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I Feel Fine

Today was yet another day off and another nice day to have off. A nice bright sunny day, pleasant enough to do some walking around Hoboken. It started off with Bill leaning over and kissing me goodbye, telling me how he loved me and would I pick up the dry cleaning later in the day.

I nodded affirmatively and told him I loved him too, a magnificent spouse he is. And I also asked him to text me later in the day so I wouldn’t forget about picking up his dry cleaning. I slept a little while after that, eventually getting up and making a pot of coffee before heading out for some food.

Last night Bill was up later than he usually is, working on horn charts for the holiday gig that he and his crew are playing. I stayed up later than usual myself watching The Town starring Ben Affleck which was merely OK. Perhaps it was good but I wasn’t really paying much attention. A good night’s sleep soon followed which brings me (& you) to now or rather back to today.

I played guitar today, it had been a few weeks since I last picked up the Fender. I had an urge to look up some Electric Light Orchestra songs and once I did, I found them incredibly easy to play. Lots of A’s, C’s and G’s (and various inversions) which makes sense since they did get their inspiration from the Beatles so you can safely assume that if you can play some Beatles songs you can definitely play some ELO.

I did take a nap during the afternoon and suddenly woke up. I still needed to go to the dry cleaners. Bill never texted me but obviously it worked out. Bill is sleeping at a sleep clinic tonight since he has been snoring lately while wearing his sleep apnea mask.

It sort of defeats the purpose of the mask. He could stand to lose a few pounds and I’ve been tiptoeing around the subject. Perhaps if the clinicians tell him he will listen to them. He really relies on comfort food as does most everyone. So I hope they tell him and I certainly hope he listens to them.
Bill is spending the night there, attempting to sleep (though he can fall asleep at the drop of a hat) and planning on coming home so he could actually get some real sleep before driving to Atlantic City yet again tomorrow night.

I will probably miss seeing Bill tomorrow since I will be working at the cigar shack. In fact I will be opening the cigar shack which is not so bad since it means I will be getting out early, and I have Sunday off so it will have the feel of two days off, or one and a half. Hey I will take whatever I could get.

I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s the team of Bradley, Thomas and Jerry Vale and lately we’ve been getting along just fine. I’m sure I will write about whatever unfolds tomorrow.

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