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I Want To Tell You

Well it’s been a better day than yesterday. I am over the setback. A Xanax helped and now that it’s worn off and faded away, not going on interviews loaded on drugs (like the malignant tumor Greg mentioned that he found not to be so beneficial). So the 11/11/11 at 111 Fifth Avenue at 11:00AM thing did not pan out. Oh well, la di dah, la di dah. You live, you learn.

Another night of good sleep was had last night and woke up with Bill kissing me goodbye again this morning. Such a lucky guy I am. I am part of the service economy and I guess that is how it is going to be for the time being. At least I don’t have to ask if that is ‘for here or to go’, or if they want ‘fries with that’.

Right now I am working with Bradley who just ran out to CVS to refill his prescription. He’s been a good egg today once again. Perhaps it’s the prescription. I’m doing especially well in sales today, in fact I have a healthy lead over everyone else. I achieved my goal early enough and still continue to rake up the dollars.

Since Bradley is out, I took off the Shins and put on the Fabs, Magical Mystery Tour. It’s been a decent day, I talked with my brother Brian on the phone this morning. he was working nearby but there wasn’t enough time to meet up for a coffee since he had his work to do and I had to head out and catch the bus.

Bill has been exceptional throughout the past couple of weeks. Steadfast and true, and last night despite my telling him to go to bed he stayed up just to give me a great big hug. If that is not love, then I don’t know what it is.

This morning on the bus I played Aladdin Sane by David Bowie and it’s been ages since I played it from start to finish. It still is an amazing record. It’s funny how I never really cared for that perdiod of Bowie, initially I was into his Berlin phase but lately the stuff that put him on top has been grabbing my attention, though last night as I walked home after getting off the bus I did play Move On from Lodger and found solace in that.

Also some texting between me and Rand this morning, he is still searching for steady work and I really hope he finds something soon. He is one of, or perhaps my oldest friend.

And it was 10 years today that George Harrison passed away. I remember hearing the news when I woke up and I really cried a lot about it. Ten years later, I remember buying All Things Must Pass for Annemarie before I headed back from California and a few days after returning to Weehawken George was dead.

I also remember Bill giving me the copy of Time magazine with a beautiful photograph of George with a sunflower on the cover. We were at a pseudo upscale bar and once again I cried a bit. Here’s to you George, somewhere out in the universe, perhaps with John & Brian Epstein. Hare Krishna George.

And thanks for inspiring me to be an artist and encouraging me to continue to create.

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