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Your Blue Room

Well here we are again. May 12. Not my favorite day. A gloomy day and the battleship gray sky adds to it. I’m in a better mood than I was yesterday though. No hangover you see.

Also just saw Julio, Stine & Alexander for a few minutes. Stine texted me about some meatballs she just made and I stopped by to get them. Alexander is definitely going for the laughs, imitating his father’s eye movements.

He noticed my laughing a few weeks ago and knows he’ll get me laughing again. And he did. He also calls my name to get my attention. And he did.

He got a toddler scooter for his birthday and was showing me how he skates on it. He also got a tricycle which was out in the hallway. Both were presents from his grandparents. I came upstairs and ate everything.

Been quite cool lately, I think the highest the temperature has been for the past few days is 50 degrees. I did take the guitar out yesterday and played by the river for about an hour but that didn’t last long. Too cold and damp.

Today I mainly stayed inside and did laundry. I also watched Where The Wild Things are which left me merely whelmed. I mean, the puppets or rather muppets were good, but they probably should have gone with the voices of unknown actors.

Hearing James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara and Lauren Ambrose et al made me think of Gandolfini, O’Hara and Ambrose et al.

I returned it to the bibliothèque and got in return, Gomorrah, the Italian film about the mob. It’s supposed to be very good and I am happy to disprove the fact that Americans are watching less and less foreign films these days.

I’m not going to watch it tonight though. Wednesday nights, I’ve been watching Modern Family and Cougartown. Last night I watched Lost which was good. The story of Jacob and his twin brother, who’s name we were never told.

Allison Janey played their mother, or rather the woman who raised them. It was a fast hour which left some questions. Only two episodes left, next Tuesday and then the three and a half hour finale on May 23rd. I was invited to Rand and Lisa’s to watch the finale which I may do.

Tomorrow I am going to the Barclay Rex store in the midtown Manhattan. Barclay Rex is a high end cigar store and I used to go there when I was working for Wanker Banker. Nice place to get away from the inhuman cauldron sisters, Maggie Angelakos and Helen Alexandre.

I was there around the holidays and inquired about employment. One of the sales people suggested I send my resume to the manager Megan, so I did. The manager got in touch with me via email, saying that she was busy but will get back to me soon enough.

Last week, her assistant Clara sent me an email, wanting to meet with me but making sure that I knew that it wasn’t an interview. So tomorrow I’m meeting Clara to discuss why I would want to work in a high end cigar shop. I have a few ideas on what to tell her, being fairly knowledgeable about cigars and whatnot.

So that’s what’s happening tomorrow. It’s a lead and the first thing I’ve had since that other interview a few weeks ago. I thought that went well but haven’t heard from them since so I guess that’s not happening.

Working in a cigar shop sounds good to me though. I am sure I will tell you all about it tomorrow, after it happens. There’s always the Susquehanna Investment Group I suppose.


Battleship Gray Skies

Battleship Gray Skies

Slip Into Something

Well today was my first day not working. Well not really my first day. It just wasn’t a good fit. I’m sure I made the right decision even though after I called and made that phone call, I wondered aloud, ‘What have I done?’

In retrospect I did the right thing. And I do have to thank Bill for standing beside me. I have a better grip on things now and won’t just take the first job offered to me, even if it is the only job offered to me. I spoke with Greg Stevens who might have some more side projects for me to do.

I spent a good part of the day, establishing and reestablishing contacts at various staffing agencies, as well as reconnecting with recruiters I’ve dealt with in the past. Bill and I had a good long discussion about the situation last night and when I asked for a hug a few times, he gladly gave one to me each time.

So it was back to the routine of wandering around Hoboken for a while today. I ran into Stine and Alexander on their way to the post office so I walked with them. Stine went inside the post office and I played with Alexander outside. He’s a lot of fun to be around and definitely bolstered my spirits.

And it was good to walk and talk with Stine as well. I even accompanied them to the park and watched Alexander play on various things and slides. It was fun for a while but it was also cold and a little wet from the overnight snow.

We all walked home and I carried Alexander up to the third floor. Stine invited me to come down and play guitar for Alexander later, which I may do after she gives me a call. I came home and continued the job search.

I also saw that I had a comment on the blog regarding last night’s entry, Path to Wisdom. It was from someone named Maurice from the Bala Cynwyd area of Pennsylvania, an organization called the Susquehanna Investment Group. At first I thought it was a joke from my friend Maurice, but he wouldn’t be so callous as to write something like that without remarking the sarcasm or humor involved.

“Seems really ungrateful and borderline delusional to spit in the faces of your employer after less than two days. Sounds like your last 7 months have made you lazy. I for one do not look forward to supporting you while your sucking on the government teat. What a class act ozed what a class act.”

It was strange and I responded that he doesn’t know the full story since I didn’t write the full story. And obviously Miss Thing doesn’t know much about unemployment benefits.

On another website that I visit, I found another comment which was heartening. Very supportive and understanding since this bloke named David went through something quite similar a while back. Just making the wrong decision and knowing it was the wrong decision almost immediately.

And David, like myself needed to get out of the job as soon as possible. He warned me about the pratfalls of beating oneself over the turn of events and I found his comments overall to be quite supportive.

“For many years I kicked myself, thinking that I should have stuck it out. Today I realize that in order to do any job well, I needed to be comfortable in it in order to be confident, and that this was not a situation that would induce either comfort or confidence. What you did by paying attention to what is right for you was wonderful.

Everybody can understand wanting to work and jumping at the chance to get back to work after a long period of unemployment, but unemployment does not make people damaged goods; your talents and skills are still there, ready to be utilized by the ‘right fit’. The right fit eventually came to me in a way that I never could have anticipated, and it is down the road for you, too, no doubt about it.”

So there you have it, comments from both ends of the spectrum. One basically calling me a leech and spitting in the face of my employer and the other recognizing that being confident and comfortable at a job does measure success at a job, and that I, like he did found ourselves in positions that afforded us neither confidence or comfort.

I know the right job is out there and I know I will find it.

Now I’m heading downstairs to play guitar for Alexander.

That went well though Stine enjoyed it more than Alexander who was busy showing me his Thomas the Tank Engine, when he wasn’t watching children’s videos in Danish on YouTube. Stine was making a chicken dinner, with scabby potatoes and home made cole slaw which she invited me to enjoy. So after running upstairs and dropping off the guitar we sat at the table and ate.

Stine and I split a small bottle of wine and we clinked glasses as well as clinking Alexander’s bottle of juice. The food was excellent, Stine being possibly the best cook who’s food I’ve ever eaten. After dinner I spent some time playing with Thomas the Tank Engine again and then watching Alexander destroy the train tracks like a 2 year old Godzilla.

When I left he blew kisses and gave me a hug while saying bye bye. A good day overall.