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Well last night was Tuesday night and actually the first night since New Years Eve that Bill was able to sleep in our bed. He came home around 8:00 and was very happy to be home. I greeted him with a hug and a kiss.

Almost immediately we fell into our old routines, he sitting on the couch and me sitting where I am now, in front of the computer. Also like our old routine, we watched Scrubs from this past season which is now on ABC. And we had seen both episodes already.

I was surprised that he went to bed before the old stand by, Lawn Hors D’oeuvre SVU. It was a decent episode, but it lacked the made up lyrics that Bill and I used to sing over the theme song.

I watched the Daily Show after that, more of the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer showdown, of which Jon Stewart has been hitting home runs with a ball that might as well be shaped like Jim Cramer’s face. Jon Stewart was on point.

I tried watching the Colbert Report but couldn’t keep up and soon went to bed. There was Bill, fast asleep and snoring. That kept me awake for a while but soon he stopped and I was able to fall asleep to the sound of the recyclables being dragged to the curb a little after midnight.

Getting up was out of the ordinary. It used to be that Bill was up around 5:30 to head to the gym but he was up around the same time as me after both of us kept hitting the snooze button on our respective alarm clocks. He was gone before I was, and I made my way to the bus stop.

One aspect of getting up earlier is the fact that it isn’t as crowded at 7:00 in the morning than at 8:00. Lot’s more people but still I found a comfortable seat and finished the article in the New Yorker about David Foster Wallace and the depression that eventually caused him to take his life.

It mentioned a few of his books, except for the book that I received as a gift about 5 years ago from Sarah Fortner, A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. I tried reading it but found it too dense for my taste. Sad that he killed himself, the medications he was on didn’t help him at all.

I remember a quote but can’t figure out who said and I probably have it wrong anyway, but basically I relate it to how if a person would take their medications to deal with their inner devils, their inner angels would never forgive them.

The inner struggle that takes place and can cause creative urges. I still have the David Foster Wallace book and one day I’ll get around to reading it, perhaps with the proper dose of medication.

Work was quiet for me, and I wound up being more of a DJ than an office manager. Not much going on, Tom Chin out, Vivek still on the road. Since I wasn’t busy at all, the day crawled.

No ‘real’ errands to run, so I found the time to go to Sym’s where I bought a nice Ben Sherman tie, a skinny tie for $15.00, originally priced at $30.00. I plan to wear it tomorrow, Thursday which is the last day of my work week.

Bill is coming home tonight again, which makes it the first time since October where he’s spent 2 consecutive nights here in Hoboken. His mom is being monitored in Beth Israel hospital and she seems to be doing better.

Bill has a stress test on Friday morning so he’ll be staying in Stuyvesant Town Thursday night so he can get to the test on time with a minimum of fuss. Me, I’m looking forward to Lost tonight. Probably won’t be as focused on Sawyer as it was last week, but I do hope it will be as good as it was.

I’ve been playing the War Child- Heroes CD and so far it’s pretty good. Rufus Wainwright does an excellent cover of Brian Wilson’s Wonderful/Song for Children from Smile, and Franz Ferdinand’s live cover of Blondie’s Call Me is killer!

Beck’s cover of Dylan’s Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat isn’t as good as it should be. He changes the line, ‘I saw you making love to him/you forgot to close the garage door’ to ‘you forgot to close the Pill Box door’ which makes no sense at all.

Damn thetans!

Uncontrollable Urge

Oh it was a scorcher today. 90 degrees. Me? I wore a long sleeved shirt for some odd reason. Didn’t go out much. On Thursdays I used to walk up to 57th street and treat myself to a Penne, Pesto and Chicken lunch. Well that place went out of business. Closed.

One week they were open, next week they’re closed. Maybe they didn’t know either. Rents on 57th street must be through the roof, perhaps that’s why they went out of business.

Today I tried a different place, same dish and it was so incredibly lackluster. The pasta was over cooked, more like cylindrical paste. It was cheaper than the now closed place, but it was a chore to finish it off.

Last night Bill came home and ate and went to bed soon after that. I had the republican convention on and let me tell you, I dislike Sarah Palin. No solutions, just attack attack attack. The republicans have no platform to forward, just more of the same. She’s a tacky thing that Sarah Palin. Also the put down of community organizers was in bad form.

Wasn’t Jesus a community organizer? And wasn’t Pontius Pilate a governor? Oh well, I guess when you have George Bush’s scriptwriters writing for you, you don’t have much say in what comes out of your mouth, or in Sarah Palin’s case, what goes into the mouth as well.

Even the republican talking heads have been heard commenting on how they think this is a cynical move by McCrazy and the choice of Sarah Palin was nothing but bullshit that could bring them down. One could only hope.

I chatted in a bitchy gay intellectual chat room during the runner up to Miss Alaska’s speech. Yes they were mean and bitchy and also very funny. More adept at ignoring the trolls than I am. I always go after the trolls.

Four years ago I was on fire, fighting a troll from Paramus in a chat room. My friends in the chat room kept telling me to ignore this mutton disguised as lamb, but I couldn’t let the filth go by without attacking. I like to think I learned my lesson and ignore the lesion.

I guess it will be like this until the election. I don’t see how some people could complain about the ‘liberal’ media when Brian Williams and his crowd are all sporting wood for Cotton Hill. Except for Katie Couric who is flashing high beams.

And once again The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have the best reporting on the convention as well as the campaign. Do yourself a favor and go to Comedy Central online and watch their full episodes. Do it! Do it NOW!

Tonight is finally the last night of the undertakers convention, I mean, the republican convention. So much sugar, and so few ants in the sugar bowl. I also have to give Julio and Stine their mail which means I might get to see Alexander. I heard he’s changed.