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Madison Time

Listening to the latest Girl Talk release, available via his myspace page or at Illegal Art. If you’re not familiar with Greg Gillis aka Girl Talk he’s really something else. He takes things from a variety of music and makes something new with it, usually danceable and gets me laughing and smiling. Rock, Rap, Hip Hop and Seals and Crofts are thrown in the mix with generally pleasing results.

I missed his appearance last year in Manhattan but Juan saw him in Philadelphia and even wound up dancing on stage with him I think. It would be cool to see him next go round, I’d pay twenty dollars to see him on stage with a laptop, sure. It’s a free download, called Feed The Animals and worth checking out.

If anyone knows Natalie Dominquez, please tell her someone is looking for her and to tell her to stop giving them my phone number. Actually it was only one call so it was probably a misdial. Still keep an eye out for Natalie Dominquez she troubles me.

Last night was just a warm humid night. TV TV TV, nothing special you’ve read all about it. Bill came home after working late. He had some slices of bread then was going to bed when his cousin Elsie called. Apparently Bill’s mother was frightened that someone was in the apartment so she left and wound up on 14th street where she had no idea where she was.

If it wasn’t for the kindness of someone from Stuyvesant Town who recognized and was able to get Stuy Town security to let her into her apartment. Bill of course was freaked. Elsie has a plan. Her husband, Andy Capp has a cousin who’s down on her luck and needs a place to stay.

Elsie says it would work out since the cousin could stay in the apartment and watch Bill’s mom. I don’t know, it’s none of my business, but it seems a bit sketchy.

I blame my imagination, which kept me awake once again last night. It seems too neat. Bill’s mother has Alzheimer’s, so she wouldn’t remember what happened with her leaving the apartment and it’s a little too convenient that Andy Capp’s cousin needs a place to stay.

So the ‘writer’ in me with this imagination thing entertaining the concept that this was all made up by Elsie and Andy Capp. I could be wrong and I hope I am. In any event Bill is using some friends to do a background check on the errant cousin.

Work today was quiet and busy and I felt a whole lot better than I did yesterday. Greg Stevens was a bit down though. Stock markets did terrible today so he’s taking a beating, which also means the financial world and the company is getting hit.

He’s usually so upbeat, Greg Stevens is, and he wasn’t wearing a noose or anything like that, just wasn’t too happy about the Wall Street scene. I had a full day, including penne, pesto and chicken and left the office at 4:00 a half hour earlier.

I mentioned earlier that once again I had difficulty sleeping. I was besiged by an avalance of ideas. But I just wanted to sleep. Every toss and turn left me with a new idea of something to write about. Does my muse look like Diana Scarwid? I took my advice and got out of bed and watched Jimmy Kimmel who was relatively funny. Mike Myers was a guest and he used to be relatively funny.

It’s rumored that he is the groovy actor about to come out of the closet. He wasn’t doing that last night. Just trying to push his movie which didn’t do as well as he hoped last week. If it’s true that he is gay, I hope he comes out of the closet. It could only help people. The longer one stays in the closet, the more an appearance of a misguided ‘shame’ tarnishes everyone.

So how are you anyway?