I Like It- Enrique Iglesias

It’s been a somewhat busy day. Got a lot of things done, ran all over the place. It was good overall. And now I’ve just woken up from a nap and that went really well too. I should have written about the Eagle experience the other night. That was a lot of fun and I might have been a bit hung over yesterday when I decided to write about Daniel Rodriquez. I got there later than I expected after attending the art installation at the ferry terminal. I was dressed accordingly this time, not in a suit and tie and standing out amongst men dressed in a more ‘casual’ manner.

Some guys recognized me and came up and said hello. They told me of their plans to head to the cigar shack and that they looked forward to seeing me at my place of work. They were surprised when I told them what happened. Some of them knew about this blog and couldn’t understand what happened since the names where changed as well as the name of the place where I worked. A couple of guys took out their chain wallets and removed my business card that I gave out 30 days before and tore them up.

My tale of woe did get me some free drinks as well as a couple of choice Cuban cigars. I suddenly felt like the belle of the ball as I sat there drinking and smoking. I did get asked where they might buy some cigars and someone mentioned that townhouse on 42nd Street, but I suggested they go further on down 42nd Street to another cigar store, a little closer to Grand Central Station and a little bit smaller. Or as I suggested, coming to Hoboken and buying cigars, quite close to the Path train.

After a few hours, a few drinks and a few Cuban cigars with the guys I headed back to the Path train and nearly fell asleep on the way home. It was a slightly drunken and weaving walk home and after climbing the four flights of steps I was able to make it to bed and collapsed next to a sound asleep Bill. He was glad I was home and gave me a very nice hug once I got in bed. Thanks to the drinks and the cigars I slept, not quite soundly but it was sleep nonetheless.

I was touched that these guys that I had met for the first time a month ago felt supportive enough and had my back to go to a store at I am no longer working at. Some of them will buy their cigars online, others will probably go to the other cigar stores that I told them about, specifically avoiding that townhouse which used to be a Szechuan palace just a few years ago.

I didn’t tell them not to go, they came to that conclusion on their own with a nice sense of loyalty. Especially from that guy from Wall Street who looked quite hot in his leather gear. I’m just glad I had a great time, was able to have a few drinks, enjoy some cigars with some great guys and able to sleep off whatever hang over that followed.

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