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Yakety Yak

_____ _ _______. _____ ___ _ ______. ____, ______________ __________! _____ _ _________. ____ _____ ___ ____. _____ _ ______ ___? __________ ___ _ ____. And that’s all I have to say about working the present gig.

Lessons are learned or perhaps heeding advice of friends and family. In any event it’s all good. That restaurant is history to me, even though I have been spending time across the street from it, seeing that closet case take down chairs as she sets up for the evening. The string of lights are still out around table 7 making it a dark corner that no one wants to sit it, especially with a topsy turvy table.

Not all mammals are dissatisfied with the low near nonexistent light- that was pointed out to me by a customer not too long before my dismissal. I did tell the closet case but I doubt anything had been done hence the table still shrouded in darkness.

It is Memorial Day weekend and it’s been very wet and cold and damp. Usually in Hoboken, a lot of people leave the city and headed out somewhere, generally down the shore. Not this time. No, a lot of people are staying put, not going anywhere and keeping whatever parking spots that they might have. The sidewalks are not crowded either. Not many people out and about and I suppose most nightlife is dead or flat lining tonight. It is a good night to stay home, but then again I say that almost every night.

I heard from former roommate and old friend Kevin today. I called him, after contact via Facebook. He’s a good guy and I always have a few laughs with him. We swapped stories from our shared past, naming names and general mocking of others. Kevin is the one who gets the drunken phone call at 2:00 in the morning from people from the past. My number is unlisted.

I’ve been busy today and will be busy tomorrow. I had hoped I wouldn’t be busy tomorrow but there you have it. It’s out of my hands and already in my wallet so I had better do the right thing. And then there is laundry. There is always laundry. But that can wait until tomorrow. It’s not overwhelming, and I still have plenty of clean clothes.







What a day this has been. They said it would rain, showers actually, but they’ve been saying that at least once a day. Today they were correct. The day started out pleasant enough but by this afternoon, the skies opened up and streets were instantly flooded including my corner. You have to improvise and improvisation in the rain is never easy. Lucky the customers are loyal, unless you get their consumer goods wet, then its ‘whine whine whine‘. The only one who really whined was the sculptor but she’s always whining and oh so easily ignored like most sculptors are.

My friend from way back when, Andrew was in town. I knew him when he was Andy. Now he’s Andrew, married with two beautiful kids and a lovely wife in Southern California. We made plans earlier this month to meet up since he was going to be in town and today was the day to meet up. And then I got this gig slinging rock on the corner and I had to back out of a cup of coffee. Our mutual friend Rand would probably be in town and they could do their catching up without me. Rand and Andrew were once roommates, when they were both known as Randy and Andy. So long ago…

I did get some congratulations from Andrew on the slinging rock franchise I opened up and that was good to read. With this slinging rock formation I don’t know how long it will last but I plan to hang onto that corner as long as possible. The original plan was for six weeks but so many other factors have come into play and it looks like it might be longer. I might be one of those guys, naked in an air tight room putting things into baggies. If that’s the case I hope my coworkers are handsome.

I think Juan is on his way over so that should be fun. It’s been like a week since I last saw him, and I few days since I told him that he could not stop by, Bill wanted to be alone with just me. Bill is on his way home and I texted him to let him know our kid was probably going to be here. No word whether or not that matters, no response so I guess he doesn’t care. And that is fine with me & Juan I guess.

Now I am listening to Patsy Cline, her greatest hits. I love Patsy Cline, ever since I saw Beverly D’Angelo portray her in Coal Miner’s Daughter. Just some connection was made and later in life I found likeminded people who felt the same way for Patsy Cline. Juan just arrived and made a crack about me listening to Loretta Lynn. He’s a wise one that Juan. I of course, explained it was Patsy and he cut me off before I could say ‘Cline’ as he knew who it was that I was listening to, and it wasn’t him.

and this one has been floating around my etherized skull

Only Tomorrow

Quite a rainy Sunday and Saturday was not so bad but overall it’s been a sub par weekend. I’ve been busying myself doing this and that, here & there so that went well. A sort of big day tomorrow which brings with it some anxiety. I talked about it with Bill this morning, he was reasonable and I was of course ill prepared for it. We will talk more about it later. Going out tonight is out of the question, so if and when Juan asks I have a perfect excuse. Pedro made an appearance as well online, finishing off with ‘sheep’ to which I ended with ‘pigs’.

I wasn’t sure if he meant sheep as singular or plural and the word is not as clearly defined as pigs is. I have minimized any post notifications that he has and he only seems to communicate with me when posting the same ignorant republican talking points that I doubt he has the time to research. I sat at home waiting for Bill’s return. He was away for three days driving a high school class on a trip. I knew he would be tired and also have luggage so I went down to the street and waited for him to return. I enjoyed a cigar, just sitting on the steps and I heard his luggage being pulled as soon as he stepped onto our block.

Bill called me as he was on his way home, asking if Juan was around. I hadn’t heard from Juan all day and Bill was fine with that. Bill was tired and just wanted to chill out with me and only me. Of course who phones shortly after that, but Juan asking if he could come by. I explained that it was not a good night and he jokingly bitched about it but had no choice but to get over it. Bill and I watched some of Saturday Night Live before he was off to bed.

I slept really well last night and woke up to a rainy morning which really was not so bad. Plans that were made have fallen by the wayside, not going to Monroe Center, not going on the studio tour, not going to Pier A, not going to Chilltown. I am cool with it and will just have to adjust into tomorrow.

Now I am home. Bill naps. No word from Juan, but it’s early. Steady drizzle day, no other way to describe it (besides sculpture).






Dolce, Jim. Dolce.

It’s been a beautiful day again and once again it was preceded by a night of difficulty falling asleep. I did my best but it was not easy. It took some time to actually fall asleep but I am grateful that it was before Bill woke up to drive some kids on a class trip. And of course falling asleep late made for waking up late. I still managed to get through the day, and while outside I ran into Tariq. He was out and about with his guitar but not in a good mood. He insisted I play guitar for him and after some hesitating on my part I did.

It had been a while since I played outdoors and I was able to get a few songs done. Not much singing but it was better than whatever Tariq was probably playing. A guy nearby said I was playing happier, upbeat music compared to what Tariq was playing and feeling. The nearby guy seemed alright but everything that he said was tinged with weirdness. He said he was brain damaged and wrote tons of songs that were ripped off and used by other artists. I was there longer than expected and soon made my way to wherever it was that I was going.

I came home to kill time before going off to work tonight. I was soon wrapped up on a Beatles fan page on Facebook that had a photo of Justin Bieber and a story from the supermarket tabloid- The Globe about how Bieber tried to contact Paul McCartney to write a song. McCartney supposedly wouldn’t take the call. It’s the Globe, people. But the Beatle fans were all ‘Yay Sir Paul’ and ‘That fag shouldn’t even be wearing a Beatles shirt’. Another wanted Bieber’s photo hanging up at the gun range he goes to. A strange group indeed that has been quite disgusting today.


Tonight there are five bands playing, starting at 8PM. With that many bands on the bill none of them will get fed. Maxwell’s is good like that, they feed the bands, but a bill with five bands is probably a no go. I guess I will be working with Ro Da. Last week I thought it would be him but it wasn’t, at least not on Friday. He’s a good friend and it’s good to work alongside him.

And it was a good night even though the skies opened up when it was time to go home. It wasn’t so bad since I had an umbrella.

Difficulty with photos!



Bounce That

Today has been an awfully craptacular day. Cold and rainy and if I was able to sleep, I would have likely spent the day in bed. But things being what they are I did not do that and went about my day as usual. I worked last night at Maxwell’s and it was busy. RoDa was managing and the staff was good. As I had written previously, time goes faster when you’re busy and it was busy enough.

And last night I had done something I hadn’t done in a long time. I bounced. I had to physically throw someone out of the club. I saw the bloke earlier having a drink and didn’t pay him much attention until he moved, or rather stumbled past the bar, hanging onto the staircase covering and headed to the backroom.

I wasn’t sure if anyone else working had seen him but I sure did and made my move, grabbing him before he headed into the back room. He didn’t put up much of a fight but I know if I didn’t hang onto him he would have tried to go to the back again. Dan, a burly bearish type was bar backing asked if I had it under control and I shrugged that I thought I did.

My plan was to sit the guy down, give him some water or coffee and sober him up somewhat before throwing him out. That was how it used to be. I remembered being with Steve Saporito in Boston for a show by The Fall and seeing the club toss and inebriated patron out into the cold February winter. We remarked that that’s not the Maxwell’s way, that Mary Fallon would have given the guy some food or coffee before sending him out.

Nowadays, it’s just tossing the bloke outside and it is no longer the bar’s problem. So with Dan watching along with waiter Carlos, I set the bloke up outside leaning on a railing before he went traipsing out into the street, zigzagging alongside parked cars. It definitely earned some respect from the bartender who high fived me on my return.

Soon it was midnight and time to go home. I stood outside and proceeded to light up a cigar. One of the band members that played saw me and stated that he wished he had a cigar since they had played a good set. As he commented on the smell of the cigar he told me that I looked cool, that I had a certain style which made me giggle a bit. He was earnest and I walked home happily puffing away and feeling good from such a compliment.

Tonight is a Hoboken bands night which means I will probably know a few people, more than usual. It could be a good thing. I just won’t know until I get there. The weather might factor in towards tonight’s show, but then again Hobokeners won’t have far to go and will probably come out anyway to cheer on their friends and family.



Bounce That

The episode was called “The Convert”

Difficulty sleeping, usual demons come back for a visit. Just when I think I’m about to drift off, Bill’s phone goes off loudly with a DROID breaking the peace.

I wrote that at around 2:00 AM. Juan had left about 12:45 and at around 1:15 I went to bed. And lay there, trying to fall asleep. Around 2:00 was when the DROID made itself known. I let out with a ‘Jesus Christ!’ which made Bill wake up somewhat before going back to sleep. I got out of bed, turned an old Japanese movie on Turner Classics and checked the emails. My friends in California were up and posting their usual things.

I texted Juan who was having difficulty staying awake and when I read that text, I bid him a good night. Juan probably fell asleep after reading the text. Once again it was good to have Juan over. He came over just in time to watch the second half of my favorite show, Bob’s Burgers. He claims not to like it but he had some laughs in those 10 minutes.

I did have plans to watch the Phil Spector thing on HBO. It starred Al Pacino as Phil Spector and Helen Mirren as his lawyer. It was written and directed by David Mamet (who Juan knew as the father of Shoshanna on Girls). It was alright and that is all the praise I can give it. I wasn’t interested in it really. It definitely was not about Lana Clarkson, but a fictionalized representation of the trial and the preparation. I explained to Bill & Juan that Spector was a genius and also a monster.

He treated Ronnie Spector very badly and played with guns around John Lennon in the control room, firing one into the ceiling causing Lennon to yell that Spector was fucking with John’s ears. He also pulled a gun on the Ramones when Spector was producing End of the Century, which went nowhere. It was early enough that I changed the channel to where Rent was about to start. I had watched part of it earlier in the day and figured Juan would like it.

Bill stayed up to watch the opening number, Seasons of Love before he went to bed. Juan remarked that once again I was showing a downbeat movie. Then he brought up Team America (Matt Damon) which made the two of us laugh and sing ‘AIDS AIDS AIDS’. So we watched The Royal Tenenbaums which we both really liked and of course has some death in it which added to Juan’s list of downbeat movies that I had shown him.

I was finally able to get some sleep and slept soundly thanks to half an alprazolam. I woke up to a cold and rainy spring morning with weather reports coming in regarding a snowstorm that is expected to bring about 6 inches of snow. I am tired of this winter and hope spring actually gets here rather than it being a date on a calendar.

I don't drink this anymore

I don’t drink this anymore

Nor this...

Nor this…

And I have never drank nor seen milk dyed green for St. Patrick's Day. And now it's half price.

And I have never drank nor seen milk dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. And now it’s half price.


I Started A Joke

So according to some reports we in the Northeast NJ area are expected to be hit with either three inches of snow or thirty inches. Bill’s job, driving down to Atlantic City this weekend has been canceled which is good for safety reasons, bad for financial reasons. I think we are pretty much prepared here, two trips to the supermarket were made today. If the blizzard hits then we are set. If it passes or not as bad as predicted, we will still be OK. We still have batteries from Sandy, food, water and flashlights should we lose power again.

They’re predicting heavy wet snow and with all the telephone poles and cables hanging overhead and the trees that were not torn down or uprooted from the November hurricane, there is a good chance that cables and wires could come falling down again. And high winds are expected as well. I suppose we’re ready for it, thanks to Sandy. Still down the shore and out in the Rockaways and Staten Island- they are still recovering out there and this is the last thing they need to deal with. I hope the forecasts are off and what will actually happen won’t be so bad. They are wrong half the time anyhow.

Last night since there was nothing on, I put on the Birdcage. Bill came home soon after it started and he loved it. I saw it in the movie theater when it came out and I liked it somewhat then. Bill saw it then as well and he loved it, it was part of his coming out process I think. Personally I hated the son, what a snobby little brat to put his fathers through all that. When I saw it in the movies, it was a full house and a group of guys from the area sat behind us. I expected trouble, but what I actually heard was how Hank Azaria’s housekeeper role was very much like one of their uncles.

Bill and I also watched something on Logo, you know- the GAY channel. It was a documentary on image issues that a lot of gay men have. Living up to that Adonis image can be difficult and watching it with Bill I was quite happy that I never really had that problem (except for that one time). I just didn’t have much in common with the gay culture and I still don’t. And it goes both ways.

One time in the early days of going out with Bill, we went to an event for bears. We walked around looking at the bears and the people and each other of course and in the back of my mind, I could not believe how heavy some of these bears were. As I was thinking that while standing at the bar, Bill turns to me and says that all of these guys reminded him of me. Of course I was shocked, was Bill saying I was as heavy as these free range bears? There was no way that Bill would know what was on my mind and it did bring some nervous laughter then, which is embarrassing laughter now.

They did bring up the bear subset as well as the models and porn stars and those that do all that they can to look like everyone else. I’ve always been a rocker I guess (or a Mod), and prefer a mixed scene, gay and straight, male and female and all the colors that would like to join in. Homogenization is quite boring to me and I find more interesting things happen with a good mix of people around.

I See You- Leona Lewis

A very lazy Friday, and a wet and damp Friday at that. It’s been fine for me, I did go out exactly twice and both times were to the supermarket. It’s only a month until the really big supermarket reopens. It was knocked out by Hurricane Sandy, a lot of water and everything had to be thrown out. Then I guess they decided that now would be a good time to remodel so they’re doing that. My friend Lois’ husband Fred, works at the liquor store in the really big supermarket and he’s been commuting to his dismay to another supermarket in Jersey City.

I look forward to saving money since the supermarket closer to me never has anything on sale anymore it seems and if it is on sale it’s usually something I don’t want or need. And having to go there twice today didn’t help matters. But my timing was alright since it wasn’t too crowded either time I was there. And there was no visit to the cigar shop but Shlomo did make his presence felt with a text message asking if I could help him out tomorrow. I said yes and told them I would be there at noon. He was hoping for 10:00 AM.

Last night Bill and I watched Silver Linings Playbook. Since Bill is a member of the Film Acting Group we got a screener for his consideration. It wasn’t that good a movie. Bill liked it a bit though when I expressed my exasperation at the story and characters he offered to turn it off. Since it was more than halfway through I felt we were committed to the very end. Bill offering to shut it off made me think he wasn’t into it that much either. AT the end Bill said he liked it.

Mental illness and football really is what it’s all about. And if you know me you know I am not into football at all. Mental illness I am definitely in favor of, though not the bipolar bear kind portrayed by Bradley Cooper in the movie. Jackie Weaver was underused, she was so great in Animal Kingdom a few years ago, perfectly evil. And Robert DeNiro is getting up there in age which I suppose is to be expected. Unlikeable characters, uninteresting plot make this one a snoozer. I’m glad we saw it for free and that Bill is a member of the Film Acting Group.

I was planning on showing Bill Sweet and Lowdown by Woody Allen and starring Sean Penn and Samantha Morton but Bill said we had seen it already. Midway through the Silver Linings Playbook I thought to myself we would have been better off watching that instead. I also have Good Will Hunting which I had never seen before but will more than likely watch It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World on cable and would rather watch Good Will Hunting with Bill since he’s never seen it either.

That’s about it for tonight. I can hear the rain hitting the window outside. I am more than happy to stay in and be dry. No need to go out.
Heaven Must Have Sent You

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

It is the Saturday before Christmas, and it is pretty cold out. The temperatures have dropped considerably and the winds are whipping, strong enough to push this 200 pound meat across the street on occasion. I enjoyed it but in the back of my head I couldn’t help but think of possible debris flying and hitting me or someone near me. So getting inside was soon to be of utmost importance. It’s been like this all day and it shows no sign of letting up anytime soon. Now that I am safely ensconced in our apartment I am safe and warm.

Bill came home this morning after driving to Atlantic City last night. He got into bed as I was getting out of bed. Donning his eye mask and noise canceling headphones he was soon off to sleep as I puttered about taking the drying clothes off the shower rack and putting them in the kitchen on the other racks so that I might take a shower. After that with coffee made I had a nice breakfast. Whatever had crawled up my nose activating my allergies had left leaving me feeling quite alright thank you. I was soon getting myself together to head outside.

I decided to walk up to the Burlington Coat Factory outlet here in Hoboken. It’s at the edge of Hoboken and on foot it’s a little out of the way so I wound my way through the backstreets, walking through the construction site underneath the viaduct and hopping a short fence. And to my surprise the outlet was closed. Closed for good it seems. I should have checked before leaving and walking so far but now I saw for myself. It was a disappointment as I headed home with the wind at my back, empty handed.

I chatted with a neighbor from a few doors down the street. I saw the U-Haul truck outside and asked if they were moving out. The chap told me that they were moving back in, they fled with most of their possessions early in November, fleeing the effects of Hurricane Sandy. He was happy to be back and I was glad to welcome him back to the neighborhood. Lots of hustle and bustle on the block this afternoon and Mr. L’s was quite busy with guys getting their hair cut or sitting and waiting for their turn in the chair.

Then I got a text from Shlomo. He asked if I could come in for a few hours today. I said OK, when. He said today. I had to text him again and say ‘what time?’. 1:00 was the time and checking my humidor and seeing replenishment in order I agreed. I was there at 1:00 exactly and soon Shlomo was on his way, wherever it was he was going. A Santa-Con was happening in Hoboken. It happened in Manhattan and Brooklyn last week, a chance for twenty somethings to don Santa and Elf outfits and get piss drunk.

Today was Hoboken’s turn and the cigar shop was busy. Good sales on my own and I saw that Shlomo left me with about five singles in the drawer. Most people do use credit cards, but not all. I made a sign saying I would be back in 15 minutes and attempted to get out to the bank with $100.00 in my pocket. Of course every time I attempted to head out, more people came in. Thankfully they all used their credit cards and after a little while I was able to head out. And as I headed back, there was Shlomo- 30 seconds ahead of me.

There were more sales, and more drunken twenty somethings lingering. I was able to get a nice assortment of cigars before heading out, making Shlomo was set as I was heading home. And that’s that. I thought I’d need to go to the supermarket but there was no real need, nothing that couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Things are up and happening and most people are in a good mood, which is nice.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I won’t be posting of course. Not so sure about Monday or Christmas Day. We shall see how it all turns out then, won’t we?

All the best to you and yours for this holiday season.

Worst Talk Show Ever.

Worst Talk Show Ever.

it's for you...

it’s for you…

Santa cons

Santa cons

Getting Ready For Christmas Day

I Only Wanna Laugh

So now it’s Wednesday and here in Hoboken some of us are still digging out of our apartments, or throwing possessions away since they were damaged by flooding. Outside it’s been relatively dry, inside it is soggy and wet mostly. And on top of all that, it is snowing. Quite hard, white out conditions and it’s sticking. We can’t see Manhattan or Jersey City or Union City from our windows. Earlier today it was snowing so hard that we could barely see the buildings behind us. So needless to say, staying in is the way to go tonight, no going out for us.

I heard from Chaz that it’s supposed to go up to 61° on Sunday so I guess that could all be attributed to climate change, the bugaboo that got nary a mention during the debates. It was a subject of derision from Willard Mitt Romney during the Republican National Convention, raising guffaws and chortles as their nominee cracked wise about how President Obama pledged to try to stop the ocean rising (a result of melting ice caps), whereas the GOP nominee pledged to help the American people instead, because as you know those are two mutually exclusive- American people are not affected by rising oceans.

Yesterday was quite an experience. As with the past week it was spent entirely in Hoboken. Claire was in town clearing out her things in the basement wearing a hazmat suit, Wellingtons and industrial gloves. She was a bit despondent throwing her things out, finding coins that belonged to her grandfather which luckily for her she did not have to throw out. Still it was a shock for her. The sidewalk in front of the building filled with debris and trash, the sidewalks in front of most every building looking like the aftermath of a war.

Bill was up and out early in the morning. It makes for an easier commute. With the Path trains out of service from Hoboken, by the time the bus gets near the halfway point on 5th Street it is packed, standing room only. Bill made sure he voted yesterday morning before heading into Manhattan and found a line at 6:00 AM and one of the two voting machines out of service. Still he voted after about a 20 minute wait which wasn’t so bad compared to other people in certain states.

A few hours later it was my turn. A mere 10 minute wait and both machines operating. The poll workers were trying to communicate with whoever was in charge about some issues that I was not privy to. Of course I voted for Obama, straight up Democratic ticket. Also on the ballot was the public question regarding rent control in Hoboken. I of course voted ‘No’ which was the way to go since the oh so shady Mile Square Taxpayers Association once again inserted confusion in the question which last time forced people to vote against their best interest.

Because a straightforward question would have ensured a swift defeat, if you were for rent control you had to vote no. I gleefully voted no, and I encouraged other voters and Hoboken residents to do the same. I participated in the benefit at Maxwells and also posted fliers and stickers throughout town. And I am happy to report that rent control still stands. They were able to gut rent control in a few other Hudson County towns and cities but Hoboken mobilized and we successfully pushed them back to the slime hole from whence they came.

It was a great day all around, a fantastic speech by the President of the United States. I couldn’t watch any reports or news all day, not turning it on until Bill got home. It was nerve wracking but with a happy ending, both for the United States but also for Hoboken. And I am happy to have participated in the election, fighting the good fight.

People have the power.

07 – People Have The Power

I Need To Wake Up

Less than two months until the presidential election and already I have had it up to here! I do like to be informed but all day long it is regurgitation over and over. Different mouths, same spew. I’ve gotten better with dealing with it, so much so I can tell you all about Greta Garbo or John Garfield since I’ve been watching Turner Classic Movies instead of the information channels. I don’t want to call it news, so information is what I will call it, for now. Greta Garbo sure was a looker though, and John Garfield good at being that everyman with a problem.

It’s a beautiful day today, after the raging storm last night. Bill called from the cigar shop near the Path train. He was on his way home and found the exit stairs blocked by people overwhelmed by the downpour. Bill was able to make it out, only getting about as far as maybe 20 yards and winding up cozy inside the shop. He called me, telling me of his whereabouts and asking if there was anything I needed from the store, if and when he made it out. About an hour later he was walking through the door, soaked.

Today marks a week since my birthday. It’s been an interesting time since then. Has my mind changed? Has my body changed? Would it change just because of a day? No, not really is the answer for all three. I am more aware of the time and space I occupy, perhaps a little bit more than I did weeks ago. And I am so grateful for Bill. Such a rock in my life, steadfast and true, and willing to go to the supermarket in the middle of a monsoon. I am amazed by him so often.

I am a week behind in my reading of the New Yorker and have barely cracked the latest Mojo Magazine. Just been waylaid by current events I suppose. I do have the time to catch up, just easily distracted by the television and the internet. All it takes is a click and the problem is solved. Still getting the nerve to actually use that click can be an obstacle. Now the television is off, but of course the computer is still on obviously since I am currently writing this bit of fluff. Soon the autumnal equinox will be upon us.

I had a phone call today, from a company that strung me along through three interviews a year or so ago. Each interview went well until the last one where some hyper caffeinated character named John Hunt fobbed me off on someone they had hired the previous week. I told them I needed to be out of there by 11:00 so I could make it to the cigar shack and here I was in a conference room at 11 Penn Plaza at 11:15 being asked questions by a newbie. I was a bit irate at this turn of events since I abhor being late.

And that included being late for a job that I didn’t particularly care for. They woman on the phone had a southern accent and she asked me a few questions, mainly why did I leave the cigar shack. I explained that it was due to slow sales, even though some people have told me the ‘official’ line from the cigar shack is that I left to do ‘officey’ things. What actually got me off the hook with the southern accented woman was when I told her what I was looking for salary wise, meaning what was I making at the cigar shack.

Apparently I had priced myself out of their game.

Making Plans for Nigel

I Need A Silent Night

It’s a Friday and so far so good. Last night did not go so well. Fell asleep for about an hour or so then I woke up with the Everly Brothers singing Cathy’s Clown in my head. I did the right thing and got out of bed around 3:00 and surfed the net for a while before heading back to sleep for a few more hours. That went well, then Bill kissed me goodbye as he was headed off to the gym and then work at 6:00 then I woke up again for a little while before I was able to sleep again.

I did have a plan today. I had been corresponding with Payless since my sneakers started to fall apart soon after I bought them, but they were still wearable and they matched the chip on my shoulder. About a week after that they fell into further disrepair and I stopped wearing them. Of course I did not have the receipt but according to customer service that would be no problem. So I trooped over a couple of miles to the Newport Mall, Airwalks in my bag. I called customer service once again to make sure it was OK that I didn’t have the receipt.

And it was OK. I walked in and stood by an empty register. Just then a manager appeared and I told her my tale of woe. She understood and directed me to get a new pair if I wanted to or get store credit. I opted for the new Airwalks and after a quick and easy transaction, I was walking back to Hoboken. It was quite hot too, dense heat and a cloudless sky. I came home and took off the work boots and put on the new sneakers. Then after a few minutes I headed out again.

Busking was on the agenda for today and it had been a number of days since I last busked. I found a decent spot under a tree and set about playing some songs, A Hard Day’s Night, Walk on By, and Hateful by the Clash. It was going well. Tariq even showed up and was enjoying my playing as he was cocktailing. He is a good player and has the cojones to play on Washington Street at night, where he probably makes good money. I opt for the waterfront and the adoration of toddlers and change.

Tariq mentioned how much he enjoyed what I used to do, which was some improvisations. I play a few chords and sing about the people walking by in front of me. The color of their clothes, what’s on their t-shirts, the fact that some people look serious (but when they hear me singing about them they smile). I also sing about students from Stevens Tech and the amount of backpacks they carry to the trains and also sing about the nannies pushing strollers. So I did it again and had Tariq doubled over in laughter.

The funny thing is I am more comfortable doing that improve thing when there is a friendly face around and Tariq had the friendly face. If I had the nerve to do it without anyone around I would but since that rarely happens I rarely do it. Plus, when I do such a thing the people smile or smirk and just hurry along. They don’t linger and they don’t dig for change. But today turned out to be a good day, things went well and the toddlers showed up so happy to dance and clap along as I play. And you know that can’t be bad.

I Need A Doctor

Well today is a rather unimpressive Labor Day. It’s been cloudy and seems like it is going to rain at any time. I suppose that is how it should be the ones who feel that Labor Day is the end of summer though we know it isn’t really. Bill is down in Atlantic City, with no play to stage manage and no wakes to attend in Puerto Rico and no place to sing the Star Spangled Banner he is back to bus driving which is his true love, or at least one of them. I guess it’s a return to normalcy… whatever that is.

Saturday was a very nice day. I did post the videos of Bill singing. We had a few giggles when we got back home, specifically how Bill marches out of the frame, his chest all puffed up like someone is about to get duffed. We also discussed how we have to get Bill a new outfit for events such as this. Some nice new trousers would do, something more fitting since Bill has lost quite a bit of weight the past months. Overall though, the trip to Staten Island was a lot of fun, the ferry ride is always fun.

It was quite crowded in the Manhattan terminal, at least a few hundred of us standing around waiting for the ferry to arrive while an earnest busker played her songs, vocals and guitar over amplified where it was thisclose to being distorted. Still she has more nerve than I and I duly tossed a dollar into her case for which she thanked me. After each song she received a smattering of applause and when she covered The Police, Message in a Bottle I told Bill that I had been practicing that song a few days before.

We received wristbands that enabled us to ‘All You Can Eat’ only it was certain foods we were allowed to eat. We found that out getting on a line and ordering food and then showing the wristband. Then we were told we had to get in the queue about thirty feet away where the foods were hot dogs, hamburgers, bags of potato chips and Pepsi. So of course Bill and I ate what we could, occasionally getting back in the queue for more grub. It was ‘All You Can Eat’ after all and we were very hungry.

Bill’s voice teacher Susan joined us near our seats with her friend Laura. They set about doing box scores as Bill and I enjoyed the game and the antics that the Staten Island Yankees provide. Dancers, games and t-shirts thrown into the crowd. At the 7th Inning, Bill sang God Bless America and that went over very well. Staten Islanders all reaching out to sake Bill’s hand, telling him his version was the best ever. I was quite proud of Bill.

We left at the 8th inning, the Staten Island Yankees hadn’t scored. Another couple of hundred people all milling about waiting for the next ferry. Young people, all dolled up for a night in Manhattan. Girls and boys all tarted up ready to paint the town red. We were home around 11:30 and it was too late for me to go to Maxwells, plus I was very tired. My mood had lifted, probably from spending time with Bill. We watched Humoresque on Turner Classic Movies, starring Joan Crawford, John Garfield and Oscar Levant who impressed both Bill and myself. I enjoyed Levant’s humor and Bill enjoyed his piano playing. It was a nice end to a nice day overall, and I owe it all to Bill.

Susan and Bill


More Eastwooding

Ho Hum Labor Day

3 – What the World Needs Now Is Love

I Miss You- Blink 182

Yesterday was such a nice day. Nice enough that I don’t feel like writing today, but here I am writing again. If Truman Capote were around and reading blogs he might have said ‘That’s not writing, that’s typing’. That is what Truman supposedly said about Jack Kerouac. I can’t fill Kerouac shoes, he was a 10.5 and I am a 12. It would be painful and awkward and I would be in dire need of an orthopedic shoe. I just returned from busking again, not too busy a day though my guitar playing has improved somewhat. I hadn’t busked since last Thursday.

Like I wrote, yesterday was nice, really a top day. Pleasant weather, nary a cloud in the sky. I did some filing, my nails have gotten back to where they should be. I strolled the waterfront promenade once again, enjoying a cigar. I found a spot and sat and read Lucking Out by James Wolcott. I’m enjoying reading about his exploits with Pauline Kael, hanging out at CBGB’s and a fixation on porn. When I finished reading yesterday, AIDS was beginning to make its appearance. The grim reaper and it’s scythe taking out a generation of gay men and soon to spread to non-gay men.

I remember hearing about GRID- Gay Related Immune Deficiency, or the gay cancer as it was first known. It was the beginning of the paranoia of the pandemic and I was still deep in the closet, living the two lives that I led back in the day. One of the symptoms was a loss of appetite, a wasting away. I told someone that in the future, overweight men will be the desirable set following the death of the clones. It didn’t take into consideration that there would be two sets, the gym bunnies constantly fixated on chiseled abs and toned bodies and the other group being the bears, the hirsute, stocky men.

Having never set foot in a gym I lean towards the bear contingent though I consider myself to be a wolf, and a lone wolf at that. When smoking was permissible in Central Park, when I would have the time to check out the disco skate circle I would be either opposite the bears on Bear Hill or above the bears at the top of the hill enjoying a cigar and enjoying the tunes. Since the smoking ban I haven’t been in Central Park. In fact since I was dismissed from the cigar shack I haven’t gone north of 47th Street.

While sitting and reading I got a phone call from Billie in DC. It had been a while since we last spoke and we kept missing each other on various phone calls. He’s doing well, working and in good health thanks to the government of Washington DC. I told him the story about my dismissal, how the guy who claimed to have no ego was pissed off and his ego bruised by what I wrote exactly. Billie was great and laughed several times at my tale. He knew I was unhappy there and claimed it was god’s doing that got me out of there.

He mentioned that he was thinking about taking a Bolt Bus from Washington DC and having a day trip to Manhattan. That would be great and since I have the time it seems likely that it would happen. It would be easier for Billie to come up here than for me to get to DC since in DC we would need a car to get around where in Manhattan no car would be needed. Billie’s visit is something to look forward to and hopefully we will get together soon enough.

I walked around Hoboken afterwards, talking on the phone with Lois and running into my friend Roger with his wife Dina and their 3 month old son Kennedy. What a happy chubby baby. Dina looked great as did Roger. It was fun catching up with Roger for a while and I walked them back to their car before heading home. Bill was home when I came home, so happy to see me. He was in better spirits than he was earlier. He had gone to Philadelphia on Saturday and while there his wallet was stolen, pickpocketed.

He had enough to get to Manhattan but had to borrow some cash from the producer of the play he is working on. We watched the closing of the Olympics, annoyed with Bob Costas and Ryan Seacrest endlessly talking over whatever as going on. We surmised it was because Americans needed to have things spelt out for them, instead of just showing the images without comment. They cut out Ray Davies singing Waterloo Sunset, and also Muse while postponing the Who, who were mediocre. And still no Elton. What was that about?

And I am DJ’ing from home again at the local tavern right now…


The Nick Colas haircut!

Jimmy Roselli

05 All Night Long

I Love You Love Me Love

What is it with naps? It’s hummus everywhere locally and of course the only room with air conditioning is the bedroom. I was feeling a bit knocked out and decided to go have a lay down for about an hour. Set the online alarm clock for an hour and got horizontal. 15 minutes later while dreaming I wake up and find myself unable to go back to sleep. I know who cares? But I needed something to write about and since that had just recently happened I took the ball and ran with it, or rather walked slowly with it.

I watched Contagion the other night. I heard about it and as I watched it, a friend of mine posted on Facebook how they had just finished watching it. It was alright, not the best but fine for a summer night. A good thriller. Very good cast, Lawrence Fishburne, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon and Jude Law among others. It does leave one with the suspicion of anything that could be touched being infected. I know a few people that would lose their minds if they watched this movie, being so germ phobic to begin with. Never enough Purell for them.

I made some food for dinner but since I skipped lunch, I had an early dinner. Or maybe it was a late lunch. Anyway, a major storm is approaching, like the big storm that knocked power out a few weeks ago in Washington DC. At least that is what the forecasters are saying. The Guitar Bar All Stars concert at Sinatra Park in Hoboken has been moved in anticipation of the storm to Mulligan’s Bar, conveniently located across the street from the Guitar Bar. I just don’t want to hang out in a bar, I was hoping to hang outside and enjoy a cigar for the show.

And dear Lois is finishing her Improv class tonight which I told her I would like to attend on Sunday night while hanging out with Jose at Maxwells. Then I remembered I had other things planned and regretfully had to back out. Now with the storm coming, perhaps it would be best if I just stay home. But I did contact Meghan Taylor the other day and told her I would see her at the concert, so that seems to be the way to go. Being in a storm a few blocks from home seems better than being in a storm a few miles from home.

And it is just a forecast after all and forecasters are wrong about 50 percent of the time. The storm actually has a name, or at least the storm system does. It’s called a Derecho. Am I turning into an old fart, watching the weather channel and anticipating the worst, so much so that I would rather just stay indoors? I did some grocery shopping so we do have provisions and precautions have been taken. It is getting a bit windy out but the sky still seems like a summer evening.

I don’t know.

In 1985 WNEW had a broadcast called The Hoboken Sound. Various friends in bands were on the show, back went Hoboken was being touted as to be the next Liverpool. That didn’t happen and with time, the broadcast faded into the past. Thanks to bit torrents and You Tube and Rand getting it online, all 47 minutes are available to watch. I shared it with dozens of friends from then and now and the feedback has been positive. Hearing from Steve Fallon is always a treat and of course I would take his side in any matter.

And yes I will kick that guy in the balls for Steve, in case Steve is reading this. I just have to find my boots.

St. Ann’s procession proceeding.

08 Poetry Man

I Love America

Another day of cleaning. It was a lot more difficult this time since photographs were discovered. That always slows down the process. Things slow down to a halt and pictures are looked at which is the start of things really getting slow. I found a whole bunch of pictures, mainly from the 1990’s. Family and friends. A few pictures of Julio and William in Weehawken and some photographs of the three of us in Central Park after ingesting some fungi. Some camping pictures of me and Maurice Menares from the 1980’s have popped up as well. And of course there were papers to be shredded.

Including some more papers from the cigar shack, with credit card information of the customers. That was definitely shredded since I do not want any knuckle draggers ringing my bell. No need for that really. And Zack’s plan for 2011 and 2012. Looking at those things made me glad I am not there anymore. I did have to go out once or twice today and on one excursion I ran into my downstairs neighbor Deborah as I was out on the street. She was looking mighty pretty and I walked her to the bus stop where we talked.

She remarked that I was looking great and seemed to be in good spirits and I felt I was in good spirits. A few laughs were had as we sat in the shade. My second favorite bus driver was brought up, and I told her that I hadn’t spoken to him since I was dismissed from the cigar shack. He’s a good guy and I hope to say hello to him once again when our path cross once more. It was great to see Deborah again. Though she lives about 30 feet or so from me, I rarely see her.

So once again I am done for the day with the cleaning. The apartment looks alright. Metropolitan Life isn’t going to be knocking on the door anytime soon. But it is an improvement and if you don’t stare, just keep glancing things look OK. I also wanted the apartment to look alright for when my sister arrives in a week or so. The first two rooms are where I focused and the other rooms, well, they’re off limits to guests. One is the bedroom and the other is where Bill and I hang our suits as well as where Bill keeps his keyboards, his desk top and his recording equipment should you want to stop by and steal anything.

I did some grocery shopping once more, back to the nearby supermarket. And tonight the New Jersey State Symphony is playing so I might light up a cigar and wander over there to get some culture. Today was Julio’s birthday as well as Bill’s mother and tomorrow is Bill’s birthday. Very exciting I think. No plans as of yet, anything could happen I suppose. It’s a beautiful evening and I am looking forward to at least getting out of the apartment.

Rest in peace Tommy Killian

NONA HENDRYX – Transformation (STEREO)

I Look Good

Man it’s a hot hot hot day. Quite a scorcher. And I woke up at a very good hour this morning without the sound of the street being torn up. It was the alarm clock that did the job. And I knew that I had better get it together in case they turn off the water again. So it was a jump in the shower after making a pot of coffee and getting a bowl of cereal all set. After that it was the usual thing, watching the Daily Show and The Colbert Report and then alternating between Gilmore Girls repeats & The View. I try to catch the news at noon before going out.

Of course I would be willing to give up the news at noon should the need arise. But it hasn’t arisen as of yet, so I watch the news until the weather report then I generally head out for the afternoon. And today I had decided to check out the art galleries in Chelsea once again. It had been a while since I had last been and since it was going to be quite hot, in my mind I mapped out the streets that would have the most shade.

It didn’t really matter since I still sweated like a horse. I did have the foresight to take the bus to the Path train, getting as much air conditioning as I could. It worked out so much that I was out in the hot air for merely a moment before jumping on the Path train where I once again sat in air conditioned comfort. I was definitely cruised on my ride to 14th Street by a guy who was falling asleep, then he’d wake up and give me the once over before drifting off. So it goes.

I walked on the south side of 14th Street as did everyone else and their Aunt Tillie. Still there weren’t that many people out and I finished a cigar that I started on the other side of the Hudson River. I had only one show on the agenda, since I missed the Cindy Sherman show which closed two weeks ago. I think there is still a retrospective of Cindy Sherman at MoMA but that isn’t exactly my favorite museum so I keep putting it off. And on a side note there is a plan to see the Keith Haring exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum with RoDa before it ends July 8.

I wanted to see the Richard Avedon show at the Gagosian gallery and was relieved at how air conditioned it was, but put off by the security the show has. No need to ask if I could take photographs since that was why there was a guard on every mural. There were big murals of Allen Ginsburg, The Chicago Seven, some Military bigwigs and the Warhol Factory crowd. I had never seen Candy Darling’s cock before, I didn’t even think she had a cock. Everyone has seen Joe Dallesandro’s cock before so that was nothing new. And everyone including Aunt Tillie has seen Allen Ginsburg’s cock already.

After Gagosian is was just wandering around. I walked into the 40OWLS Gallery and liked what I saw there, three exhibitions. The woman who worked there was quite nice and outgoing which is a change from the usual gallery scene, where they just sit at the front desk looking at computer screens. Most galleries don’t mind if you take photographs and sometimes I just start shooting, sometimes I ask. I saw a fun Claus Oldenburg which screamed to have it photo taken but after two snapshots I was told that it wasn’t allowed. I was tempted to sneak a photo of a large Swiss Army Knife for Jimmy Seltzer, but decided not to, lest the effete gallery person get all huffy.

After a few hours of that it was time to go home so I walked up to the bus terminal once again walking on the shady side of the street. And that’s about it. It is still quite hot out, and I am not doing much moving or anything else. Bill has come and gone to his physical therapy and I am looking forward to a low key evening.


40OWLS Gallery

40OWLS Gallery

40OWLS Gallery

40OWLS Gallery

40OWLS Gallery

Illicit Oldenburg

another Illicit Oldenburg

Francisco Clemente

10 Ruby Keeler Calliope

I Live With You

The penultimate day before summer, which is occurring on Thursday. It’s been a very good day. I did receive word from the company I interviewed with last week, the standard ‘Thanks but no thanks. Oh and by the way- Good Luck’ message. It was alright, I did not expect to get the job but still there was a sliver of hope in the back of my mind. I have a cavernous mind and it was all the way in the back next to my Duncan butterfly yoyo and my copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, under my autographed Brian Eno records.

I slept fairly well last night. I also stayed up later than usual which probably contributed to the fact that I had a good night’s sleep. I’ve been setting the alarm clock lately, trying to hang onto something resembling a routine. It’s sort of been working but what actually woke me up this morning (after Bill’s farewell kiss to me) was the sound of construction and destruction. Next door they’re doing something to a garage and that’s been noisy but what was even noisier was the water department chopping up the street down the block. Luckily I got out of bed at that time.

I made some coffee and jumped in the shower and then about an hour later, the water was cut off. It was a drag but manageable since I had done the ‘important’ stuff beforehand. That still left some dirty dishes in the sink but I knew the water would be back on eventually. I decided not to wait for the water to come back and headed out to do somethings. A trip to the bibliothèque was in order since I needed to return a CD that I took out yesterday, the Bongos- Numbers With Wings/Beat Hotel.

I used to be a big Bongos fan. Bog enough that I was taller than the guys in the band and most of the audience. Unfortunately the CD was only half good and that was the Numbers With Wings part. The Beat Hotel part is best forgotten and not mentioned. Their first album, Drums Along The Hudson was great and still is fun to listen to. Then they signed to RCA, and it all went pear shaped. It was the eighties and no one knew any better but it was a major misstep for all concerned. Still I am friends with 3 out of 4 Bongos, which is why I am holding back here.

I did see a former Bongo today, Jim Mastro, Mr. Wonderful. Always good to see him. One daughter home from college, another daughter has one more day of being a high school sophomore, and then there is Meghan off for a few weeks before doing something with kids during the summer. I had my bicycle out and decided to go for a ride. I aimed to head up the river rather than down to Liberty State Park. I had heard the Hudson River Walkway was sort of completed and I wanted to see where it would take me.

I got as far as North Bergen before the walkway ended. It was enjoyable though it would have been more fun if there was someone to ride with. I enjoyed the solitude and the weather was perfect for it. I returned back to Hoboken, the same way I left it and stopped to look at some geese with their goslings, none of them named Ryan. Finally by Sybil’s Cave I sat in the shade and enjoyed a cigar while finishing last week’s New Yorker. Then I rode my bike home. .

The water was back on when I came home but there really wasn’t anything to eat. So after putting the bicycle away and climbing the four flights of stairs, I was back on the street heading to the nearby supermarket. It was a gamble and I was hungry and you don’t go food shopping when you are hungry. But I was good and only bought a few things I needed. OK, I also bought some Belsen Dark Chocolate biscuits since they were on sale and I wanted something chocolate. So now after riding about 20 miles today I don’t think I will have any problem sleeping tonight.


Geese & goslings

Ryan Gosling

NOT Ryan Gosling

08 Because

I Keep Forgettin’ (Everytime You’re Near)

Well yesterday turned out to be a washout. It started with me sleeping in bed, Bill hovering over me at 6:45 telling me we were going to have to get a move on. I told him my alarm clock was set for 7AM and to leave me alone for the next 15 minutes. I was able to get another few minutes of slumber in before I trudged through the apartment and into the shower.

Bill had the cereal all set up for me as well as some coffee brewing. I showered and got myself together and threw on a pair of jeans. Outside it was gray skies all around. Soon we were waiting for the bus under threatening skies. Bill had butterflies in his stomach, I had coffee and raisin bran. We walked over to the subway once we got off the bus and out of the terminal.

A 7 train was waiting for us and soon we were en route to Flushing. People getting on and off as we sat there staring out the window. We got off at Willets Point/CitiField, with no one else getting off there. We walked to the Gil Hodges entrance after a few cursory photographs, and were told that we had to wait until we heard from the guy who Bill has been communicating with.

We waited, it drizzled. Bill talked to his cousin Carmen on the phone and I looked around the empty parking lot. Finally Bill got in touch with the guy and we were finally allowed in at around 9:45. We were escorted to the Guest Room and Bill did his warm ups and I read the New Yorker. I also had a cup of coffee thanks to Bill who had to take a walk just to get out of the claustrophobic room.

The guy Bill had been dealing with reappeared and it was time for the sound check. Bill did great in the sound check, sang the National Anthem and God Bless America. They threw God Bless America at Bill at the last minute and Bill was up for the task. It’s a lousy song by the way and I much prefer This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, written in response to Irving Berlin’s God Bless America.

I did record the sound check and tried to upload it to Facebook and the internet but it didn’t take, in fact I lost everything. My smartphone has been acting up lately much to my dismay and I was upset at the loss. About 45 minutes later with a knock on the door we were told that the game had been called due to rain.

So it was back outside to the subway, past hundreds of fans trying to get their Tom Seaver bobble head dolls. We were both disappointed but not surprised. All week long the forecast had been for rain and now it was raining. A bus ride home, and some bagels were bought once we were back in Hoboken. I ate breakfast and Bill relaxed.

He was fine most of the day, even going so far as to be ME in dealing with my phone service. It turned out I had a corrupted SD Card which we replaced after a walk to Radio Shack. Bill handles the customer service reps better than me. I seem to come down with Tourette’s Syndrome when I have to deal with these people. The day ended with some Grimaldi’s Pizza. It was good to spend the day with Bill but overall we would have preferred to have heard him sing in front of thousands of Mets fans.

02 – Dancing Barefoot

I Heard You Say

I can’t go on. I’ll go on. It’s been an out of the ordinary 24 hours for me. Obviously I didn’t post last night. Got home too late and was not into it. I know, sometimes you just have to do it, but after a dental appointment followed by a cigar event that I had to attend it was a long drawn out day and the hours of not being home were about the same as if I was at work.

I left the apartment yesterday around 1:30pm for a 3:00 appointment. And it went well, a good cleaning and a check up to see how the last procedure was doing. The hygienist was really nice. Her birthday is September 11 and mine is September 12 so she figured that was why we were getting along so well. I left with a CARE package, a toothbrush, some floss, some toothpaste.

After that it was a walk to the cigar shack. Zack was in top form, entertaining 2 head cheeses that were in town for the cigar event. Bradley, Thomas and Jerry Vale were there as well. I was off yesterday but Zack mentioned a week or so ago that it would be a good idea to go to the event and take photographs for the cigar shack blog that I write.

I figured I could do that for a few hours and then slip out and go home. Of course that was not to be. I rode in a cab with Zack and Bradley to the Top of the Sixes and watched some guys in suits, some handsome- most not so handsome smoking cigars and doing whatever it is that they do. In Bradley’s words though it was a case of too many chiefs.

Zack and 2 other cigar shack management types were there, each with their own idea of what to do. Soon I was taking the cellophane from the cigars and placing them on trays. Trays which I held along with two other guys and as various guests arrived we made sure they got a free cigar.

They deserved a free cigar since the guests did pay close to $300.00 for a chance to smoke cigars with a geezer who’s name is on the box. It was the geezer’s 86th birthday and the occasion for the release of a new cigar in the geezer’s name. Appropriately enough, the cigar is called ‘The Geezer’.

After I gave out my cigars I was able to roam around a very smoky room and take some very smoky pictures. After some smoky pictures I helped some buxom young women take more cellophane off of more cigars which the buxom young women distributed. Something about zaftig women and cigars drives most heterosexual men ka-razy.

Thomas and Jerry vale joined the festivities, thinking it would be a party but they too were put to work. I was hoping to be out of there by 8:30 but did not actually leave until 10:30. I wasn’t happy about it but I was getting paid. I had to open the store today so I wanted to be home earlier but wound up getting home closer to midnight.

I went to bed a little after that, Bill fast asleep. He offered to stay up until 10:30 but by 9:00 I knew I wasn’t getting out of there anytime soon so I called and let him off the hook. Bill was up and out after a goodbye kiss and some passionate words and I got out of bed shortly thereafter. I shuffled about and was soon on the bus headed into the city.

Jerry Vale and I were opening, Thomas (who posted how hung over he was on Facebook) and Zack were coming in later. Thomas was grumpy again. I didn’t say anything since I was so morose the other day and Thomas seemed genuinely concerned. Still it was a long day. I was able to enjoy a cigar on a bench near the park at lunchtime, a couple of hours earlier than usual.

But the last hours crawled. The store did well, everyone had high numbers. I left a few minutes later than expected and took the subway, avoiding the mistake I made last week of walking to the bus terminal as the theater crowds started rolling in for Broadway. It did not matter since the bus did not show up on time.

In fact 3 buses that were scheduled did not show up at all. And once again I had disdain for most of my fellow commuters. But I made it back to Hoboken and just had some dinner. Now I am tired and did not really expect to write over 800 words tonight, but there you have it.

I did see Harpy today so that was quite nice. It was brief though. He’s as sexy as ever.

spot the geezer

1 – Up, Up and Away

I Have You To Thank

Back at the cigar shack once again. Today’s contestants are Zack and Jerry Vale, Bradley and Thomas will be participating in tomorrow’s episode whereas I will not since I am off in most every way of the word.

It’s another gorgeous day weather wise, for March 8 the temperature hit 70 degrees, quite nice with cool breezes every now and then. The cigar shack has been somewhat busy today. I think the routine of getting cigars on Thursday for the weekend is coming around again. It usually happens during the warmer seasons with guys leaving town or having Fridays off.

I am off tomorrow and I am quite happy about that. I would hope the weather be what it was today but I’m not so sure about that. Still a day off is a day off. The other day on Facebook Harpy and I had a comment throw off (what else could it be called) and Harpy wrote something that I read as ‘everyone knows’.

That made me look onto YouTube where I found a clip of Leonard Cohen singing in London, 2008 ‘Everybody Knows’. Whomever posted it had the lyrics which were quite good and I found myself haunted by Leonard Cohen’s words, so much so that I was able to find his songs online which I loaded into my iPod.

So this morning while waiting for the bus I listed to Leonard Cohen on the bus. I didn’t get too far since neighbor Deborah joined me on the commute but I did leave it playing so when we parted ways I did hear Leonard Cohen once again, but I was in the midtown mindset and needed to put my game face on, meaning something snappy & peppy, which unfortunately can’t describe Leonard Cohen’s work.

It is now almost 8:00 right now, me and Jerry Vale manning the boards. A neighbor customer sits in the man cave enjoying a cigar. I will be sitting back there counting money as he smokes since Jerry Vale is leaving at 8:30 and it needs to be done before he leaves for the day. Now the counting of the money is finished.

The neighbor was done smoking his cigar and my friend my friend Bruce stopped by for a quick chat. He offered me a dollar if I turned off the Leonard Cohen stuff that I was playing. I said no and anyway I couldn’t chat too long since Jerry Vale is heading out in about 12 minutes and I needed to get my end of things straightened out, relatively speaking.

Bill said he will be staying up, waiting for me to come home before he goes to bed. I told him there was no need. It is always nice when he is up and waiting for me but I would totally understand if he is fast asleep when I walk through the door. No garden of Gethsemane references needed.

Jerry Vale is stressing since he is about to move to a new apartment and as everyone knows, moving is nothing but stress. I checked the weather forecast at Jerry Vale’s request and the weather is supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow which is nice, hopefully. Unfortunately Leonard Cohen proved to be way too heavy so I switched to Chuck Berry which you have to admit is more fun. Unless you’re a woman trying to use the loo.

This is actually the second blog I have written today. I wrote another entry for the cigar shack, photos included. Whether or not it gets read is another story. I’m not sure if even Zack knows about the latest entries. I think they’re funny and somewhat informative which to some people are complete opposites.

One can be funny or informative but very rarely do the two co-exist.

Jeez, I just had this fat sweaty closet case with a waxed moustache that pointed up to his eyes. He really looked like an idiot who spent way too much time waxing his moustache. I don’t think women would be into it, perhaps some men would be but not this man. He kept bugging me for a free cigar since he was buying three. He got nothing from me despite his attempts to intimidate me with his tales of selling spices. Sorry Spice Gurl- No freebies for you.

And there was Bill waiting for me as I walked through the door. So nice.

Moonlight Lover

I Hate Boys

Another day another doofus but today is different, filled with considerable worry. Bill’s been ill still and this afternoon while working in the cigar shack, in the walk in humidor, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was playing and I started to get really bummed out. More than usual since I am not that fond of the song, but it really hit a chord this afternoon. Made me think about the unthinkable.

I am prone to worrying and I worry about Bill a lot. What else am I supposed to do? He is my partner, my spouse and that is what spouses are supposed to do. Look out for and look after each other. I don’t mind doing it for him, and I really can’t stand it when Bill worries about me.

Last night when I came home, Bill was fast asleep. I gave him a kiss once I changed my clothes which woke him up and I reassured him that there was no need to stay awake. Just a kiss to let him know I was home. Apparently I was too adorable this morning when he was leaving, not sure if he tried to wake me up but I did get a kiss.

I called him as I headed to the temporary bus stop and he sounded weary from the lack of sleep. I didn’t stay too long on the phone with Bill since I would be calling him again in the upcoming hour. The bus ride was uneventful, a tour of Bloomfield Street up to Eleventh Street, past Rand & Lisa’s building. Washington Street is still closed to buses until the tear down the burnt out building at Third and Washington.

The cigar shack wasn’t exactly hopping and I thought that may have been from it being Ash Wednesday or as I like to call it Memento Mori day. I mean I think about it almost every day so I don’t need to walk around with a dirty forehead to remind myself of that.

A little more than a half hour left in the day at the cigar shack. Tomorrow is a day off and the plan is to attempt for the last time a visit to the Doug Wheeler exhibition in Chelsea with my niece Corinne. The plan is to get going around noon and hopefully we’ll get in this time and if not there will be plenty of other art galleries to visit.

I am not so sure that Corinne has ever done anything like this so it should be fun. I have the latest New Yorker so I will have to check to see if anything is going on. A Warhol exhibition would be a lot of fun. And it will be fun just bopping around Manhattan with Corinne anyhow. I certainly hope that the weather will be good. That is all I can ask for. The forecast is calling for evening showers and that is fine with me since I am sure that both Corinne and I will be back in our homes by then.

Amy Goodman just walked by. Thomas who was filling like he had a cold was starting to get snippy so I got out of the shack as soon as I could. Then I ran into him on the subway platform and he was fine.

I am glad to be home. Bill is fast asleep and whether or not he’s been getting out of bed to go to the bathroom remains to be seen. I hope he gets a good night of sleep and I hope I get a good night of sleep. Busy day tomorrow.

3 Days later, the announcement is made.

Cornelius Bros And Sister Rose – Too Late To Turn Back Now

I Got Nothin’

This morning started out OK with regards to the weather. A bit nippy with occasional drizzle. Now it is mainly cold and damp. Tomorrow is a day off and from what I have heard, it is supposed to be warm and damp. January 2012 has had some crazy weather.

I’ve taken Harpy’s suggestion and decided to remove music from my smartphone. Do I need music on my smartphone, especially when I have a 30GB iPod? No, not really. According to Harpy it takes up too much space on the smartphone and with extra space the phone operates better without music.

I don’t really know about that since there are maybe two people I speak to on the phone, Bill & Annemarie. Well maybe three if I include Harpy, and I will include Harpy since no one includes Harpy enough if you ask me. And waking up was difficult this morning. I could have used at least another hour of sleep but obviously that was not going to happen.

I watched Chronology last night. It is a collection of live clips of Talking Heads from 1975 to the 1990’s. I don’t think it includes any footage from Stop Making Sense, the Talking Heads- Jonathan Demme movie from 1984. I stopped watching the DVD when they showed Talking Heads at the Capitol Theater from November 1980.

I went to that show with my brother Brian and we had seats in the 2nd row. The Psychedelic Furs opened up the show and I didn’t know them then and did not like them much. I thought Richard Butler was a weird mix of David Bowie and Johnny Rotten, sounding like Rotten and throwing shapes like Bowie.

Anyway Talking Heads were fantastic and I remember dancing in front of the stage, I don’t recall anyone else around, just me dancing in front of people sitting down. I had seen Talking Heads in August 1980 with my brother Frank and that was quite magical. A couple of thousand of us, all dancing to music that no one had heard yet, Remain in Light had not come out at that time.

I’m sure that by November Remain in Light had come out and I was more than likely blown away. It is my favorite album of all time. As much as I love the Fabs, I still think Remain in Light is the best. Perhaps it is my generation’s Sgt. Pepper, as I can hear it’s influence on a lot of music in the years that followed it’s release.

The DVD is excellent, interesting to see them as a three piece for a few clips then seeing Jerry Harrison really flesh things out. And by the time I saw them there were ten people on stage. I’m sure my brother Brian was embarrassed by my frentic dancing but I didn’t care. I remember leaving the Capitol Theater and hearing that Jimmy Carter had just conceded the election.

It was election day after all. I voted for John Anderson in my first election, voting with my conscious. Brian told me I was supposed to vote for whomever I thought was going to win and he voted for the ‘winner.’

another shop bites the dust

asbestos kills

01 Positive Vibration

I Got It For You Girl

A snowy Saturday. It started out with me laying in bed and hearing the sound of cars going up the street, tires rolling on the snow. Now it’s dark out since it is night time and it’s more than likely freezing over. I slept really well last night even though Bill was in Atlantic City. He phoned once he got there, his bus was breaking down.

I was concerned for him. His passengers got off the bus with no problem. Last I heard he was planning on abandoning his bus, and that was the word he was given from the bus headquarters. Whether or not he did (he probably didn’t) I don’t know. Last I checked he was back home and going to sleep since his drive tonight was canceled.

Less money but there is more safety in staying at home. He will probably be awake tonight when I get home and we can watch Saturday NIght Live together. Maybe it will be as funny as it was last week, but I don’t hold out much hope. At the cigar shack it was fairly busy, good numbers coming in, Bradley and I going head to head with our sales.

I came out ahead, far ahead enough that I wound up throwing sales to Jerry Vale so he can get his numbers up. I do that from time to time. Once I hit my quota, I will throw sales to Thomas or Jerry Vale so they can get their numbers up. It’s probably frowned upon by the corporate overlords, but I do not mind helping out co-workers, my comrades.

The usual rogues gallery were in most of the day. They come in first thing in the morning, when the cigar shack opens and generally sit all day and bullshit. Most of them are decent guys, but there are one or two who seem to think we are there at their beck and call. One particular eastern European guy throws a hundred dollar bill down and states he would like a such and such cigar, even if we are helping other customers, he will just butt in and state what he wants in his heavily accented voice.

Sometimes I don’t mind but today Bradley did mind and supposedly had some words with him. Whether or not that actually happened I don’t know, but Bradley said that it did so I will just have to take his word for it. I am off tomorrow and I am quite happy about that. Don’t really have any plans except maybe hang out with Bill.

Going outside will be another matter and that all depends on what the streets and sidewalks look like. More than likely we will lay about most of the day. I do have laundry to do and right now I am thinking about doing that when I get home but once I get home I might be singing a different tune.

Right now Alternative TV is on, old school UK Punk. It’s been a while…

07 Put A Straw Under Baby