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Marquee Moon

Well here it is, a Saturday night. Remarkably I am feeling no edge, even when I shave. Perhaps it’s time to get a new blade. Or a new strop.

Just got back from a boogie woogie ramble in Manhattan. Went in and did some coconut work for Greg Stevens. It was nice for a while, no one was in and all the lights were off.

I left it that way, giving it a cool atmosphere and not wasting any electricity. Of course about 90 minutes later in comes Abby and about six of his fellow country men and women.

It was odd, when I came into the building I saw two of Abby’s countrymen outside having a smoke. I had met them before and waved as I was going in. The security guard Rick, knows me fairly well and said that those two guys outside (the countrymen) tried to get in, but since no one was there he refused them access, despite their pleading that they had keys.

I told Rick that I sort of knew them and waved when I came in. Since they looked at me with an air of indifference I told Rick that they can stay outside for all I cared.

So they waited 90 minutes until the perpetually late Abby showed up for a guided tour of empty cubicles and overturned garbage cans.

Working on Greg Stevens coconut job was tedious but I was grateful to get some tasty cole slaw coming in.

Walking home I listened to Sly and the Family Stone- Anthology. Incredible stuff even after getting burned with Chaz a few years ago seeing Sly at BB King’s nightclub. Sly was shy and unintelligible. Chaz took me and I still have to make it up to him somehow.

Just listening to I Want to Take You Higher made the hair on my arms stand on end. Well it was either Sly & the Family Stone or the electrified subway grating that I was standing on. I’d like to think it was Sly.

Last night after doing some other coconut work for Greg Stevens I walked across town and saw a play that Bill has been stage managing the past few weeks. Now I had seen quite a few projects that Bill has been involved with, some good, some bad.

Fair to middling.

Last night’s show was 4 one act plays that ranged from OK to very funny. I can’t knock the playwright and director since he’s a friend of Bill’s (Arthur French III- not ‘friend of Bill’s’ like in AA) and there really isn’t any need to.

The first act took place in a locker room, after a professional basketball player’s last game. The team manager, the player and his girlfriend. The player’s wife and kids were off stage. It was OK.

The second act took place that beautiful morning in September 2001. Office workers in limbo at 9:15 AM. Some are dead, one is still alive, but basically they’re in limbo. Sort of an existential Twilight Zone which got some nervous giggles from the audience members behind me.

Then came the third act, a two actor piece about 2 former drug buddies, she has HIV and he doesn’t. They were old friends since they were teenagers who became junkies. That was very good and touching.

The fourth and final act was the silliest of all. Set in some near future, maybe 15 minutes from now, a guy is having problems with his robot girlfriend, her replacement robot and the supervisor robot woman who almost became his latest hook up or plug in.

I went out with Bill and the cast for some snacks and a pint. Nice people all of them and if tomorrow wasn’t the last performance I would recommend going to see it.

That’s it for me on this end. How are things holding up on your end?

So Fresh, So Clean

Jeez I’m tired. Skipped lunch and that’s probably why. I don’t skip lunch and it was because I thought I would be out of the office by 2:00 that I didn’t eat.

The reason for that was Greg Stevens. He’s still having Blackberry problems, carrying over from the other day. I couldn’t do much but provide physical support, which meant sitting in Greg’s office while he talked with his actual IT guy in Los Angeles, AT&T customer service, Blackberry customer service and some other service, all on a conference call.

Greg considers me his IT guy in Manhattan which is nice but would make people like Rand and even Bill chortle at the thought of me being in Information Technology. Sure I know a little bit more than Greg which is a good thing, keeps my foot still in the door.

The intern came in today. She was telling me that Abby called her mother to complain that the intern wasn’t taking Abby’s calls. The intern is Asian Indian as well and she got the job since they’re all part of a sub-continental network of sorts.

Apparently Abby has taken to showing up at around 6:00 and actually asked where I was last time he was in. Numb nuts doesn’t know that I don’t work with him anymore. Still, he is welcome to ask, but it doesn’t mean he’ll get me to do anything for him.

Whom am I kidding? If I could help him I’m sure I would, but he’s the type to take my kindness for weakness.

I also found out from the intern that she heard I’ll be working 3 days a week. Well today is day 3. I did get an email from Vivek and I told him that I’ve worked 29 hours so far, and that includes the 2 days I worked last week.

He said that he would give me a Cafe Press T-shirt for my collection tomorrow so I will just have to go in with my sweet kissable taint, hopefully for just a few minutes and then off to the bait shop.

Today on my way home I stopped by the Chasm residence. Good to see Casey and the missus. Casey has a great opportunity tomorrow and I off course wished him well. He’d make a great spokesperson for his invention.

It was good to sit still and hang out with them for a little while. Probably much like Juan felt last night when he stopped by for a spell. A nice visit with friends, not too long.

So tomorrow I’ll sleep late and get to the office around noon which isn’t that bad. And I’ll probably get some work done while I’m there since Vivek as you know from reading these entries is notoriously late.

Annemarie and Earl fly in tomorrow and I already told Julio I need the beach gear since there is a good chance that I’ll be headed to Sandy Hook on Sunday. I’m sure I’ll have to keep on him about that. It will be good to sit on the beach and look at the ocean.

I’m probably going to head out with Rand & Lisa check out some music on the pier at 13th street in Hoboken tonight. He called and I didn’t have anything else to do anyway, so why the hell not?

Young and Dancing

Here I am again, on Bill’s Mac. I’m lucky since he doesn’t mind. Of course my hours using his Mac are limited but that’s ok.

Right now it’s a beautiful warm day, a nice breeze is blowing through the open window.

So today was my first day of being unemployed. Not so bad so far. I mean, the weather has held up nicely.

I did go into the office again. Met Greg Stevens and the head honcho from the Los Angeles office. Nice guy the head honcho is.

They may be taking me on, but that will have to be discussed with their next meetings I suppose. I filed my unemployment claim while I was in the office.

Vivek was in, looking better than he did yesterday. I am still with the program that Vivek suggested, getting financed bajo la mesa. We’ll see how that works out. It could be a decent thing and all I can do is count on their hopelessness when I’m not in.

The deckchairs still need to be arranged.

I did have a scare on the way home, saw Abby in Hoboken talking on his cell on Washington Street. I knew it was him and lucky my bus rolled on by so there was no contact at all, plus his head is so far up his ass all he would be able to see is his lower intestine and not me.

Last night was nice, I watched True Blood and wow! Of course I can’t give anything away. I’m sure when Annemarie shows up we’ll watch an episode or two since she’s now into it from watching the DVD’s of the first season.

Tonight I’ll watch Weeds and Nurse Jackie I guess.

I have a few invites for the 4th of July on Saturday. I was invited to Rand’s sister’s house in Weehawken, as well as one of the neo-cons having a party on his boat in Port Liberte in Jersey City.

I think I’ll be sticking with Jim and Meghan and their Super girls and see Conor Oberst and Jenny Lewis at Battery Park City. That’s in the afternoon so I would have sometime between then and the fireworks at night.

This year the fireworks are going to be on the Hudson River, in honor of Henry Hudson discovering something that was already there and well known. And it was a mistake on Henry’s part, thinking it might be a passage to China.

I guess anywhere in Hoboken would be a good spot to watch the fireworks.

Tonight Bill and I are having a ‘date’ so to speak. Just another nice little dinner. It’s because of that, that I had to take a raincheck from Casey Chasm who was hanging out tonight and invited me over.

I have to meet up with him and the missus before they blow this Popsicle stand of Hoboken. Also have to talk to Rand about a new computer since mine is definitely on the way out. I’m sure we will cross paths the next couple of days.

Um “oh” e um “ah!”

What a day this has been. First off, I broke the rule of going to sleep the same time as Bill and wound up not being able to sleep well. A few interruptions and before I knew it, Bill was kissing me goodbye, telling me that I looked angelic laying there.

A few minutes later the alarm clock went off, no music- just the buzzer. I got it together and looked forward to an easy going day. Vivek in Las Vegas, and Sanjay flew in last night from Florida thanks to my ticket purchases.

Last night after finagling the tickets Abby was in the office. I need this I need that. Fine, whatever. I left around 5:00 and didn’t say goodbye. He was on the phone.

I left and halfway through my walk to the bus terminal, I get a phone call. It’s Abby. He couldn’t believe I left when he needed envelopes and stamps and copies to be made.

Not for work, but his own personal accounts. I told him to go to my cube and instructed him where to find the things he needed. Then he needed copies to be made and I instructed him on how to operate a copier. Hit the green button!

This morning after Bill left I did my thing and made it to the bus. As I sat down on the bus I realized that I left my cellphone at home. I almost got off the bus but decided to proceed with the day.

A nice walk across town and I soon found myself in the office by 9:15. At 9:16 I get a phone call from Sanjay. Tomorrow is a conference call at noon and I’m expected. I mentioned that I thought I was off on Fridays.

Sanjay says, no problem, we’ll just do the conference call on Monday. I explain to him that Monday is a federal holiday. No problem for him, they’ll just conference me in from home. Oh what a thrill.

Sanjay eventually made it in the office right around the same time as Abby. That made things busy and not as easygoing as I had hoped. A quick demonstration on how the Movie Box works in hotel rooms.

If you want to watch a crappy movie that went straight to DVD then this Movie Box is for you. And the adult fare is strictly hetero and boring.

The day went on and on. At one point I had to go to the post office for Abby and get some mail certified. I warned him that the lines in the post office can be long and I wasn’t sure when I would be back.

The line wasn’t that long and afterwards I used the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll around midtown and enjoyed a Padron.

I figured out that I knew what I had to do and as I finished my cigar I went back to the office with a new, fresh outlook. It was 3:00.

At 3:01 the phone rings, It’s Nash who works in Kent, Washington. He’s frantic, telling me the conference call is going on and I should be in on it.

Sanjay was in a meeting and Abby was somewhere. So I followed Nash’s instructions and jumped in on the conference call. I didn’t know what was going on and all these instructions were being thrown at me.

There was no one I could turn to or ask anything of so all I could do was take notes and I wound up transcribing most of the call.

I was in over my head. It seemed that anytime I get a grip on the situation the rug gets pulled out from under me. I am really at the end of my rope and I am considering telling Vivek when he returns that I don’t think it’s going to work out.

It’s not what I was hired for and I don’t like the hours. I’m sure they would be better off with someone else who could do the job. And the hours, the dirty looks that I get when I try to leave at 5:30 or 6:00. They seem to be nice people but I don’t think I can work with them.

And it’s soon enough that they wouldn’t have invested that much in me.

I’d be willing to continue supporting the office, booking conference rooms, ordering supplies, being the liaison between the office and the building personnel who like me a lot.

I’m well liked by the office personnel and even the conservatives seem to like me enough to make unofficial overtures that they’d take me on if it doesn’t work out.

But this dealing with hotel and motel owners and the insane hours and tardiness of these guys is really wearing me down. Perhaps that is what is causing me to lose sleep at night.

Right now I’m so tired that when Harpy called I could only respond in monosyllabic words.

I come home, not wanting to cook so I pick up two slices of pizza. Bill comes home and a few minutes later the buzzer rings. It’s a pizza that Bill’s ordered. He doesn’t care. He hasn’t had lunch and will eat the whole pie himself.

This day, will it ever end?

Bill before pizza


Well let’s see, at 9:02 I walked through the door. I am home having left the office at 8:00. Not happy at all about that. This shit is fucked up.

I was in the office at 9:30 this morning and 10.5 hours later I was walking out. More of this bullshit. Movie Beam my ass.

I blame Vivek. He has an idea and expects it to become fully formed as soon as the words leave his mouth. His idea that I will be working for his new venture and not the company that hired me, to do a job that I wasn’t hired for is immensely frustrating.

Gone are the days where a friend would call and ask if I knew of anyone looking for a job. I wish that call would come through. But the phone doesn’t ring.

My Korean stalker still calls and leaves messages. She calls and perhaps she’s offering me a job, in Korean.

Not that I would take it.

Luckily I had a sandwich left over from lunch. I had to order for a few visiting lawyers in the office (we’re being sued) and was told to get something for myself.

I had hoped to eat it at home but I wound up wolfing it down while Abby waited in a conference room with no ventilation (they shut off the building ventilation at 5:00PM) and talking either very fast in English or Hindi.

I really couldn’t tell.

Abby’s a good guy, or seems to be and says he runs 2 other businesses. I told him I don’t like this late hour nonsense and he says he understands, he doesn’t like it much either.

I’m busy enough during the day or at least trying to be busy which also takes a lot of energy and by the time I used to go home is when these Movie Beamers start to become active. They wonder why I’m cranky and dragging my ass, muttering under my breath.

And a lot of it involved once again calling up various hotel/motel people telling them I am faxing over a form for them to sign and fax right back.

And of course, they never fax it back, leaving me to call them an hour later, 2 hours later, then finding out that so & so who was supposed to sign it left for the day. Oh the steam comes out of my ears rendering my phone useless.

And I’m s till dealing with my bank card fiasco. Trying to get refunds for shipping the cursed items back to the origin. I might as well eat the shipping charges. Less frustration and it would only cost $7.95.

But this frustration at work, this coming home at 9:00 is bullshit.

It is interesting that once the sun goes down and the trash from delis and restaurants goes to the curbs the rats come out. Saw several this evening on the way home.

Big rats too.

It’s something to watch as they squeeze their way through a closed garage door.

That’s all I have to write about tonight, I’m pretty tired of being frustrated and writing about it is reliving it. I yelled at a coat hanger tonight when I came home.

Oh and my computer died at work today.

Happy 25th Anniversary to Brian & Karen!

Cinco de Mayo!

Shake Shake Mama

OK, I have a half hour to write. Julio just called inviting me down to his and Stine’s apartment. The baby’s asleep in bed and he’s offering a glass of wine.

How could I resist?

Julio called earlier today asking if I could write a letter on Stine’s behalf so she can get citizenship and not be deported. That should be no problem. So I have 30 minutes to write this entry tonight.

Last night wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, regarding Pap Smear. It was a reading and not an actual play. It started as soon as I sat down. It seems they were waiting for me.

It was supposed to start at 7:30 and I got there at 7:15 after braving the crowds in Times Square as I puffed on a Padron.

Since it was just a reading the performances weren’t as over the top as last time and you needed to use your imagination so that helped. It was painless and over before I knew it.

Came home and watched some TV while having a good talk with Bill. He went to sleep as Bill Maher was starting and I stayed up until 1:30 watching whatever it was that I was watching.

I took a ‘There was cool music before Nirvana’ quiz on Facebook. My friend Betti Cola took the test and scored in the low 90’s. Andy, former sound man at McSwells got in the upper 90’s.

I scored a perfect 100% which another friend, Thaler commented on saying she and her husband Tom were waiting for my results and not surprised by my score.

There was some guesswork involved and despite what some people might say, I did not cheat.

I was too tired to cheat actually.

I went to bed feeling good as Bill wore his sleep apnea mask which was louder than usual. It was white noise, like a very loud waterfall, but still I slept until 8:00.

I had a phone call from Abby who had some boxes in his car for work that he could keep in his car since his car was leased and had to be returned today. I told him to call me at 8:00 and I would go to the office with him and get the boxes stored.

He called at 8:15. He picked me up around 10:00 and we rode into the city. Cleared a few things up between us. He’s always late as most Asian Indians are. He said they operate on IST, Indian Standard Time. His words not mine.

Still I proved that I was a team player and sent him off on his way once we got the boxes to my office.

I walked across town were I ran into Lois and Fred who were online outside of Midtown Comics where it was comic book day and they were getting some free comic books. Perhaps they will sell them at their Gate Sale, weather permitting.

I came home, Bill was still here. We watched King Kong by Peter Jackson on TNT and it was fun. I loved the original and thought I loved the Dino Di Laurentis version, but I didn’t.

Peter Jackson was really faithful to the original and it was fun to watch, even with my sweaty hands towards the end scenes on top of the Empire State Building.

Still a very sad story, yes it wasn’t the plane that got Kong. Twas beauty that killed the beast. But I’m sure you knew that already.

After that I walked Bill to the bus stop and I wandered over to Tunes where I bought the latest Bob Dylan cd which I already like more than the last one, Modern Times.

David Hildago from Los Lobos and his accordion are one it throughout, giving it a Springsteen feel as well as a New Orleans Zydeco sound. I recommend it.

That’s it for me. Time for some wine with the Alexander’s parents downstairs.





Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

Well I just had a burger from Burger Heaven. It was pretty good. I hardly ever eat burgers anymore. And a chocolate shake. And French fries.

I’m still in the office, basically killing time now. I’m going to see Bill in a play that I saw a few years ago. It was horrible then, but the audience loved it. It’s a farce for lack of a better word.

3 married men think their wives are cheating on them since the wives are going to an OB/GYN to get a pap smear. This being the 21st century, the men have no idea what an OB/GYN is or what a pap smear is for that matter.

Every thing is played broadly and they do get laughs but not from me. When I saw it last time, I sat there taking notes while the audience laughed uproariously. It was obvious what I was doing and either the playwright or the director noticed it.

Then I came home and wrote about it. Apparently the playwright or director did a Google search and my blog came up. From what Bill told me, she printed it out and acted like it was a glowing review, which it wasn’t.

So now I sit at my desk writing this, waiting for 7:00 to come so I could walk across town to check it out. The main reason I’m going is because Bill is singing a song at the end. But I didn’t know it was for this play.

It was a very quiet day today. Quieter than the previous days, still due to the fact that Vivek, Sanjay and Abby aren’t around. I did contact Abby last night, telling him that I would be in the office today, but as of 5:25, 6 hours after emailing, I haven’t heard anything from him.

That’s ok by me, I’m not complaining.

Last night I entertained myself by figuring out the bass line to One Step Beyond by Madness. I think I figured it out.

Playing 3 strings instead of the usual 2 strings that I’m comfortable with. So it was a bit of finger stretching and coordination. I think I got the basics of it, and in so doing, got the bass basics for just about every 2 Tone Ska song.

And if I didn’t get it figured out, then I guess I just came up with some new bass lines.

One of these days I have to get it together and use Bill’s drum machine and make some home recordings. I can get a song together, playing the guitar and bass and maybe dabble on Bill’s keyboards.

I’m sure I can get Bill to record and engineer it. 4 tracks should be the limit since that is all I would have to record on. It’s just an idea that I’ve been kicking around in my head. And kicking around an idea in my head is infinitely better than a kick in the head.

I had a feeling I would hear from Abby late in the day and I was right. Abby just called me with a problem. He has a TV and some movie boxes in his car and the lease on the car expires tomorrow.

What to do?

Well I told him to give me a call at 8:00 tomorrow morning and I will come into the office with him so we can store the TV and boxes here.

He can’t do it himself since he never acted on the set up I had made for him to get access to the building.

See? I’m thinking out of the box and doing my best for the ‘team’.

And tonight I’m taking one for the John/Bill team by going to see that play again.

I guess I’m a team player after all. Or am I a team ‘playa’?

here is the link to the previous entry regarding Pap Smear

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Born Late

OK, this is what happened today. I wonder if I should start off each entry with ‘this is what happened today’? But then again I do write about the night before so maybe I should write, ‘This is what happened in the past 24 hours’.

Last night was quiet, Bill came home halfway through Lawn Hors d’oeuvre. I wish I caught the whole episode but I watched The Colbert Report after Lost. Lawn Hors d’oeuvre had some very good acting by a Central American actress who was simply heartbreaking at the end.

So damn sad. I think it had something to do with the beating and eventual death of Jose Sucuzhanay who was attacked in Brooklyn in December while walking home arm in arm with his brother after drinking one night. And also the day laborers out in Long Island who were routinely beaten by gangs of white kids. Gripping.

Lost was good last night, and too convoluted to get into here.

Bill was in a weird way, mostly depressed from not getting enough sleep. He’s been using a mask for his sleep apnea and it isn’t comfortable for him, causing him to wake up several times in the night.

With no relief in sleep and the situation with his mother who told him that she wants to die the poor guy is a mess. This morning he sent me a text about how he just wants to cry. He was at work and thats not how he usually goes through his day.

I was waiting for Abby to pick me up when I got the text. Abby told me yesterday that he was going to pick me up at 9:00 to go to Avenel. At 9:00 as I was about to leave, Abby calls.

He said he spoke to the property owner and said we should be there at 10:30, so he was going to pick me up at 10:00 instead.

Now I’m a stickler for time and a sucker for time. No matter how many times I’ve been kept waiting by family members, partners and friends, if they tell me they they will be somewhere like say, noon, I will be there at 11:55.

I always give them the benefit of the doubt.

So at 9:50, I went downstairs thinking that maybe this new guy, Abby will be early. I don’t like to keep anyone waiting you see.

At 10:15 I called Abby to find out what is going on. He told me he was on 50th Street and should be here in 10 minutes. Also the property owner apparently told him anytime after 10:30 was fine, which was not what he originally told me.

He also wondered why I was calling while waiting outside. I told him that we could do the trip some other time.

I had to go to the bank to get some cash and find out when I would be getting my new bank card, and there were things to do in the office that needed to be done today.

I’m probably being a pain in the ass to Vivek and company buy I do have other responsibilities. Responsibilities that are more or less concrete rather than the kind that change with the weather and Vivek’s whims.

I made it into the office and spoke with Greg Stevens before he headed out to the Hamptons. He just laughed at this situation, telling me that these guys run on Indian time. He inferred that Vivek was like a big kid who is used to getting his way, by hook or by crook.

Then it was off to the Hamptons for him.

I did whatever it was I could do in the office, also checked in with Bill from time to time. He took my advice, had a banana in the morning, a salad for lunch and another banana in the afternoon.

When I last spoke to him, he sounded a lot better. Not exactly ‘happy’ but busy enough at work to occupy his mind.

And if you’re in Hoboken on Sunday, and it’s not raining, you should check out Rand’s gate sale which is conjunction with Lois’ gate sale.


It’s also the Art and Music Festival with the headliners being the Box Tops featuring Alex Chilton and also various members of the Feelies in various bands like Yung Wu, Wild Carnation and East of Venus.

Unless it rains.

The Perfect Kiss

Well today was better than yesterday and that’s good. Nice to start off on a positive note. Ending on a positive note is another matter entirely.

The mellowness was from the fact that Vivek and Sanjay were in India and not coming back to the States until Wednesday, meaning they won’t be in until Thursday which is my last day of the week I think.

I say I think because I think Vivek is expecting me to work 5 days a week, which will be nice to get that money again, and also it means that the cleaning of the hallway will be done on Saturday or Sunday.

That’s not so bad. We shall see when Vivek returns.

I had a good talk with Greg Stevens and he was totally supportive of my situation, having dealt with Vivek for a number of years. His advice was very much the same as Annemarie’s and Harpy’s, hang in there. I don’t have much choice but to hang in there.

I’ve been hanging in there for so long that I am considered well hung.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to be going to Avenel with Abby. For what, I don’t know. He’s supposed to be picking me up here in Hoboken so that saves me a commute. That should make for an interesting experience.

I was planning on writing the other day about my driving experiences. I’m giving it a shot tonight. In 1981, a friend of mine, Derry Pedovitch and I had an idea to move to Los Angeles.

Derry had family there and he made arrangements to stay in Canoga Park. Derry had a van and we decided to drive Route 80 to Utah, then whatever highway would take us to Southern California.

It wasn’t that pleasant a trip. The northern route was dull, it took most of a day to get through Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Turnpike was a four lane highway, two lanes going east and west.

We made it through to Ohio and parked in a campground in the middle of the night. We were on the road the next day, looking at nothing but corn as we drove though Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

We slept in Nebraska and I got into a fight with Derry almost abandoning me in Nebraska when the van’s cassette player ate one of my tapes. After that we made it to Utah, sleeping in Beaver.

Then it was onto Southern California, getting a room in Alhambra after sitting in traffic for a few hours. In Canoga Park I found Derry’s family were nice, a little rough around the edges though.

We realized once we got there that everyone travels to Los Angeles to start all over again and we weren’t so special. It was a weird couple of weeks that also included a trip to Las Vegas were I lost all the money I had.

That was also the last time I gambled, not counting playing the lottery. It was one of the stupider weekends in my life.

Our money and dreams were depleted and we headed back to New Jersey, driving the same route, only this time it was nonstop.

I went back to work, and eventually got Derry his job back in the same warehouse. 6000 miles in about a month.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but it did get me the courier position when it became available a few months later.

Derry betrayed me a year or so later and I never spoke to him again.

Headlights Look Like Diamonds

Starting off, I don’t like the new hours. Sure, going to work at 9:00 is nice, less of a rush hour crowd, but leaving the office at 7:00, getting home around 8:00 and then having to make dinner is not my cup of tea.

Maybe I can get used to it, but on day one, I don’t like it.

The day today was a fiasco, even before I got on the bus. As it happened, I was waiting for the bus when Greg Stevens called my cellphone wondering if I was coming in to the office. I told him I was.

Then he asked if I was close to the office and I told him I was still in Hoboken waiting for the bus. He was off to a meeting and needed a letter that Vivek had sent out earlier this month, the letter stating that the company was broke and belly up.

I told him that I should be in the office by 10:00 and if he left me a fax number I would fax the letter over to him. I was there a little after 10:00, I found the letter and faxed it to wherever he was.

The day progressed awkwardly. Basically I was doing the same job as before, only 90 minutes later. Things still needed to be done and the other people in the office weren’t about to do it themselves.

The conservatives were all dressed up for meetings, I was casual since it was going to be close to 90 degrees today.

I got a phone call from Abby this morning as I sat at my desk. He asked if I was going to call the various hotels and motels that were discussed yesterday.

I told him that I still would like some help with this aspect since the people that I was calling had questions that I couldn’t answer, and I too had some questions.

He didn’t seem to hear that and asked again, and I raised my voice telling him that I requested help yesterday when he, Vivek and Sanjay (gave the business partner a name) sat opposite me at the table and all they did was nod their heads in unison, and still nothing was resolved.

I don’t want to look like an idiot and I don’t want the company to look bad.

I told Rand yesterday that it was like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, only this was worse since the hands were attached to the 8 arms of Shiva and the left still wasn’t saying anything to the right.

I did what I could, calling up the hotels and motels, and doing my best after Sanjay sat down and we did a phone call together. Still, things didn’t go as smoothly as anyone would have liked.

Some people I called didn’t know anything about what I was calling about and some simply weren’t interested. This was the equivalent of a ‘cold call’ or so they thought.

I heard from Sanjay that this was ordered by a guy who owns several of these hotels and motels, unfortunately the owner didn’t tell the managers of these places.

It was confusion on both ends.

Some people weren’t in, some people were unavailable. I had to keep calling because all of a sudden this needed to be taken care by 6:00 this evening.

‘Let’s give it to the new guy’ must have been the thinking behind that one. I called one motel manager at 4:49, telling him I’d call back in an hour to help him with the questionnaire. At 5:55 the guy’s phone was out of service.

It was truly the essence of ridiculousness.