Daily Archives: November 30, 2011

I Feel A Change Comin’ On

I don’t know why but I just put on Christmas in Rockefeller Center, which is all about the lighting of the tree. I remember when I was growing up, it was a big deal but not that big a deal. It was usually allotted about a half hour that night and my mother used to laugh at the people in their offices behind the tree who would flick their office lights on and off when the tree was lit up.

Tonight they have everyone from Neil Diamond and Carole King to Justin Bieber and Michael Buble and Javier Colon. Back in the day they would have Peggy or Art Fleming skating in the rink, now it’s a two hour extravaganza. The Little Drummer Boy duet between Justin Bieber and Busta Rhymes is heartwarming though.

Right now Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie are on introducing the acts. Calvin told me a few weeks ago that Al Roker is a dick, not the roly poly fun guy he plays on TV. He might have heard that from someone who had an encounter with Al Roker on the telly.

Today has been a day off and a nice one at that. I’ve been busy, running errands and doing laundry and now that’s mostly done. There is more cleaning to be done but not today. My love Bill had to work today and of course he gave me quite the passionate kiss when he was leaving, telling me he loved me so. I mumbled I loved him and went back to sleep.

Later when we talked on the phone, he mentioned a dream that he had where I had kissed him. That was no dream, I actually kissed him a few times when I came home and he lay sleeping. He appreciated it as did I, since we are spouses and partners in life, not merely roommates. It was a fun chat on the phone as I did the first round of errands.

Later when I was doing more errands I left my phone at home and thought about going back to get it, then decided against it and proceeded to walk around Hoboken. It was a good day for it, a little overcast, a bit on the breezy cool side and not too many people around.

Perhaps I felt a bit of the holiday spirit but it was a nice feeling walking up and down the avenue. I stopped by the Guitar Bar to say hello to Mr. Wonderful but he wasn’t in. He’s probably on tour with Ian Hunter somewhere. I also got my first Christmas card this year.

Bobby Risotto more than likely wrote them all out the day after Thanksgiving. I am obliged to send one in return. I was going to write him a letter as well so maybe I will mail the card on one day and the letter a few days later, thanking him for what he did for me as well as his encouragement with regards to my photographs.

I had a nice online discussion with some Facebook friends, friends who live right around the corner but we only see each other online. They’ve been quite supportive with regards to my photos and videos as well as links that I provide to important issues, like how Clarence Thomas should resign from the supreme court, how Rick Perry makes rocks look smart and how Michelle Bachmann is quite a know nothing twat, who has nothing but other know nothing twats following and supporting her.

That’s about all for now. Bill is home and we’re having a good time watching the lip syncing on the Rockefeller Center holiday show thing. Tomorrow is World’s AIDS day, so remember those who have fallen.

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