I Feel Free

Well after quite a very long day I am glad to be home. Yesterday I was glad to be home too. I spent most of the day indoors not doing much, but I did go out on a few occasions. A trip to the bibliothèque which left me empty handed, a grocery store visit and a brief walk around Washington Street before I realized I had enough and did not want to do anymore.

Luckily for me I fell into a new habit and watched the marathon of Harry Potter on the ABC Family channel. It was on all day and I watched a good part of it, taking a break only when I napped. My husband Bill had woken up while I was on the phone with Annemarie and while I was distracted he turned on ‘Boss’- the new show on Showtime starring Kelsey Grammer.

Bill likes the show and I haven’t watched it. Since Kelsey Grammer is a such a right wing fanatic I have no need to watch him. He probably supports Rick Perry or Michelle Bachmann like most shitheads. Still if Bill were to insist that it’s a good show and to watch it with him, I would. But I strongly doubt I would watch it on my own.

I napped while Bill watched and awoke as Bill was heading out to do some work in his office as well as rehearse with his music combo. I got up and made some dinner and farted around while Harry, Ron & Hermione prepared for battle with he who must not be named.

Bill came home while the Half Blood Prince was going on, seeing Severis Snape and recognizing a bad guy, though he hasn’t seen all the movies so things have yet to be revealed. He did not stay awake for the whole thing but I did of course. Then after that I watched Boardwalk Empire and turned into bed.

I think I slept relatively well, waking up at 6:30 with my husband Bill kissing me goodbye. I knew it was 6:30 because I asked him. He split and I carried on sleeping. I was closing the cigar shack so I was going in late. I arranged it so Thomas and Bradley could leave at decent hours and I have something that would resemble a steady schedule this week.

I lay sleeping, thinking of the Beatles, specifically George Harrison when the radio came on, My Sweet Lord was playing. I took that as a good sign and got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. Puttering about I was out on the street two hours later waiting for the bus. My second favorite bus driver was behind the wheel. If you have to ask who my favorite bus driver is, then you should really think about it, maybe read some previous entries.

The bus was relatively empty and a fast ride to the bus terminal. A long wait for the subway but still once I got where I needed to be I was still about a half hour early. Bradley and Thomas and me, Zack out at an off site meeting somewhere. It was busy enough and my lunch, (which was actually dinner) was around 6:00.

The day couldn’t end soon enough though but it did. For a twist I rode home on the bus with Deborah the downstairs neighbor. She’s a sweetheart as well. A fun ride with a chat filled with laughter. I came home and there was Bill, hooking up the music- Outstanding by the Gap band.

Jeez I love my husband Bill. He’s the greatest and I am forever his, as he is mine.

“Art is not for everyone.” – John Cale

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