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St. Elmo’s Fire

Man my processor is slow today. At least I think it is the processor. I spent the past 20 minutes trying to open up a new Open Office document. And it’s taken me 15 minutes to write those 2 sentences. Yes, it’s infuriating.

Something that I cut and pasted onto Facebook 2 hours ago, just reappeared when I tried to paste the previous sentence in it’s proper order. In fact I am writing this and nothing is appearing on the screen. It’s taken me about a half hour to write the above lines.

I hope you think it was worth it. It’s fucking pissing me off. At this rate I should be done writing, hitting the 500 word quota by midnight.

Maybe it was because I had both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers running. Now that I closed Google Chrome everything is going as it should. Won’t do that again (yeah right).

I just watched Moon, directed by Duncan Jones. Very low key and very good. Sam Rockwell is basically the only actor in it. I thought about seeing it in the theater when it came out, but as usual I never got around to it. It is haunting though.

It’s been a good weekend to watch DVD’s. Last night I watched I Love You Man which was as dumb and as funny as I thought it would be. No need to watch the extras on that.

After that it was Saturday Night Live which was an improvement over last week. Jude Law was the guest host, miles ahead of Jennifer Lopez. The digital short was spot on, Pearl Jam was the music guests.

I watched the Street Corner Mourners videos on YouTube instead of the band named after semen. I like Pearl Jam’s politics, how they fought for the fans against Ticketmaster more than I like their music, which has always left me cold.

No, their debut Ten didn’t do a thing for me and I never saw the videos from it including Jeremy.

Bill came home as I watched the last half hour of Lost on ABC. He was telling me about the play and how well it’s going. I plan to see it on March 26.

Bill offered me a ticket for March 19 but I will be at the Park Theater watching the Street Corner Mourners that night, rescheduled from February which was snowed out due to the blizzard.

During the day I sometimes write down various things to include in this here blog. I wanted to write about how the heater in the kitchen was not working making things a bit cold. A few times I would lay on the floor trying to get the pilot to stay lit but it would invariably go out.

Being insane and doing the same thing over and over trying to get a different result, I actually was able to get it lit so it’s nice and warm once again. I am surprised at how handy I could be sometimes.

Also tried up loading songs into iTunes by clicking Add Folder to Library. It wouldn’t take. So I tried dragging the folder into iTunes and it worked just fine. Once again I was handy.

The other night as I was flirting with the blues I actually watched part of St. Elmo’s Fire. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually saw it in the theater.

I went with Hiroaki Kimura at the Hoboken Cinema when it came out and compared some of the characters on screen with our friends in the Colgate crew. Mainly the Rob Lowe character resembled a future roommate of mine who moved to Austria.

And it was a fleeting comparison since that future roommate was not the asshole that Rob Lowe seems to play in just about every role he gets. Maybe it’s typecasting.

Most of the cast were loathsome, or at least the actors were with the exceptions of Mare Winningham and Ally Sheedy. It really is a terrible movie and one can’t help but wish the worst for the characters on screen.

See Moon.

The title of this entry is from a Brian Eno song and has nothing to do with that horrid movie.

Moved the clocks ahead last night before I went to bed, making it 2:50AM when I went to sleep. Woke up at 8:00 (or 7:00) to the sound of thunder which sounded like a building was being bombed in Manhattan. Got me out of bed to look out the window.

green carnation

I Stand Accused

I woke up this morning with a lyric in my head. Not going to write it down here, I wrote it on some paper, but I think it’s a decent lyric. Just a couple of lines, but it’s a start. Roam wasn’t written in a day you know.

I am still digging the fact that Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro really fixed up my guitar. Can’t stop playing. Today I taught myself, Surrender by Cheap Trick. That is a lot of fun to play, and I don’t even mind singing about Kiss. A lot easier than I expected.

Also 2 Grizzly Bear songs, Deep Blue Sea and Two Weeks. I am really digging it and been exercising my left index finger since it’s a bit stiff. I exercise it by bending it up and down which if I did it in public, it looks like I would be telling people to ‘come here’.

I should be grateful that it’s not my middle finger, but I’m really not.

I was so excited about the guitar that when Bill came home I showed him and played Half a World Away by R.E.M. and 2000 Miles by the Pretenders. This afternoon I also played Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Reg Dwight.

Had a good talk with Juan last night. He’s not in a good way though. Not my place to write about it since it’s not my life, and I don’t want his resentment, but like I said, it ain’t good.

Not much TV today. I watched Cash Cab, a game show set in an actual taxi in Manhattan. It’s a fun show, the cab driver is pretty silly and goofy.

Tonight I’m supposed to have a coffee with a friend of Julio’s, Lisa. She’s a sweetheart, we really enjoy each others company. She’s been working in real estate in Hoboken and I don’t recall if I wrote about this last week, but I’ve been toying with the idea of working in real estate.

My friend Vinnie says I would be great at it, a natural, and having written that, I’m pretty sure I wrote about it. I’m going to have to suggest something other than coffee since I don’t drink coffee after 12:00PM. I have enough difficulty going to sleep and caffeine would certainly do a number on me at 1:30 in the morning.

I watched Heroes last night. It’s great when you DVR it, the whole show is about 40 minutes sans commercials. And once again it was lackluster. They should pull the plug on the show. Really, make this season the last season. It’s going nowhere and not even Milo Ventimiglia could save it.

Most of the day has been playing music and listening to music. Much like when I was growing up. Music music music. I hear a song, check the chords online and start strumming away.

I’ve been meaning to write about a Facebook experience I’ve had. No, not like that. I came across someone from high school’s name and checked out his friends. I knew some of them. One of them was this kid named Brett who lived in Rochelle Park, the town next to Lodi where I grew up.

Brett was so obviously gay, I don’t know if he knew but I knew I was and my early gaydar certainly pinged on him. Not my type, he was maybe 98 pounds soaking wet and being a boy named Brett, I guess it was destiny that he would be gay.

So I’m going down this former classmate’s friend list and saw Brett’s name there. But the picture was of a roided hairy muscle bear. It was quite a mind fuck. I initially thought that Brett had his favorite porn star’s picture there, but no it was Brett.

Definitely did a number on my head. Still not my type and despite his hirsute looks and macho exterior, I am sure that when he opens his mouth to speak, it’s ‘Hello Mary’.

Another Facebook thing that popped into my head was the fact that I was so excited to make $3.00 on Saturday while busking that I wrote about it as my status. Today I thought that some of my friends from grammar school that I am friends with were probably tsk tsking when they read it, that is if they don’t hide my postings, anti catholic/religion, anti republican, pro gay stuff.

Then I realized that I’ve done perfectly well without them in my life for the past 33 years and I really don’t give a damn what they think.

Now I’m off to see Lisa after I post this.

Smell ya later.

Today is World AIDS Day. Remember those who have fallen and celebrate their brief lives.