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I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know

Just woke up from a Xanap. It was good and longer than the 15 minute allotment I’d been having lately. This was deep and restful. Glad I did it. In fact I probably could have slept a lot longer if I did not have the foresight to set the online alarm clock two rooms away. The online alarm clock sounds like a slippery rubber puppy yapping and makes one get out of bed before it piddles on the floor. No dreams to recollect from the Xanap. It was quite a muggy day and I enjoyed the sleep in the air conditioned room.

Last night I did go out, and I was a few minutes before the storm, the derecho that was fast approaching. iTunes came out with a new Beatles collection, 14 songs that I of course had already, so I made my own version of Tomorrow Never Knows. I listened to that on my iPod on my way and had an umbrella as well as my camera stashed away in my bag as I strolled down Washington Street with my head held high. The show was scheduled to be in Sinatra Park by the Hudson River but was moved prior.

It was moved to a pub directly across the street from the Guitar Bar which Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro had posted on Facebook. Still some people are not plugged in all the time like I usually am, and someone posted signs at Sinatra Park directing them of the relocation. With ominous skies approaching from the west, I threw the cigar I was smoking into a puddle and walked into the pub. It was in a side room, not the main part of the bar and I was directed through a door which had put me onto the makeshift stage.

Nimbly stepping over chords and wires I found Jim Mastro and asked him where Meghan was. It turned out she was not coming. She did not want the girls, Lily & Ruby hanging out in a pub, not that hanging out in a bar or a pub or a VFW Post ever did anything wrong for me. I was disappointed and went out to the sidewalk to call Meghan. She was on the other line and after explaining why she wasn’t there told me she would call me back. I stood at the sidewalk and took some pictures of the storm clouds.

The Guitar Bar All Stars started with a rip roaring version of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. I thought it was a little loud and went outside for a minute, after saying hello to my friend Karyn. It wasn’t raining yet and when I came back in Karyn was talking to someone else and I saw another friend, Alice who sometimes plays bass in Karyn’s band. I bought myself another Corona and bought one for Alice as well.

I did have a quick chat with Alice who asked if I was working. When I told her my situation, she remembered and wondered if there was a way to make money from this here blog, “Perhaps some advertising?” I remarked that this here blog is too personal, and the only adverts I could hope to attract would be pharmaceutical companies pushing antidepressants. Alice laughed. It would have been nice to talk to the both of them, Karyn and Alice, but it was too noisy and after the third song I bid my goodbyes.

Of course as soon as I opened the door I saw the deluge. I was off to meet Bill and luckily I had the umbrella. I rearranged my shoulder bag and opened the umbrella and headed out. The skies were full of lightning and the streets and sidewalks were rapidly getting flooded. I was a little worried about being struck by a falling tree branch rather than lightning though that was in the back of my mind. I wisely wore boots instead of sneakers so my feet were relatively dry.

The shorts I was wearing did become see through, so my black boxer briefs were plainly visible. I made it home as the storm raged, and immediately got out of my wet clothes, the boots drying out in the hallway. And that was it basically. It would have been a different, more fun scene at Sinatra Park but since we were at the mercy of the elements there was nothing else that could be done.

Today as dry once again and muggy as all hell. I had a few errands to run and after that was done I walked over to the river and did some busking. The toddlers love to stop by and watching me play, saying hello and doing whatever dances toddlers do under the watchful eyes of their guardians. Not too many people out today though I did make about $1.45, which when added to what I made the other day surpasses whatever monies I had made when I first started busking a few years ago.

Then I came home and had a Xanap which brings us to the beginning of this here blog. Currently watching the Olympic opening ceremonies with Bill and enjoying them. Former roommate Kevin has been a bit pissy about the whole thing, snarky comments on Facebook. I remember going to clubs and making fun of people who were dancing and having a good time. Then eventually I realized they were having a much better time than I was as I sat there making fun of people that were having the fun that I wasn’t having. Though I’m not dancing I am having more fun than Kevin it seems.


1-03 Get Behind The Mule [Live]

I Don’t Want to Die (In the Hospital)

Well today was different. It certainly was a change, what with having to get to the cigar shack at 9:30 and open which is usually someone else’s job. It was Zack’s doing since I had requested Sunday off and since the schedule had to be rearranged I didn’t mind.

I was a bit anxious about it since it was going to be me and Zack for two hours before Thomas and Frank Burns were due in. I walked up to the bus stop and waited. A totally different type of person on the bus earlier in the morning, earlier than what I am used to.

It wasn’t so bad as I ran onto Alice G on the bus and we had an interesting chat about our jobs, our pasts and our futures. Alice has big plans afoot, she’s in Psychic TV and a documentary on Genesis P. Orridge is going to be released as well as a tour of Australia and New Zealand. All very exciting but then again Alice G is quite an exciting woman. Having written that, I’m dumbfounded that I have known her for over 20 years.

Zack has been acting weird lately ever since Calvin took a powder so I did not know what to expect. Actually I was expecting something like how Raymond was let go. He came in, there was a discussion and a few minutes later Raymond was gathering his things and headed out the door. But nothing happened, it was merely Zack sitting in his office and me trying to keep busy.

It’s a weird situation for all concerned and perhaps weird for those that happen to be unconcerned. Zack didn’t want the position he is in now and he found it thrust upon him. He’s making the most of it and doesn’t want to fail and personally I don’t want to see him fail. I believe he and his girlfriend have a baby on the way though it hasn’t been announced.

Frank Burns actually let it slip and Zack and Frank Burns have been extraordinarily tight these days. Maybe it’s a gay thing, I don’t know. One is utterly fascinated with who may or may not be gay and the other stated that he and his cousin had sex a week or so ago, so I don’t know who to believe but it does make for some interesting talk.

Thomas came in as did Frank Burns and it made it difficult to be busy when there was now competition to be busy. Wiping down glass, facing cigars, emptying ashtrays. Well actually I’m the only one who empties the ashtrays, at least that is what some of the customers tell me.

An earlier lunch than usual and that was nice since the sun was still out and I was able to enjoy a cigar and read Please Kill Me some more. I finished the New Yorker and since the new one hadn’t arrived yet, I needed something to read. It fit the bill nicely.


That’s the Way

OK, when last we left off I was getting ready to head into Manhattan to meet up with Bill and head up to Harlem. It had finally stopped raining and the temperatures were in the upper 50’s. Blue sky as the sun was going down and it felt quite nice.

I headed over to the Path train since it was too late to catch the bus. I walked over listening to Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, No Quarter: Unledded. Not too crowded heading into the city, going against the flow.

Reading Chris O’Dell’s book, Miss O’Dell. She was an employee at Apple records, friend of the Fabs and their wives, among other rock and roll groups and people. Fun, gossipy stuff.

When I got to 33rd Street I noticed the people coming down the stairs were all wet. Yes it started raining again. Not as bad as it was earlier in the day. I had my trusty umbrella and headed up to 42nd St, still listening to Plant and Page.

I was a bit early and decided to sit in the alcove next to Bill’s office building. It wasn’t too cold, still in the 50 degree range, so I sat and continued reading. A few people walking through, and one of them caught my eye.

It was Alice Genese, whom I’ve written about before. Always good to see Alice and we chatted. She had played at McSwells with Karen Kuhl last Friday and I apologized for not going, explaining that I really don’t go out anymore and plus I couldn’t afford to go out.

She understood and asked what I was doing sitting there. I told her that I was waiting for Bill before heading up to Harlem to help out with a stage reading of a play. I also expressed my nervousness but Alice was reassuring, saying that it would be fun and I would be fine.

Which is what a few people had told me in the comments previous, including Andrea Harbison and my brother Brian.

Bill came out a little while after Alice and I exchanged hugs and kisses and we headed over to the uptown train. It was of course a crowded train and as we rode uptown Bill asked if I had any questions about the role I would be reading.

I didn’t have any questions, just nervous. We got off at 145th Street and St. Nicholas. The theater for the Harlem School of the Arts is only a block away. We got inside one two or three people around, one of them an actor who was playing Barry that night.

A little while later the rest of the cast had shown up. The play was titled Ebony for Ivory and takes place in Asbury Park in 1968. Bill was in director mode, announcing that from now on he would be calling us by our character’s names.

The guy playing Barry was Lawrence in real life. I was Wiley, an apt name for my character since he’s a slimy manager of a sculptor named Rudy. We started before most of the audience came in since time was tight and we only had the space for two hours.

My lines began on page 38 and as I followed along I made mental notes to myself that my lines were coming up in 24 pages, 23 pages, 22, 21…

Everyone was doing a good job, being actors they read with emotions and passion and if I didn’t know what to do beforehand, I knew that whatever I did would be reacting to how they were acting. And that is something that Bill said a few days before, that acting was basically reacting.

My lines finally came up and I did my best to say what was on the page, clearly and loud enough for the audience to hear. Barry and Wiley had some head to head moments, Barry a young wanna be Black Panther and Wiley an older slimy business manager screwing his client.

It went well, and I was very happy I highlighted my lines. Barry had a big chunk of lines, all in a block and I wondered why that block couldn’t be broken down into paragraphs.

I mean, I write this blog, first in a block using a Word program to count the words as well as to spell Czech. Then I break it down into paragraphs as Rand suggested years ago when I started. Much easier on the eyes and easier to read. But Lawrence, playing Barry got through it just fine.

His scenes with Rudy and Sharon, playing the older adults of the teenage Ebony were intense and on point, as were the rest of the cast. Before I knew it we had read the entire play. The cast left the stage and sat in the audience as the playwright Kevin and the director of the writer’s workshop, Gordon Lee Thompson Sr and Bill sat and took questions and criticism from the audience.

Time was of the essence and after that we all headed out of the theater. Bill and I talked with Lawrence by the subway, with Lawrence hanging on the suggestions that Bill had to offer him.

I thought Lawrence was great, handling both the passion he felt for Ebony and rage he felt at the tragedy that ensued to be amazingly powerful. He’s only 19 but if he keeps at it he can go far.

Bill and I rode the train back, Bill was impressed and happy with my performance, telling me that I was good, good enough that the audience groaned when my character said his tacky lines, screwing Rudy out of his place in the art world. I didn’t hear the groans as I was too concerned with the words on the page.

I asked if I read too fast, if I misplaced a word or added a word but it didn’t really matter. I had stage fright for sure but once the play started to be read, there was no time for that. It really was an exciting experience and I could only say that I couldn’t have done it without the excellent cast seated next to me.

It was a high of sorts for me.

Bill and I came home in time to catch the second half of Keith Olbermann. Bill went to bed soon after and I joined him midway through Craig Ferguson.

The weird dream last night or rather this morning involved Julio and Stine who were upset with me since I wouldn’t join them in worshiping Mort. I annoyed them by singing songs from Godspell and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Mort from Bazooka Joe

Mort from Bazooka Joe

It was all rather sinister with music!

Barry, Wiley, Rudy, Director Bill, Playwright Kevin, Sharon, Ebony, Pauline

Barry, Wiley, Rudy, Director Bill, Playwright Kevin, Sharon, Ebony, Pauline

Gordon Lee Thompson Sr, Kevin Eugene Franklin, Bill Vila aka 555

Gordon Lee Thompson Sr, Kevin Eugene Franklin, Bill Vila aka 555

The People Tree

Yes the days are blurring into each other lately. I’m pretty sure that today is Thor’s Day so we should all raise out hammers towards the sky and thank the son of one eyed Odin for the bounty of words that are in front of your mortal eyes as his goat led chariot flies in the sky.

Glad to have gotten that out of the way.

Last night was a very cool night. Full moon, Pier 13, good bands. The Fave, Karen Kuhl and Lloyd United played. Apparently according to the Lloyd United webpage, Las Vandelays played as well but I missed them.

The Fave are the offspring of Joe Della Fave, a Hoboken mayoral candidate in the 1980’s. They were OK. Next up was Karen Kuhl, formerly of Gutbank and Sexpod, who just keeps getting better and better. Bluesy almost.

Alice Genese played bass and sang back up. Karen was thrilled to see me and gave me a big hug after the show.

I love Karen, she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. So is Alice for that matter. Hard to believe but they’ve been playing together on and off for 20 years.

Lloyd United was a definite surprise. They reminded me of the Pogues somewhat. Irish drinking songs usually do the trick. I think I would see them again if given the chance.

I wonder if God Abramson ever booked them at McSwells. I have my doubts that they did but if anyone could set the record straight, I’d like to know.

I had a few beers. They were $4.00 a pop, not $2.00 which I thought for some reason, plus a buck when they passed the bucket.

I finally introduced myself to Rob La Rosa who was a McSwells regular back in the day. Always saw him, never spoke until last night, even though we have many mutual friends. Turns out he’s a nice guy and gets my jokes, which for me is always a plus.

Jared Nickerson also turned up. I actually ran into him on the bus the day before and he told me about it. He’s still playing bass. He used to be in Human Switchboard and JJ Jumpers as well as a few other bands that I can’t remember. He also went out with Ann Boyles back in the day.

Jared was there to see Karen play and then he split. Rand and Lisa were there as well and stayed to catch Lloyd United.

It was a beautiful night on the river. Tonight they’re having a reggae band, Skyrockers Reggae Band. I have no idea who or what they are, but I might check them out if and when I take a walk. I just hope it’s not the Legend album and only the Legend album.

It’s been an interesting day so far. I walked around Hoboken and sat on a bench by the river and continued to read, The Low Side of the Road, the Tom Waits unauthorized biography by Barney Hoskyns.

But as I sat there, the fact that I didn’t eat lunch started to wear me down so I came home and ate a late lunch/early dinner. I feel better now but it’s amazing how I crash when I skip a meal.

Congratulations to Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotamayor.

And Rest in Peace, Snoop. Pedro’s pal of 14 years.

Getting Away With It

It’s Wednesday I think. I’m at the border where the days start to blend into one another. Last night was alright. Another stroll with Julio, this time I was able to get some words in.

A different route around Hoboken and not as winding as the night before. It was a late start anyway. A good walk with a stop to get Bill some of his vitamin water for which we schlepped to a few stores on Washington Street.

Came home where Bill was falling asleep sitting up again. Despite my suggestion that he should go to bed, he actually stayed up for an hour or so more. We didn’t watch anything in particular as far as I could remember. The news and the Simpsons was about it.

Went to bed earlier than I’ve been lately. I did have the plan to go into the office again today to assist Greg Stevens on some projects. He will pay me out of his pocket and expense it. And I may help Greg’s wife out with her charity, stuffing envelopes for a function down the line.

Good people those Stevens are.

I went in and talked to Viveka for a little while. She seems to be getting fed up with the way things are and with the work she is doing, plus the work that I used to do, she is feeling the strain.

I don’t get dressed up these days when I go into the office. Just shorts, sneakers and the usual shirt. I’m not working officially and I don’t see any reason to conform to a job that doesn’t really exist.

Greg Stevens doesn’t mind and I haven’t heard any complaints, just a few utterances from some people wishing they could dress like I do. Someone said I looked cool with the way I dress and I could only reply, that I am cool.

So I did some work for Greg which took an hour or 2 and then had a nice walk across town to the bus terminal enjoying a cigar and listening to a play list of Elvis Costello & the Attractions on my iPod.

Hot and sticky on the streets of Hoboken again, I walked around for a bit before going to the supermarket.

Nice and cool in the store, but the workers are generally belligerent which makes one want to leave the store as soon as possible. Came home and made some dinner, Bill sitting on the couch after cleaning up a bit.

Tonight the plan is to go see Karen Kuhl perform on Pier 13 in Hoboken. It’s the same spot that I went to last month with Rand & Lisa.

Cheap beers, nice evening to be out, provided it doesn’t rain and it’s been forecast. They do have a tent which could be nice. I just hope it doesn’t rain.

Rand and Lisa will be there and Alice Genese is also playing with Karen. Karen usually puts on a good show so in any event it should be worthwhile.

That’s my to do list for the night. What are you up to?
After you read this, that is.

Has anyone noticed or heard the remake of Ceremony by Joy Division-New Order being used in a television commercial? It’s for Absolut, which I guess makes it OK. But it certainly through me for a loop. I only starting drinking Absolut in 1984 because of Scritti Politti