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Fela’s Riff (Unfinished Outtake)

Well here we are on a Monday. The Lady Maurice could be gone for good. I can only hope that it’s so. The only time I intend on mentioning that name is perhaps when writing about Charlie Brown’s sister.

It’s another beautiful day today, temperatures close to 60 degrees. Last night wasn’t so bad even though I didn’t go out, I did have the window open.

I planned on watching the Academy Awards in the bedroom since there was a fight between ABC TV and my cable provider Cablevision. I had the foresight, or rather Bill had the foresight, to get a digital converter box. I had the coupon for the box, Bill actually went out and got the box.

A part of the day was spent online advising friends on Facebook who also were in the same cable TV boat to go out and get the box if they intended to watch the Oscars.

I settled in expecting to be running back and forth, from room to room, bedroom to computer so I can provide my witty and insightful updates. OK, updates. Perhaps not so witty and probably not insightful.

About 15 minutes into the awards show a scroll at the bottom of the screen announced an agreement between ABC and Cablevision, that while they are still negotiating, ABC will still broadcast on Cablevision’s system.

I turned on the big TV and there it was as they said, just a foot or two from the computer. I announced on Facebook what had happened and apparently some Facebook friends didn’t know. I even called my niece Meghan to let her know since she had mentioned earlier how disappointed that she was going to have to watch the Oscars on her computer screen.

I enjoyed the Oscars and enjoyed exchanging snarky comments with my online friends. I’d like to think we all enjoyed ourselves. I stayed up and watched Jimmy Kimmel after the news following the Academy Awards which was generally pretty funny.

I wound up staying up until 2:00. Bill hadn’t come home yet and I was a bit worried but opted to go to sleep. He was home about 45 minutes later, trains and things run much slower after midnight and this play is definitely taking on a life on it’s own.

Woke up before he did this morning, I was in a better mood today than I was yesterday. I showed Bill yesterday’s post, he agreed that I was standoffish in the morning which I expected. He situated himself in the bedroom, working on his laptop and making phone calls to the stage hands.

Around noon I headed out, wandered around Hoboken. Saw Jim Mastro at the Guitar Bar for a little while. Also ran into my former roommate William on Washington Street with a friend of his David, a 75 year old gent that William seemed to be escorting around town.

Good to see William and nice to meet David. William’s friend Lisa showed up as well and we all parted ways after a bit, William and David off to feed quarters in the meter and Lisa and I headed uptown.

Came home, Bill en route to Manhattan. I decided to watch the DVD of Passing Strange which was most excellent. Bill and I had seen it at the Public Theater in 2007 and we both loved it, and Spike Lee decided to film the last night that it played on Broadway.

Forgot how good and touching it is. Definitely worth catching if you have the chance. I got it from the library so I guess it is available in most DVD rental stores.

Being the last show, weepiness abounds on both sides of the screen, them more than me. Still it’s a powerful, funny, sad and touching show and worth watching.

Will someone please beat Tom DeLay within an inch of his life? I have a ruler if needed.

There’s A Place

Starting a bit early today. I feel a bit bad. Not physically. Just because I was standoffish towards Bill earlier. Mainly because he made dinner for himself last night and left a sink full of dirty dishes.

I don’t mind washing the dishes if he’s running off to work or theater rehearsals, but there he was on the couch this morning watching Lawn Hors d’œuvre while the dishes sat in the sink.

I got up and made coffee and said loud enough in a Shakespearean manner, ‘Dishes- wash thyself!’ Said it twice actually. It didn’t register with him and I knew the dishes weren’t going to wash themselves so I washed them.

Had crazy dreams last night or rather this morning, one involved a movie that I was working on (in the dream) about Gabriel versus Lucifer. And another involving my brother Brian and I singing at an event somewhere, playing two songs, one of them being Louie Louie.

Bill and I also had a discussion about David Paterson, the governor of New York. Bill sort of thinks that Paterson is getting railroaded. I explained that Paterson was born into the political machine and that he surrounded himself with people who if they weren’t corrupt to begin with, became corrupt since power corrupts absolutely.

Mainly I was grouchy though and that wasn’t too cool. Of course I realize this once Bill has left for the day. He is a jolly good fellow, which nobody can deny.

It is a bright and sunny day though and I plan to go out and enjoy it. I was out earlier, once again to get bagels. Yesterday there was a line and much to my surprise there was an even longer line this morning. I was not in the mood to wait on line again so I just got the paper and came home.

Cablevision and ABC Television have reached an impasse with programming so ABC has withdrew from Cablevision’s programming. It happened at midnight last night. The cable went out for about 15 minutes right in the middle of Saturday Night Live.

I was hoping to catch Vampire Weekend. Not that I am much of a fan, the jury is still out. Out of all the channels the only one broadcasting during those 15 minutes was Cablevision and their message on channel 1999, detailing their side of the story regarding ABC.

Even the DVR crapped out. My solace was the fact that Saturday Night Live wasn’t that good anyhow. I knew the kissing family sketch at the wake would end up with someone kissing the corpse. Just a bad night overall regarding television.

Bill is off work this week. As they get closer to the play’s opening, it’s time to focus on the tech aspects and Bill wouldn’t have the time nor the energy to have the day job and do the play. He has 4 weeks vacation this year so this is one week he’ll be taking. I just found out about it this morning which could have added to my attitude.

We do have something planned for tomorrow possibly, something that I am not going to write about until it happens. Yes I am a tease.

And Soily Maurice posted some crappy comment on the blog. Perhaps she/he/it was drunk or strung out on math, I really couldn’t say. I don’t even know what gender it may happen to be.

I think when she/he/it sobered up she apologized for posting it but it was too late. I don’t need her/his/it’s Susquehanna Investment Group bullshit. Stick to the t-shirt racket Miss Lady Boy, for wit is not your strong suit.

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, ‘An Asshole is an asshole is an asshole.’

Jeez, was something released into the water supply? I was just on the phone with someone who is anxious for me to check out an iPhone thing. I don’t have an iPhone, Bill does.

Bill and I tried checking this thing the other day and we couldn’t do it right away and decided to try another time. I just got off the phone with this guy who was quite upset that I hadn’t seen it yet, like it will vanish any minute now.

Apparently I’m supposed to be a tyrant and nag Bill to let me use his iPhone to look at an avatar which is probably the same avatar I’ve seen the other day.

It won’t, just the fact that I didn’t jump at the opportunity to use someone else’s iPhone to check out an avatar upset him so much that he wound up saying, ‘forget about it’. I said, OK and then he said good bye and hung up the phone.

Is it astrology or proctology? Sometimes I can’t tell the difference. Especially when I was an asshole this morning.

Speaking of assholes, I admit I instigated the following the other day:
John Ozed to sallymae8874 show details Mar 5 (3 days ago)
Hope all is well and wondering if my blog sent any visitors to kinematic…
La la la,
Sally Mae to me show details 7:48 PM March 7, 2010 (26 minutes ago)
I am finished wasting time on your blog. I have more important things to do these days.
John Ozed to Sally show details 7:57 PM (17 minutes ago)
I certainly hope to never hear from you again.
In fact, your last comments will be the last ones to be posted.
Say hello to Michael Hutchence for me.
Sally Mae to me show details 8:06 PM (9 minutes ago)
Then please stop reaching out to me. I unfortunately made the decision to make a comment on your blog. I now see what a mistake it was to try to change the opinion of someone as hard headed as yourself. Good luck John.
John Ozed to Sally show details 8:10 PM (5 minutes ago)
Go to hell you stupid thing.

I admit what I wrote was a horrible thing. My apologies to Michael Hutchence and his family.

And she continues:
Sally Mae to me 8:26 PM (5 minutes ago)
Again I asked you very nicely to stop reaching out to me. I am done in regards to your blog and hope to not have any contact with you in the future. Telling me to go to hell is just over the top and unacceptable. I feel sorry for you. You seem like an absolutely miserable human being. Now please you go live your life and I will live mine.
John Ozed to Sally 8:29 PM (3 minutes ago)
Then stop replying dumb ass. Apply a Yahoo filter so you won’t have to read my response.
I’m sure you could figure it out Lady Smug.
I’ve applied a label to your inane holier than thou missives. It certainly sums up how I feel about you.

Like a dog with a bone, SallyMae won’t let go
Sally Mae to me 8:43 PM (14 minutes ago)
I pity you John I really do. It must be hard to live such a bitter and miserable life. I really hope you find some happiness.
to which I reply:
I don’t need your pity. I don’t need your prayers.
I have a wonderful man for my partner. I have many good friends and a loving family.
It seems that you are the miserable one. No info on what you have in your life, so I can only guess you have no one. That is sad.
I would say a tragedy, but from what you’ve written and the way you’ve written you more than likely brought it upon yourself. Much like my response.
Stop whining about my responses. I explained, do not reply and you won’t hear from me again.
Yet you continue to reply. I know you’re bitter, but are you really that lonely?

This ‘Sally Mae/Maurice thing feels they could write anything they want, but flying spaghetti monster forbid, I reply and Sally Mae/Maurice gets upset.

Things Can Only Get Better

Well it’s Monday again and I’m back to posting at the usual time. Yesterday was an early posting, before noon. Before 11:00 even. I was fired up and was able to write over 600 words in about 20 minutes. Relatively lucid writing I think.

After I wrote I spoke to my sisters, Annemarie, the white one and Billie in DC, the black one. Both were very supportive and listened to my side of the story. If you want Bill’s side of the story, you would have to ask him.

The day progressed and I went out for a bit, in the rain. Not as weird a day as Saturday turned out to be. Though things on Saturday night were better than during the day. My friend Lois has a show coming up called ‘Is That Supposed to Be Funny?’ and she needed a photograph for the poster.

Lois DiLivio in 'Is That Supposed to Be Funny?'

Lois DiLivio in 'Is That Supposed to Be Funny?'

She came over and we talked listened to music, and even played some music a little bit. She told me of a project that she has with Rand and I immediately suggested doing ‘How Many More Times’ (or a rip off of that). I picked up the bass and did my best John Paul Jones/Duck Dunn impersonation, playing the initial notes.

Of course they weren’t the proper notes as Lois pointed out, but she got the feeling I was putting into it and she listened when I said, ‘So what if it’s not the right notes? If that’s the case, then I have written a new song!’

So maybe, and a really big maybe at that, who knows? I might play along with Rand and Lois at an open mike somewhere down the line. Rand on trombone, Lois on ukulele and Lisa doing some vocals as well as blowing bubbles.

That would be for the cover version of Don Ho’s Tiny Bubbles. Which I just figured out went ‘Tiny bubbles, in the wine’ rather than what I thought it was for maybe 40 years, ‘Tiny bubbles, tenderloin’.

We took about 17 pictures with various props that I had around the apartment. It was great having Lois over for a visit. Since Juan is down in South Jersey, no one comes to visit me in my messy apartment. That brings me to Sunday’s problem which weighed heavily on my mind.

Around 4:20, yes-4:20, I gave Bill a call and we wound up talking for nearly 2 hours. Cleared a lot of things up and decided to try to make time for each other and yes, I will go see Slumdog Millionaire with him.

We wound up talking during commercial breaks on the Oscar program. Hugh Jackman was better than I expected. He was great actually. I always enjoy the Academy Awards, no matter who is hosting. Hugh Jackman mentioned rehearsing for the show the day before in his garage and jumped into the opening number which looked like it was rehearsed in someone’s garage. And Anne Hathaway was pretty funny.
Who knew she was the daughter of Mrs. Hathaway (from the Beverly Hillbillies)? Not me.

I liked the 5 previous winners of each acting award coming out and praising each nominee. Harpy hated it. I know… I called. I think it would have been better if they all talked at the same time. That would have been great.

Penelope Cruz won and she sure was pretty. Still have to see Vicky Christina Barcelona. Annemarie saw it liked it. Of course, Javier Bardem is in it. Penelope Cruz thanked Woody Allen and specifically thanked Pedro Almodovar which was a nice touch.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin came out for the writing awards and they were funny, especially with their new made up religion joke which could just as easily been Scientology.

The winner for original screenplay was Dustin Lance Black for Milk and he gave the best speech of the night, echoing Harvey Milk’s words to young gay people, telling them that they are not alone, they are not cursed. They are loved and valued.

Next came Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black who made a presentation about something standing on stage mere feet away from her ex, Brad Pitt and the woman he left Jennifer Aniston for, Angelina Jolie. Awkward! But Pitt/Jolie laughed at all the right places. I usually don’t care about those things, but I was reminded of their tabloid drama last night.

Then came a clip show of romantic scenes from 2008 which included a shot of James Franco kissing Sean Penn in Milk. Natalie Portman and Ben Stiller came out. He was made up to resemble Joaquin Phoenix and stayed in character for an awfully long 5 minutes which was 4 minutes too many. It got tired fast.

Then a Judd Apatow short with James Franco and Seth Rogan as well as cinematographer Janusz Kaminski. Very funny especially with James Franco getting turned on by another clip of his Milk character kissing Sean Penn’s Harvey Milk, then putting his arm around Seth Rogan and inching closer.

The Hugh Jackman/Beyonce musical tribute was spectacular to look at, but musically it was daft. A lyric from 20 songs intertwined by various singers was a mess. But it looked great. Then Heath Ledger won the supporting actor nod and his mom, dad and sister made a speech. Cuba Gooding’s non praise of Robert Downey Jr was ok, not that funny.

Documentaries came up and Man on a Wire, about Philippe Petit walking a high wire between Tower A and Tower B of the World Trade Center won which made me feel good since it was the only documentary I had seen. Luckily there were no shots from the documentary which had my palms sweating.

Every time Slumdog Millionaire was up for an award it won. Music, director, movie, cinematography, adapted screenplay, best ushers, ticket takers, popcorn. It won all handily. It probably would have beaten Heath Ledger if they were nominated in the same category.

Jerry Lewis came out and got the lifetime achievement award from Eddie Murphy. I think it was the first time a DC Comics character received an award. Foreign film went to Japan for Departures, which I haven’t seen.

Danny Boyle, Slumdog director followed by Kate Winslet who had a great speech, but what made her speech for me was when she tried finding her parents in the audience and got her father to whistle to show where he was. My father used to whistle like that. Brought back memories, memories of thinking that I was being treated like a dog.

Sean Penn won for Milk and he too had a great speech. It was good to see Milk getting some recognition, 2 awards. Then Slumdog Millionaire won best picture and it was all over.

It was basically the Slumdog Millionaire show with special guests, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet and Sean Penn. I wonder how long it will take for a TV show based on Slumdog Millionaire? Or the Broadway musical…

Me, I’m just glad that Bill and I are back on track.

Lois again

Lois again

My Father’s Gun

It’s Monday, not dreary. Weather nice. Just got back about an hour ago from Manhattan. It was an interesting couple of days these past few. Last night, sitting with Julio and Stine in a midtown Bistro, I was feeling so guilty about leaving Bill and his family. They were fine, nothing that being there would do for anyone, but I just felt so bad. It was ok on their end, but on my end I just felt terrible. Speaking with Annemarie later on, she correctly identified that the cause of guilt (which was more like depression) was due to the fact that I was at a wake most of the day.

Identifying the source of the problem made a difference and I was able to wonder why Josh Brolin looks like he has a dwarf’s head. Annemarie disagreed but I thought he looks freakish. Funny that he didn’t look that freakish in No Country for Old Men, he looked great in that, but last night during the Academy Awards, in that tuxedo he looked weird. Yes I did watch the Academy Awards last night. I enjoyed it. I thought that since Joel and Ethan Coen won the award for Best Adapted Screenplay the Best Director award would be up for grabs. I was pulling for Paul Thomas Anderson or Julian Schnabel but the award went to the Coen brothers.

There Will Be Blood won Best Cinematography, and Best Actor justifiably went to Daniel Day Lewis. He was great in that movie. Sweeney Todd won for Best Art Direction. This year I saw two of the five nominations for Best Picture, No Country and …Blood. Another happy note so to speak was the fact that the song from that charming little Irish film, Once won Best Original Song and the girl half of the duo was able to come back after being cut off by the orchestra and give an inspiring acceptance speech about following your dreams. I’m fairly certain that Alicia Keys made a similar speech years ago on some other awards program, but I guess it’s all in the delivery, or in this case, accent.

Both Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová have accents, but Glen Hansard has a brogue, Markéta Irglová has a winsome Czech accent and Alicia Keys sounds straight out of Hell’s Kitchen. Which is fine, but doesn’t inspire me to do much of anything except look up diction classes online. And their song, Falling Slowly is really a sweet song. I was surprised my sister hadn’t seen it, considering it’s right up her alley. Jon Stewart was mainly funny and there were lot’s of montages which could be hold overs from the plans to broadcast from the writer’s strike.

The funeral for Bill’s dad was today. It was a nice service. Once again, Bill showed to me that he communicates his emotions when playing the piano. He played a little piece midway through a eulogy he was doing and his playing got his point across perfectly. It was a good day for a funeral, beautiful day, sunshine, not windy. An honor guard played Taps and the flag was presented to Bill’s mom. Bill’s friend, and mine, Margaret flew up from Atlanta and also had a few words at the church. Margaret is a Reverend Doctor in Theology and her words were touching. She had been speaking to Bill over the weekend, and she told Bill and myself, separately that we’re family, meaning that I am part of Bill’s family and he’s part of mine. It’s true and I never realized it before.

Sometimes things are so obvious, so right in front of your face and you can’t see it.