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Getting Away With It

It’s Wednesday I think. I’m at the border where the days start to blend into one another. Last night was alright. Another stroll with Julio, this time I was able to get some words in.

A different route around Hoboken and not as winding as the night before. It was a late start anyway. A good walk with a stop to get Bill some of his vitamin water for which we schlepped to a few stores on Washington Street.

Came home where Bill was falling asleep sitting up again. Despite my suggestion that he should go to bed, he actually stayed up for an hour or so more. We didn’t watch anything in particular as far as I could remember. The news and the Simpsons was about it.

Went to bed earlier than I’ve been lately. I did have the plan to go into the office again today to assist Greg Stevens on some projects. He will pay me out of his pocket and expense it. And I may help Greg’s wife out with her charity, stuffing envelopes for a function down the line.

Good people those Stevens are.

I went in and talked to Viveka for a little while. She seems to be getting fed up with the way things are and with the work she is doing, plus the work that I used to do, she is feeling the strain.

I don’t get dressed up these days when I go into the office. Just shorts, sneakers and the usual shirt. I’m not working officially and I don’t see any reason to conform to a job that doesn’t really exist.

Greg Stevens doesn’t mind and I haven’t heard any complaints, just a few utterances from some people wishing they could dress like I do. Someone said I looked cool with the way I dress and I could only reply, that I am cool.

So I did some work for Greg which took an hour or 2 and then had a nice walk across town to the bus terminal enjoying a cigar and listening to a play list of Elvis Costello & the Attractions on my iPod.

Hot and sticky on the streets of Hoboken again, I walked around for a bit before going to the supermarket.

Nice and cool in the store, but the workers are generally belligerent which makes one want to leave the store as soon as possible. Came home and made some dinner, Bill sitting on the couch after cleaning up a bit.

Tonight the plan is to go see Karen Kuhl perform on Pier 13 in Hoboken. It’s the same spot that I went to last month with Rand & Lisa.

Cheap beers, nice evening to be out, provided it doesn’t rain and it’s been forecast. They do have a tent which could be nice. I just hope it doesn’t rain.

Rand and Lisa will be there and Alice Genese is also playing with Karen. Karen usually puts on a good show so in any event it should be worthwhile.

That’s my to do list for the night. What are you up to?
After you read this, that is.

Has anyone noticed or heard the remake of Ceremony by Joy Division-New Order being used in a television commercial? It’s for Absolut, which I guess makes it OK. But it certainly through me for a loop. I only starting drinking Absolut in 1984 because of Scritti Politti

State Farm

It’s Tuesday now. Monday was yesterday. Tomorrow, could be Wednesday but who knows? I had an appointment at NYU Dental School tomorrow but canceled since Lydia was sick today and she might be sick tomorrow and I can’t leave the office unattended in the middle of the day. I’m not in pain so that’s cool, plus I rescheduled for next week. With Lydia the receptionist out, I was busy and I loved it. Really makes the day go by that much faster. The day flew by, it did. I expect to be busy again tomorrow.

Something is up in the office and I don’t know what it is. I think I’m safe, I’m low on the totem pole and don’t make as much money as anyone else. I think they are scaling back. Last month they should Moe the door. Both sides of the door apparently since he’s still around somehow. Another six figured person is also working out of the office from now on. Vivek isn’t one for official announcements but I think he will have to say something next week. If I know, I’ll let you know.

On my way home I walked by everyone’s favorite war criminal from the sixties, Henry Kissinger. He looks like a troll and had a bodyguard as he left the Lincoln Building on 42nd Street. I would have taken a picture of his fat troll ass, but I couldn’t be bothered. I guess he was lucky that most people wouldn’t know who he was or perhaps there would have been a scene. I spent my downtime with various sock puppets. Kitty Friendly, Fred Kleinke, Redneck Rockefeller among others.

There is a boycott in the works against Absolut Vodka. It seems Absolut hired an ad agency for some Mexican magazines, the ad featuring a map of Mexican territory from the 1800’s. Boy did that piss a lot of Americans off. Even though it wasn’t meant for US publication, the furor prompted Absolut to apologize, but to me there was nothing to apologize for. To hundreds of angry Americans, the apology wasn’t enough. They want blood. One of my sock puppets wrote that there is a war on.

“Young men and women are coming back damaged or dead. This administration has cut back on veterans benefits. Gasoline is probably going to hit $4.00 a gallon. We’re on the brink of a major recession/depression and thousands are about to lose their jobs (and not to Mexicans). But it’s definitely crucial that a boycott against a vodka maker is more important.” I know I know. There’s no point, yet I fall for it every time. When will we evolve? Will we evolve? Come on people, catch up!

Another thing, I bought some CFL light bulbs. The curly light bulbs, cut back on electricity, good for the planet. Then I saw something on the news, about how these light bulbs have mercury in them. Not easily recycled. I would have to travel miles to dispose of them properly. And if they break, it could be an environmental disaster in my apartment. A worse environmental disaster than it is now. According to Earth 911’s website, I would have to go to Little Ferry (but that’s in Bergen County, and they only take Bergen County hazardous waste), or New York. I have 2 of these light bulbs, and I don’t think I’ll be getting any more any time soon.

Sorry Earth. I tried. I’ll focus on the other stuff in the meantime.

I love my sock puppets.