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I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)

Just got back from seeing the Guitar Bar All Stars playing at Sinatra Park on the Hudson River in Hoboken. It’s always a good time and a chance to see one of my favorite people on the earth , Meghan Taylor Mastro, wife of Mr. Wonderful Jim Mastro and mother of two lovely young women, Lily and Ruby.

Lily is headed off to Bard College in 8 days and the bladder is slowly moving up to a place behind Meghan’s eyes. Ruby is moving onto sophomore year in high school and I am pretty certain that both girls will do fine in their educational endeavors.

It was a good set the All Stars did tonight, starting off with Gates of Steel by Devo and stopping by Bungle in the Jungle by Jethro Tull as well as both Kashmir and Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. I took a few videos and shot some pictures throughout which I will post here and there on Facebook in a little while.

For me it was a good day overall, got somethings done, saw friends around town, quite inadvertently, like sweet Lisa DeFalco, a friend and co-worker of Julio’s who looked quite stunning. I was able to get some grocery shopping and kept trying to unclog the bath tub drain. I think Bill had the right idea and calling a plumber to come over and do what we cannot do.

I’d ask my plumbing brother Brian to do it but he usually has a full plate and is nearly impossible to pin down. I even had time to run into the city to run an errand and had planned on going to the Newport Mall in Jersey City afterward and buy some new Airwalks at Payless. But since there is a Payless right by the Path train I opted to go there instead and actually saved some money on a decent pair which I intend to wear to this event in Millbrook on Sunday which I am participating in on behalf of the Cigar Shack.

I even had myself a nice dinner today, some penne, pesto and chicken of course. Easy to make, easy to keep and easy to cook and eat. It was certainly better than the sandwiches that I eat lately that qualify as lunch and or diner. And I had time to take a nice nap which was so deep that I almost slept past the Guitar Bar All Stars show.

No worries, I was up and out of the apartment on a nice summer evening, smoking a La Flor Dominicana Air Bender Valiente and had a nice stroll to the river where dear Lilly Mastro found me first. I have to admit I was disappointed that she wasn’t performing but she had other things to do like seeing friends that she will not seeing for another year once she goes off to college.

It was all really nice, hanging out with good friends on a nice evening. And though I used to loathe Stairway to Heaven (due to overexposure more than likely) hearing it 3 times in the past month, I realize that it is a very good song. Still overplayed somewhat but a good song nonetheless. Good times and good friends make it all worthwhile.

A most excellent day off overall.

Mr Wonderful

The funniest girl alive

a very sweet family