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Praying Hands

It’s a Sunday again and today was an exceptionally nice Sunday. After all the cold weather and freezing temperatures, the fact that it was near 60 degrees made it feel like Spring.

Of course it”s not spring and we’re going to go back to the cold weather sooner or later. Lot’s of people out and about today on Washington Street.

It was a good day to wander around Hoboken, enjoying a Padron. I did stop by and saw my friend Lois, who gave me an iron she found. The plan is to start ironing my own shirts to save some money. I’ll iron the dress shirts after I’ve worn them once to take care of a day’s wrinkles.

Lois was pretty sick, seemingly with the same virus I just had gotten over. I brought her some generic Nyquil and some vitamin C.

There were a lot of people out yesterday including what seemed to be a group of kids, all related singing Ramones songs on Washington Street. The boys were on bass, guitar and drums and the girl was singing.


They were raucous and shy if that’s possible. They had a good crowd and a zealous father who applauded the loudest after each song. There were quite a few dollars in the bag when I gave them one of mine.


Perhaps this is how it will be, families out on the street playing music for money. This group did have their hearts I the right place though their fingers were on the wrong frets. I walked away as they started deconstructing Blitzkrieg Bop.

Yesterday before I went out I watched Alien. The first movie, with John Hurt, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto and of course, Sigourney Weaver. Still an intense movie, I remember seeing it at the now defunct Stanley Warner theater with my sister in law, Elaine.

I think my sister saw it before me saying it was a really gross picture which of course got my interest, hearing of a monster bursting through someone’s chest. I’ve seen it quite a few times since then.

A week or so ago there was some bulletin board about the movie and my post was rejected. I wrote about how horrible it was the way the Lambert character played by Veronica Cartwright gets killed.

The last shot of Lambert when she’s facing the monster is her lower legs. She’s paralyzed with terror and you see the Alien’s tail going between her calves and slowly heading upwards. The scene cuts to Ripley, Sigourney Weaver, hearing Lambert’s ghastly screams over the radio as she dies.

I wrote that the character was raped by the Alien, and that’s probably what prompted the monitor not to post my opinion. After watching it again yesterday and paying attention to that scene, I’m convinced that’s how Lambert met her too gruesome death. It’s an off camera scene which lends itself to the imagination.

Before I went out this afternoon I watched a documentary on Sweet Honey in the Rock on PBS. That was enjoyable. I’ve never seen Sweet Honey in the Rock but I did see Bernice Johnson Reagon’s daughter Toshi Reagon sing with her group Big Lovely with Elvis Costello when I saw a taping of the Letterman Show last century. I think I saw it with Harpy when he scored tickets for the taping.

Tonight is nothing special, back to work tomorrow. After being sick last week, I’m looking forward to it. Should be another intense week of rearranging the deck chairs.

I’m not complaining, at least not yet. Probably during the week I will. Seems to be a pattern.

Today’s Hoboken people


She's in the lead.....

She's in the lead.....



work it gurl!!!

work it gurl!!!

Sea, Swallow Me

It’s Sunday yet again. Summer is unofficially over next week. Well next week is the last weekend that lifeguards will be working and from then until next years Memorial Day you can swim at your own risk. Hopefully I’ll get a chance. Not that I’m much of a swimmer, but I can float with the best of them.

Chaz dropped me off last night and I came home and wrote, and noticed that I didn’t apply sun block to my thighs right above the knee. Guess the trunks were rolled down then. They’re pink, my thighs are. Not painful or anything, just last night it was a bit uncomfortable.

I watched the first half hour of a DVD that was advertised on Rod2.0’s blog, called The DL Chronicles. Oh it was bad. Let this be a lesson when you give porn actors non porn roles it usually doesn’t go too well. And this did not go that well. It was 4 episodes from Here TV the Gay premium channel and a half hour was barely all I could take.

That’s when I threw in the History Boys, but I was basically toasted from the day, the sun and the ocean took it’s toll and by 11:15 I was ready for the rack. Bill was with his mom last night so I had the bed all to myself which was good. Had the air conditioner on and slept like a rock.

Woke up around 8:30, slept late. Went out and got the papers and some breakfast. Helped a friend with his photo blog, then walked around Hoboken around noon. Bought some t-shirts at Burlington and some spray on sun block at CVS. Talked to Chaz about the plan to go to Lincoln Center Out of Doors at Damrosch Park.

Patti Smith was headlining a free show and there were a few other bands on the bill including The Knitters, featuring Exene, John Doe and DJ Bonebrake from X and Dave Alvin from the Blasters. I took the bus into the city, reading Alan Bennett.

Wandered around on my way up through Central Park where I saw an excellent Trombone Quartet. I’m not a fan of most brass, but I do love the trombone. Could be from my ska days. Any decent ska group had to have a trombone player, excepting Saxa from the (English) Beat.

Hung out and listened to them for a little while, eventually making my way to Damrosch Park where the Knitters were halfway through their set, ending with a rockabilly version of Born to Be Wild. Met up with Chaz for a few minutes, lent him the latest Mojo as well as the DVD of The History Boys.

He probably found me from the smell of my cigar. We talked for a bit, both of us explaining how exhausted we were from yesterday’s beach excursion. I was sweaty and hungry by then and Bill was home so I bailed before Patti Smith, leaving Chaz to wait for his brother William, my ex-roommate to show up.

I walked back down to the bus terminal, talked to Pedro on the phone who told me that he was hanging out in the Shea Stadium tailgating with 30 other corrections officers. He was ok with the fact that we missed each other, and we both agreed that it was pretty odd that we were both at the same game.

Back home now, relaxing. Bill is on the couch watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, I’m listening to his colorful commentary on everything including commercials. Back to work tomorrow. Should be painless and slow.

Have a good week and enjoy the rest of the summer!

Lenny Kaye’s back!

The Knitters