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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

It’s been a mostly indoor day today. Wind chill feels like 5 degrees and that is no fun. Plus there is nowhere to go. Bibliothèque is closed since its Dr. Dre’s birthday. I have been busy and sociable this weekend which was quite a feat. On Saturday I did go out to Tim Daly’s party. I owe that to Rand & Lisa deciding to go. If they decided not to, I would have stayed at home. But they were game and so was I. I headed out soon after posting the last entry and walked over to Garden Liquor to get a six pack of Heineken.

It wouldn’t be right to show up empty handed. I kept my apprehension of running into the former drunkard and the badly drawn woman to myself as I walked with Rand & Lisa. They went to Sparrow Liquor and I went to the cigar store and got myself some small cigars. Yes I am still on good terms with Shlomo and the Zionist hoodlums. I get a great discount and I would be foolish not to go there. Israel is the one I avoid and no one brings up his name anyhow which works out fine.

It was a good time and we rode the rickety elevator to the floor where Tim’s studio is. Tim’s wife Sheilah mentioned her hope that there would be dancing so I brought my iPod just in case. I had to restore the iPod to its factory settings and it is working fine once again. Reloading it is a chore, a labor of love if you will. People were dancing and almost immediately I was happily set upon by Jon & Deena, my Cucumber friends. I last saw them in December but was too under the weather to stay for their set at Maxwell’s.

Everyone bought beer and wine so there was plenty to drink and Tim and Sheilah had quite a spread of food set up. No one was smoking except for Tim so I didn’t smoke. I gave up the cigarettes once again, as well as diet soda (and all soda) and the cranberry juices I liked to mix. I do love soda, always have all my life, but apparently it’s bad for you and I’ve been told that for a few years. Here I thought I was doing better by not drinking alcohol and just drinking soda but it seems to have been a misstep.

I danced for a song or two with Lisa as various guys tried to figure out what to play. It went from Malcolm McLaren’s Soweto to The Chi-Lites singing Oh Girl which made for a strange and abrupt segue. After a couple of hours I had to head home, I had four beers and I did have things to do. Plus I had to get up early to help Bill out. Rand and Lisa left with me and we made a stealth exit, saying good bye to Sheilah as she was by the coats.

A fun walk home ending with me singing Troy McClure’s song from Stop the Planet of the Apes I Want to Get Off. I enjoyed singing it and I think Lisa enjoyed it though she might have forgotten where it came from. I couldn’t see Rand’s expression. They went their way with Rand closing all gates they were open onto sidewalks. I trudged upstairs, buzzed after four beers and settled in for Saturday Night Live which wasn’t as bad as it’s been the past few episodes. And then a restful night of sleep followed.

Bill was coming in the morning on the train and then he had to go tend to his mother. He had a bunch of gear with him and his plan was to get off the train, drop off the gear then turn around and get on the Path train to see his mom. I suggested that I meet him at the train and then I would take his gear home and he could just jump on the train. He was grateful for that and I was more than happy to help. We walked to a nearby bagel shop and then parted ways.

I had a nice breakfast at home and Bill ate his on the train. It was quite windy out and I was happy to stay in. It was Third Sunday in Hoboken which means a few galleries and artists open up for people to wander in and see what was going on. There was a gallery I heard a lot about that I hadn’t been to so I decided to check it out. It is at the south western border of Hoboken, far away from just about everything if you don’t have a car, which I don’t.

On the way I stopped by the cigar store to tell Shlomo those little cigars were very dry. He apologized and gave me some freebies as he put the other cigars in a working humidor. Then I walked past the Guitar Bar where I didn’t see Jim Mastro. I did see him on Friday and thanked him and Meghan for the Helmer’s gift certificate that Bill and I used on Valentine’s Day. I continued walking down First Street, with each block I passed I thought about just going home. Looking south I could see smoke and figured that was where the fire engines were headed.

I continued on and saw two building on fire. There was a lot of smoke and a few people documenting everything. I don’t think anyone was injured though they were displaced. After a couple of minutes I walked to the Barsky Gallery studio where I talked with a woman named Annette(?). It was a decent show, a few artists. A little too Abstract Expressionist for me but there were some pieces I liked. It was all rather quick since it is a small space.

Then a cold walk down the streets, the fire under control, less documentarians around. It was on Madison Street between Newark and First Streets. I used to live on Madison and Second so I walked past my old building. I needed some items to make dinner so I went to the nearby overpriced supermarket. The really good supermarket was a bit out of the way and it was too cold for that hike. The nearby supermarket is like a ghost town since the really good supermarket reopened.

After that I was home, made dinner and settled in for the night. Bill came home in time to watch Maggie Smith on 60 Minutes, then we watched the Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers before Bill went to bed. I stayed up and watched yet another documentary on Saturday Night Live which was not as good as the other ones. Probably because it was about the 1990’s.





If the Freedom Tower antenna collapses, it may be from this bolt which should be up there but is actually in Hoboken.

If the Freedom Tower antenna collapses, it may be from this bolt which should be up there but is actually in Hoboken.

Barsky Gallery

Barsky Gallery

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 001

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 002

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 003

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 004

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 005

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 006

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 007

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 008

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 009

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 010

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 011

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 012

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 013

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 014

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 015

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 016

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 017

2.17.2013 Hoboken Barsky Gallery 018
New Order – Temptation (7″ Version – 1982)

I Shall Return

And here we are on a Saturday. It’s been an alright day. It’s also a day where I had to conquer my laundry, laundry which was neglected and ignored most of the week. Now the clothes are clean and the problem is too many clothes and not enough racks. It will be a process I guess. Wait for some clothes to dry and then put the other clothes in their place. At least that’s the plan. It looks good on paper, but the paper was in my pants pocket and of course disintegrated in the wash. Luckily the paper was contained in the pants pocket.

I also had a trip to the supermarket. I always try to keep groceries under $30.00 but today the total was $40.00. I had the cashier remove two items which brought the cost down to $26.00. I had planned on buying zip lock freezer bags as well as sandwich bags which brought the total higher than I would have liked. All the cashier needed to do was scan once again and hit a button. It was like I was asking for her kidney, she was so put upon. I left the supermarket shaking my head.

The other supermarket, the really big one with the better prices should be open in about a month. I am sure there are plenty of people that go to the nearby supermarket and also can’t wait for the other one to open. I look forward to saving money and having a better selection plus I can do without the snotty attitude of the staff at the nearby supermarket. It will be well worth the extra 15 minutes to walk to the good supermarket. Funny, here I am writing about supermarkets and the price of groceries. I feel like ‘Help Me Heloise’.

Not much going on tonight. I did hope to get a haircut this afternoon but Tony was busy and there was a long wait. Since I live a few doors down from the barbershop, I don’t sit and wait. I just walk by every now and then and hope for the best. Well that didn’t go as well as I had hoped and will probably get a haircut on Monday since they’re closed on Sunday. Ideally it would be an early morning haircut but I would be willing to get a haircut later on in the day, perhaps before they close for the night.

The bootleggers were around today and the usual bootlegger seems to have competition. Some thick necks were standing around outside while the usual bootlegger was doing his thing inside. I didn’t stick around to see what was going to happen, but it looks like the usual guy was a bit nervous when he saw the thick neck guys. There is no honor among thieves but to live outside the law you must be honest. At least that is what I heard.

Bill is off to Atlantic City tonight. I am staying home of course. I’m sure there is something worth watching on the television. That’s it. Nothing else planned. Or there is always Tumblr.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will not be posting so you should find something else to read. There are a few worthwhile blogs in the blog roll in the right hand column of this page that you are reading. Or perhaps you might do some writing. Maybe you can write some poetry, or maybe a script. Anything is possible isn’t it? Don’t just do something, sit there! Don’t worry if it’s good or bad, just do it. Let the chips fall where they may.

Tap tap tap.

An hour or so later.
I am watching Quo Vadis. I remember how much I loved biblical epics like Quo Vadis, The Robe, Demetrius and the Gladiators, King of Kings and later Jesus of Nazareth by Franco Zeffirelli. I also saw Jesus Christ Superstar both on Broadway and in the cinema (where Last Tango in Paris was playing next door). And the Ten Commandments of course. I am struck at how my religious beliefs and fervor were formed by these movies. How I wanted to believe the christians went to their deaths in the arena, singing and praying and dying with smiles on their sainted faces. And miracles and talking sun beams. Now I watch it laughing at the holiest scenes.
Forget the Vatican, give me Hollywood!
Too Late To Turn Back Now

I Say A Little Prayer- Diana King

I did have a good time during the holidays and as usual, the doldrums followed. But as much of a good time that I had, I feel I may have pushed up the doldrums for me at least. That was something that popped into my head as I was doing laundry. Basically I think I am ahead of myself on the doldrums game. Nothing to be concerned about, there are less than 90 days until spring and I can do that time, standing on my head. It’s January 4, 2013 and I am already looking forward to 2014, he wrote with some snark.

Today I went to the optometrist. Lately I have been wearing glasses from a few years ago, maybe 10 years ago. My last pair was badly scratched and I could barely see out of them. Luckily I hang onto old eyeglasses as a backup and found these. My prescription hasn’t changed that much and they’re good for long distance and occasional reading. And I think I look cool in them, or whatever passes for cool in my poor line of vision. Bill asked me to pick up some cleaning cloths for his eyes so I went to the optician where I last got new glasses.

I was there last week and found the guy I was dealing with rather standoffish. Today he was fine. Last week he seemed to be pushing Tom Ford or Gucci glasses and I specifically asked for eye wear without branding on them, then I had to explain what branding was. Today I found a pair of glasses, without any visible branding, called Ernest Hemingway. And they were half price at $49.00 which was good. Usually the frames are crazy expensive, but these seemed to fit the bill. It’s the lenses where the money comes in.

Thankfully I do have insurance from Bill’s job. I also had an eye test with a young and funny doctor. I was glad I studied for it since I usually test quite poorly. No more eye charts on the wall, now it’s more like a Power Point presentation, all clicks and computers. And my eye sight is more or less the same as it was two years ago. Some tweaking is needed. I won’t be using paper towels to clean my lenses anymore. Nosireebob. I’ll get those cloths that seem to be specially treated and never around when you need one.

It has been fairly cold today but not as bad as previous days and I have finally grasped the concept of wearing layers. I seem to wrestle with it each season. Not tucking in a shirt is a good start I found in my travels around this mile square city. Heard from Julio and neighbor Deborah via text regarding our mutual landlord. Everybody’s rent is going up! No one’s terribly upset! It’s been ten years since Bill and I have been here and there has been no increase at all. I had more increases (and decreases) when I was living in Weehawken.

After 28 years

After 28 years

found in front of bldg

found in front of bldg

Looks like Snow
Poetry Man

I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)

Another splendid day at Gateway National Park, also known as Sandy Hook. It’s a national park so cigar smoking is permitted and today I was not the only cigar smoker. I counted at least three other guys. It was certainly more crowded today than it’s been the previous days. And only one life guard station was being operated, so it seemed even more crowded with a lot of families all located between the red flags that signify where the area where the life guards watch is. Today was also pretty good since the life guards were not playing club music on their boom box.

It was certainly a lot windier than we expected or hoped for. It was alright and manageable when we first got to the beach. Both Annemarie and I ate our lunches which was smart since the wind really started kicking up and that would mean for every bite of a sandwich, it would likely be accompanied by wisps of sand flying into our mouths and food. The water was warm like bathwater once again and that was enjoyable. In fact with the wind, it was a little bit warmer in the water than it was on the beach.

The day started out nicely with me asleep in bed, Bill kissing me good bye for the day. I could not wake up when the clock radio went off and hit the snooze button a few times. I finally did get out of bed, once again before 9:00 and set about making coffee, pouring cereal and stepping into the shower. Annemarie has been on top of using the correct sun block, something with zinc in it, something without fragrances since I do not want to attract flies and be swarmed like I was last year which was embarrassing.

Annemarie made it down to Hoboken once again, this time with no extra passengers and very little traffic. Neither of us mind the extra passengers since they are family, and even if they weren’t family they would be welcome. But it was just the two of us and we headed down the highway while listening to the CD’s I burned last night and talked about the familial drama that seems to ensue every time Annemarie comes to the Garden State. “Why did they do that” “Why didn’t they do that” “What about me?” usually comes up with some hurt feelings that are not so easily assuaged.

No names please. Still things get done and we usually do all get together for a good time since it is the only time of year my sister can get together with her three brothers and their families. And I am the only one that makes time to spend with Annemarie, if I was working I would take my vacation time while she was visiting. But right now I am not working so I do have all the time to spend with her, and I am willing to share the time that Annemarie is here with anyone who is interested and able.

I was comfortable at the beach sitting in the sand, it was so windy it was a very clear day, Manhattan, Coney Island and Rockaway beach were all quite visible. The sheet that we use on the beach was covered with sand though and like the other people around us, we decided enough was enough and packed up a little bit earlier than we would have liked. A visit to Crazee’s in Rumson was in order, since who doesn’t like ice cream after a day at the beach? It has become a routine that we are most happy to follow.

Annemarie on her path

2-09 Love’s Easy Tears