I Ain’t Done Wrong

Another day off. Yesterday was a day on, I suppose. I worked with Calvin, getting to the cigar shack before 10:30 and finding that Calvin had been there since 9:30 so he could have a cup of coffee and enjoy a cigar. Scary to think that that is his life.

It was an interesting day. I tried to tell myself that I wouldn’t say anything about the Bradley only to spill my guts when Calvin asked me how it was working with the Bradley the day before. I can’t say Calvin was surprised by what I told him about the Bradley.

I figured that whatever happened between the Bradley and myself would stay between the Bradley and myself, but that was not to be. I found out from Calvin that the Bradley regularly spills the beans about my interactions with customers and not in a favorable light. We agreed that the Bradley is gunning for a management position which means that the Calvin should better beware.

The night before when I came home I was pretty tired from trying to avoid the Bradley. I fell asleep around the usual time but could not fall asleep as fast as I would have liked. My knee was still bothering me despite putting a pillow between my knees. Also the fact that Bill wasn’t home made for an uncomfortable sleeping experience.

At one point as I lay in the bed, I decided to stretch my left leg. That caused a cramp in my calf. That was followed by a Charley Horse which took me by surprised but I massaged it away. I was not counting on about 4 other Charley Horses to occur. I felt each one, each starting off small and slowly then rapidly turning into a major pain in my thigh.

After massaging them away I walked it off, doing my best to get around the apartment. My Leggy Mountbatten impersonation is getting better each day. I took some ibuprofen and was able to sleep for a short while until Bill’s iTouch alarm went off about an hour later.

I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off though I tried. It went off again and I picked it up, got out of bed and put it in the TV room. All in all I was able to get about 3 hours of deep sleep. Not nearly enough but I got through the day.

Working with Calvin wasn’t so bad. He was busy doing his thing and I took care of as many customers as I could. It was a shorter day than usual and midway through I started to crash, likely from not enough sleep. I cleaned and counted the money, reconciling my drawer.

Calvin was going to stay, probably to have another cigar and allowed me to leave early. I made it to the bus terminal, limping down the stairs. Not too long of a wait, the longer wait was at the gate for the bus with no order just a mass of people all trying to get on the bus at the same time.

I came home, after climbing the four flights of stairs and found Bill fast asleep in the bed. I watched some TV, not much on that was entertaining.

Bill got up for a few minutes while I was engrossed in Miss Lazy Teat Greg’s latest tea bagging rant. I was a bit upset at what the tea bagger wrote, or what I perceive as a tea bagger. I guess it had inside information from my doctor, knowing that nothing was wrong with my knee though there actually is.

What is wrong is unknown, what is known is that it isn’t a cyst which is a relief to me, a blind spot to Miss Lazy Teat. I sent it an email asking that it would not read the blog anymore. Whether or not it stops reading it (or having it read to them), I won’t know unless it responds. No response will make it easily forgettable. In case you didn’t read its last rant, here it is from the previous entry’s comments:

Let me get this straight. You wasted insurance dollars and valuable Dr time to hear you are fine but still your immediate response is a free pass through workers comp? Even though a Dr confirmed you are not injured.You wonder why people think you are exploiting the system? If you would put as much effort at being good at your job as you do in whining and trying to cheat the system you could be more productive like the bradley.

I didn’t think I was wasting insurance dollars and valuable doctor time. I didn’t know I was ‘fine’ I still don’t think I am ‘fine’. If getting a ‘free pass’ through Worker’s Compensation was as easy as Miss Lazy Teat Greg thinks I am sure there would be a lot more people on the compensation teat. I can only guess that Miss Lazy Teat Greg wears knee pads when being tea bagged.

I should really stop answering ‘controls’.

a nice bloke who let me strum the Les Paul he just bought for his son

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