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I Need To Know- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Back home after a wonderful afternoon spent with dear friends and family. Bill mentioned a while back that something should be done for my 50th birthday. He mentioned it to Rand and Lisa and Rand mentioned that his apartment just couldn’t handle a party at this time, so a picnic was suggested and it seemed most appropriate. The weather was perfect for it. Invites were sent via Facebook and people responded mainly saying they couldn’t make it. It lingered in the back of my mind throughout the week and eventually the day came, meaning today. Lois joined Rand and Lisa in the planning.

Today came and I was full of anxiety. I didn’t know who was going to come but I knew at least Rand and Lisa and Lois would be there. Bill was uncertain. Bill’s cousin had to take her boys out today and no one would be able to watch Bill’s mother except for Bill. That could possibly be a drag but there was nothing we could do about it. We proceeded as planned, Bill headed off this morning and I did my thing, meaning a trip to the bibliothèque to return items that were due back today.

One of the items was a DVD, The Descendants. A very good movie, Bill and I watched it last night. Though it was billed as a comedy it was more of a drama with some comedic moments. The script was excellent and the acting top notch. George Clooney is so easy on the eyes and a very good actor. I’d like to think he’s a nice guy as well, that seems to be what the word is. At least that was brought up in the extras on the DVD. All the cast and crew loved working with George Clooney. I would too.

Bill went to bed, I stayed up watching nothing in particular. He was off to Manhattan to take care of his mother and I was left with anxiety. Who was coming? What should I do? What should I bring? These were the questions running through my mind most of the day. At around 2:15 I decided to head out. The picnic was at Elysian Park here in Hoboken and I figured Rand, Lisa and Lois would be there setting up or something. I was at Elysian Park by 2:25 and walked around the park. I figured Rand would be dressed up somewhat since he dresses up lately, so I decided to dress nicely.

There was no one I knew at the park, in fact the only people in the park were parents and their kids giving off the vibe of ‘who’s that man by himself in the park’. Cue Aqualung by Jethro Tull or anything by Gary Glitter really. I texted Rand and asked if he needed help, to which he replied ‘Si.’ I walked back to Rand’s place, bumping into a friend May who was invited and had other things to do but she did say she would try to make it.

Rand and Lisa had a whole bunch of stuff that needed to be transported so we got all that together, and carted them over to the park. I also had my guitar with me and had my shoulder bag full of songs. Once we got to the park, Chaz joined us and Lisa went off to help Lois. I still had some anxiety as we set everything up.

We had a tent that we didn’t open since there was no need. It was bright and sunny and we chose a spot under some trees. Lois and Lisa arrived with foodstuffs and blankets and we all settled down. Friends started arriving and it was a lot of socializing, jokes and catching up. My sister in law Elaine came with Corinne and it was great they made it. Frank stayed home with Elaine’s father.

As I stood there talking I saw my cousin Neil drive by. At first I thought it was my brother Brian, but a few minutes went by and it was Neil, his wife Linda and her son Anthony. Julio and Stine arrived with Alexander, all on bicycles. Bill texted that he was on his way and was going to pick up the cake he ordered last night from the Cake Boss. I walked around socializing, playing my guitar, snacking and enjoying the company of friends and family.

Pictures were taken, people came and went. It was a great time and that’s about it. Some friends and family were missed, some understandably, some not. It was a fun time and now my anxiety is gone.

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