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I Like It- The Blackout All Stars

Last night I heard from a former co-worker. Nice guy, hadn’t heard from them in a while. He has a way with words and being a little older than me, there are many tales he likes to tell. One of the last times we worked together he started to repeat his stories and I had to tell him that he told the story to me so often that I could repeat it back to him.

He doesn’t feel that comfortable where he’s working and now that I’m gone, he feels the music business is not what it used to be. It had been some time since I left that world and to hear him say such things, and then doing an about face and talked about how he plans on doing better after watching a Clive Davis video.

Listening to him talk about what was said (which sounded like a death rattle) , he told me that he plans to persevere and follow Clive’s direction. Apparently he has decided to take a big gulp from the Kool Aid being offered. I did ask if a certain wombat was still working in the organization and he said that the wombat was still there, still being as horrid as he had been, in fact the wombat has gotten worse.

Considering it has been over 10 years since I had last been there and not much had changed at all, I was surprised that the wombat still has the same desk, doing the same work he has been doing for about 20 years. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised since he has a debilitating drug problem and still he gets to work every Monday through Friday, and even attends the events after work, it is probably the only thing the wombat can do. And you wonder why the music business is in the shape it’s in.

It’s now been a week since I was dismissed from the cigar shack and I do hear from some customers. I guess contact between me and Thomas and Jerry Vale has been restricted. One of the customers mentioned that someone that I didn’t much care for was put off by my dismissal, saying it was typical of how the cigar shack handles things.

Having worked for the cigar shack long enough I can attest that he is right, certain things are handled in a hush hush, sweep it under the rug as soon as possible manner. Since I am no longer there, I can’t say that I still care but I was surprised that this certain customer actually had some nice things to say about me.

Bill had off today from the day job, having spent three of the past five days driving a bus. He came home last night, had a quick bite and promptly went to bed. I stayed up watching Mad Men which I missed on Sunday night. It was good and I am glad I forgot most of what the synopsis I had read previously.

Tonight I am going to an art installation at the ferry terminal in town. Why not? It’s free. From there I might just take a ferry to Manhattan and attend cigar night at the Eagle. Since I went last month and handed out cards for the cigar shack, talking up business for the shack, I feel I should go and let the fellas know that I am no longer in the cigar shack’s employ and that they might as well go back to ordering their cigars online, rather than visit a place that let me go. It should make for an interesting evening overall.

20 Mellow Yellow

I’m Still Here

So it’s Tuesday. Been an alright day. Starting this entry earlier than usual, because I had a day off you see. Last night was a mellow night. Watched Weeds and The Big C with Bill. Both enjoyable, but once again The Big C got us more than Weeds though Weeds was funnier than it’s been lately.

The Big C really has been the better show lately. Bill went to bed after that, I stayed up and watched Dead Set, a British show on IFC . It’s about the TV show Big Brother which is a much bigger hit in England than it is here.

While people are being evicted from the house, there is a Zombie attack throughout Great Britain. Lately it seems that the UK has a lot of Zombie attacks, from Shaun of the Dead, to 28 Days/Weeks Later (to be followed by 28 Months Later).

While the residents of the house have no clue as to what is going on, the production staff is attacked by Zombies. Some are killed and some later turn into Zombies. And these are Zoombies by the way, not the shuffling zombies from Night of the Living Dead.

Last night was the first installment out of five (I think) and there will be a marathon showing on Saturday night. I plan on watching part two tonight when I get back. Get back from where you ask? Well tonight I am thisclose to actually going out.

I’m going to the Eagle in Chelsea for their cigar night. I have to come up with some ideas for the cigar shop and so I decided to dip my toe in the water so to speak. I haven’t been to the Eagle since the 1980’s when they were on 21st Street. Now they’re on 28th Street.

They used to play rock & roll music which is better than the dreadful house music most gay bars play. And for me, if I’m not digging the music I’m not too happy. It’s supposed to start at 8:00 so I can go for an hour or two and check it out and be home at a decent hour. 11:00 would be nice, midnight would be the cut off.

Other than that it was a fairly busy day. Almost wrote active, but all I did was walk around Hoboken. Some grocery shopping, a stop by CSVRx where I talked to Martin Kelly for a little while. I told him about my applying for a job at CSVRx and he joked that it’s a terrible place to work.

He ought to know since he works there, which is why I messed with the letters. Wouldn’t want our Martin to get in hot water for anything that I wrote and with the intersection of my writing and posting videos with my ‘real’ life, it’s probably better this way.

So that’s been my day so far. It’s a little after 7:00 and I’ll probably head out in a while. Taking the Path train in, unless I see a bus heading into the city. It’s roughly the same amount of walking, at least it is in my convoluted way. Definitely out of the ordinary for me, wouldn’t you think?

Just saw the info regarding taking the bus in. A half hour delay at the tunnel. I guess it will be the Path train after all.

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