I See You- Leona Lewis

A very lazy Friday, and a wet and damp Friday at that. It’s been fine for me, I did go out exactly twice and both times were to the supermarket. It’s only a month until the really big supermarket reopens. It was knocked out by Hurricane Sandy, a lot of water and everything had to be thrown out. Then I guess they decided that now would be a good time to remodel so they’re doing that. My friend Lois’ husband Fred, works at the liquor store in the really big supermarket and he’s been commuting to his dismay to another supermarket in Jersey City.

I look forward to saving money since the supermarket closer to me never has anything on sale anymore it seems and if it is on sale it’s usually something I don’t want or need. And having to go there twice today didn’t help matters. But my timing was alright since it wasn’t too crowded either time I was there. And there was no visit to the cigar shop but Shlomo did make his presence felt with a text message asking if I could help him out tomorrow. I said yes and told them I would be there at noon. He was hoping for 10:00 AM.

Last night Bill and I watched Silver Linings Playbook. Since Bill is a member of the Film Acting Group we got a screener for his consideration. It wasn’t that good a movie. Bill liked it a bit though when I expressed my exasperation at the story and characters he offered to turn it off. Since it was more than halfway through I felt we were committed to the very end. Bill offering to shut it off made me think he wasn’t into it that much either. AT the end Bill said he liked it.

Mental illness and football really is what it’s all about. And if you know me you know I am not into football at all. Mental illness I am definitely in favor of, though not the bipolar bear kind portrayed by Bradley Cooper in the movie. Jackie Weaver was underused, she was so great in Animal Kingdom a few years ago, perfectly evil. And Robert DeNiro is getting up there in age which I suppose is to be expected. Unlikeable characters, uninteresting plot make this one a snoozer. I’m glad we saw it for free and that Bill is a member of the Film Acting Group.

I was planning on showing Bill Sweet and Lowdown by Woody Allen and starring Sean Penn and Samantha Morton but Bill said we had seen it already. Midway through the Silver Linings Playbook I thought to myself we would have been better off watching that instead. I also have Good Will Hunting which I had never seen before but will more than likely watch It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World on cable and would rather watch Good Will Hunting with Bill since he’s never seen it either.

That’s about it for tonight. I can hear the rain hitting the window outside. I am more than happy to stay in and be dry. No need to go out.
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