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I Drove All Night

I knew I am dictating tonight entry into my smartphone. I am not sure whether not I will continue to correct whatever ari’s might happen. but it should be an interesting a car and then.

I am in the cigar shop once again after 2 day that’s about all I can do right now I don’t wanna be distracted I have to count money to have a problem if you knows off and it has not been so bad. I work with thomas bradley and sheri cell we all got along quite nicely and have quite a few laughs. of course I would rather spend the day with bill said he is driving to atlantic city tonight a late start for him finale thanks for me.

right now I am counting the face in the back a k a h e math games. send mail proposition to be using the microphone to translate what I am saying into text. hopefully you will be as soon as I am. who knows how to make more sense now that sounds amazing right I fingers. so now its me and thomas in about looking at the week ahead.

certainly doable however unpleasant at my page. less than 45 minutes to go getting out at 10 o’clock tonight or rather a little after 10. thomas and I both agree that bradley was in top form and easy to work with today which is different for a change. I certainly hope to hear from body rizoto this week it would be nice to hear something from him.

It’s almost like a Burroughs cut up.

Well I just got home and thought I wouldn’t have to write after dictating what came out as gobbledygook. It’s 11:05PM and I closed the cigar shack at 10:15. Easy getting home though the later hours truly suck. I got in at 12:30 and did the usual 10 hour shift.

I could complain but then again the wankers would respond saying whine whine whine. You don’t see the comments, they go right into the spam folder. Thomas and I had a lengthy discussion about art. I had no idea of his interest and he mentioned that he enjoyed my photos and would consider them worthy of the pantheon that I call ‘Art’.

It was definitely a good thing to hear. We disagreed about R. Mutt and the Fountain. He didn’t see the humor and most definitely does not enjoy conceptual art and really does not like surrealism. And I am all about surrealism. True I edit myself greatly and so a lot of surreal things don’t make the cut.

Perhaps I am too bourgeois, too middle class. That maybe so but I am fine with it. I do what I do and if you like it, that’s fine and if you don’t that’s fine too. Why anyone would go back to something they don’t like time after time, day after day is beyond me.

I am not holding my breath but really don’t mind if they do. They might look good in blue anyhow.

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