Daily Archives: May 3, 2013

My Conversation

I was sending out more resumes today, even sending one to Bill’s old firm. I once applied there when Bill was working there but since we were a couple I couldn’t get hired. I also applied for a position that I was thisclose to getting but did not get due to my sin of omission on my resume, leaving out a position that last three months. I left because I had a job offer that paid a lot more money. Ah those were the days. I had listed that job that paid more money on the questionnaire that was attached and filled in the name of the managing director.

And that would be Ashish Sanghrajka. I wrote about him last week, when I sent him a text saying ‘Namaste’ and his reply of ‘How did I know? I just got back from India yesterday!’ Then when Ashish Sanghrajka figured out it was me, all communication was cut off. I contacted him when I came across a memo to ‘Roger’ about how well the company was doing then and plans to go to Australia were in the works before the good ship did not properly negotiate the ice bergs nor did they expect to be sued by one of their own when “Beth Jacobs” was dismissed.

As far as I know, no trip to Australia ever materialized, nor did Ashish raise $10-15mm for their fund. I do not think the BIOIB fund turn out to be what Ashish hoped it would appear to be and soon it was women and children first. Actually they jettisoned one woman and held the door as another left. I should have heeded the advice given to me about Ashish (incompetent/do nothing) but being an optimist I hoped for the best. Not very pragmatic at all it turned out to be. Even some of his partners tried to give me advice but thanks to some misguided sense of loyalty, it caused me to ignore just what it was they were whispering in my ear.

And it’s back to Maxwell’s tonight. I’ll be working with RoDa so that should go well. And more of the same this weekend as it was last weekend. Tonight only has two bands playing and it’s not sold out so it might be a long night. Of course anything is possible and I won’t know anything until I get there. I also got an email from on high from Maxwell’s. No one knows anything about whether or not Maxwell’s is moving or closing. I do have some insight on what’s going on but I’m not going to post about that until I see some of the other pieces of the puzzle.

The Art & Music festival is on Sunday but I will be busy for most of it and by the time I will be available the bands that I was interested in seeing will be packing up. I might go see the headliner, Mike Dougherty but I really can’t say right now. It is supposed to be a nice weekend anyhow and I am seeing Brian Eno on Monday night.