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Move On

When I work at Maxwell’s since I stand by the door it can get chilly with this spring weather, so I have been wearing a suit jacket. You know, that ‘new wave’ look with a button in my lapel. One jacket has a button of a cutout of John Lennon’s head from the back cover of ‘Meet the Beatles’ and for the other jacket I sometimes wear I’ve decided to go to that bottom drawer and pick out a button that hasn’t seen the light of day in years.

I have some buttons from famous bands and buttons from bands that never quite made it that far. One of the bands has a logo which is a silhouette of a man with a briefcase next to him. The band was called the Angry Young Salesman. I decided to take a pass and wore another Beatle button which was actually from something else which was lost throughout the years.

As I stood at Maxwell’s asking people if they were there for dinner a couple not too much older than me walked in. I asked if they were having dinner and they were, and they also planned on seeing the show. Sometimes I have to direct them to where the back room is but they said they knew. It turns out that the gent had played Maxwell’s back in the day so they had a good idea where to go.

I told this man and woman that I worked way back then and asked what the name of the band was. Much to my surprise the band was Angry Young Salesman. It was a cosmic goose from the universe and I am sure it was the first of many, or at least another in a long line of cosmic giggles.

Bill surprised me by showing up and having dinner at Maxwell’s. He just showed up and was standing in the doorway when I was taken by surprise. He said it was 30 seconds before I knew he was there. I got him a good table, not too noisy with a view of both the street and the rest of the dining room. I told his server that he was my partner and to take good care of him. Later for dessert I was able to have a spoonful of his chocolate mousse.

It started to slow down around 9:00 and by 10:00 it did not seem like anyone else was coming in for dinner so with the OK of the management I went home. Bill was home already and getting his things ready for a day of bus driving. I flitted about and soon went to bed. I stayed up later than usual hoping that that would help me sleep but it didn’t. Bill had to get up early, 2:30 AM to start his day after a few hours of sleep.

I lay there trying to sleep, not heeding my own advice as Bill got himself ready in the dark. I told him he could turn on the lights since I was not asleep but he didn’t. I just tossed and turned after Bill left unable to get any deep sleep.

It promised to be a crap day since sleep was nearly unattainable and I am not sure if I ever got it. I ‘woke up’ thinking of my birthday party picnic in September and was upset with the people whose landmark birthday parties I attended at restaurants, backyards and halls who didn’t show up at my picnic party. It was definitely not a good way to start the day but after the insomnia a few hours before, but it did not really matter, since nothing would have been good enough.

Slept crappy, woke up bitter. I’m better now.





I Still Believe- Jeremy Camp

And now it’s Tuesday, slightly better than yesterday. The sun did come out and I walked around Hoboken again. A trip to the bibliothèque to return DVD’s which were unwatched. The Fighter and Everything Must Go. Just wasn’t in the mood. I also returned the soundtrack to Searching for Sugar Man which I did give a listen to since I enjoyed the documentary so much. Now Sandy Denny is asking ‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’. I just made dinner, but haven’t cooked it yet. I made the ingredients, now I just have to put them all together in a pot and heat it up.

Writing on an empty stomach, (well nearly empty since I did have some salad a little while ago) is not as hazardous as going food shopping on an empty stomach. It could be worse somehow I suppose. Today was filled with more laundry and some more cleaning. Bill hasn’t noticed yet. We spoke earlier and as usual he asked what I was going to do today. Laundry, resume emailing and some more cleaning was my reply. I mentioned that he hadn’t noticed the cleaning and it’s no big deal, since it’s not a noticeable thing. Just getting things done slowly but surely.

I also heard from Rand today. We’ve been chatting via email and text and last week we even spoke face to face as he was returning from an eye doctor appointment. He wears glasses all the time now I think, just one of the perks of getting older. I’ve been picking his brain for some ideas and I think we came up with one that ties into something we’ve been talking about for years. I already have an idea on what to do with it already and need to check with certain people about it. One of them might be a reader of this here blog.

I am listening to a playlist that I made during my cigar shack days, mainly songs from back in the day, my day. Pretenders, Nick Lowe and now Big Audio Dynamite with their words of encouragement which is actually helping. Thanks Mick Jones, you’re a prince. This is going to be entry 2,482. I’ve been writing this since October 2005 and I have got to do something with this since they’re not exactly knocking on my door to find out more about me. That’s where Rand comes in. Him and his ideas.

Now the sun has gone behind some clouds which look laden with snow. There might be more snow tomorrow, at least that is what the weather report is stating. The European weather has been more accurate with regards to the east coast weather here, they’re the ones who accurately forecast last weekend’s snow storm. I just posted a map on Facebook from FEMA regarding Hoboken. 79% of Hoboken is in a flood zone. That includes here where Bill and I live.

And the rogue police officer is reportedly holed up in a cabin in Big Bear, CA. I doubt he will make it out alive and brought to trial.

The Weight

I Predict

Another Dorothy Parker feeling. Oh well, like I said the other night watching the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie Knight And Day, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. But I did not watch the whole thing, I was barely watching it at all and I have no idea how it ends. It was listed as an action adventure romantic comedy. It was worth catching Paul Dano. That’s about it. It’s a strange film, and it was like watching a car accident which was fitting since there are numerous car chases and accidents throughout the movie. I only had it on since nothing was on the other 350 channels, I swear.

The four to five feet of debris has been removed from my street. There is still the matter of the tree which was sawed up and stashed behind the gate. I saw the absentee landlord yesterday and he said someone will be removing it soon enough. His handyman, Robert lost a lot in the flooding and the landlord has a few buildings in the area, so it might take some time. It has been a gorgeous day today, and it was even better yesterday. Just bright and sunny and warm .

It was hard to believe yesterday that a mere seven days earlier most of Hoboken was walking around in shock. Things are slowly getting back to how it was beforehand, but there is still that air of neighborliness which is good to have. The bibliothèque is still closed, sorry part timers. And the Path still isn’t running from Hoboken and won’t be for a few weeks, as far as the official word goes. It is running from Journal Square to 33rd Street but no stops at Christopher or Ninth Streets. The ferry is cheaper though, $5.00 for a one way rush hour crossing.

And now the sun has gone down and it is a lot cooler. Sweater time. For some reason I haven’t been listening to much music lately. Well, the storm and it’s aftermath and also the election has been foremost in my thoughts. There’s always a tune playing in my head, but I have to make a conscious decision to listen to music and cut down on the TV. Music best sums up my mood mostly. Today is Neil Young’s birthday and it is also Booker T. Washington’s birthday. I posted a slew of videos by both as well as Booker T & the MG’s backing up Neil, so that was good music to listen to this afternoon.

Right now, Gang of Four are on with Life, It’s a Shame. Out of the 500 or so records I had to throw away last week, I was able to save about 100 which I finally found a spot for in the apartment. Strategically located album covers, some I cherish more than others. Of course some crap was saved. Have to take the good with the bad I suppose. Can’t forget the doubles either, the 3 copies of the B-52’s Mesopotamia. The Cocteau Twins. The 12 inch of The Word Girl by Scritti Politti.

Tomorrow is a road trip. Don’t know if I will be writing tomorrow. Bill and I are going to Baltimore. Totally his idea, I am merely a passenger on this adventure of his. It’s just a day trip, we’re going to see a friend of his sing play somewherewith the Baltimore Symphony in Charm City. We were going to take the train but it’s cheaper to rent a car. I just have to show up and DJ on the way down. There should be a report of some sort on Wednesday.

Dorothy Parker, right once again!

I’ve always loved the cover of this 12″, and of course the song is fantastic.

06 Powderfinger

I Hear A Symphony

I slept really well last night despite the fact that Bill was not in bed next to me. I don’t usually sleep that well when he is away but I guess since I did not sleep that well the night before, my body made up for it. My good friend Lois was working retail in Hoboken today and had a quandary as to what to play while she was working.

I asked if she had an iPod but she didn’t. On the way to the bus stop this morning I figured that since I have an extra iPod I would lend her the extra. I was listening to Hot Chip as I waited in the sun across the street from the bus stop. I decided to make a playlist from one of the tracks when all of a sudden my iPod up and died. Or actually went into a coma.

Being in the sun I couldn’t read the message on the device. I tried to reset it a few times to no avail and did not look forward to the music choices that Bradley or Thomas might present. I know they’re good guys and generally have good taste in music but I used to be a DJ and I guess I like to control the music at the cigar shack.

I think my co-workers recognize that if I can pick the music then I am happy and I think they like to make me happy. Or maybe it’s simply a case of ‘letting the baby have it’s bottle’.

No iPod meant I had to listen to people on the bus, in the bus terminal and in the street as I walked to the cigar shack. I was determined though, to find out whether or not I could reset the iPod once I had access to a computer. As luck would have it as soon as I plugged the iPod in the AC outlet it came back to life. Who knows? Maybe when I unplug it it will go back to being Karen Ann Quinlan.

The day at the cigar shack was slow enough for me to write another blog entry for the cigar shack. It was an easy write as it usually is. Just show me what to write and I will write it Wow 13 minutes left. I just sold a lime green pen case to a woman named Lynn somewhere in Michigan. Poor thing sounded like she had a behemoth of a head cold.

I just want to go home now. Thomas kicked ass all day, definitely getting the lion’s share and then some in sales. I came in second, happy to have put Bradley in third place. Now the Feelies are playing and I can hear the great Stan Demeski on drums loud and clear. Dave Weckerman’s percussion too.

Crazy wiring on the speakers here. I can here the percussion and drum and the bass and guitar sound far away. On the whole, I’d rather be in Haledon. Not really. First we’ll take Hoboken.

The iPod did work on the bus ride home and I listened to Another Day on Earth by Brian Eno. I don’t think I had heard it on the iPod with the ear buds in but it really is a beautiful piece of work. Jeez I love that Eno so much, I even downloaded an app for Oblique Strategies. I’m pretty sure it’s not official but it’s light hearted entertainment, all the same.

Tomorrow is Sunday so that means I won’t be writing. Why don’t you do some writing? Perhaps leave a comment here, or write your own blog.

01 This

I Got It

A Friday for most, but for me it was ‘I don’t know what day it was’ when I woke up this morning. Slept really well due to the melatonin I took before I slept. It helped with the sleeping and made it near impossible to wake up. Still I got out of bed and did my thing. Bill was up and out of course by the time I actually left the bed.

I should not have stayed up so late, but I posted a picture of Janis Joplin and Rick Danko on Facebook and a friend commented on it so of course I had to send a link about the movie Festival Express where the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and The Band are touring across Canada.

When I sent the link I started reading about the Band and next thing I knew it was 1:45AM. About 45 minutes later than I am usually awake. That did not help me waking up at all. The thing is, I don’t really like The Band. Maybe as Dylan’s back up band but on their own I always found them a snooze.

Funny tidbit- in 4th or 5th grade the teacher asked us to make a poster with our favorite bands. I did not know that much about music and the Beatles had ceased to be at that point and no one was really into them so much. I remember my brother Frank talking about The Band so I made a poster saying that The Band were the best band.

It was an easy way out. I wasn’t into Elton then and certainly not into Led Zeppelin since all the bad kids were into them and I was a goody goody. So basically Richard Manuel and Rick Danko are dead, leaving Garth Hudson, Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson are still alive and Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson do not talk to each other. The problem is mainly songwriting credits basically, with Robertson taking the lion’s share.

And that was what kept me awake, reading about a band I don’t really care about. It really was not worth the price I paid today for staying up too late. Another day of wearing thermals. If it is below 30 degrees outside then thermals it is. And it was 26 degrees when I headed out this morning. I once again stood in the sunlight with an eagle eye out for the bus.

5 minutes before it was scheduled to arrive, I moved and waited in the shadows for it. The driver was not racing up the street with 2 cop cars on her tail, no this morning she was somewhat sedate. A solo ride into the city, no Deborah. She’s off to the Dominican Republic with her boyfriend for the next 5 days.

A little over 30 minutes left at the cigar shack. Bradley’s been very nice lately to me, though he hasn’t really had much of anything to say to Thomas. I can’t figure it out and neither can Thomas though we do have our theories. I definitely look forward to sleeping tonight. Even though I don’t sleep well when Bill is not around and he is driving to Atlantic City tonight, I do not think I will have a problem.

Now I am home, Bill is somewhere heading south on the Garden State Parkway. My ride home was uneventful which was nice, and there was the added bonus of my second favorite bus driver behind the wheel. My friend, Chief is driving the late shift so instead of seeing him in the morning I may see him at night when going home.

He’s a good guy and asked me what I thought of the bus driver in the morning. I told him how she was not as good as him and he remarked that she’s been driving for 19 years, and that others have been complaining about her to him. Go figure.

Free Man In Paris

I Fought The Law Dead Kennedys

44 hours in 4 days. That is where I am at right now. Not as toasted as I thought I would be but still staring at the abyss which by the way keeps winking back at me. Last night Bradley was gracious enough to close up for me, allowing me to get a train to the Path train. The cigar shack did alright as well sales wise so that made Zack very happy as he sat and smoked like Lewis Carroll’s caterpillar in the man cave.

I snagged a seat on the train and was soon home. Bill was up and about and greeting me with a great big hug and a kiss. Bill was watching Lawn hors d’œuvre when I sat down and at 10:00 we started to watch something on PBS about Carole King and James Taylor, me raging Bill with my own personal; stories about James and Carole.

Bill went to bed after that and I stayed up watching Battle: Los Angeles (which wasn’t half bad) and then the second half of Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban. Then it was time for me to go to bed.

Woke up once again with Bill being the loving spouse telling me how much he loved me and me grumbling about how I feel the same way. I eventually got out of bed somewhat reluctantly. Fixed myself a breakfast and talked to Bill as I walked to the bus stop. Bill’s co-worker Tom is none too happy about my posting on YouTube, Smooth n’ Fusion at their office party. It was an eye opener for Bill and a nightmare for Tom.

This morning while waiting for my 11:30 bus, the 11:15 bus approaches while there is a 4 x 4 in the bus stop. Two passengers stand there watching the bus roll up, and expecting it to stop even though the driver can’t see them. I do them a favor and flag the bus, they get on without any thanks. I know, I expect too much.

Then after walking up the avenue, foregoing the subway to save some money I get to the cigar shack where Bradley is running the show. Bradley got a phone call from the head of Human Resources about a possible bonus and according to Bradley a commission check as well as our usual payroll.

Three checks in total is what Bradley is telling me but he’s not so sure. I send an email to Sharon Burr, head of Human Resources asking her to respond via email about the matter at hand. An hour later she calls. I explain what is what, and it turns out Bradley is wrong. There will be two checks and the bonus will be direct deposit while the regular payroll which is direct deposit, will be a live check.

I am sure that Sharon Burr is wrong but she is the head of Human Resources and I am not. Then I get into a spat with Bradley over a phone call versus an email. I explain that coming from the corporate world, an email is the best protocol, that a phone message can turn into he said she said or in the worse case a cruel game of telephone.

But Bradley insisted that he was right while admitting that he does not know how the corporate world operates. Bradley is slipping back into idiocy but I should have seen that happening. Perhaps I am being overly familiar since it true, familiarity does breed contempt.

06 Mambo Sinuendo

I Feel the Earth Move

OK, so the computers that we use at the cigar shack are so decrepit that I often make jokes about how we bought them at a garage sale that was had when the Soviet Union collapsed. All tubes and wires and little or no upkeep. Several layers of dust coat the inside of the computers which more than likely hinders any process that they go through hour after hour, day after day.

The home office had been notified and sent the cigar shack a new computer which remained in it’s boxes for weeks, if not a month or two. Finally yesterday the IT guy came in and was all set to hook up the new computer and take away the old one. Well as luck would have it (just as we had the computer in a box for a few months) the new computer was too large for a spot under the register.

A plan was made to get a jigsaw and saw some space under the counter to make room but that was decided against. Now the new computer is back in the box and ready to be sent back to wherever it was that it came from. Lithuania I believe. The humorous part of it all was the computer was laying in the box for so long and no one had the sense to take a look at it. Foibles I believe is what they’re called.

So today Thomas is back from his vacation and he’s back to being the cocky 25 year old he is. I have to keep in mind that if you treat someone with kindness and equanimity that does not necessarily mean you will be treated in the same way. And that’s how Thomas operates. A lesson learned I suppose.

And today like every other day, my beloved Bill has been outstanding. Really great and supportive and I certainly look forward to shooting the set that his jazz combo will perform at the holiday party his company is having at a hot nightspot somewhere in midtown. I’m also looking forward to some excellent food and perhaps a pint or two.

I am also glad that Bill won’t be moving his equipment out of there until next week so that will be once less thing my beloved Bill will have to contend with tomorrow night. After his combo plays he can relax but knowing Bill he will be a flippin’ and a floppin’ on the dance floor as he is known to do.

I attended the party a few years ago thanks to Bill sneaking me in and he was so well known that people kept asking him when he was going to hit the dance floor. Since I work the next day (first day of four eleven hour shifts) I might just split and let Bill get his groove on. He wouldn’t mind and I could just go home and upload the video. Either way who knows what will happen.

I do know that it will be grand to spend quality time with Bill and it’s always a pleasure to watch him play his keyboards. I am so glad I am married to him. And he is so glad to be married to me.

One last thing, I am running another blog concurrently since certain people have wondered where the pathos is, why are names changed. So the names won’t be changed and the whole blog will be as is. So send me an email with bloggo deux in the header and I will send you the link. Some of you already get bloggo deux so there’s no need to send me the email.

02 No Fine Lines 1

I Drove All Night

I knew I am dictating tonight entry into my smartphone. I am not sure whether not I will continue to correct whatever ari’s might happen. but it should be an interesting a car and then.

I am in the cigar shop once again after 2 day that’s about all I can do right now I don’t wanna be distracted I have to count money to have a problem if you knows off and it has not been so bad. I work with thomas bradley and sheri cell we all got along quite nicely and have quite a few laughs. of course I would rather spend the day with bill said he is driving to atlantic city tonight a late start for him finale thanks for me.

right now I am counting the face in the back a k a h e math games. send mail proposition to be using the microphone to translate what I am saying into text. hopefully you will be as soon as I am. who knows how to make more sense now that sounds amazing right I fingers. so now its me and thomas in about looking at the week ahead.

certainly doable however unpleasant at my page. less than 45 minutes to go getting out at 10 o’clock tonight or rather a little after 10. thomas and I both agree that bradley was in top form and easy to work with today which is different for a change. I certainly hope to hear from body rizoto this week it would be nice to hear something from him.

It’s almost like a Burroughs cut up.

Well I just got home and thought I wouldn’t have to write after dictating what came out as gobbledygook. It’s 11:05PM and I closed the cigar shack at 10:15. Easy getting home though the later hours truly suck. I got in at 12:30 and did the usual 10 hour shift.

I could complain but then again the wankers would respond saying whine whine whine. You don’t see the comments, they go right into the spam folder. Thomas and I had a lengthy discussion about art. I had no idea of his interest and he mentioned that he enjoyed my photos and would consider them worthy of the pantheon that I call ‘Art’.

It was definitely a good thing to hear. We disagreed about R. Mutt and the Fountain. He didn’t see the humor and most definitely does not enjoy conceptual art and really does not like surrealism. And I am all about surrealism. True I edit myself greatly and so a lot of surreal things don’t make the cut.

Perhaps I am too bourgeois, too middle class. That maybe so but I am fine with it. I do what I do and if you like it, that’s fine and if you don’t that’s fine too. Why anyone would go back to something they don’t like time after time, day after day is beyond me.

I am not holding my breath but really don’t mind if they do. They might look good in blue anyhow.

04 Sound And Vision

I Don’t Feel Very Receptive Today

Yeah, sometimes rules get bent, sometimes rules get broken. This is one of those times. Calvin in the back with Jimmy Seltzer, I’m up front writing this. Jimmy suggested that I come up with an outline for the story I am considering putting in the pressure cooker.

A month at a writer’s colony would be nice but that ain’t gonna happen. There are a few around, not close by but it would be nice to have some time there to write write write. Yadoo? Had a good talk with my friend last night.

They received the letter I wrote and were not offended. In fact they told me they were proud of the fact that I write at least 500 words a day, a ‘real’ accomplishment. I was flattered by that remark.

I was also watching part one of the George Harrison documentary by Martin Scorsese which was good, had lots of footage I had never seen before. I hope it gets released on DVD since I would like to own it. Who knew George’s older brothers were still around?

And man Dhani Harrison looks just like his dad circa 1966-67. I haven’t watched the whole thing but I do know how it ends.

Today at the cigar shack it was Calvin and Thomas and Me. Not a bad team, Thomas is coming down with something, Angela- our cleaning lady HAD something and with contact day in day out with customers as well as riding mass transit it seems to be only a matter of time before I get something.

And then there is Bill with the contacts that he makes, who knows what we are each bringing home. I am off tomorrow and I am definitely looking forward to it. I have an appointment in Chilltown but I really don’t expect much of it.

Then perhaps a trip into the city to check out Occupy Wall Street and see what is going on down there. Last night white shirted police inspectors were swinging the billy clubs at protesters who jumped the barricades.

I had an interesting chat with Thomas about that, his attitude was that since they jumped the barricade they deserved to have their head split open. Oh to be young and full of myself at age 25. I was that age once but of course I had a more liberal view of things and did not wish to see the police bashing anyone’s head wide open.

If I have the money I will bring the Occupy Wall Street crew a pizza. ABout 50 minutes left here to go, happy to get this done before I get home since I really want to chill out and not write. But I will if I have to and I usually do have to.

Right now we are listening to the Soundtrack from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti and it’s jazzy and despite that it’s dissonant enough for me to enjoy it. I got a lot of stuff from Angelo Badalamenti the other day and it’s all so cool and groovy.
Homo again!

I Close My Eyes

Well Bill did not come home until the time he usually heads off to work, around 6:00. He went right to sleep and I woke up around my usual time, time to go to work. But I was off today and was able to take my time getting my day started. Getting the day started has been easier than starting this entry tonight.

So many distractions. Facebook, TV, email, phone. You name it, it will have my attention for a few minutes. And it just happened again, being distracted by Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac, a song that has been floating around my head for the past couple of days. I went to the bibliothèque the other day and one of the CD’s I picked up was Rumours.

So having that at my disposal I thought I would play it. Dreams just came on and yes, I like that song. I like the song so much that I already had a copy of it. Then there is the distraction of being able to read every single issue of Rock Scene magazine from the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. I didn’t read it that often, preferring Highlights for Children or My Weekly Reader. I identified with both Goofus AND Gallant, which probably says a lot about my state of mind in my adulthood.

Bill slept a good part of the day before heading into the city to go to a call back, and seeing his mom in the hospital. Bill’s mom seems to be OK and comfortable. Apparently she was nauseous and clammy, then she fainted, which is when Bill’s cousin called for an ambulance. The strange thing is, she tried getting in touch with Bill via his iPhone, while we were waiting outside Le Poisson Rouge, trying to find out if Bill’s garment bag was still in the dressing room.

Bill’s phone was dead though, and it would have made things a lot easier if we knew about his mom before heading back to Hoboken. But that’s in the past and all unchangeable.

As Bill was getting ready to head out this afternoon, he started getting caught up in ‘I Love You Philip Morris’ starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. It’s surprisingly very good. I can’t remember liking any Jim Carrey flick, but this one was quite charming and had a few twists in it. I had to remind Bill that we have the DVD and when he comes back we can watch it again.

I can easily see why it took so long to come out, it has a few explicit gay scenes which more than likely made Jim Carrey’s fans quite uneasy. It wasn’t titillating and it had some genuinely sweet moments.

Not much walking around Hoboken since it was raining, but I did spend a few minutes with Rand who is currently attempting to extract 20,000 songs from iTunes on the old computer which will probably be put out to pasture (landfill) or refurbished for someone else to have. Either way I’m cool with it.

I would like to get those 20,000 songs back but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I don’t. I do have a few back up CD’s somewhere, I’m just trying to figure out which I have uploaded already.

That’s about it for today, back to work tomorrow which isn’t so bad. My mantra should be recharged and ready for use once again. More distraction, courtesy of Windex. Yes I saw a spot on my PC screen and had to clean it, and then I saw the TV screen was dusty so I had to clean that too.

I am so close to being next to godliness. Found the backup discs so now I am uploading a whole bunch of stuff. Bill just called, his mom is OK, and depending on the oncoming hurricane she may be released on Monday.

An early Tuesday morning fire burned down two large tobacco warehouses of Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., the manufacturer of Fuente Fuente Opus X and Arturo Fuente cigars. Does Calvin know about this? Is Calvin the Shack Master? Does the Shack Master know Lazy Teat? Is it all one great big incestuous fuzzy lollipop?

I Can’t Live With You

When I last wrote I neglected to mention the squirrel. We had a squirrel break through a screen in the kitchen. Bill saw the squirrel Friday morning around the pots and pans. Apparently made enough of a racket to get the squirrel to scram. I wondered why Bill was taping the screen, figuring that Bill had done something.

A squirrel invasion seemed so outlandish. This morning Bill was adding more tape. Apparently the squirrel returned and proceeded to eat the bread. The bread I was going to use for a sandwich. Bill made it a point to show me the squirrel hair on the tape to prove that it wasn’t anything that he had done.

And then there is the ongoing saga of the drain in the bathtub. It just won’t go down. I usually shower with a bucket in an attempt to save water, I use it for flushing the toilet. Lately the bucket has been used for bailing out the tub. A plumber came after I left, took $240.00 from Bill and broke a snake in the pipe.

There seems to be a problem with the apartment below us and Bill phoned Peter the absentee landlord. Peter was upset that no one contacted him sooner, but he’s basically useless. The plumber is scheduled to return on Tuesday.

Originally he was supposed to come by on Monday and I was willing to cancel my beach plans but Bill insisted that it would be good for my mental health to go down the shore. He was going to take the day off from work and wait for the plumber but now it will be on Tuesday. I am off and Bill can go to work.

From what Bill told me, the tub is now drained and the plumber’s snake was broken in the drain. A few years ago, Julio used a snake to fix the drain and in doing so pulled out two other broken snakes. I don’t know how and why it happens but I wouldn’t be surprised if the squirrel was involved.

At the cigar shack today it was alright. Me, Thomas and Bradley. My brother Brian (a plumber) stopped by the shack with his wife karen and two friends of theirs. They were going to Damrosch Park to see Lesley Gore and La la Brooks from the Crystals.

It was a nice time seeing them if only for a few minutes. Now the cigar shack is awfully quiet. And having written that there’s been a flurry. An old friend, customer Adam stopped by. Hadn’t seen him in a few months and it was good to see him again. Nice guy, keeping his head above water just as most of us are trying to do.

Another customer stopped by yesterday and gave me the suggestion on what I should write a book about. It was somewhat rooted in what I wrote yesterday, before I went back and edited before bedtime. I am glad that I did.

Now I am home. No food to eat, had to order a pizza from Grimaldi’s. Big day tomorrow, going to Millbrook. Who knows, it might be something to write about.

I Need Someone to Lean On

Wow. Just had a nap, went longer than I expected but it was well deserved since I was up earlier than usual this morning. I could probably sleep some more, perhaps through the whole night but now that I am up, I am up. And it’s been a crazy day today.

Last night wasn’t so bad. There was the visit to Maxwells where I did not spin after all but I did see David Byrne and Fred Armisen play with Ira, Georgia & James. It was crazy late when I got home and a little bit buzzed.

And I was still able to get up early than I usually do. It was about 7:00 which is probably de rigueur for most of y’all. For me it’s the start of the last hour of sleep. I got up, made some coffee and poured some cereal.

As I was drying myself off, the lights went out. I wasn’t sure if it was just our apartment or the whole building or the whole town, but it was just us. I dried myself off and put on some clothes and walked down to the basement and flipped the circuit breaker.

I wasn’t sure if it took since Bill was long gone and there was no one I could have called to see if the lights were back on. So I climbed the five flights of steps and was happy to see the lights back on. The coffee that was being made was stopped so I hit the start button and then proceeded to get dressed.

The coffee making was completed and I had a cup of what was quite mediocre coffee. I had no time to start over again as I had to go catch an 8:00 bus, 2.5 hours earlier than I usually do. At that hour there is a bus every five minutes guaranteeing that the buses would not be too crowded.

I was soon in the bus terminal and walked through the cold with a thousand other commuters. I was soon in front of 1700 Broadway, a building I had worked in 25 years ago for Friedman Alpren and Green (F.A.G.).

The building used to also house ABKCO as well as the Screen Actors Guild, now it houses George Soros foundation. I met with a woman with Daisy and had a nice talk with her, the interview lasting about 20 minutes. It was a struggle to promote myself, I mentioned that I was intelligent, that I often think out of the box and also that I was an artist. (!)

An artist that sees most things in an off center way. When asked what I expect from the company, I mentioned that I would like to support the people I would be working with and if asked for some ideas I would likely have something to contribute. I think it went well but I really couldn’t tell with the lack of caffeine in my system.

I stood outside the building and called Bill when I saw a fairly regular customer to the cigar shack walking in my direction. He’s a drinker and I turned and faced the building, holding the cellphone to my ear and hoping the fairly regular customer would be a bit hung over and not notice me at all. And he did not.

Bill gave me a pep talk as well as some advice with regards to the jobs that I had in the past. How things that seemed great between the interview and before the actual start of the job, turned into something else once I started. I explained that I did like working for Putnam Lovell and if it weren’t for Zelcah Farsijani I would have probably stayed on.

And with Wolff Olins, I was overwhelmed and when I found the memo stating that my job actually needed 2 people, and that they weren’t going to have 2 people working my desk like they had suggested to themselves I knew it was time to go.

And with BIO-IB, I would have stayed there but things went south as the company went under. It was good advice and I paid heed. I rode the bus back to Hoboken, 2 hours after riding into the city. I picked up some bagels, got the paper and stopped off at the bibliothèque and picked up the Keith Richards autobiography which I doubt I would have time to read the whole thing since I am still in the middle of Suze Rotolo’s book and the latest issue of the New Yorker came in.

I did get some things done in the apartment, and headed out once again to run some errands. Saw Martin Kelly at CVS, and headed to the supermarket for some other items.

While in the supermarket I got some text messages from Ron and Dave (Don & Raymond- former cigar shack employees). Ron asking me if I was still working at the shack since there was a posting on Craigslist showing that the cigar shack is looking for both full & part time positions.

Then Dave texted me asking me if I was alright. I got paranoid and that basically became the rest of my afternoon. To which I took a half a Xanax which made me drowsy and prompted a nap for 2 hours. Now I’m better, still groggy but not paranoid.

Bill is home and we just watched Community which is likely my favorite show on TV. I love Abed. Now I guess I have some dinner.

I Got Stung

A day off for me. And yesterday was a day off for you. You didn’t have to read this blog. Of course you never HAVE to, I mean, it is nice that you do and I’m grateful for it. As far as I know you or someone might have been to this here blog and read SOMETHING yesterday. That’s fine.

Today has been gray and chilly. Not exactly welcoming to go outside. Plus after having to deal with people at work in the world of retail, dealing with people on my day off does not appeal to me.

I think I got the hour that I lost with the daylight savings thing. It was well deserved. Yesterday I worked with Calvin and it was alright. Not much to report on that front. The day did go fast but that was probably because the body was saying that it was 4:00 but looking at the clocks it was now 5:00.

It was an agreeable illusion, but with five days in a row of working at the cigar shack, I was pretty much toast at the end of the day. So today was mainly about recharging my batteries.

And speaking of batteries, last night I decided to listen to some Madonna as I headed from the cigar shack to the bus terminal. I heard maybe 2.5 songs before the iPod crapped out. I originally got the iPod from Bill in 2005 and in 2006 I’m pretty sure I got it replaced since it crapped out then.

I was working for Wolff Olins or McMann & Tate and wound up at the Apple Store on Prince Street. I remember having just purchased Bob Dylan’s Modern Times and soon after that the 2005 iPod crashed. The girl at the Smart Bar in the Apple Store made a remark about Dylan burning out just like my iPod.

I’m pretty sure I wound up getting a new iPod. I’ve had it for a few years now and it has served me well, but now I think it is about to shuffle off its mortal coil. I do have a back up courtesy of Julio & Stine from a few years ago, so it’s not the end of the world, but it only holds so many songs.

I’m going to save my money and get a 160GB iPod to replace the 30GB. I blame it all on Madonna. I mean, I should have known better.

And like I wrote on Facebook, if that is the only thing I have to complain about, then I really don’t have anything to complain about. Not with what is going on in the world today.

The news from Japan keeps getting worse and worse. The nuclear power plants are exploding or melting down. Bad news indeed. Hopefully it will get the US to rethink its policy on nuclear energy.

Kaddafi’s killing the Libyan rebels, Saudi Arabia has sent in troops to Bahrain, Wisconsin and Michigan have been going through labor troubles and I’m complaining about my iPod? Oh boo hoo. Woe is me. And I know the same thing could be applied to my employment situation.

Lots of people are still out of work and at least I still have a job so why complain? It’s true, things could be better managed at the cigar shack and despite some nibbles elsewhere I should be happy with what I got.

‘Easier said than done’ he wrote.

The world continues to spin on its axis, albeit a little more wobbly than it was before the earthquake. I’ve been catching up with Big Love on HBO. A very good show, great acting all around. If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth watching on DVD.

You know who you are.

that's my Bill

I Could Make You Care

It’s late, it’s cold and I am home. It’s been difficult for me to get back into the work mindset after one day off. But I prevailed and here I am at home, at 11:00 and writing. It was a sort of busy day at the cigar shop.

Most of the regulars kept asking me how Prince was on Saturday night and I don’t know how many time I mentioned how hot Sheila E was and how Prince does not wear high heels anymore. Most everyone agreed he’s a giant with his talent, big enough that the heels were not needed at all. And now with a possible hip replacement, he no longer needs the heels and he doesn’t do splits anymore anyhow.

It was a long day and of course some people had some drama, mainly Sean who is having an ordeal in court regarding child support payments on a part time, college student salary. Homeboy has to learn to stop listening to the smaller head. He’s cute and the girls find him irresistible and he can’t help himself but he is going to have to. 20 years old and in such a mess.

Last night I had a long phone call with Julio who is trying to get a lot done before he flies off to join Stine and Alexander in Denmark. Clean the apartment, tie things up at work, get things set at the West New York property so he could afford to be away. His job is having it’s holiday party at the Cafe Elysian in Hoboken and he mentioned the bonus that he’s expecting which is quite a nice bonus.

No bonus expected for me, except for what is planned on Friday. Calvin is buying a bottle of Port and we will be able to smoke any cigar in the humidor. I intend on having a Padron Family Reserve cigar, a cigar that is usually off limits to the staff.

I mean, we can buy one of those cigars but it’s definitely not one of the freebies that we’re entitled to each day. So that forbidden fruit will be mine to smoke on Friday night after work. Calvin expects the thing to go on until 7:30, I think it will be a 6:30 departure for me. I do have to make it out to Garfield with Bill that night.

I was able to get a nice package sent to California this afternoon. I was going to use the post office to send it, but it was pandemonium at the post office and using FedEx would be about the same cost and getting there in time for Christmas whereas if I used USPS, it might not get there until next week. And of course, I obsessively track the box of presents.

Four days left in the week, and already I am down one day. I’m sure I will be more in the swing of things by Friday. Tonight I of course listened to Prince as I left the cigar shop and stomped my way down to the bus terminal. Kiss and 1999 and half of Little Red Corvette, in about 16 minutes and change. And now here I am, done with writing for the night.

Someone in Bala Cynwyd definitely sports wood for this here blog. What is up with that?

I Zimbra

And it’s Friday for some people, Tuesday for me. Somehow that makes sense. Probably not to you. Let’s see. Another day. Today was an interview day. It was for a sporting goods store.

In my desire to work a Monday through Friday job, I found the posting on the NY Times Monster job search and tried to schedule an interview a week or so ago. They rescheduled and I never heard anything from them again.

Still I maintained contact and finally they got back in touch with me. So it was arranged to meet this morning before I headed to the cigar shop. That meant a lie was needed. I came up with no buses going into the Lincoln Tunnel since there was a car fire and I had to get off the bus and take the Path train into the city instead.

And take the Path train into the city is what I did. A brisk walk down Washington Street, nerves a jumble. Uneventful train ride to 34th Street and a quick walk to the corporate offices of the sporting goods chain stores.

Before I went into the building I called the cigar shop. The phone rang and when it was answered I heard, ‘ Benny’s Pizza can I help you?’ I was taken aback. I mentioned I was trying to reach the cigar shack and heard, ‘What? You don’t want no pizza?’ No, I replied and then heard laughing.

It was Calvin having a laugh. I told him the lie and he understood telling me to come in when I come in. That bought me some interview time and I signed in at the front lobby desk. Handed over my picture ID and got a photo pass, for “Jonh Zeed”.

My name is properly spelled out on the ID but the security card just could not handle a qwerty keyboard. This woman has a job, whereas someone like me who can spell properly can’t get a foot in the door.

Anyway, I made it to the 20th floor and was given a form to fill out as I sat in an oversized catcher’s mitt. I met with Tina who seemed nice and she seemed to like me. She was ready to send me onto the next interviewer, but interviewer number 2 wasn’t responding to her email.

She didn’t want to keep me too long and asked if I could come back next week. I said sure, telling her that I was off Tuesday and Wednesday. She was hoping for Monday and I said that was possible and I would prefer to meet before 11:00.

I suppose I would have to wait to hear about that. It’s Friday night, and as of 10:38PM, there is no word forthcoming. I’m not holding my breath.

I saw Bill for a few minutes after the interview. He’s so great and he is my rock. He doesn’t seem to mind and enjoys playing the role. We parted and I headed to the subway. He’s driving to Atlantic City tonight so I won’t see Bill until tomorrow.

The cigar shop was fairly busy with a cigar promo and a rum tasting. So many smoking rummies in the back room. I decided to make peace with Bradley once again, a new start. It seems to have worked and we actually had a decent conversation for the first time since he started working there.

I treated myself to a hamburger for dinner which was quite good. Haven’t had a burger in a few weeks and of course I walked it off after work on my trek from the cigar shop to the bus terminal. Now I’m tired and don’t feel like writing anymore.

One other thing. I was supposed to work overtime for a Monday Night Football showing in the backroom, food, booze and cigars. My distaste for most sporting events is now well known and I was asked if it would be OK if Bradley worked the event instead of me.

I have no problem with that and now I don’t have to stay in the cigar shop until midnight, and catching the 1:00 bus. Let Bradley get the overtime, for I certainly do not care. Such is my largesse.

I Am the Cosmos

Written at work. 25 minutes to go. Xanax seems to help. Had to increase the dosage from half a tab to a whole tab. I’m working solo. Just counted the safe surreptitiously.

Usually one person mans the front and whomever counts the safe is safely hidden in the back. Well being the only person I did the counting with an ear for the chime that rings whenever someone breaks through the electric eye.

Last night I had a talk with Ray, a friend of Pedro’s I’ve known Ray for a while and though we’re not as close as he and Pedro, we do look out for each other.

Now written back in Hoboken.

Ray was a bit of a runaround back in the day but lately he’s been posting very positive messages on his Facebook page. Probably since he’s settled down since he now has a daughter that he may have seen some light causing the philosophical change of life.

I sent him a message the other day, asking him about his job. Turns out he’s been working at a boutique hotel in midtown. We spoke last night at midnight. He mentioned that there was a management takeover and some heads rolled.

He got my hopes up saying that there maybe a front desk position or a position taking reservations. It was a good talk and I hung up and went to bed feeling somewhat optimistic. Slept rather well too. No dreams that I can remember, but I haven’t had cannabis freed reams in a while.

Ahh the joys of self medicating. Bill was up and out by 6:00AM, leaving me to sleep until 8:30 when I eventually stirred. It wasn’t the usual 8:00 today and it hasn’t been for a week or so. I try to get as much sleep for myself lately.

Nice breakfast, the usual- coffee and cereal after a nice shower. Some time spent checking emails, drinking coffee and finishing up a cigar that I had started last night. It was so good that I even smoked it walking to the bus stop.

And since I wasn’t done with it, I let the early bus go by and waited for the second bus. I’ve written before that I haven’t been reading much at all on the bus headed into the city and I just zone out, staring out the window wondering how long Troy Towers will be precariously located on the side of the Palisades.

A trip through the Lincoln Tunnel, depositing me at the bus terminal where I walked through to the subway, taking routes that irrational people take. To my luck whether good or bad, the train was approaching the station as I stepped onto the platform and soon enough I was back in front of the store.

It was Marcus, Calvin and myself. I would be working with Calvin, effectively making me a prisoner of the store for an entire 10 hours. Due to their ineptitude I am not able to leave for my hour to myself. So I sat in the backroom, trying to bury my nose in a book.

Unfortunately the closet case opera singer came in with some of his buddies (who don’t know that the chubby old money dowager empress is in the closet) swishing his way about despite a false front of machismo. He has a son, he can’t be in the closet!

Still it’s not my place to out someone from their ample sized walk in closet. The day mainly passed by without incident. Calvin split at 7:30 and I was there, solo until 9-ish. My friend My friend stopped by and it was good to see him.

Perhaps the only bright spot in a dismal day.

I’ll Give You Money

It’s a Tuesday and once again it is quite hot. Not hummus though, just heat. The sun in beaming. And of course at any moment the computer might think it is getting too hot and shut down unexpectedly. So it would be in my best interest (and yours perhaps) to just write write write before it all goes away.

But what to write about?

Weeds was on last night and it was good. The Big C was also on, and I can’t help it, I really like Laura Linney. Ever since Tales of the City. I’m sure I’m not alone on that. Her kid and her husband both deserve a slap though. And maybe her character does too.

The character, Cathy has stage 4 cancer, inoperable, incurable. And she’s not telling anyone about it. But she is living her life the way she sees fit.

I don’t think I wrote about True Blood yesterday. That was on Sunday night. Pretty good, some story lines should be dropped. I can’t wait to see the season finale on September 12. That should be very interesting.

I arranged to have September 12 & 13 off from work. Not that there is anything planned for either day, at least I don’t think there is. I’m open for surprises though.

I also did not write about seeing Neutron Drivers at Maxwells on Saturday night. Got there in time to see the Electric Mess finish their set, with one song. They were entertaining, if only for 3:50. Neutron Drivers came on.

Before they did I went outside for a smoke. A woman came up to me and asked if I was the drummer for the first group. I told her I wasn’t. We started talking. She used to work at the Cat Club and Don Hill’s in Manhattan around the same time I was working at Maxwells.

I didn’t ask her name but figured she was in the same ballpark as me. We briefly chatted about how horrible bands that eventually made it big were when they played our respective clubs. I mentioned Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins as examples and can’t remember who she mentioned.

I do remember her name being Liz. We both mentioned that we hardly ever go out anymore, I was there to see Mike C in Neutron Drivers and she was with her husband who dragged her out to see some bands.

She couldn’t find her husband I cracked wise, asking if she was sure it wasn’t the drummer for the first band.

Rand and Lisa showed up and we enjoyed Neutron Drivers, though Rand agreed with me they should move the songs around in their set list, not have three songs in a row that slowly unravel, losing whatever momentum they might have had.

I had three Stella Artois and it basically got me buzzed. Buzzed enough that wound up home a little after 11:00PM. Two Saturdays in a row where I had actually gone out and saw some music and home before midnight. Glad I did.

Now it’s been a long hot day. Once again, an uneasy night’s sleep. At one point Bill was yelling. I thought he was asleep, he says he wasn’t. He claimed to have been bitten by something. It was enough to wake me up, him yelling through his sleep apnea mask.

I had a dental appointment this morning. Did not go to Coney Island. No swimming allowed since Hurricane Earl (!) is approaching the east coast.

And I do like to take pictures when I am at Coney Island but without a camera it would have been difficult. Back to work tomorrow. Another hot day is predicted.

I’m A Loser

A lazy Saturday, just as I planned. It worked out well. I didn’t sleep well last night even though I was incredibly tired, so I’ve been napping on and off throughout the afternoon. Usually 10 minutes does the job.

I took the guitar out and sat by the river for an hour this afternoon. I met up with Rand & Lisa on my way there and had a nice talk with Lisa while Rand talked on his phone with his father most of the time.

It was a nice day, not too humid but not much of a breeze by the river either. I played Instant Karma, Shame Shame Shame, and (Love is Like a) Heatwave. It wasn’t too crowded today and I didn’t see anyone I knew once Rand & Lisa headed into the city.

I did get tired though and came home and took another cat nap. Now there are a few rain drops on the kitchen. I picked up Gosford Park, hoping that Bill will enjoy it.

Presently watching one of the Beatles Anthology DVD’s, and right now they’re showing the Shea Stadium concerts in 1965.

Of course I’ve seen it a few times, but never noticed how the girls in the audience were going berserk. Screaming and crying. I’ve read somewhere in the past that most of the seats from the Beatles concerts would be soaked afterward. August 1965.

I was two about to turn three the next month. Now on the Anthology DVD is the Beatles meeting Elvis Presley. A Rashomon of sorts, since they all have different stories and memories from the meeting.

Bill came home and we had Napoli’s pizza and we decided to order pizza from them for the upcoming party. We were going to have Grimaldi’s pizza but they don’t open until later and this place is right down Washington Street from Maxwells. And the pizza was very good, so that’s been decided.

We watched Gosford Park, or at least half of it. Bill was getting tired and I believe he is driving a bus tomorrow. Not to Atlantic City though. I really don’t know where.

Once again, I have no plans for tomorrow. Not going to the Gay Pride parade. I stand around enough during the week and with the heat. Oy. Can’t really say what I’ll do.

More of nothing sounds fine.

Maybe a local bike ride. That would depend on the weather. It’s quite warm out now. What rain there was dried up hours ago. Bill asleep. He’s in deep sleep within minutes of his head hitting the pillow. I might go to bed soon myself.

I was more tired yesterday evening than I am now, but after not sleeping well I hope to make up for it tonight. So that’s my plan for the rest of the night. Hope yours was fun or was fun, wherever you are.

Haven’t checked the location stats lately on this here blog. Perhaps I’ll do this after I post.

Day Dreaming

Well first off, it’s a lot cooler today than it was yesterday. Somewhere in the 70 degree range. Nice. Not too hot, pretty cool. The weather people kept talking about rain, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I can see ominous clouds approaching from the west. It’s now supposed to rain tonight. I’m not going anywhere. I never do anyhow.

Yesterday was an accomplishment, going out and seeing the Hoboken Memorial Day parade. Once I’m in, I’m in.

I did go out and play guitar for a while this afternoon by the river. Tariq showed up so I sang. Why can’t I sing when I’m alone? I sang Hercules by Elton and also Make the World Go Away by Eddy Arnold.

It was a good day and I enjoyed playing. Made some pocket change thanks to two generous teenagers. I only played guitar for about an hour and a half.

Walked back with Tariq, he was off to his studio. I needed a haircut. Hair was getting thick and the heat yesterday made it feel like I was wearing a hat. Tony was in at Mr. L’s despite usually having Thursday and Friday off.

The other barber, Louie (Mr. L himself) was on vacation in Italy. I walked in, and Tony was free having just had a nap. He did a good job as usual.

We talked about cigars and the new job with my new role in a male version of The Mystery of Marie Rogêt. Oddly enough, Marie Rogêt’s body was found floating in the Hudson River just off the Hoboken coast.

It was way before my time in Hoboken so don’t look at me.

Now it is thundering and raining with the occasional flash of lightning.

Had a good phone call from an old friend and ex-roommate Kevin. He actually called after Lost on Sunday night and after talking then I told him I would call him during the week. So I called today.

He’s out in Pennsylvania living his life to the best of his ability. It was good to talk to him. He’s a good guy. I don’t think I would live with him again and I’m sure he feels the same way about me.

We talked about various friends of ours, mainly people we hadn’t seen in a while. He’s someone who should definitely have a blog. He’s still quite opinionated and also very funny. I would read it daily.

He sometimes reads this here blog so maybe he should get to it. He knows a lot about my online life. Maybe too much. Then again, it’s all out there for the world to see.

I ran some errands for Bill, dropping off his laundry and dry cleaning and then picking it all up later in the day. I also did my own laundry which of course is hanging in the kitchen and bathroom and now with the rain, should be dry by Saturday or Sunday.

That’s about it on this end. Playing guitar, laundry and errands. Another day closer to being employed. And that’s a very good thing.
seen on Eighth Avenue

seen on Eighth Avenue

New Toy

It’s a Monday and it’s Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday. The actual birthday was Friday but since it’s a federal holiday it is observed on a Monday. And since it’s a federal holiday a lot of people have off from work.

A three day weekend for those who are gainfully employed. Alas, I am still not one of those, but I do have an interview tomorrow, which is why I got my hair cut on Saturday.

It’s an interview with a staffing agency that Risotto set up. And I am grateful. I have seen some positions on the staffing agencies website that I feel I am uniquely qualified for.

One position was for some guy who’s 6’2”, reddish blonde hair, questionable weight and a cigar smoker who wears suits. And who better qualified for that than me?

Geez, they’re showing a clip of Ann Coulter on The Ed Show. God, even the sound of her voice is horrible. Still nipping at Clinton’s heel. Oh I how I hate most republicans.

I got into an argument on Hugo Burnham’s Facebook page with some guy from Athens GA. He claimed to be a libertarian which I guess is a different stripe of republican. I was commenting on the Senate race in Massachusetts, but adding a disclaimer, that NJ elected yet another crooked republican.

He replied with a link to a right wing bloggers page with a list of democrat missteps. I felt bad for Hugo and said that I didn’t want to have a discussion about politics on his page.

Bill was supposed to drive down to Atlantic City but while waiting at a rest area on the Parkway, was notified the drive was canceled and had to drive his bus back to the depot in Wallington. I was able to track his movement, via Google Logistics.

It’s through Google and his iPhone. On his way back to Hoboken I tracked him. It was a lot like Alien, where the alien is right behind them and they can see it on the tracker but can’t actually see it since it’s really above them. But Bill is no Alien.

1.18.10 hoboken 001

Last night he went to bed around midnight. I stayed up watching TV, surfing the net, chatting with friends. I went to bed a while later and slept well initially. But Bill wasn’t wearing his sleep apnea mask which made for some snoring.

I found that if I rubbed his arm or his back he would stop snoring, but I couldn’t sleep like that since it was uncomfortable for me. So I got up at 4:00 and sat in front of the computer, getting my eyes and mind tired so I’d be able to fall asleep with little problem.

And I did.

Had some crazy dreams, R rated. Sexually charged but nothing happened due to bad connections. They occurred in Hoboken as well as a junkyard somewhere in Queens.
Bill was up and active before me, saying that he didn’t sleep well at all last night. He could have fooled me.

I wandered around Hoboken for a bit today, nice afternoon, temperatures in the 40 degree range.
Got an email from Martha Keavney inviting me to see her animations. I did, and of course they were hilarious. I was inspired enough to create 2 animations of my own. Which are below. It’s all from xtraNormal.

I also watched a video of Peter and Gordon singing World Without Love and was unnerved to see that Peter Asher seemed to be the inspiration for Austin Powers.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else – you are the one who gets burned.
– Siddhartha Gautama [Buddha]
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Eminence Front

First I neglected to write that the other night between watching The Soloist (yawn) and How I Met Your Mother I watched Panic Room which was just dumb. I did not mind the commercial interruptions. I forgot about watching that until I had my nightly phone call with Harpy.

Last night was OK, nothing much to report. Bill came home from his theater thing and we watched Tabatha’s Salon Takeover which I had recorded in the afternoon. It’s more than likely the only reality show that Bill and I watch.

No American Midol. no Project Runaway, no Top Shelf or America’s Next Big Modess for us. Tabatha is more than enough. In fact I just watched several episodes this afternoon and I am looking forward and hoping that Bill gets home in time to watch the latest episode at 10:00.

I’ve also been watching repeats of the Gilmore Girls at 11:00 in the morning. I used to love that show and still enjoy the banter between Lorelei and Rory and wish I could move to Stars Hollow. It would be interesting to see how Stars Hollow was affected by the economic climate.

Last night I slept well and deep. Crazy dreams once again, dreams that seem to go on for too long. I woke up growling. But in a good way. I felt OK and set about my morning. Been living too nostalgically lately, looking back at jobs that I’ve had, primarily the Wanker Banker gig.

I’m back to writing that since I was in touch with the guy who’s name was in the company and asked him if I could use him as a reference. He responded saying ‘of course’. Then he sent another email asking for my resume so that he could forward it to various colleagues in the New York area who might be in need of whatever it is that I do.

I took that as a hopeful sign.

So much so that I went to my Linked In account and connected with various other big wigs that I know or knew and asked them permission to use them as references. I know quite a few big wigs. I was also fishing, letting them know that I was unemployed in the hope that they’ll take pity on me and hire me.

It’s been a few hours at the fishing hole and no bites, but I did update my connections. Also sent out some more resumes. And did some math and willing to take a bigger pay cut than originally planned.

Unrelated to the job search, I heard from a friend, Cheryl Welch who while googling her son’s name, found my blog. She enjoyed it and said I was a good writer, suggesting that I should write for the local press, Hoboken Reporter or the Jersey Journal.

She also mentioned after reading about what I wrote regarding her wedding in 2005, soon after I started writing daily, that what I wrote was a nice thing that she needed to hear.

In 2005 she asked a friend what they thought about her wedding and they said, ‘what? It’s a wedding.’

It was quite a special event for me, on a dock next to a boat called the Frying Pan in the middle of a monsoon. And I enjoyed myself greatly.

It’s been a satisfactory day. Busy somewhat. Just got to hang in there. Looking forward to warmer weather since it’s been so cold out that I only leave the apartment once a day. There are galleries waiting to be visited and I need to recharge my batteries.

Cheryl was also kind enough to make a header for this blog, but I don’t know how to post it.


My Generation

Just got back a little while ago from McSwells with Bill. Lois DiLivio had organized an open reading of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. I was a bit apprehensive about it and suggested a few weeks ago that Lois choose a comedy rather than a drama.

But it was her doing and since she already posted what play we would be reading from she was averse to changing the selection. Perhaps next month. I don’t know who makes the decision on whether or not there would be a next month, but I would gladly participate if invited.

I portrayed 2 characters, Solanio, a friend to Antonio and Bassiano & also Old Gobbo, father to Lancelot. I surprised Bill and perhaps a few others when I read each character in a different voice. I surprised myself actually.

I’ve never participated in a reading like this though I have attended a few that Bill had either organized or participated in. All the roles were pulled out of a hat or rather a bag and some people found themselves playing characters that had dialogs between them.

That was weird and some tried different voices. Afterward, I suggested to Lois that perhaps if there is a conversation between 2 characters played by the same reader, perhaps the second lines should go to the person sitting to the left or the right of the initial character.

And perhaps for a fun twist, if the second reader says their lines in a different voice, then the person who originally had the lines, make them say it close to the way the secondary reader says. Does that make sense? It would also be a laugh.

And if that doesn’t work, helium should be introduced.

Lois did a commendable job organizing the whole thing, and Rand and Lisa with Rand’s sister Glenda as well as Jim and Diane and a guy named Steve with me & Bill all enjoyed ourselves. I wisely ate breakfast at home, skipping brunch which some had beforehand and others had to eat during the read.

There was some difficulty with ye olde English leading me to think but not suggest perhaps a more recent play, maybe George S. Kaufman? Even Oscar Wilde might be good. Obviously I am leaning towards comedy.

Considering that I spent a good part of the past 24 hours dealing with a most uncooperative toilet, I think leaning towards comedy isn’t such a bad thing. Beats shit, that’s for sure.

Finally after building up muscles in my arms via plunger usage a passage was created and things are flowing nicely in the porcelain world.

It was a pain and on the way up to McSwells I suggested that if he had to go, McSwells might be the best place to do it. I’m just glad it’s over with.

I also just found out that I’ll be attending a wake this week. My uncle, Joseph Powers passed away this morning. He was the last of my parents generation so now it’s down to the kids.

12.27.09 Merchant of Venice at Maxwells 005

Photo courtesy of Rand Hoppe

Photo courtesy of Rand Hoppe

Pinball Wizard

It’s Tuesday. So far so good. Spent part of the day job searching. Online of course. New York State Department of Labor, the New York Times and Craigslist. More of the same, cover letters, resumes and waiting with hope.

The online job search has included some phishing lately. If you don’t click a box for continuing your education via online ‘colleges’ your search ends. If you do click the box you get phone calls telling you why you should sign up with them.

Today I heard from Tiffany at AIU and Sharon from the University of Phoenix. Both tried the hard sell telling me that continuing my education (which I marked as interested in a post doctorate degree in criminal justice) would be the way to go.

One of them even went so far as to ask, ‘Don’t you think you didn’t get that job because of your education status?’ I answered no. I think I didn’t get the job because someone will work for less money than I would.

And that’s basically the reason. Money. Someone will be hired because they are willing to work cheap. I am willing to take a $10,000 cut in salary but any more than that would be crazy.

I also used a link that Janelle, a friend and former co-worker from my Wanker Banker days gave me. I sent an email a little after 5:00 not expecting anything until tomorrow.

About 5 minutes later I get a call from the woman I sent a resume to. I remarked that I was surprised at how fast she called back. She said timing was everything.

Turns out just as she got my resume, she received a job posting. She thinks I will be good as an office assistant and would I like to see her tomorrow. She offered a 9:30 or 11:30 interview. I said 9:30 since it’s all about the timing and if it works out, it will work out earlier.

I already have my suit picked out, my shoes, socks shirt & tie. I’m trying not to get anxious about it, thinking that the job is mine. I do that a lot and wind up having my spirit crushed, but I do have a good feeling about it.

Also smartly decided not to post anything about it on Facebook. It was nice getting all the good wishes and thoughts regarding the last interview, but it was a drag to keep repeating the outcome. So if you have good wishes, post them here.

Easier to maintain and you’ll read about what happened tomorrow night. Last night, Heroes was pretty good. Perhaps for the first time this season. After that I watched Futurama which is always fun to watch.

Helped Bill with his sleep apnea mask which works best when he wears an eye mask. Unfortunately Bill can’t see what he’s doing while wearing the eye mask so that’s where I came in. If we plugged his ears too he’d probably play a mean pinball.

It worked and I had the best sleep I’ve had in days. And so did Bill. So that’s that for today. I’ll fill you in tomorrow with regards to the interview. Until then, keep it under your hat.

8:32PM Phishing. Nathan calls with an offer for online education with the pre-approved GE Home Safety Alarm attached.


It’s Monday. Back to work for some, not for me though. I wouldn’t mind working. I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery either.

Today was more resumes sent out and no replies in return. That seems to be the way things are lately. Sent a few out this weekend too. Nothing.

Instead of hanging around all day inside I decided to go out and walk around Hoboken again. On the walk I got a phone call from Casey Chasm. He’s doing well, not much has changed since I last spoke to him yesterday.

He said he was staring at his baby in wonderment. Nice to hear. He also said, what he’s said to me before, that Bill and I should have a kid. Adopt, get a surrogate. So strong is his belief that I would make a good dad that, that was the premise of his call this afternoon.

Never mind the fact that I don’t want any kids and I do not think I would be a good dad. The financial situation that I am in would make having a baby or a toddler or whatever an insane idea.

It’s nice that Casey thinks otherwise, but ultimately my take on the situation is no fucking way. That was one of the good things about being gay by the way. No getting drafted into the army, no kids, no marriage.

I can’t say that Bill and I will get married, the subject has never come up. But I do think if a same sex couple wants to tie the knot, then why not? It will have no effect whatsoever on those who are already married.

Unfortunately, enlightened thinking like that isn’t as accepted as I would have hoped.

Witness what is going on in Maine. What is going on in DC. What is going on in California. Massachusetts. How the religious right are mobilizing to fight the Iowa Supreme Court ruling that was in favor of same sex marriage.

Earlier this year, that is just what their Supreme Court ruled and not one bad thing happened. But that doesn’t stop pigs like Maggie Gallagher and her pet monkey Brian Brown from spreading lies and disinformation just so they can continue to draw a paycheck through contributions made from easily frightened and mislead people.

You know, the Fuck Snooze audience.

In Maine, catholic churches are being closed down after being open for over one hundred years. The church’s reaction? To fund the movement to revoke the rights of same sex couples with over $150,000. Some how they found the money to do that.

Benny Ratzi, aka the pope, just opened the doors of the church to disgruntled Anglicans who are upset with women priests and gay priests in the Anglican community.

Not enough hatred and loathing for you? Come to Rome, where they’ve been hating people for a long time. Married priests? Not a problem!

Perhaps it’s a good thing these catholic churches are closing. Maybe it’s just the first in the line of the domino theory coming to pass.

And they’re mobilizing to ‘protect marriage’ in NJ now as well.