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I Go To Sleep The Kinks

Well yesterday’s good feeling, thanks to prayer or chanting or whatever seemed to fall by the wayside. Last night while going to bed, I was visited by a few Charlie horses. In rapid succession they cramped my leg. I never thought that going to sleep would be so strenuous as to require stretching before going to bed but there it was.

Bill was fast asleep, the sleep apnea mask doing its job. After a while I was able to massage my left thigh and get the Charlie horses out. Last week it was a leg cramp, more than likely from low levels of potassium, so I’ve been eating a banana a day. But despite that I had a visit from the horse named Charlie. I was able to fall asleep, not as soundly as the night before but still I did get some shut eye.

I was awoken by the sound of a major rainstorm in the morning, luckily I was off today so I was able to sleep a little bit later than usual. But the body clock had designs of its own and despite my struggles I still got out of bed. Bill was going to work later than usual today, meaning he was still around at 8:30. I decided to defy the body clock and get back into bed, not wanting to deal with the pouring rain outside.

Bill had left and suddenly reappeared, climbing the four flights of steps since he left his phone home. He got the phone, gave me another kiss and headed out as I did an about face and went back to bed. It was of no use since I was awake already and not going to be able to go back to sleep.

I did have an appointment in the city, a meeting with an agency. We had arranged it all yesterday and I headed into the city on the Path train around 9:45. I was at the agency at 10:15 and like they said, the meeting would last around 15 minutes. At 10:35 I was back on the street. It had stopped raining and I decided to walk to the bus terminal since I needed to get to the supermarket and the bus would drop me off closer to the market than the Path train would.

As I rode back the bus driver, (my second favorite bus driver after Bill) told me that he wouldn’t be my driver anymore. He would be on a different schedule, until April when he might be able to get the shift back again. That was a mild bummer and I walked to the supermarket and got my usual items. Of course as I left the supermarket, the skies opened up and I hustled to get home before getting a good soaking.

Once home I got out of my suit and into some jeans and a t-shirt. After finally having something to eat I got my very late holiday package to the post office and sent it to my sister and her family in California. Walking back I ran into Stine and Alexander and that was quite nice. Alexander was playing the shy bit, smiling but refusing to say anything to me, or shake my hand or give me a high five.

It was alright, he was tired after being in school and just wanted to be home with his mom. Stine did invite me over sometime soon for dinner, so I guess that might happen on my next day off next week.

It’s been a decent day, nothing to write about, though I did just that.

02 Holotelani

Hi Hi Hi

It’s a Tuesday. Big deal, right? I know, it really isn’t that much of anything. I’m glad I made it through the day. Last night I was sitting on the stoop, having a cigar and reading The Last Gang in Town by Marcus Gray.

It’s an unauthorized biography of the Clash. So far I read about my buddy Mick Jones, Paul Simenon and just getting into Joe Strummer’s life which is the most interesting and conflicted. Nothing about Topper Headon or Terry Chimes yet.

As I sat, along comes Julio and Alexander from the park. It was fun to sit with the two of them and I was thrilled that Alexander is really recognizing me now. He loves it when I do a Chewbacca yell and he also loves to watch planes fly through the sky.

He really is an adorable boy and he really looks like Julio. I called him Julio’s Mini Me and Julio told me he had brought Alexander to work that day and that’s basically what everyone said.

We all went upstairs at the same time, stopping off on the third floor to chat with Stine and trying to figure out how we were all going to get to the new Mets stadium to see Paul McCartney on Friday night.

I recommended taking the 7 Train out to Flushing which really makes the most sense. I’m sure it will all be figured out by Friday night.

I came upstairs where Bill was watching a home run derby, part of the All Star festivities. I was hoping to watch True Blood but that wasn’t going to happen while the home run derby was on.

Bill did have to go to bed early so he could get up early and go to Brooklyn to take a drug test for the Hassidic bus company he’s trying to work for.

I started to watch a recording of True Blood but then Annemarie called midway through so I decided to watch the recording some other time.

I did watch Weeds which was good, set six months past the last episode with a bearded Andy. Nurse Jackie was even better. That just gets more and more interesting each week, Edie Falco is great as well as the rest of the cast.

The office was a little bit easier today. Came up with a new system for the conference rooms and I didn’t have to yell at anyone.

And the intern, who in real life has quite a similar name to Vivek is now named Viveka. They’re really taking advantage of her as well as taking advantage of me.

I keep thinking that I’ll be leaving the office around 1:00 or 2:00 but once again I stayed later than that, leaving the office at 3:30. Gotta collect those Sally at kinematics I suppose.

Just one more day this week, ending tomorrow on Wednesday. I hope to collect a note for the Susquehanna Investment Groups tomorrow and not have to go in on Thursday.

Guess I will have to ambush Vivek and not injure his ‘Sally’s T shirt shingles’ writing hand.

Eight Miles High

Well today has been a lovely Sunday. Bright and sunny with only a few minutes of drizzle then it all went back to being sunny and gay. Well it’s always gay for me and maybe for some of you too.

Sorry about the late posting last night. Firefox has been misbehaving lately. Each time I would try to upload pics to the blog the Firefox browser would crash.

Over and over again.

Then I went out to meet up with Rand and Lois to discuss plans for their short film that might be shot over a weekend in a few weeks. I am game for it and told Lois that I would be willing to do just about anything she might want me to do.

It was a good meeting with laughs liberally applied. I’m not getting into any further for now. Don’t want to give anything away or offend any gentleman’s sensibilities though Clive Davis should be worried.

Some musical instruments were played with, a piano, a ukulele, a eastern European harp of some sort and a double necked bass & guitar as well as Lois’ Fender Squire which I liked. Lois asked if we were up for some drinks and Rand said yes and I said no. Then I thought about it and said why not?

It was off to DC’s Tavern on Eighth Street all the way in the back of Hoboken. Everyone’s friend Pat Longo DJ’s there sometimes and I can’t say I’ve ever made it to his spinning sessions. Finally making it there I wondered where does Pat Longo set up his turntables and whatnot.

It’s not that large a space and a lot smaller than I had imagined. It seems like DJ’s Tavern would really like to be a roadhouse. Streamers advertising Pabst Blue Ribbon were hanging underneath beer trays for Pabst as well as other beers.

I expected to see some Rhinegold, Ballentine’s and Schaffer beer trays hanging but didn’t see any from my angle. Cute bartender though, shaved head and inked which isn’t normally my style but any port in a storm. Alas, there was no storm though.

It was a good evening with more laughs with Rand and Lois who I’ve known since 1983. I definitely look forward to the filming of their filmic world. After a few pints of Guinness and some cocktails for Lois we headed out, I was able to light up a San Luis Rey Rothchilde for the walk home, with even more laughing with old friends.

When I got home I checked the blog and was surprised that what I had written a few hours previous wasn’t posted. I was able to figure out what happened wrong on that front and re-posted. Then I watched some rebroadcasts of Lost from the first season.

Posted the pictures this morning on Internet Explorer. As I am doing right now.

With the Guinness and walking around Manhattan in the afternoon with Bill I decided to head to bed with Bill sleeping quietly under his sleep apnea mask. He was up and about around 7:00 which was just wrong in my book. I finally got out of bed myself around 9:00 after Bill had headed off to collect his mother.

I made some coffee, showered and was soon out and about picking up newspapers and other weekend morning items. Saw Julio with Alexander from a distance as they were waiting for Stine and her family from Denmark. I was off to the supermarket so a wave would have to suffice.

It was a nice morning and I wound up playing selections from Woody Allen’s movies, which were mainly songs from the Big Band era. Bill and I watched a little bit of Peter Marshall on PBS hosting a pledge time Big Band special.

I knew most of the songs last night and with Bill’s Shazam application for his iPhone we were able to identify and tell the difference between Chick Webb and Harry James.

My sister Annemarie had burned the Woody Allen stuff a few years ago but they couldn’t be identified through Gracenote on iTunes since I think Annemarie had her son Earl do the CD burning. Too complicated for her and some fun for Earl since he threw everything out of order and it took me a couple of years to figure out what’s what.

It was too nice to stay in today so I walked over to the Hudson River and sat by the soccer pitch and read the New Yorker and enjoyed another San Luis Rey Rothchilde.

I’m still trying to get my brothers and sister on board for what could be Paul McCartney being the first concert at the new Mets stadium in Flushing in July. Right now it’s only a rumor, but it’s a fab rumor.

a brief approaching storm from the west of Hoboken

a brief approaching storm from the west of Hoboken

You Can’t Catch Me

Well it was back to Southampton today, boarding the White Star Line for the HMS Titanic. Deck chairs all in in disarray. Someone needs to tidy them up, put them in their proper places and it might as well be me.

They have told me that I will have this job until next March, but of course there could always be an iceberg between now and then, between here and there. Today was nothing extraordinary. I was alive, which was a good thing (depending on who you talk to) I guess.

Bill was up before me, and he bellowed that it was 6:45 and his bellowing was more effective than an alarm clock. I shuffled past Bill as he gussied himself up in the mirror, and jumped into the shower. I was out in time to kiss him good bye.

He reminded me he has a sleep apnea test tomorrow night so he won’t be around. It’s a sleep over thing. My brother Frank did it last week and he complained how uncomfortable it was.

I spoke with Frank for an hour this morning which shows how busy I’ve been. There was the usual initial difficulty in connecting but it lasted only about a minute. We talked about a wide range of things. He finds talking to me therapeutic which is fine by me.

We made plans for me to take a train out to Garfield on Friday to play guitars together. I’ll take a train out there, we’ll play and he can drop me off at the train station so I can get back to Hoboken and beat the rush hour. I’m not as intimidated as I used to be.

Playing guitar in front of him was nerve wracking for me at times. A few years ago Bill and I drove out there during the holidays and I brought my guitar. It turned out he wasn’t into playing guitar. I tried showing him a Beatles song that I had taught myself, so proud I was, only to find him saying, that’s not how it goes.

It sounded fine to me. No, I didn’t play the Fmaj7, instead choosing a simple F barre chord. I was discouraged and put the guitar away. Last time this past holiday season I tried it again, with his guitar, played my version of Nick Lowe’s So It Goes, as well as Macca’s Maybe I’m Amazed and he was intrigued enough to suggest getting together and playing sometime.

So I guess that time will be this Friday. Since he had the stroke he hasn’t played that much and I guess he’s itching to play with someone. Even his baby brother. I’m looking forward to it and will bring a few songbooks out.

I reassured him that playing Graham Parker’s Squeezing out Sparks is easy to play since most of the songs are 3 or 4 chords. I’ll even show him some websites that have chords to songs that wouldn’t be in the songbooks.

I took the Path train back to Hoboken this evening, enjoying a Padron on the way. Chuckled out loud on the train as I was reading David Sedaris which probably raised a few eyebrows but I didn’t see them since my nose was buried in the book.

Nice walk back home in the chilly spring air. Saw Stine with Alexander and I was more than glad to help her out by carrying Alexander up to their apartment. Of course I was nervous, ‘don’t drop the baby…careful…now wouldn’t be a good time to fall down’ all running in my head.

Of course I had the camera available and took some shots of Superboy who is now walking, a bit like a drunken sailor, but still- he’s walking. And saying ‘Oooo’ every now and then.




Me and Superboy

Me and Superboy

Jeezy Creezy- I love this kid!

You Spin Me Round

Yes, it’s a Friday night and yes I know I’m posting later than usual. Almost 3 hours later. What do you want from me? I just got back from Manhattan where Bill had a surprise for me. Tonight he took me to see Black Violin at the New Victory Theater on 42nd Street.

Black Violin are 2 black guys playing violin basically. They play some classical, some R&B, pop and hip hop. It’s really good and ironically earlier this week Pedro sent me a link about them. He loves them so much he bought the CD and proceeded to tell me all about them.

I had actually heard about them and possibly saw them on TV. They’ve played with Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z among others. It was really a fun show. Lot’s of families with kids making lot’s of noise which despite being the theater, was encouraged.

It was a very pleasant surprise. Bill loves to surprise me. I’m not one for surprises but that doesn’t stop him. He loves to tease me and all this week he teased me about how he got me a present, texting IGYP (I Got Your Present) followed by IASS (I Ain’t Sayin’ Shit).


The plan was to meet outside his office building at 6:30. I got on the bus in Hoboken and sat in traffic on the Manhattan side of the Lincoln Tunnel. I was able to convince the bus driver to let me out at west 38th street and 10 Avenue. I hustled through midtown fighting the crowds trying to get out of the city. I showed up on time, smoking a cigar.

Bill came down and we hung out for a few minutes. It was a wonderful evening which may not be over yet. A good band is playing McSwells and Roda just texted me about it. I haven’t seen Roda since last year and a visit is due so after this posting I’ll more than likely be heading over to McSwells to check out the Budos Band.

I first heard of them from Jockohomo-Datapanik (located in the blogroll on the right) a while ago and downloaded 2 songs which I can’t find at this moment. Before heading into the city I watched a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks.

My sister recommended it as did my brother Frank. It’s produced by Judd Apatow and has Jason Segal, James Franco and Seth Rogan among others. I tried watching it once and I couldn’t really get into it, but since it was available at the library I decided to give it another chance.

Also picked up from the Hoboken library, the first season of Mad Men, another show I tried to get into but couldn’t. I did see an ad for the DVD set and it looked good enough to give it another shot. It’s also something that Frank recommended.

First Day of Spring, with snow

First Day of Spring, with snow

Writing about Natasha Richardson last night was cathartic. Today there was a wake for her at the Irish Heritage Society on Fifth Avenue. Not my thing and I’m not one to join a group of celebrity watchers fenced in across the street.

And to end tonight’s posting on a positive note, here’s some pictures of Alexander Lopez from the morning. He always makes my day and always seems genuinely happy to see me.




one more baby picture

My Bill

My Bill

Pretty Bird

Well today is Saturday and it’s definitely a better day than yesterday. Most anything would make for a better day than yesterday actually. I called Annemarie last night after things had calmed down but she wasn’t home. We always talk over the weekend so I knew I would be able to talk her at some point.

When Bill was in my office on Thursday he left his cellphone behind which I retrieved for him yesterday. The cellphone was dead and knowing that I sent him a text message last night, telling him that I hope he had gotten better.

I called him a few hours after that and he was at someone’s apartment helping them with some work. We talked for a few minutes. He offered to call later on to talk and since it was almost 11:00 I said no, it was too late and we’ll talk over the weekend.

I just stayed up watching Bill Maher which was ho-hum, then I watched Letterman and enjoyed Jason Segal, from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and he was quite funny and also seemed genuinely happy to be there. Who could blame him? 2 years ago, who heard of Jason Segal outside his family and friends? Not me.

U2 were also on, finishing up their week as musical guests on the Late Show. They were ok. Sometimes I like U2 a lot, sometimes I don’t. I think it’s mainly the Eno influence they’re under that gets my interest.

Then I watched Jimmy Fallon who is doing an ok job I guess, still has to find that confidence as well as working some kinks out. Drew Barrymore was on and she’s really a charmer. Fascinating that she started out so young, went to rehab in her teens and she’s still here being Drew Barrymore. She’s really someone in her own field.

Then I was fast asleep in bed after a harried day. I did get a message after 1:00AM on Facebook from Rita who asked what I was doing this weekend. I told her my plans and never heard from her since.

Woke up around 9:00 this morning and headed out for some bagels and the papers. I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. A few hundred young people, mostly of drinking age I presumed roaming around with cases of Budweiser and Coors Light for Hoboken’s Fake Patrick’s Day.



Ah young people who don’t know anything about beer. They were lined up outside the bagel store where they were selling green dyed bagels. I waited and got a few for myself as well as the family on the third floor. Always a pleasure to see the Lopez family and especially glad to see Julio on his feet, holding Superboy.


Superboy and his daddy

Superboy and his daddy

I think Alexander really looks a lot like Julio in this pic...

I think Alexander really looks a lot like Julio in this pic...

I came upstairs, had breakfast and soon found myself on Washington Street waiting for a bus that might be going down Bloomfield Street since its Fake Patrick’s Day in Hoboken.

I usually attend and enjoy the parade, but I had decided to head into the city to stand in solidarity outside the Spanish Consulate, in protest of a ruling concerning a man who killed a gay couple. It’s all in Blabbeando, my friend Andres blog, listed in the blogroll.

There were about 20 of us standing outside the consulate, no chanting, more just milling about, some holding up bilingual signs of protest. It was timed to coincide with protests going on in Madrid, Barcelona and Vigo which is where the murders took place.

Gay Panic was the defense and it’s what got the piece of shit off the hook. Sometimes gay lives aren’t equal to non gay lives even in an ‘enlightened’ place like Spain. It was a short lived demonstration and not covered by the press.

I mentioned to Andres that even if 1 person showed up it would be a success. Everyone parted ways, made some new friends which I will probably see at future demonstrations.

A few years ago when I used to work the Danceathon for GMHC at the end of the night I told my coworkers that I hoped to not see them again, that perhaps there will be a cure for AIDS and Danceathons like this wouldn’t be needed. They didn’t get it, forgetting the reason there was to raise money to fight AIDS and HIV, instead thinking that it was all about a party.

My comment was about how maybe there would be a cure and things lke this won’t be needed. I never got called back after that.


I had a Padron and walked across town from 58th and Third Avenue. Outside the Plaza Hotel I called up Annemarie and had a very nice talk smoothing things out from yesterday. Nothing but tourists on the streets on the weekends, and I ventured into Times Square where it’s tourist central. I finished the Padron and walked into the soon to be shuttered Virgin Mega Store.

Bought a few CD’s at a discount, the new Bird and the Bee, Jenny Lewis0 Acid Tongue, and 2 charitable CD’s, Dark Was The Night, A 2 CD Red Hot compilation (for AIDS/HIV research) of the big names in indie rock, and also picked up War Child: Heroes which is for children affected by war.

This has a few artists like Rufus Wainwright, TV on the Radio, Lily Allen all covering songs that were picked by the original artists. Brian Wilson picked Rufus Wainwright, Bowie picked TV on the Radio and Mick Jones of the Clash picked Lily Allen. Listening to the Bird and the Bee right now and so far so good, it sounds like the Bird and the Bee.

Walked down to the Path train where it was messed up. Waited for a train, it pulls in and I get a seat. Then it’s announced that the train will not be going to Hoboken. So it’s off the train for me. It’s then announced that the Hoboken train will be on track 1.

I run though a train before the doors close to track 1 and wait only to find the Hoboken train pulling onto track 2 filled with drunken young people in green. Still I got another seat and made it to Hoboken where everyone except me and the police were in green.

I can honestly say that I have never seen as many people on the streets of Hoboken as I have today. Now I’m safely ensconced in Hoboken. Spoke to Bill who was contrite and apologetic. He asked if I was still frightened of him and I told him, frightened no, but wary.

He’s under a lot of stress and I was the only person that he was able to explode on without any repercussions, ie I’d let him get away with it. I did but I didn’t. He needs help though since he has a lot of anger issues and I can’t help him with that. I can be there for him if need be.

So we’re sort of back on track I guess. One step at a time. We are still going to see the Watchmen on Monday with Harpy so that’s something to look forward to.

Andres Duque

Andres Duque







trying to light cigars for the first time ever. awesome!

trying to light cigars for the first time ever. awesome!

when I came home this beefy Leprechaun was waiting for me....and then I woke up.

when I came home this beefy Leprechaun was waiting for me....and then I woke up.

Starry Eyes

Another low key, under the radar Saturday. This was intentional since I’m still wrestling with this bug. But not doing much seems the way to go. Same with tomorrow. In Hoboken there is the artist studio tour but I really doubt that I’ll be touring.

Last night was very mellow as well. Juan and Bill couch surfing with me situated between the tv and my computer. Juan called and asked to come down to watch O & RM. He actually called it O & RM, getting a chuckle out of me. After that was Bill Maher and then Juan was shown the door at midnight.

A good night’s sleep without any abuse of Bill much to his relief. Saw Julio and Alexander for a spell and came upstairs and waited for the guy who was supposed to fix the buzzer which has been broken for a few weeks. He wasn’t on time so I had a nice breakfast and read the paper while Bill watched Lawn hor d’oeuvre and got his laundry ready. He washes his laundry in the laundromat since they have dryers.

He was off to see his mother after that. The buzzer repair guy finally came but didn’t do anything since through the process of elimination the problem was figured out to be in one of two apartments where there currently is no access to. So if ordering food we have to walk down four flights of stairs then back up the same four flights or if someone’s visiting- the key drop out the window.

I watched The Limey on cable which I enjoy. It stars Terrance Stamp, Luis Guzman and Peter Fonda and it’s directed by Steven Soderbergh. I’ve seen it before and I liked it. Then I went out and ran into Lois Di Livio at the Guitar Bar.

We walked up Washington Street having a few laughs. Some of the 10,000 McCainiacs tried giving us some info saying the weren’t trying to convert us, they just want us to know the facts. That was another laugh. We then hung around Lois’ apartment. Her husband Fred was working.

They’re having a gate sale tomorrow as are Rand and Lisa. I would have participated but I thought I was going to Garfield and now that I’m not going anywhere I will probably swing by those sales.

I also watched a dvd that Lois lent me, The Mayor of Sunset Strip. It’s a documentary on Rodney Bingenheimer. He’s been a fixture on the Hollywood/LA music scene since the sixties and has a radio show on KROQ.

He’s had an interesting life, he’s definitely a music fan like myself and Chaz and who knows how many other people. Like Chaz he has quite an amount of memorabilia. He also has the lithe figure of Harpy and a voice that could easily be mistaken for Andy Warhol.

It’s a bittersweet movie, Rodney’s a lonely guy and keeps getting his radio slot moved around, you can probably find his show on the net somewhere. He loves to hobnob and met quite a lot of people. It’s worth looking at, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Cellphone pic of Alexander!

Ask Me Why

It’s a dreary gray Friday afternoon. I got out of work around 2:30 this afternoon and rather than walk across midtown enjoying a birthday cigar I took a subway which I rarely do. It was raining but not hard enough to warrant an umbrella since I only had to walk a block or so.

Now I have that ‘I might have napped too long’ feeling despite the fact I didn’t really have a restful nap. Phone calls and phone buzzing kept interrupting. Missed a birthday greeting from Chaz, but earlier I did speak with my sister Annemarie, as well as a voice mail from her and my nephew Earl.

Also heard from Queen Jane Approximately, Constant Connie, Sweet Sarah and Brenda Bubbles, Adorable Adrienne and Lovely Rita and Harpy and Julio and Stine with a picture of that adorable little man, Alexander.

Text messages from assorted nieces and maybe my brother Brian or his son Brian. I just can’t tell. Actually I can tell. I just checked and it was from my brother. My other brother Frank hasn’t called and that means if he doesn’t call later, he will call on the weekend and feel bad about not calling on my birthday.

It’s not a big deal. It would have been years ago. It might have been last year. But this year? Eh, no biggie. Last year Bill gave me a saucepan for a birthday present. I found it an odd present since I’m not much of a cook or a foodie.

I don’t watch the Food Network, or Armenia’s Next Top Chef or Gordon Ramsey or whatever. But since the spot where I get my penne, pesto and chicken in Manhattan, Cafe Fonduta went under I have been lacking pesto in my life.

So having watched the guys prepare the pesto, I think I can do it myself and finally have a reason to break out that sauce pan. It’s still in the box. I figure I can take a teaspoon of pesto, some heavy cream, some olive oil and imitate the guys. Or I can try to look it up online somewhere.

Perhaps there’s a video on YouTube that shows the How To.
Or perhaps you dear reader, would have a recipe to make a nice pesto sauce.

Bill just came home and we’re going to go out for some steaks at Arthur’s steakhouse on Washington Street. Hopefully it will be better than last year, when we went for my birthday after a few other things going wrong earlier in the day.

My churlishness towards the saucepan (embarrassing 365 days later) and the fact that some disgruntled mail room worker wished that I would die since I had decided to smoke a Padron and walk along Park Avenue during my lunch hour.

Birthday wishes also came from some new Facebook friends (Andres et al.) as well as a dear friend, Betti Cola. It’s still raining and my bones are tired after tossing and turning in the late gray afternoon but in a few minutes Bill and I will head over to Arthur’s where hopefully they will have their credit card machines up and running, unlike last year.

Just got back, excellent dinner with Bill. Arthur’s wasn’t too crowded, credit card machine in order and I was caught by surprise with a few waitresses singing Happy Birthday to me with a wonderful slice of chocolate mousse cake with a candle on top. I turned a thousand shades blushing.

A walk around Washington Street followed, me finally enjoying my birthday cigar in the misty evening.

That seems to be it for the day. Loveliness abounds.

Here’s some quite recent snaps as well as something else. Thank you for your good wishes

and here I thought I wasn’t going to write tonight!