was on, though I did wind up watching Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. It wasn’t bad but nowhere as funny as Dewey Cox. After that it was off to bed. I woke up with the light streaming in through the windows and hid under the covers. Eventually I got up and showered, got dressed and texted Julio to see if he and his family wanted anything from the store. Washington Street was being set up for the Spring Art and Music Festival.

It wasn’t officially opened yet as I chatted with a gent from Jersey City, setting up a cigar stand. No Padrons available, but some Cuban Seed Cigars were being rolled up for sale. I had some Padron cigars at home so I didn’t need to buy any. Came home, had breakfast and read the papers. Also checked the blog and was very surprised that no one had guessed the three riddles I posted on Friday. They really weren’t that hard. I answered them on the spot, you would have the luxury to use the internet and figure out the answers, I mean really people.

Show some effort, and interact damn you!

Went out again this afternoon to check out Micky Dolenz from the Monkees. He was the big headliner this season. It wasn’t too crowded and the city had set up a tent in case of rain. I hung outside the tent with El Jefe and Lady Gigglepuss. Circus Boy did all the hits, including some he didn’t sing lead, like Daydream Believer and Oh Darling by the Beatles, as well as Spencer Davis Group and Jimi Hendrix songs.

Micky told the story about how the Monkees were able to arrange to have Jimi Hendrix open up for them on tour which turned out to be a mistake since pre-teen girls weren’t ready for Jimi, screaming for Davy Jones while Hendrix played. Hendrix didn’t last more than a few dates. Micky sang Pleasant Valley Sunday, Stepping Stone, Mary Mary, Valerie, She, A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You, his sister Coco sang a couple of songs as well, like Runaway by Del Shannon with Micky Dolenz finishing with I’m A Believer which he noted he sang first, a long time before Shrek.

Then he was off to be mobbed by fans who had items to be autographed. Micky looked good never took his hat off, leading me to believe he’s a bit shiny up there.. It was a good day, nice turn out and good company.

Here are some pics from this afternoon.

Circus Boy Micky Dolenz

Some guy walked into my view. This is his left eye and forehead.

A daydream believer or a homecoming queen?

Stephanie, my former nemesis from Empire Coffee

Micky’s fans

Peter Tork fan

Mike Nesmith fan

Davy Jones

Dancing in the street

El Jefe

Woof and WOOF!

and don’t forget the riddles damn you.