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I Need Your Love Tonight

Letting the days go by. Today is Saturday. Once again, I find myself at the cigar shack, working with Thomas and The Bradley. Both are quite humorous, intentionally so. It’s a clear cold spring day.

I waited for the bus for about 35 minutes this morning, leaving the apartment early to catch the formerly reliable 10:15 bus. It was a no show, leaving me and a few others to wait in the cold for the soon to be standing room only 10:30 bus.

Hyman Gross got on at the next stop, having taken a taxi from his apartment to the bus stop. We sat next to each other and chatted a bit. I had planned to walk up the avenue so I could get something to eat, but as time became shorter and shorter and with the bus getting more and more crowded it was best that I take the subway.

I left Hyman on the bus as I descended the stairs. I listened to Public Image Limited, Album which I guess should be renamed Download since the cassette was called Cassette and the CD was called Compact Disc.

No one is on top of that one, but then again the label that had released the original versions is more than likely nonexistent. Goodbye, Virgin.

It brought me back to 1986, hearing the album in Jersey City when Steve Saporito lived above Chaz Charas with my former roommate William Charas. Late night after Maxwells. I have no idea how I got home after that but I do recall listening to the record. John Lydon with Ginger Baker and Steve Vai.

I’ve been here in the cigar shack for 90 minutes and it seems a lot longer. Bill is driving to Atlantic City tonight, Hyman’s worried since a lot of buses are being pulled over after a string of bus accidents in the past 2 weeks.

I reassured Hyman that Bill’s paperwork was in order and that Bill inspects the bus before it leave the depot, from top to bottom and if there was anything wrong with the bus, then Bill would likely balk at driving that particular bus. I’m going to lunch in a few minutes.

It’s almost 3:30. Already did my usual Saturday afternoon phone call with Annemarie at 3:00. And there was a flurry of activity in the store sales wise.

And one of the former regulars, the one they call Nelson (to his face) stopped by more than likely to report how poorly things are since someone like him doesn’t come here anymore. I didn’t even notice when he left, cipher that he is.

And the day is now over and I am home. Bill is in Hell’s Kitchen as of one minute ago. I could have sworn he was driving to Atlantic City. When I last checked he was in Clifton. I’m sure I will find out eventually.

The rest of the day at work wasn’t so bad. In fact there were a lot of laughs at everyone’s expense. How smoothly everything goes when the meddlesome management isn’t around.

That’s about it. I’m tired. Tried some stretching that my sister recommended since the past few days I’ve been having a problem with the back of my leg. I also took some Ibuprofen which helped with the inflammation.

One more day of work tomorrow (mit Calvin) and then off two days in a row. And tomorrow is a shorter day and also a day off from writing so I guess I will see you all on Monday.

Hopefully there will be something to write about. But who knows, really?


Hyman Gross

I Need You So

Surprisingly enough it’s been a pretty good day. My spirits, though not soaring have not exactly been in the doldrums either. Right now I am in the cigar shack and it hasn’t been such a bad today.

I woke up in a good mood too after having some sleep. I’ll admit the paranoia I felt last night was cut off by half a tablet of Xanax which enabled a very good night’s rest. And my mood is somewhat elevated, enough so that I am playing Billie Holiday on my iPod.

And yes, I got myself a new iPod and been spending a good amount of time trying to fill it with songs from three different hard drives. Or maybe four different hard drives.

The store has been somewhat busy today even though the last of the regular irregulars has stopped coming in. Perhaps they are unwell or perhaps they’re spending their time and money across town at the competition which Marcus claims is not our competition.

And it’s also a vacation of sorts since Marcus is not in today and is also out next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m off Monday & Tuesday myself so I will take what I can get somehow. Still no word from Calvin about leaving early the other night.

For a manager he’s really not that on top of things, at least not like other managers I have worked with in the past, and I also include that idiot Brian Celler of Q Prime, a management company run by that douche bag supreme who tried to pull a power trip on me back in the day.

I called his bluff and he showed that he really was (& probably still is) a pussy after all. Even after all these years I can still remember what an utter prick he was, trying to intimidate me. I guess the record that Metallica was working on at the time was named after what usually goes down Brian Celler’s gullet.

Billie Holiday still plays, a customer’s Blackberry keeps ringing after the customer left it behind. I answered it once and won’t answer it again. It’s here waiting to be picked up. I have no use for it, no need to call ‘finders keepers’.

An hour and fifteen minutes left in my time at the cigar shack today and here I am filling that time by writing this night’s entry in this here blog. I’ll probably walk on down to the bus terminal, but what will I listen to? Something fast moving, something with a beat.

In any event it won’t be known until I get home and post this entry since I have no idea whatsoever what it will be. Oh, and that’s alright with me. Bill is at a play tonight, observing, not acting so he probably won’t be home when I get home.

No word on yesterday’s meeting. No word from Donald the K from a few weeks ago, but I did write a funny cover letter this morning. They asked for a rock and roll cover letter and that is what I will copy later on and paste for your reading pleasure. (Can’t find it)

Because I am all about making you feel pleasure when I write. When I dream, well that is a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Ciao for now Cisco.

So I pressed my luck, (came in second in sales today by the way) and after balancing the registers and the ash and the credit receipts, I left the cigar shack at 9:24. I hopped on the subway and wound up in the bus terminal in time to catch Hyman Gross at the gate and ride the bus back to Hoboken with him.

It’s always a pleasure to see Hyman. Bill is still at the play or maybe on his way home. And here I sit, waiting for his smiling face to come through the door.