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I Believe

Just got home and feeling a bit tired. A long, slow, unenlightening day. I wasn’t looking for enlightenment so I was fine with that. Slept fairly well last night, Bill wasn’t snoring, since he’s been wearing the apnea mask while sleeping. That certainly helps the both of us.

He was up and out while I slept, I vaguely remember Bill saying something to me as he kissed me goodbye while I lay in bed. I noticed it was raining and was in no hurry to get out of bed. I hit the snooze button a few times before I got tired of that and surrendered to the start of yet another workday.

I did my usual routine, calisthenics, pilates and an egg white omelet. No wait, that’s someone else’s life. I showered, made coffee and had cereal before heading out into the rain. It wasn’t too cold but they forecast that it would be cold tonight, so once again I stood at the bus stop in my winter coat.

Not too crowded and a woman a few seats ahead of me gave me a look of disdain since I probably smelled like the cigar I just had. For some reason I tried to cover up the smell, spraying cologne on my hands but over did it and wound up smelling like cologne and a cigar.

I was early once again and chatted with Bill on the phone as I stood outside of the building where the cigar shack is. It was a brief call and I thought about the call I had with Lovely Rita last night. She used to work retail and had worked a long, long time.

Now she’s a dog groomer and she much prefers that. In fact she mentioned that each night, no matter how tired she might be, before she leaves the grooming place, she says to herself, ‘At least I’m not working retail’. She also mentioned that when you work retail you tend to dislike people in general and I found that to be especially true.

We chatted during the very dull Academy Awards. I tried paying attention to it but really couldn’t get into it. Maybe it was because Bill had gone to bed after the first hour and maybe it was because Bill and I only saw one of the movies nominated. In any event it was dullsville.

As much as I like James Franco and Anne Hathaway, maybe next time have a professional comedian handling the proceedings. I went to bed after the news following the Oscars. Work was slow, not much going on.

It was Calvin and the Bradley today and it was fine. We got along fine, and stayed out of each other’s way. But the day could not end soon enough. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the former co-worker Donald the K.

Perhaps he can hook me up within his organization or point me in the direction of where something might be happening. We’ll just play catch up I suppose and I should see some other former co-workers that are working with Donald the K.

That’s it for February. And in February, at least as on 10:30PM on February 28, there were 1,457 visits from 654 cities to this here blog.

Here are the top ten:
New York
Bala Cynwyd (!)
Los Angeles

Bottom ten:
Sterling Heights
Palma De Mallorca
New Haven

I Believe in the Man in the Sky

OK, its 10:19 and I just got home a few minutes ago. It hasn’t been such a bad day. ‘Always room for improvement’ which is what I say lately when someone asks how I’m doing. And of course, there is always room for improvement.

Last night Bill came home from the play Ankhst, feeling sick as a dog and holding a bottle of Nyquil. I prefer to go to bed after Bill goes to bed and he was waiting for the Nyquil to kick in. I suggested that as usual he would fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow, but he didn’t see it that way.

Being sick, he did not think it would work. I waited for him to go to sleep before I joined him in bed. He was wearing his mouth guard to help prevent his snoring, but of course by the time I made it to bed, he was snoring. I nudged him, told him out loud he was snoring but it had no effect.

He snored all night, leaving me to wake up crabby and without enough sleep. He was apologetic when I told him before heading off to work at the cigar shack, and said he would make sure it didn’t happen tonight.

After last week’s debacle with work, someone (perhaps drunkenly) putting the wrong hours into the wrong Excel spreadsheet cell, I was a bit anxious to get to work on time. The bus arrived as it should have and I sat in the back watching the bus get more crowded at each stop.

No one I knew on the bus and there hardly ever is, so I stared out the window as we drove past the Burlington Coat factory, the site of my excursion yesterday. We were at the bus terminal in no time and I strolled through, headed to the subway.

Some guys singing Tracks of My Tears, accompanied by a stand up bassist. They sounded good enough to warrant me throwing a dollar in their collective hat. I was soon inside the cigar shack, working with Calvin and Thomas, the new guy.

Thomas used to sell shirts and suits and now he’s selling cigars. A safety net made of tobacco I suppose, caught me and now it caught Thomas. Calvin was in the humidor and to my surprise in walked Donald the K, someone I used to work with and who I’ve been corresponding with lately.

It was good to see him and it seemed he was happy to see me. He and his wife are now empty nesters and lately they find themselves strolling the shopping area on weekends. It was a brief visit and I told him I would call him later next week.

Thomas was fun to work with and the cigar shack was fairly busy. With three of us working, that meant I was actually able to leave the cigar shack for an hour for lunch. Been a while since I was able to do that. It really breaks up the day.

I was even able to go to the internet café and do whatever it is that I do online for 10 minutes. Now I’m home again, Bill is still in the play. He told me they cut the play from 3 hours to 2.5 hours including the 10 minute intermission. I just hope he is feeling better.

Tomorrow is Sunday and so I don’t think I will be writing. Unless there is something to write about. And I have my doubts that there will be. But I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

It’s all so Bala Cynwyd sometimes, isn’t it? I blame the solar storm.